Last night I was realllyyy bored, so I wrote this little Mumford and Sons montage with every song they have sung... that I could think of

“I went to my best friend’s house.

She had told me she was going to write a story,

I asked her how much she had written.

“Nothing is written,” she replied

And to prove it she pulled out a white blank page,

“Sigh no more,” I cheered her up, “We’ll think of something.

The next day we were in the mountains, the winter winds were very cold so we went into a cave. There were only thistle and weeds there so we looked towards the back of the cave, “Where does it lead to?” I asked my friend, “To darkness,” she said.

After the Storm had passed I looked towards the sun and said, “I’m a lover of the light.

We left the cave and sat down on some rocks, “Roll away your stone, down that hill,” my friend told me. I looked at her and said, “I can’t move the mountains for you.

She looked at me and said, “Well my cousins think you can.” I disagreed. “Do you have any food?” I asked my friend, “I gave you all I had left,” she told me. “Liar,” I scowled. She slipped off the stone she was sitting on and I grabbed her hand, “Sister, don’t let go,” she said grabbing tightly. “My weakness, I fear, I must finally show,” I said as my hand slipped, thankfully I could feel the tide turning and pulled her up.

Don’t rate yourself or rake yourself over this, I’m fine” My friend reassured me.

After she was safely on solid ground we went back to her house.

I’ve got unfinished business,” she informed me when we got back to her house.

“Oh, really,” I questioned, “What is that?

“My story,” she said, “I know what it’s going to be about, and I’m going to call it Hold On To What You Believe’” We did a little dust bowl dance to celebrate and started laughing.


this would be the best story ever… if it was true