awe why are you adorable

Cuddling with Johnny
  • hey who r y’all doing babes
  • lol idk what to say here
  • let’s just start this right away k
  • soooooo,,,,,,
  • so, let me tell you that this giant loves cuddles
  • not a surprise, i know
  • he just really likes skinship a lot and specially if it’s with you
  • so he’s always hugging you and kissing you
  • he’s the type of boyfriend that tells you to sit on his lap even if there is a free seat right beside him
  • and also the one that secretly would give you hickeys in your neck while you’re sitting in his lap and then laugh when he sees you trying to hide them with your hair and clothes
  • we’re talking about seo younghoe here what were you expecting, he’s a bitch sometimes too
  • but when it becomes to cuddles oooOOoH bOy
  • he loves them
  • but he wouldn’t cuddle when there are members around
  • he thinks that those kind of moments are really intimate and i mean why would he cuddle with you if hansol would be staring at both of you the whole time
  • like no thx lmao
  • so normally y’all cuddle each other before sleeping/napping together when he’s at your place
  • and his cuddles can turn into really interesting discussions about deep stuff like existentialism, philosophy, literature, etc
  • or really silent, where y’all are just caressing each other skins and giving kisses to each other
  • he just loves cuddling with you okay
  • and there’s not an specific position that he likes the most
  • but since he’s like 5 meters tall it’s more convenient for both of you when he’s the big spoon
  • and he’s not complaining
  • “having my arms around your waist while your back and shoulders and neck are exposed for me to give you lots of kisses and hickeys ¿? sIGN Me tHE fuck Upp”
  • jesus christ dis boi
  • but let’s go to the story now
  • you invited him to your house for a sleepover
  • and you already finished having dinner
  • “what about watching a movie before going to sleep, babygirl?”
  • “for sure hun”
  • but both of you knew that your lazy asses would fall asleep in the middle of it so you decided to wash up first
  • and everytime both of you wash up together he would always distract you for your skin care routine because he’s always playing around jfc
  • so he always finishes first 
  • and while waiting he loves hugging your back and just look at both of you in the mirror
  • “we’re such a cute couple”
  • “wow you look really pretty with no makeup”
  • "did i tell you how sexy you look with those panda pajamas, babe? damn it was a good decision buying them for you”
  • and excuse me but his voice in your ear as you have his arms around your body sounds like heaven to me
  • yeah, even if he’s saying the most stupid thing ever his voice iS SO SEXY I’M HZDDFHJSJKHJSDLKS
  • so when you started to blush and smile shyly his heart melted
  • “actually, forget about the movie, cutie, we’ll end up cuddling anyways”
  • he would hold your hands and take you to your room
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • don’t worry only cuddling i promise
  • he would basically jump over you and start ticking you
  • and he would stop but instead he would start giving you kisses all over your face, still making you laugh
  • btw, your relationship itself is like this
  • everyday is him making you laugh your ass off with his silliness aw <3
  • “why are you doing this to me, i hate you”
  • “because i adore you and all your cuteness”
  • “uh really? tell me more about it”
  • you would place your arms around his shoulders as you look at him in the eyes
  • and he would smile widely at you, showing you that adorable eye smile that he has
  • “i can go on for hours if you want me to, babe”
  • he would slowly lay beside you but always keeping you close to his body, giving you kisses on your cheeks
  • unnecesary update of my life: i’M DYING AS I WRITE THIS BECAUSE I LOVE SEO YOUNGHO SO MUCH
  • and you would turn around to face him and look at his pretty features
  • “jesus christ you’re so beautiful, babe”
  • and you would just blush because of all the compliments he’s giving you
  • and i swear that everyday is like this if you have this angel by your side
  • i feel like he really wants you to be aware of how deeply in love his with you and how perfect your physical appearance is in his eyes
  • so compliments is a everyday thing,,, and so are the cuddles I guess lol
  • and then he would kiss you because he just can’t stop himself anymore
  • “you’re so important to me, y/n, you don’t even know”
  • and the end lmao
  • ugh, this was disgustingly cute I’m-
Klance Knitting

Keith was nervous.  Not at anything specific, just a normal, what-the-hell-has-my-life-become-now-that-I-operate-a-giant-magic-mechanical-lion-that- combines-with-four-others-to-make-a-giant-robot-superhero-who-fights-a-mostly-evil-alien-race-which-I-am-part-now-kind-of-plus-people-suck-nervous.   Especially now that his ears were growing in.  They were furry, but still managed to get cold.  One simple solution to both problems:  Knitting.  Yes.  He knew how to knit.  He forgot which foster mom had taught him, and he didn’t think of himself as good necessarily, but it was relaxing and something he’d done for years.  It was a constant that he was able to connect to wherever he was.

