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Battle Scars

A/N: FINALLY FEELING BETTER!! YAY! I STARTED THIS BEFORE I LEFT FOR AMERICA AND WROTE LIKE THE LAST HALF TODAY WHEN I FINALLY FELT BETTER! Anyways thank you for your patience and her is Yet another request from a Anon. I do hope I make you proud. :)

Pairings: Lucifer Morningstar x reader

Summary: After being injured on a case, Y/N decides to patch up Lucifer. However she fids more scars than she was in for.

Warnings: Nope


Originally posted by thechloris

Ever since you had met Lucifer at your sister, Dr. Linda Martins office, he had immediatly struck you as the reckless type. With beautiful eyes and a troublemaker smile you could tell that he was definitly the type liked to live dangerously. 

Maybe thats why you were so drawn to him

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Maroon (Yoongi x female reader)

Eeee I wrote this for the absolutely-toodley wonderful amazing @sehunluyeol because she’s such a suga stan, and I have to admit that I really enjoyed writing this. I would like to  thank @apairoffeminists for giving me the inspiration as to what I should base the story on.

Genres/Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Mild Sexual Content, Brief Mentions of Alcohol

4.6K words

You lay there entangled in his embrace, your legs wrapped steadfastly around his waist - carnal aftermath cascading into both of your heaving lungs. Yoongi’s back fell against the headboard of the bed and he took in the sight of your glazed eyes and the feeling of your skin against his.  

He leaned his forehead on yours gently – an affectionate habit he acquired after the 3 years he had spent with you. His eyes were closed as he simply breathed in the moment. Yoongi grinned with satisfaction and pure adoration. He always felt cheeky – pompous in fact, like the king of the world knowing the effect he had on you. 

However, he was always brought back down to earth, humbled with how you made him feel.

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2016 is (finally) coming to its end!

Everyone would agree, this year has been a pretty trying year for all of us, no matter the scale of the events you’ve got in mind.

But even with the general shittiness of 2016, some light managed to find its way here and helped me get through all of it. I met wonderful people, I’ve seen so many wonderful things, witnessed many creative things (whether visual or written art), experienced tranquility, fell in love with so many ideas and headcanons and OCs and people’s minds.

You people were the light I held on to during this year, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Please never stop create whatever you feel like creating. Never let anyone tell you your ideas are a waste of time/space. Never believe that you’re unimportant. Never stop being you.

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