I was fortunate enough to get tickets to SHN In Conversation with Darren Criss, Lena Hall and Hedwig co-creator, Stephen Trask. I thought it was just going to be a talk, but they treated us to this acoustic “crusty nugget” performance of Sugar Daddy. We weren’t supposed to record, but Adam Savage (the moderator) told everyone to get their phones out for this SO HOW COULD I NOT COMPLY :D




I just really like making Atem sad and having Yuugi comfort him (;v;)♥ it never gets old :DD

Also, nightmare hurt/comfort scenes are my absolute weakness. One of my favourite headcanons is that Atem has nightmares frequently after returning to the living world — I think returning from the dead shouldn’t be just happiness and sunshine all the time, so it takes time before Atem can feel competely comfortable in his new body and new life!

Oh, and this is kind of a continuation to this comic I made previously! And as you can probably tell, I’m planning to make a continuation to this too :D ♥