He walked to his foot stool and lifted the top.  It was a nice hiding place and assumed that if people on earth had these, they were used for drug smuggling, but he kept his yarn and pencils in it.  While it was easy enough to find yarn and make excuses to have it if he was caught sneaking it into his room, he couldn’t find needles anywhere except the space mall, and he wasn’t buying yarn and knitting needles with Lance AND Pidge around.  They would never let it go.  But maybe now that he and Lance were dating sort of and he was friends with Pidge- No.  That wouldn’t stop them.  In fact it would probably just encourage them.  So he kept it secret.  He found that any thin stick that was long enough would work, so he usually used random pens, pencils or if he could get them chopsticks worked wonders.  

After situating on his bed, legs stretched out in front of him, and his knitting at chest level for optimal eye sight, he began his work on a new hat.  It was red with white trim, matching the rest of his ensemble.  As he knitted, he became lost in thought, and began to relax.  The needles in his hand flew back and forth in their usual pattern, perfectly in sync from years of practice.  It was so normal and relaxing, he didn’t notice the knock on his door or when it opened.  

Lance knew he probably shouldn’t come in if his knocks were not answered, but Keith had been so on edge lately and  he wanted to help.  Also, he wanted to see his boyfriend’s ears.  He had yet to touch them, but he wanted to.  So when he walked in to see his boyfriend knitting absent-mindedly on his bed with…were those pencils…? saying he was surprised would be an understatement.  

“Uh….” was all he could think to say.  

Keith’s head snapped over, eyes wide, and mouth gaping open and flapping like a fish.  He choked on the very air he was breathing, “Lance?!”

“Um…Sup?”  Lance stared at the scene not really unfolding before him, because nothing was really happening, except for the two staring slack jawed at each other. Lance braced yelling and anger.  Keith had been on edge recently, and now he had just walked in on him…Knitting! What did that even mean?  But Keith would be furious.  Lance didn’t want to fight but knew it was coming.  And all he could think to say was, “Sup?” Great job Lance.  Fan-freaking-tastic.  

After nearly hyperventilating for a few seconds, glancing back and forth from his project to his boyfriend, and waiting for Lance to start making jokes, Keith couldn’t take it any more.  He started laughing.  First a small chuckle breathy and nervous, which made Lance begin to laugh, too.  Then Keith realized how stupid they were both being and laughed even harder which mad Lance do they same.  

“You-You can…I can’t breath! You can-knit?” Lance wheezed between laughs.  

“YEAH!” Keith yelled and they stopped for a second to stare at each other tears forming in their eyes from laughing so hard, only resulting in more hysterical laughter making them sound like hyenas.

“Why…Why’d you keep it a secret?”

‘What?  You mean my…my… KNITTING?”Keith couldn’t stop his voice from rising to a shouting level to get the words out before his they were impared by laughter. Neither could form a full sentence yet and couldn’t so much as glance at the other without doubling over in hysterical fits of laughter.   


“What Tomfoolery is happening in here?!”  Pidge burst into the room and their eyes widened taking in the scene, making the pair nearly pass out from lack of air.  “What the actual fuck guys.”

“I heard laughing and screaming.  What’s going down?” Hunk came in now in an apron and oven mitts still on.  “I left the oven on and…oh.   Um…”  

They all just stared at each other, giggling as under their breaths as they could manage, even though they had no reason to and no idea why they were.  

“So Keith can knit.”  Lance stated as soon as everyone calmed down enough to stop laughing every two seconds.  

“No shit Sherlock.” Pidge said.  

They stared at each other in silence again.  

“So…uh.  What do we do now?” Hunk inquired having completely forgotten about his baking project.  

“Well this isn’t something you just walk away from.” Pidge started.

“No.  This changes everything.”  Lance agreed.

“What?  Guys.  Just because I knit-”

“You know.” Lance interrupted, “When I told my parent I was bi,  they said they were fine with it, just don’t date a boy who can knit. Their one rule, and I broke it.  Space changes a man.”

Keith just stared at him.  His face formed the most hilarious deformed smile and they all started laughing again.  

“What the hell Lance?  Where does that even come from as a story?” Keith asked in between fits of laughter.  

“I don’t know!” Lance responded.  “But I just went worst case scenario here.  You know why you wouldn’t tell us.”

