We can finally announce it! Ian Jones-Quartey’s OKKO is a tv show!I was fortunate enough to (loosely) animation direct this incredible intro sequence storyboarded by @shiimai (Hiroyuki Imaishi)! Much love to the incredible revisionists @killapede and @buttsIug who revised, cleaned up and animated this with me <3 

Also, huge shout out to the hyper talented crew of storyboard artists @scrotumnose @bootswithnofur @Cuppatan @cartoonfuntime @dannyducker @miraongchua @stebvi @@parkerrsimmons You inspire me everyday!

Can’t wait for the show to come out for reals! I promise you’re all in for a treat :)

Alright, but who wants to talk about Melvin Sneedly?

In the book series, he was always kind of my favorite villain to start with (I have a thing for adorable sassy child villains- look at how many posts I’ve liked with tags like “Gideon Gleeful” “Diamond Tiara” or “Barry Bling” if you don’t believe me)-I mean, he was cute, stuck-up, and kind of a fun character to laugh at. Personally, I think he’s best just a villain of the children, waging battle against the children, but then again, he had quite a few different forms throughout the series, including Octo-Melvin, the Bionic Booger Boy, and Mr. Melvin-so yes, a fun character on his own.

Look at that. Look at that picture of Melvin showing off PATSY 2000 with that adorable smug face and tell me he isn’t the best. 

And then came the movie.

Generally, I’m not too huge of a fan of books being made into movies, as they can’t show all the detail, gloss over a fair amount, and have to do some creative work to get it from one character’s perspective. (And, according to Mac’s principal, must cost under $500 to produce and have an underlying message of friendship!) But, although I ramble a lot about Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, I must say, Dreamworks did it beautifully. (Complete with Flip-o-ramas, misspellings, and whoopee cushions!) And everything they did to Melvin’s character just adds to how Melvin-y he really is, starting from the slightly  cliche first-appearance-reading-a-dictionary, to finding out he has no biological sense of humor. At all. 

Oh, and the extra-credit roll definitely marks him up to the Cinnamon Roll Hall of Fame. ((Shout-out to that moment when Mr. Krupp pretends to throw Melvin the extra credit and Melvin catches it…! And tucks it in his pocket..! Aaaa, my goodness, I could watch that all day.)) 

So yes. In essence, Melvin Sneedly is amazing. That is all. 



Friend: *forcibly drags me away from computer*


@hollylu-ships-it found this while browsing and shared it with me, now I’m sharing it with you.


I heard it was someone’s Birthday coming up so…

I made you this!

I wanted to thank you for being such a good friend. I am so glad that I met you and I always enjoy drawing with you. You are have been so kind and generous; one of the nicest people I’ve met. 

I wish you a happy birthday and I wuv you~

((AHHHHH this is so precious ;w; thank you so much Jun. <3 I love the shading and all out background of the image…Just EVERYTHING is so gorgeous <3
Love you Jun and thanks again for the wonderful gift. I’m glad to have met you and you’re one of my bestest friends here <3….people go watch @xjunjox..She’s an amazing artist and individual <3))

Thank you!!!

You guuuyyss!! Can I just say that I love each and every lovely person that follows my tiny blog? I just try to post positive, uplifting, funny, lighthearted and encouraging things to my blog, and somehow I’ve accrued over 50 followers in like 2 months. This is insanity to me, and I love it! So all of you, thank you for following me. I have no idea why you do, but I’m glad that you’re here all the same. 

Love you!! 


So yes, as many assumed, time travel is abck..and old enemies! From other timelines as it seems - boy I am so excited!! Chaos is back!! And a different Shadow as it seems? I really hope they state that this is not ‘our’ Shadow because if they ruin his character development then I will flip shit tbh xD (he was soo good in 06)
I know I am a really bis fan so I am very biased..and although they said in a recent interview(Q&A..thingie) that they have no plans to bring Mephiles back(although that interview is quite inconsistent to the Sonic ‘canon’ (again, hard to pin it down but from, let’s say, connecting information we have))…seriously look at that new villain! Even if it is not Mephiles, he seems like he has the same ‘darkness’ behind it, the same evil appearance and ‘aura’…I am really curious who this villain is going to be…and what species it is. I mean it looks kind of like a hedgehog but the quills look more like hair and the ears are very batlike(hellyes), whereas his head looks kind of a..reptile-like robot? Is it some sort of new species? It looks really interesting and I can’t wait already! I am really hyped for this game now, can’t wait what it is like when it comes out!

To deal with population increases, Death is supplemented with a high tech computer system to save time and make things more efficient. Things seem to go well, until a world renowned computer hacker finds out during a near death experience.