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Hiii ^ w ^ looove your blog you are an aweome writer :3 i have a request for both teams reaction when their baby is born sorry for my bad english D":

Oh no, your english isn’t bad at all! Don’t be sorry.

And thank you for your compliment (o u o ) <3


A spark of happiness would burst in Haru as he realizes that the child he’s been waiting on has finally been born. When he gets to hold it, he’d be gently rocking it back and forth. Out of curiousity, he might even poke their soft cheeks repeatedly, but he’d never admit that.

“Hi, um, I’ll always be a good dad for you. I promise…so you better be a good child for me.”

Makoto would shed a few tears out of happiness. He’d be pointing out how adorable it is, and how he loves so much the small being already. He’d love to hold them, baby talking with them and giving them sweet pecks on their forehead and cheeks.

“How can someone be this amazing at zero years old?”

Nagisa would want to hold their baby at that very moment. And once he does, it’s almost like he’s like a mother panda hugging their newborn which actually can kill the baby panda but we’re gonna ignore that. Both the baby’s and his cheeks are rubbing against each other’s as he nuzzles them and mumbles on about how cute they are.

“Aw, you’re so cute for your first day here, aren’t you?”

Once the baby opens its adorable little eyes, Rei would sigh as he loses himself in them. He’d compliment the baby so much on how its looks and its ability to be so cute and precious all at once. He’s a true gusher when it comes to the newborn.

“Such a beautiful, beautiful baby.”

Rin would be on the verge of tears which would being spilling down his cheeks when he holds the newborn in his arms. One would literally see the pure joy on his face. He’d be overdramatic and emotional about their birth, not that it isn’t cute and amusing to watch him be.

“Our little Matsuoka…”

Sousuke would hesitant to even hold the child. What if it starts crying when he tries to hold it? Nevertheless, a look of extreme gentleness and warmness on his face would appear as his eyes met his baby’s. And okay, but imagine how tiny the baby would be in his huge loving arms. like wouldn’t that be the cutest?

“Twenty years with you? Huh…stay cute and innocent like this until then. For ‘Dada’, okay?”

Aiichirou would be endlessly thanking everyone who helped make this delivery possible. The baby would even look at him in curiosity to see what he was so happy about. 

“And I wanna thank you for being born, little one.”

Momotarou would be speechless for the first time in a long time. But once he holds the newborn, his mouth is running again like when he introduces himself to his crushes. Though, it’s nothing romantic. He has the most contagious smile as he quickly goes through facts about himself to the child. Hell, would anyone really be surprised if the baby started smiling right there and then?

“I’m so glad you’re here now!”

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Hey you! Just wanted to let you know that I really really really enjoy your fic! I've read the first few chapters more than a few times already and I have to say: I really can't get enough! And this new chapter? I had to chuckle and grin constantly while reading and I was so happy and giddy and I didn't feel even a little bit sorry for Levi being teased like that! Hun, you're a godsend, really! I hope you continue to write more aweome chapters like this one! ♥

O-oh my. Thank you so much! (๑•́ ω •̀๑) I’ll do my best to meet your expectations!

Honestly, I never expected this kind of reaction and it makes me more motivated when I see people’s tags or I get messages like yours. You guys are amazing!

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Oh wow I did the which superhero and villain should you hook up with quiz and got Thor and Loki 😳

I’m not saying that I ship them but that threesome might change into a twosome if you’re not careful. XP. JK that’s aweome

Last night I had this dream that two boys with superpowers were dropped into alternate dimensions by these all-powerful beings called The Storytellers, but they fucked up and dropped them in the wrong dimensions, so the boy with flying powers was dropped into this Atlantis-style world, and the aquatic boy into a sky-city world. Pretty aweome.


Had wonderful time with my close friends and made new friends too!! Thank you @briannebellaxo for hosting a awesome BBQ!! We light up some fireworks and got to see some cool ones too!! #hangout #july4th #fireworks #lightupthesky #beautiful #night #with #aweome #people