“I don’t know.  I guess-” Keith’s laughing sort of halted, his face falling as he looked away from the rest of them.  “When I was younger, some of the kids in school used to make fun of me for it and…I guess I just didn’t want another thing to be ostracized by and to be rejected by you guys too.”

They all stopped laughing.  Pidge and Hunk exchanged looks not sure what to do.  Lance sat down beside Keith, carefully as though approaching a skittish animal.  He turned up Keith’s face up slightly, wiping away a single tear that somehow over flowed from his eyes.  He didn’t mean to let it slip but there it was.  

“Hey.  We’ll always accept you.”  Lance placed a light kiss on Keith’s forehead. “Knitting and all!”  He smiled on of his giant Lance smiles.  The ones Keith loved.  The not fake I’m Lance cracking a joke one,  but a genuine smile.  One that lit up the room almost as much as Keith’s heart.  Keith nodded.

“Yeah, and how were you planning to explain the galra ear but still human accommodating hat that perfectly matches your outfit?”  Pidge questioned smugly.

Keith opened his mouth then closed it again. “I didn’t think of that.”  

They all started laughing again.

“Aw! But why would you want to cover up these adorable-HOLY QUIZNACK!” Lance had grabbed Keith ears. They were like long fluffy bunny fur.  “They’re so soft!  How do you not just pet your ears all day long?”

But before he could answer Shiro walked in holding a charred black item in his robot hand.  

“Hey Keith, do you know who it was that left the oven on-” he then looked in the room to see Hunk and Pidge laughing at Keith and Lance who were sitting on a bed, one holding the other’s ears and freaking out, the other nearly impaling himself being pulled down so his ears were at the right level for Lance’s eyes with the…pens? in his hands with yarn cascading from them.  “What are you knitting this time?”


“Well yeah.  He taught me how to knit back at the Garison in exchange for me to tutor him in some classes.”

All of their jaws dropped except for Keith who wore a Lance worthy smirk.  

Predator And Prey

A/N - Hey everyone, here is a little fluffy Stranger Things fic in honor of the new season and for @tickletober2017 fun event going on. I hope you all enjoy it and will cry with me when the new season comes out. Have a great day, y’all!

Word Count: 666 (ooooh spoopy)

           “Jonathan is ticklish too,” Will called as he bolted out the door, having broken free of his brother’s grip. A wide grin, a turn of the head, a mischievous flare in light eyes, a twitching of fingers.

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Everyone Loves Park Jimin (Chapter 2)

Jungkook knew he shouldn’t have drunk too much but there he was on the bed nursing a headache as he stared at the ceiling. Right next to him was a girl snoring; her naked body covered with a thin flimsy bed sheet, yet another mistake. He didn’t even remember her name. It was Jisoo or Jiwoo or something along those lines.

He knew he had to get up before the girl did or he would find himself being trapped by the girl being extra needy and let’s just say that he doesn’t do cuddles or kisses. That’s another thing about sleeping with girls; they are just too needy most of the time.

Jungkook gets up from the bed as the girl stirs a little but then falls asleep again. He looks for his underwear which he manages to find at the door. It’s just a clue about how wild things had gotten last night.

His shirt was just beside the bed and he found his pair of jeans lying on the floor. He got dressed pretty quickly and ran his hand through his hair. He grabbed his phone and looked at the peacefully sleeping girl before leaving. He knew by the time he comes back she will be gone. He hoped she will be gone. He remembered that one time when he had escaped one of such situations and when he came back about 4 hours later, the girl was still there. She finally left slapping Jungkook twice. He definitely didn’t want a repeat of something like that.

He checked his phone and he has a lot of texts. All of the texts were from his best friend, Yugyeom.

He groaned again because he knew he was gonna get an earful from Yugyeom when he sees him.

Jungkook left the frat house and walked to the café where his best friend must be working his shift.

He saw Yugyeom working behind the counter as Jungkook goes up to him.

“Look who it is,” Yugyeom said. “

“Morning,” Jungkook mumbled massaging his head.

“Last time I checked 12 pm doesn’t count as morning,”

“Make me some coffee,” Jungkook said.

“Drinking again then huh?”

Jungkook sighed. He knew he wasn’t gonna be let off the hook this easily. He generally appreciated Yugyeom’s concern for him a lot but not when he was suffering from a hangover.
“I’ll get you that coffee,” Yugyeom said leaving Jungkook sat on the counter.

Jungkook took the time to check his phone again. He proceeded to delete every girls’ text as it was just them being clingy something that Jungkook didn’t quite like. It was always a one-time thing for him but the girls they could never wrap their heads around it.

