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In which victor is helping yuuri pack up his things before going to russia and finds a notebook full of routines, possible music choices, and "Yuuri <3 Victor 4ever" , "Yuuri Katsuki-Nikiforov", and "Viktor Katsuki-Nikiforov" notes. Lol


I’ll date you if you’re overweight.
I’ll date you if you’re insecure.
I’ll date you if you’re scarred.
I’ll date you if you’re considering yourself ugly.
I’ll date you if you’re depressed.
I’ll date you if you’re different.
I’ll date you if you’re strange.
I’ll date you if you have acne.

I’d date you.

I’d date you no matter what.

Cause all of you, every fucking inch is precious and beautiful. Your personality matters so much more than your body. I don’t care for some imperfections.

Cause if I love you, I love everything about you.

Kaisoo spam pt 8/10

It gets lonely sometimes,

standing in a room filled with thousands,

and we are only a few centimeters apart, 

and all it would take,

is a quick tilt of my head,

and I can feel happiness.

But why would they let that happen?

when we would cost them millions,

and the others will turn on us in an instant,

it was bad enough for you to ‘love’ a woman,

but darling how much would they crucify us,

if they knew,

the person I'm in love with is a man,

and darling it’s you.


aidan waite in every episode → one is silver and the other pagan

“Just because you’ve read everything about vampires that you can get your hands on, does not mean that you understand our nature. A vampire is a killer. I am a killer. At my core. That’s what I am. And I have to fight against that every day.”

Things i’ve noticed about their selfies

This was a draft i found… so apparently this is what i do when im bored haha…why did i put so much effort into this jfc

Dan: He does the signature “tilts head slightly to the side and smirks adorably” and of course has his fucking adorable dimples.His angles are usually up and a little to the side.and his ironic peace signs

Some examples:

50% hobbit awe

Phil: Doesn’t usually show any smile in his selfies alone,but he smiles with his eyes.His eyes do all the posing for him and they are always doing something to show more expression without his smile.He usually goes for right in front of him which is great because we get to see his gorgeous face more.

Some Examples:

Phan Selfie: Dan is always taking the picture and is slightly in front of Phil.Phil is doing something cute behind Dan.Dan is always on the left and Phil is always on the right.Phil is usually showing a crazy facial expression and Dan is usually doing something “ironically”

Some Examples:

Future Kids 2: 07

pairing: yoongixreader
length: 693 words
genre: fluff
summary: a series of drabbles in which all the boys have kids. 

jungkook | hoseok | seokjin | namjoon | taehyung | jimin | yoongi 

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The sound of a wailing baby through the monitor forced you to open your eyes, “Yoongi, it’s your turn.” You groaned a little and nudged your husband to wake up. Then again you had to drag him out of bed to make sure he was on time for his schedule, that happened literally every morning as well having two kids. Mornings were always the worst for the two of you, “I’ll push you out of bed.” You threatened, you were positive he wasn’t even listening.

“But I went last time.” The loud voice groaned, huh. He was awake. Threatening your husband was something that did work apparently. It usually didn’t…

“Don’t make up excuses, he’ll wake up her up if you don’t go to him now.” You wanted to throw something at him just to make him get out of bed but that would lead to an argument. Which you didn’t exactly want to have at … 2:57 AM.

“Why did we have another kid.” Yoongi yells out in frustration. You bit your lip to stop yourself from replying, but you knew it was Yoongi to blame for getting your pregnant with your second child. The crying grew louder over the monitor and you could only imagine it being louder if you went into the kitchen. Sighing in frustration you couldn’t hold back your remark any longer.

“The condom broke Yoongi, that’s why. I’ll go get him then.” You huffed, pulling yourself up out of bed you ran your fingers through your hair. You yourself were questioning why you let Yoongi carry on without a condom that time. Stupid awards ceremony, that had made him so happy you thought to yourself.

Walking over to your son’s room, you heard another sudden crying from your daughter’s room. You sighed even more. “Yoongi!” You yelled out. You carried on walking to your son’s room, his wailing grew louder as you opened the door.

“Why are you crying? Did you have a nightmare? Are you hungry?” You ask walking up to his crib, picking him up and holding him in your arms. Rocking him back to sleep was no use, the only way he would sleep was when Yoongi was holding him. Yoongi didn’t like holding him at night-time. “Appa should take care of you.” You whisper.

You back over to your room, seeing instead Yoongi and your daughter were already in there asleep. But the crying baby woke them back up, “Why did you bring him in here?” Yoongi groaned.

“We could end this all and we could all go back to sleep, if you hold him.” You placed your son into Yoongi’s arms before crawling back into the other side of the bed. Your daughter smiled brightly at you then, smiling back at her you brushed your fingers through her hair.

“Why couldn’t we just of gotten another Holly.” Yoongi complained, this happened on a regular occurrence now. He would bring Holly up for no reason, you thought mostly because he wanted to spike a reaction out of you.

“I’m not even going to start with you.” You lean over to kiss Yoongi on the lips before you turned over onto your other side. “I’m going back to sleep.” Your heavy eyes started to shut as you were gradually falling back to sleep, your son finally had stopped crying and the room had become quiet again. You had fallen back to sleep, whilst Yoongi was still wide awake. He lent in to kiss you softly on the lips before he moved over to kiss his daughter’s forehead.  

“I’m sorry, I’ll try better to look after him and our daughter. You know I love you and the kids more than anyone.” Yoongi whispers. A smile falling onto his lips as he watched you sleep, your daughter next to you soundly asleep as well. Laying there in bed with his son in his arms, Yoongi felt proud. He was a father to two beautiful children, something he couldn’t even imagine. But what helped him through all of this, who made this his reality was you. Something he was so grateful for. Because…

This was his family.

Kaisoo spam pt 5

Sharing clothes

taking bae away

size differences is sooo cute?

when bae is playing with someone else  (i bet you he doesn’t hit nini when they play( ̄ω ̄;)

imitating eachother is cute too

no comment! ( ̄ω ̄;)( ̄ω ̄;)( ̄ω ̄;)

gotta save soo

he just seems so happy to be in baes arms