Portraits of Men Wearing Their Girlfriend’s Clothes

“After several conversations with (male) friends about how relationships between men and women have changed since their parent’s generation, Spanish photographer Jon Uriarte had a brilliant idea for a photo series. He wanted to make images that showed not only the equality of balance in heterosexual relationships, but also the feeling of confusion the male may be experiencing with this change. He began this series, which he calls The Men Under the Influence by taking photos of couples together in the same image. After some time, he realized that a more effective image was to photograph the man alone, dressed in his girlfriends clothing in their shared apartment or house. Uriarte photographed the series over a period of three years in both the US and Spain.”


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Dave Crowe - The most amazing Dubstep (by MrSiddiqqin)

Stormtrooping for charity

Paul French pauses on the fifth day of his 2,500-mile journey from Perth to Sydney to talk with a young “Star Wars” fan at Port Bouvard bridge, July 15, in Perth, Australia. French aims to walk 22 to 25 miles a day, five days a week, in his Stormtrooper costume to raise money for the Starlight Foundation - an organization that aims to brighten the lives of ill and hospitalized children in Australia.


Sometimes I listen to sophisticated music but sometimes I listen to this. I dare you not to jump. 

Noah and Hayden on the funny cast members (c) Periscope
  • Noah:Teri is hilarious. Teri is hilarious.
  • Noah:What I love about David is - David makes jokes and it's like really, like really like aweseome.
  • Hayden:Its genius.
  • Noah:Like plotlines.
  • Hayden:Like thought out. Like he's thought about it for like an hour before he actually tells you the joke. He's got it all set out.
  • Noah:His jokes just like ride the wave of each other and it keeps getting more and more (dying of laughter)
  • Hayden:That's very true. It lingers. You remember it. Like the next day.

frittentastic asked:

I just wanted to tell you that I love this blog, and I do hope it sticks around. I always look foreword to logging onto tumblr and getting an always much needed Jimmy fix. Even if I've seen some of the pics a hundred times, which you even still manage to reblog some I haven't. I appreciate it, more than you know. <3 foREVer <3

Thank u so much, i appreciate all these sweet messages and because of you guys ive decided to keep this blog, you guys are aweseome :)

anonymous asked:

I hear you when it comes to dogs. :p I need a Tibetan Mastiff in my life. It looks like a pokemon. :P Can I ask why you want to go to Berlin?

Cos it looks preeeeeeeeeetty dude! Or Amsterdam, smoke weed and the people seem fucking aweseome \ 

Over 4000???? WTF

I just reblog stuff I like and hope that maybe a few others might like it too. I never really keep up with who’s following me but I just was checking setting and it showed over 4000 followers? What the frick'n awesomeness that is.

So yeah, thanks guys. I’ll keep doing my thing and hopefully you will keep enjoying the stuff I post.


can I just say that Exo’s concert was so fucking live people talk all kinds of shit about them but that concert was fucking aweseome.

Let’s be real. Perfect is boring.

No funny moment has ever come from perfection. No important lesson has ever been learned from doing something absolutely perfect on the first shot. No person has ever been quirky and endearing by striving too hard to be perfect.

Do you hold yourself to impossibly high and unfair standards but give others the benefit of the doubt when they flub up?

Give yourself a break! You’re W O N D E R F U L the way you are! You are here to be AWESEOME–not perfect.

Go out there and be awesome. It’s what you’re great at!