Yugyeom came back with Jungkook’s coffee handing it to him.

“Thanks, you are an angel,” Jungkook said meaning it. He was lucky to have someone as Yugyeom be his best friend.

“So tell me about the party last night,” Yugyeom asked as he was making someone else’s coffee humming a tune while doing it.

“I got drunk and then I slept with a girl,”

Jungkook saw Yugyeom draw a little heart on the latte.

“So nothing new then,” Yugyeom said.

“Nothing new,” Jungkook confirmed as he sipped the coffee. He could already feel his headache slipping away.

“You’re really good at this,” Jungkook said.

“Good at what?”

“The latte art thing,”

“Thanks, I try,” Yugyeom smiled.

Jungkook set down his finished cup of coffee.

“When does your shift end?”

“In fifteen minutes,”

“Cool, then I am coming with you at the dorm, I need a shower,” Jungkook said.

“And why can’t you shower at the frat house?”

Jungkook didn’t reply making Yugyeom roll his eyes.

“The girl’s still there,” Yugyeom said.


“You’re never gonna change Kookie,”

Jungkook just grinned as he waited for Yugyeom to finish his shift.

Yugyeom finished his shift and they left the coffee shop together walking to the dorms together.

“Why do I feel like I am forgetting something?”

“Are you?” Yugyeom asked.

“I don’t know,” Jungkook shrugged as he kept walking with Yugyeom. They soon reached the dorm.

“Where’s your roommate?” Jungkook asked as he sat down on Yugyeom’s bed.

“I have no idea,” Yugyeom answered.

“He is cute,”

“Yeah and Bambam isn’t gonna be someone you play with,”

“I didn’t say I was gonna do anything to him,” Jungkook said.

“Yeah but I know that look,” Yugyeom said.

Jungkook laughed as he left to shower. After a nice hot one, he wore the clothes he had borrowed off of Yugyeom.

“Do you think she will be gone by now?”

“I guess,” Yugyeom answered as he was sprawled on the bed texting someone.

“I’ll see you later then,” Jungkook said.

“All right bye,”

Jungkook left Yugyeom’s dorm walking back to the frat house when he spotted a familiar head of ginger hair. It belonged to a boy who was walking alongside another brown haired boy and Jungkook had the vague idea that he had seen the ginger haired boy somewhere but he couldn’t remember exactly where.

Just then the ginger haired boy caught his eye and his eyes widened before he looked angry almost glaring at Jungkook as he walked much faster in the opposite direction as the brown haired followed.

Who could it be? Jungkook thought hard when he suddenly remembered last night’s game and that he was dared to kiss the cutest boy in the room. There was nothing new about that he had kissed a lot of boys.

But now he remembered how this particular ginger haired boy had struck him ever since he had spilled water on Jungkook’s shirt and how he had looked so scared mumbling a sorry before scuttling away and when he had walked into the kitchen once again looking away when Jungkook so much as looked him into the eye.

He remembered how he had not even thought twice about kissing the ginger boy for the dare. Maybe it was because he was drunk or maybe it because he was drawn by the boy he kissed him. His lips were soft, tasting a little like cheap beer and mint but it was perfect when he was suddenly pushed off the boy as he left the room. Jungkook swore he saw the boy crying but he was too distracted as everyone cheered, patting his back as if it was something that Jungkook hadn’t done before.

He never got around finding the boy but now here he was and presumably a student of the University. He was just so fascinatingly intriguing, Jungkook thought.

All Jungkook wanted was the ginger-haired boy’s name.

Jimin woke up with a start. He wondered where he was when he suddenly remembered he was in his dorm. Jimin sat up clutching his head. He had a horrible headache. He looked at Yoongi’s bed to find it was empty the bed perfectly done. His roommate had left already. Jimin looked at his bedside table.

There was a glass of water and top of it was a pill with a yellow note stuck on it.

‘Take this for your headache’

Jimin was more than touched with Yoongi’s actions.

He was a stranger someone that Jimin barely knew yet Yoongi dressed his wound and left medicine for him.

Jimin took the pill and swallowed it before drinking the water. He had to thank Yoongi a million times now and even that probably won’t enough.

He stood up from his bed making his bed and then proceeding to take a quick shower.

Now that his headache was out of question, he was really hungry and he didn’t know what to do.

He could go some restaurant but eating out alone was something he rarely ever did so he was sat on the bed with a hungry stomach thinking when he heard someone.


It was Taehyung grinning.


“Good morning,” he said as he sat down beside Jimin.

“It’s already afternoon,” Jimin corrected.

