Ariana Grande Into You feat Maddie, Larsen, Jojo & Sean | @brianfriedman C
Ariana Grande - Into You - Choreography by Brian Friedman Master Class at Millennium Dance Complex 2016 Filmed & Edited by @BrazilInspires Featuring: Maddie ...

brianfriedman It’s LIVE! @arianagrande #IntoYou featuring @maddieziegler @larsenthompson @seanlew1125 & @jojogomezxo | Filmed & Edited by @brazilinspires with Choreography by yours truly ;) @mdcdance #BFreeGlobal #BrazilInspires #BeastNetwork @beastnetwork link in bio! Can’t watch on some mobile devices

For Us, By Us: Husband & Wife Open Black-Owned, Afrocentric Preschool
Successful Black Couple Open Afrocentric Preschool In California A black California couple is successfully navigating their way through running their newly-opened afrocentric preschool and they cou...

Family businesses aren’t easy to run. Added to the general stresses of running a business is the complicated family dynamic. But early childhood educator/Black parenting expert Moya Ojarigi and her husband, Mohammed Ali Ojarigi, have found just the right balance in making their preschool a successful venture in West Hills, California.

Moya, author of “Black Lives Matter: A Guidebook to Teach Your a Child To Overcome Challenges of Race,” runs Inner Child Artistry with her husband, a Nigerian American actor/writer/director.

Together, they have built Inner Child. “I received my Master’s degree from UCLA in Urban Planning, emphasized in Community Development. I thought the best way to help the community is to start with children when they are young. Thereby grooming them to be the next generation of leaders. We officially started in October 2013,” says Moya.

Inner Child takes an interesting approach to child education. “We offer cultural learning experiences based on the experience of people with African Heritage,” explains Moya. “I also develop preschool programs for students of African heritage to love themselves and appreciate their culture from an early age. My husband writes stage plays rooted in the Black experience. I put together a curriculum around his historically-themed plays.”
SENTIMENT-OFF! J.W. Stillwater v Traci Reardon

#JWSvTR #SentimentOff

Here now will you find all of the tweets, in order, that comprise the “sentiment-off” between Burbank teenager Traci Reardon and Florida masked vigilante/fanboat mechanic J.W. Stillwater.

Thanks to Ahab99, who put this all together exactly as I would have (and started to).