Hey-o I was tagged by the wonderful shinellie in this… thingy! So, I guess I’m filling in the old answers and then just adding some more later? Wow, if this thing keeps going, there are going to be LOTS of questions.

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1. What posters are hanging in your room?

I have an Adventure Time poster, holiday cards from my friends, some photography, and a drawing or two of mine on my walls.

2. If you could make anything happen, what would you do?

Oh my gosh, what a fun question! Well, I’d do several things. I’d fix the way food is distributed throughout the world, so that way everybody gets equal amounts, even if you’re in a third-world country. I’d do the same with pure water, medicine, etc. etc.

On top of that, I’d give myself flying powers, so whenever I didn’t want to deal with my problems, I could literally fly away from them! And I could go to see Taylor whenever I wanted. ^-^

3. What game would you wanna play with Obama?

I’d play that game where you draw a picture on someone’s back with your finger and they try to guess what it is! That’s always fun. *dark voice* I’d also play Risk with Obama, so that way I know if he’d betray me in an alliance between our territories.

4. The biggest risk you’ve taken in life so far?

I said yes when my boyfriend asked me out for the first time. Given the circumstances, I would’ve been in a hella ton of trouble if my parents knew. Best risk I’ve ever taken.

5. What do you find most attractive in another person?

If someone’s a genuinely nice person. You could be attractive, funny, and super charming, but if you’re a flat out jerk, then I have no interest in you.

6. Toughest lesson you’ve learned, and how?

I’ve said some pretty awful things in the heat of the moment, but I’ve learned that no matter how angry you get and how good it might feel at that time, you’ll always regret saying things like that. It doesn’t just hurt the person you said it to, but you feel it like a punch in the gut when you realize you can never take what you said back, regardless of how many times you apologize.

7. Favorite food to eat during the winter?

Anything sweet and warm!!

8. How did you find out Santa wasn’t real?

One day I asked myself, “Wait, if Santa’s elves make all my Christmas presents, then why are there barcodes on some of them?”

9. Do you see people as “bad” or “good”?

I think, at heart, people are good. But they go through fucked up stuff or live in ignorance and end up hurting others and themselves.

10. Top goal you’ve set for yourself?

I’ve been trying to lose 20 pounds. It’s a long, slow process that requires healthy eating and exercise, which I want to get into the habit of doing without groaning and moaning about it.

11) What’s your favorite smell?

The pages of a new book, hot baked goods, that one cologne that a guy wears the most that you can smell on all his clothes, stuff like that.

12) Do you dream in color?

Yep! It shocked me when I heard plenty of people only dream in black and white. I rarely dream like that, and when I do usually it’s because the setting is back in old times.

13) What makes you laugh?

Oh gosh, I laugh at tons of stuff. Inappropriate things, sarcastic things, things that were never meant to be funny in the first place, you name it.

14) This isn’t really a question, but you should tell me about your best friend. Like describe them and everything!!(!!!!!!)

I have a few, but for the sake of saving one, I’ll just describe the one I’ve known for the longest time. Her name is Cassy, and I’ve known her since the day I was born! She’s so beautiful, kind, smart, she’s just, I can’t even begin to tell you what a sweetheart she is. She’s a bit shorter than I am, with medium-long brownish hair and plenty of freckles. She’s about a year older than I am, and is one grade above me, but she’s never let anything like that get to her head. We’ve never had any serious fights, things between us have always been simple. We’re best friends, as close as family, and that’s that. :)

15) What is something you are looking forward to that’s coming up this year? Next year? Two years from now? (:

This year: Thanksgiving and Christmas, because it always brings my family together.
Next year: Summer break, when I get to see Tay!!!
Two years: Driving without freaking out and being stressed, getting new classes, and yeah!

16) What’s your favorite time of day?

Probably afternoon or nighttime, when I’m most awake and productive. Realistically, I do more during the afternoon, but if I am lucky enough to be able to stay up late with chill people and just walk around, talk… that’s awesome.

17) What was your weirdest thought today?

*scene of me taking a shower, screaming and flailing around as I’m being attacked by a sugar glider*

18) Tell me about something you believe in! (That’s not a question either oopsies)

After all the crazy shit I’ve seen, heard of, and been through, I have to believe that everything happens for a reason.You’re born because you have some things you need to do, meet people because you have something to learn from them, and die because it’s just your time. You keep going because that’s what you were meant to do.

19) What’s your favorite word and why?

Love. I know it’s cheesy and all, but you have to admit, it’s fascinating how such a simple word can hold so much meaning, be so diverse, and so universal.

20) Please show me your favorite picture? (please I want to see)


I dunno, I don’t keep a file of stuff I really love (though I should!) so here, have this!

21) Get the closest novel to you and go to page 17. What is the first line of dialogue (if there’s none on page 17, keep flipping until you hit a line of dialogue)?

"Shh!! What are you thinking - ?!"

22) Favourite childhood memory?

After falling asleep in my parents bed, but waking up in my own in the morning, I would groggily think to myself in astonishment and wonder that some magical, gentle man must’ve carried me there in the middle of the night when I was sleeping. That must’ve been his job.

23) What’s the view outside your window like? (Picture please!)

I’m sorry, but it’s dark out right now, you wouldn’t be able to see much! :(

24) If you had to change everything about your appearance but keep one thing (like keep the way your hair is or keep your own skin colour or keep the shape of your nails), what would you keep?

I’d probably keep my eyes, I think they’re pretty, and I often get complimented on them. Compliments feel good. ^-^

25) Describe how your most perfect date ever went/would go (also pretend this is a question).

Oh, it’d be amazing. First I’d go to his house, and we’d chill and get ready for a bit before heading out. I’d drive us down to an abandoned house somewhere, picking up lunch like some Jersey Mike’s sandwiches along the way. We’d explore, listen to music, dance, eat, laugh, and take tons of pictures. When we got tired, we’d just go for a drive to some nice lookout point, talking and listening to more music on the way. It’d be dark and chilly when we got there, and we’d take out blankets and lie on the hood of the car. He’d try to give me his jacket when he saw me shiver, but I’d put it across both of us and just cuddle up tightly to him. From there we’d just quietly talk and gaze around at whatever lights we could find, whether from stars or the city, and, when the moment was just right, we’d kiss and it’d be aweSOME AS HELL!


26.) What’s your favorite myth? (it could be from any place, time, or culture!)

27.) What’s one of the most vivid dreams you can remember?

28.) Does thinking about the future stress you out? Why or why not?

29.) What’s a random fact you know that many other people might not already be aware of?

30.) If you had the ability to fully understand any one language in the world, but not be able to speak it, which would it be?

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