“But no one wakes up before 12 on a Sunday,”


“So tell me about the party?” Taehyung asked.

Jimin thought about last night and frowned when he remembered the kiss and that arrogant smirk that boy had after he had forcibly kissed Jimin. He was hot but an asshole.

“You don’t look so happy,” Taehyung said.

“It was bad,”

“Why, though?”

“I don’t know,” Jimin sighed. “I just didn’t enjoy it”

“Did you get drunk?”

“A bit,” Jimin admitted sheepishly.

“It’s all right everyone does that,” Taehyung said. “I did too but then I realized that these parties definitely weren’t my thing”

Jimin laughed.

“Neither are they my thing. I don’t think I’ll be attending any soon,” Jimin said.

Taehyung chuckled.

“Have you eaten anything yet?”


“You must be hungry,” Taehyung said. “I am going out for lunch would you like to join?”

“Yeah sure,”

“Come on then we will get some ramyeon, there is this great place just off campus,”


Both Jimin and Taehyung left the dorms and walked to the ramyeon place before ordering their food.

Jimin’s experience of Korean food was quite limited to what his mother made which he ate quite begrudgingly most of his life because he wanted to eat just like the rest of his friends did. Sometimes his family would go to a Korean restaurant but that was about it.

So when Jimin takes the first taste of his ramyeon it is quite appropriate to say that he has some sort of a food orgasm as he closes his eyes savoring the taste.

“This is so delicious,” he said.

“Yeah, this place is cheap and they make amazing food,” Taehyung said.

Jimin just nodded more focused on eating the delicious noodles in front of him.

Halfway through lunch, he felt a pat on his shoulder.

“Jimin, I did not expect to see you this soon,”

Jimin looked up to see a smiling Hoseok.

“Oh hey Hoseok,” Jimin smiled as Hoseok sat down next to him.

“Are you okay now?” Hoseok asked suddenly sounding very concerned.

“Uh yeah,”

“Why were you crying last night? Did someone do something? Because I…,”

“No, no,” Jimin cut off Hoseok. “I just got a call from my mom and she said she missed me that is why I cried”

“Aw, Jimin you are just so adorable,” Hoseok said smiling now.

Jimin blushed.

“There’s another party tonight, are you coming?”

“No,” Jimin said. “I don’t think so”

“Shame,” Hoseok said. “I’ll miss you, though”

Jimin blushed more.

“I should get going now, though,” he said as he got up. “Hope to see you soon”

Hoseok winked at Jimin before leaving as Jimin took some time to recover from all that attention that Hoseok was giving him. He looked at Taehyung who had been watching their conversation.

“Who was that?” he finally asked.

“Hoseok, we met yesterday at the party,” Jimin answered.

“He was a flirting a lot with you,” Taehyung said.

“Was he?” Jimin asked surprised. “I didn’t notice”

“He would have to be blind not to see that,” Taehyung said. “He clearly has the hots for you”

Jimin’s cheeks turned pink at the thought of someone like Hoseok even being attracted to him.

“He is just…” Jimin said. “He is probably just joking around”

Taehyung nodded. Now both of them had finished their bowls and got up to pay.

“Oh,” the girl smiled. “Your meal has already been paid for,”

“Who?” Jimin asked surprised.

“The man who was sitting with you,” she answered with a smile.

They left the restaurant as Jimin kept thinking about why Hoseok would pay for his meal or that he actually was attracted to Jimin. Taehyung seemed annoyed as he walked silently beside Jimin, hands in his pockets.

They entered the campus and walked to the dorms when Jimin noticed someone looking at him.

It was a familiar face, the one that Jimin would probably never forget in his entire life even if he tried to.

It was the asshole boy who had kissed Jimin who was now staring at Jimin. Jimin glared at him before walking off to another direction.

“Jimin, where are you going?” Taehyung asked. “The dorms are that way”

“Oh yeah,” Jimin said. “I forgot,” he lied.

He looked back to find that boy was gone and together they walked back to their dorms.

“So are you free now?” Jimin asked.

“I have got essays to do,” Taehyung said. “I’ll see you later”

“All right,” Jimin said glum that he would have to be alone yet again.

He went in and decided he might as well as take a nap.

He lied down on his bed and fell into peaceful slumber.

Taehyung stared at the empty computer screen. An hour had passed already but he still had a blank screen.

He was thinking, a lot of it too.

Most of these thoughts were about Jimin.

Now Taehyung never thought he was the sappy love at first sight kind of guy. And this definitely, wasn’t love, not yet.

He just liked Jimin, a lot.

