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Got a new mug and it’s super cute!!

It features characters from @sophiaslittleblog‘s awesome book, Cosmic Callisto Caprica & the Missing Rings of Saturn! You should totally check it out if you have $2 burning a hole in your pocket. It’s a really fun read!

And if you buy the book and love it as much as I did, you can get this mug (and some other cool merch!) right here: [link]

At Least Iron Bull is Honest from the Start
  • Iron Bull: Better you hear I'm a Qunari spy right up front from me.
  • Inquisitor: YOU HEAR THAT SOLAS? IRON BULL HERE IS BEING STRAIGHT WITH ME FROM THE START. Anything to add to this conversation?
  • Solas: Unfortunately no. I have no secrets worth sharing.
  • Inquisitor: *disappointed stare* Alright... Blackwall?
  • Blackwall: Nope, nothing here.
  • Inquisitor: Varric?
  • Varric: Can't say that I do.
  • Inquisitor: I'm surrounded by liars. -_-
Snowbarry Week day 2 : Favorite Scene - Season 0 edition

Do you want to see his butt, Caitlin?

(Edit: I swear I wanted to only post one scene but then I got lost in the speedfrost stream.)

Oh but you do think about Barry’s body, Caitlin… and not because you’re a geneticist. (Cisco’s look “I ship it” FTW)

Tell me that’s not flirting now. 

Barry’s thought: Must. Not. Look. At. Caitlin’s. Boobs. 

I honestly believe the person behind the season 0 thinks Barry and Caitlin are canon. It’s Andrew Kreisberg, lol.

I’m not even gonna comment on this one. kdsjfhkjsfn. (Joe’s look “Do I ship it?” FTW)