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Could you do wander for the character ask thing?

my boy

Sexuality Headcanon: i see him as gay demiace
Gender Headcanon: afab genderfluid!!!! mostly leans towards he/him phrasing tho
A ship I have with said character: wander x hater paid my taxes and fed my cat and cleared my skin an
A BROTP I have with said character: AA. WANDER AND SYLVIA. THE BEST FRIENDS!!!!!
A NOTP I have with said character: i dont really?? have one??? probably wander x dominator i can NOT envision them romantically no matter what
A random headcanon: years ago, in a completely different galaxy, he was worshipped as a pop sensation. he’s long since moved on from that galaxy, but he’s practically hailed as a music god there
General Opinion over said character: i love my son


Luam - Wayne ‘Brand New’

group 2, red hat, LOVE him