He liked the orange haired boy. He liked the way he would smile, the way he would push his hair back or when he blushed, he loved how cheeks would turn pink. But when he laughed that was what Taehyung liked the most. The way how the other’s boy eyes would turn crinkly almost disappearing, the way his laugh sounded and how he would cover his mouth with his hand.

It had been only two days since he had known Jimin but there was something magical about the boy that had drawn Taehyung the moment he had laid his eyes on Jimin.

And that was exactly why Taehyung was thinking.

He remembered the pang of jealousy he had felt seeing the Hoseok guy flirt with Jimin who seemed completely oblivious and blushing at everything the other said.

He remembered how he wanted Hoseok to leave because he didn’t like the idea of Jimin talking to him.

Was he actually jealous? He wasn’t sure.

His deep thoughts are interrupted by laughs.

It’s his roommate Baekhyun along with his boyfriend Chanyeol laughing as they come inside.

Chanyeol suddenly kissed Baekhyun who just pushed him off.

Taehyung felt a sudden pang of sadness as he saw the two. They always seemed so in love making it seem like Taehyung was missing out.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol both said hi to Taehyung who said hi back and now they were both engaged in some tickling game as Baekhyun tried to wiggle away only to be attacked by Chanyeol’s kisses.

Taehyung looked away as he felt he was interrupting something.

Then again, these two were always like this so completely unaware of everyone else.

For some reason seeing the pair made Taehyung think more about Jimin and he saw the image of him and Jimin where he would shower kisses on Jimin when he realized he was being stupid and irrational. What was happening to him?

Was he actually crushing on Park Jimin?

BTS Reacting To You Turning Your Head When He Tries To Kiss Your Cheek

“BTS reacts to trying to kiss you on the cheek, but you turn at the last minute and kiss on the lips”


Jin would not be able to contain his smile. “Aw, jagi! That was such a cute thing to do!” He would say with another quick kiss on your lips.

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At first, Yoongi would be caught off guard, but there is no way that he would not continue the kiss. He would rest his hands on your cheeks during the kiss.

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Rap Monster:

Namjoon wouldn’t hesitate, even though he felt your lips against his instead of your cheek. He would grab your waist and pull you closer to him, in order to deepen the kiss. When the kiss was over, he would be a little flustered.

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Hoseok wouldn’t be able to contain his laughter and would keep telling how cute you are. He would pinch your cheek while saying “Ahhh, you’re such a cutie!”

Originally posted by cyyphr


Jimin would give you a quick kiss back, before pulling away with a smirk. He would definitely start teasing you. “Why so eager, jagi?” He would ask slyly.

Originally posted by chimcheroo


Taehyung would be a smiley, giggling mess. He would think that you turning your head to kiss his lips was adorable. He would start tickling you while saying, “Aw, Jagi! Why are you so adorable?”

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When you turn your head to kiss him, he would kiss you back, but when he pulls away, his cheeks would be really red. He would be shy about it and maybe even let out a little laugh.

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Locked Away

“Can i request a Lin x reader where the reader and Lin are in Paris and there’s this one bridge Called ponte de arts where people come with locks and they wish and then they lock it to the bridge and then they throw their key into the water please THANKS YOU IS AWESOME”

hey to anon YOU IS AWESOME TOO ILY!! hey howdy what’s uP buddy friend pals :) I never know what to say here haha. Also I used the name Rebecca in this fic so if your name is Rebecca SOWWY

Send me a prompt + person from this post!
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Warnings: Mentions of death, Mentions of suicide, Mentions of drug use
Word Count: 4,242
Pairings: Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader

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Lance’s Sweet Tooth - Shallurklance week Day 1

Hello all! 

This is the first fic in the series for Shallurklance ship week, as created and hosted by the lovely @shallurklancentric|!

This can also be found on my AO3 (link in Bio) or on my Wattpad/Amino (both under the same username as here)

(Also Keith is so hard to write, I’m sorry if he’s a tad bit OOC)

At what felt like eleven in the evening, a sweet smell was coming from the kitchen.

To Lance, who was perched outside the door like a hero from a spy movie, it smelt divine. It smelt like vanilla, syrupy sweet compared to the alien musk of a ten thousand year old castle that hadn’t been used for the majority of its life. If he closed his eyes and concentrated, it had a hint of spice to it, like his sibling’s cinnamon swirl cookies they used to make when they were home from their mainland university. If Hunk was replicating Alex’s world-famous cookies, then, well,

Hunk must have been a god.

And then he got an idea.

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oh. my, god. mairon/ar-pharazon @.@ mairon - f5 and pharry - 7d? i would say i will you forever but i already do

“Stop trying to steal my food.”
full size

every sauron/pharazon pic is like mairon being a creep and pharazon going ‘why am i putting up with this again oh right fine ass and immortality’

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I just posted a big long rant about why I love @henrikzetterbergs so, since I wanna spread love....why do you love her???

aw that’s so sweet!! i absolutely adore Gill! she is one of the nicest people on here! she’s so funny and her blog is A++! She is gorgeous and an all-around great person!


5SOS Preference #23 :: Couple Moments Caught on Camera


“Hi guys,” Ashton whispered into the camera. “I’m gonna show you how adorable Michael and (y/n) are.” He turned the camera around to show you and Michael. You were hand in hand, walking towards an amusement park. You didn’t know there was one in the area, but as soon as you heard the news, you begged Michael to take you there. You were wearing his jacket, not because he offered it to you, but because you stole it. “See what I mean? They’re so cute.” He was beaming as he turned the camera to face himself. “I’m so proud of- oh wait, I’ve been spotted. Well, I love you guys. Bye!” He winked at the camera before looking up at your accusing looks.


“We’ve just spotted Calum and (y/n) behind their house,” A fan giggled from behind her phone. “Calum is so fit,” her friend sighed from beside her. Calum was doing push ups over top of you, and every time he completed one, he was allowed to kiss you. He claimed this was the only way he could work out, but you’d seen him work out without you on several different occasions (that sounded bad i’m sorry). “They’re actually my OTP now.” The fan sighed wistfully as Calum helped you up. Needless to say, the video was practically everywhere, and both of you saw it. “I mean, we are pretty cute,” Calum chuckled, kissing your forehead.


“I feel like I’m intruding!” Luke muttered as Calum filmed you and Ashton. You were in the middle of a vicious pillow fight, and you weren’t stopping until someone surrendered. You sometimes paused because you were laughing so hard that neither of you could breathe, but other than that, it was endless. “Shut up, Luke.” Michael scolded. “They’ll hear us!” “They’re sickeningly adorable.” Calum said in mock-disgust. “Disgusting.” Michael agreed. Ashton lobbed a pillow at your face and you sat upright. “Hey!” You shouted at the other boys. “Abort mission!” Calum shouted, and the three of them sprinted down the hallway, leaving you and Ashton laughing on the matress.


“(Y/n), don’t read that!” Luke complained as you began reading a love letter he wrote to you from the beginning days of your relationship. “Why? It’s adorable!” You said in awe. “I’m going to get, like, a million copies of this!” “It’s so embarrassing! Just give it here!” He said, pulling you towards him by your waist. “Luke, stop!” You squealed, laughing. “Just give me that,” he nodded at the paper. “No way!” “Too bad,” he sighed, snatching it out of your hands. “Hey!” You shouted, scowling at him. “Aw, you can’t stay mad at me,” he informed you, and you smiled. He cupped his hands around your face and pressed a kiss to your lips. The both of you were completely oblivious to Ashton and Liz videoing the entire thing. 


Septiplier-[Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters!

Summary:Jack gets revenge on Mark! [WARNING THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! Can’t thank you guys enough for all the prompts! Thanks @cloudyskies100 for the awesome prompt! (And I couldn’t help but put at least a little ticklish!Jack in there as well!

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ebony, i know it can be so hard at times, but please don't lose hope about meeting taylor. i know it can be easy to feel disheartened, but i have a ton of faith that not only does she adore you, but she'll want to meet you one day soon!! keep on dreaming and hoping angel, the wait will be so worth it! i hope you're having a lovely day xx

Aw thank you ebony! one of the many reasons why i adore you, always looking at the positives rather than the negatives. i guess we all have those days sometimes, thank you so much 💫🌷

Jealousy ~ Park Jimin

A little story about jealousy. You’re jealous, he’s jealous. This story may just have two or possibly more parts depending on how well I think I can write it. Enjoy!

  You were disgusted. Absolutely revolted. That bitch was hanging off of your boyfriend without a care in the world and it made you incredibly uncomfortable. Sure, she was just someone who worked with them but she seemed to be getting a little too friendly for your liking.

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Piano Tiles

Characters: Reader x Jungkook
Genre: Fluff with not so intense smut.
Summary: Jungkook is obsessed with that stupid piano tile game and you wanted more attention.

A/N: This isn’t really considered smut. More like lots of teasing. Should i do a part 2 with actual smut orrrr?PLEASE DONT READ IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH SEX TALK!

You were in the living room of the apartment that you and your lovely boyfriend, Jungkook, shared. You both sat on the couch as one were doing their own things. You were snuggled up near Jungkook’s side watching tv as he was playing a game on his phone. Piano Tiles. He was obsessed with this game. He constantly kept playing it. It was starting to annoy you.

“Kook-ah~. Why don’t you pay attention to me?” You ask with a pout.

He kept his attention on the moving tiles as he followed each with his thumbs.

“I’m trying to beat V-hyung’s score jagi.”

You were getting annoyed. You wanted his attention and this game prevented you from having it.

“C'mon baby~. I’m boredddd.”

He didn’t say anything.

You decided to do something that would get him distracted.

You sat up to sit on his lap. Facing him.


He put his phone behind you to continue playing. You rolled your eyes but put a smirk on your face.

“Sorry. I wanted to sit on you.”

Maybe seduction would work.

You played with his earring a little to see if you’d get a reaction. No reaction.

You thought you should spice things up a bit. You slowly brought your lips to his neck. Leaving a trail of opened mouth kisses along his skin. You felt him tense up under you. The music was still playing so you nibbled and sucked on his earlobe. This will get him.

You heard the music and finger tapping stop. You smiled with satisfaction as you got up off of him. You walked away like nothing happened. You reached the kitchen to get a soda. As you were looking for it in the fridge, you felt Jungkook pull you back into him with your back pressed against his chest.

“You can’t just do that and not want sex after that babygirl.”

You rolled your eyes and pushed him away with your butt. That made him bite his lip.

“That was to get you off your dumb game.”

He giggled and pulled you back into his embrace. He kissed you all over your face, making your laughs fill the room. How could he go from daddy to adorable boyfriend so quick?

“Is that what you wanted?” He asked smiling hugely.

“That’s what i NEEDED.”

You giggled and he returned you a smile. He pulled you in closer. Wanting to hold you close.

“Sooo~. Can we have sex now?”

You could not believe how horny this boy was.

“Jeez. It was just a few kisses on your neck and you’re this needy?” You scoffed.

“Well if you’re going to get me all worked up… might as well right?” He squeezed your butt with a smirk plastered on his face and you rolled your eyes.

You thought to yourself, “Should I tease him? Make it fun?”

The thought had you smiling at his chest.

“Oh god what are you thinking about, y/n?”

You snapped out of it. “Oh nothing.”

Lets do it~

You played with the hair on the nape of his neck.

“You’re a horny little shit. You know that right?”

He smirked. “Just for you~”

He’s so lame.

You brought your lips to his neck again. This time, sucking a bit harder. He let out a long and loud sigh. He was enjoying this.

“Jagi. Doing this again?”

You hummed against his skin and it sent shivers down his spine. His grip on your ass got tighter. You smiled into his neck and pulled away to get a look at his face. He was so hot. You could devour him right there, but you couldn’t.

He smirked and pinned you against the fridge.

“May i return the favor?”

You bit your lip and almost nodded until you remembered that this was just to tease him.

Before you could answer, he attacked your neck with opened mouth kisses. His tongue dragging along your skin. You let out a moan and covered your mouth. He smiled against your skin.

“Why are you holding back?” He asked as he continued.

You smirked and used all your strength to switch positions. He looked at you with surprise and you gave him a long and rough kiss before you pulled away. You pushed him away from the fridge so you could retrieve your soda.

He looked at you with shock and soon started pouting. He put his arms across his chest and started stomping like a kid.

“Aishh jagiiiii! Why you gotta get me all worked up and not fuck me?” He furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at you.

You took a gulp of your soda and looked at him with awe.

“Why are you so adorable when begging for sexual needs?” You ask giggling.

He sat down at the table and sighed.

“Gotta pull out the cuteness to get what I want. Unless you want dominance.” A smirk was pulled across his lips.

“Don’t get ideas kookie.” You warned.

He slumped back in his chair. You could see the disappointment on his face and you found it hilarious. This was payback for the numerous amount of times he teased you and then left you hanging.

You walked over to him and sat on his lap. He instinctively wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your lips lovingly.

“Let’s go out today. We need some air.” You recommended.

He smiles. “Where to?”

“There’s a carnival open down the street. Craving some churros.”

“CHURROS?! HELL YEA BABE LETS GO!” You giggled at his hyperactive reaction.

He lifted you up bridal style up to your shared room to get dressed.

You put on a white tee, a flannel, ripped jeans, and sneakers. You and jungkook had the same sense in style so it wasn’t surprising if he wore something similar.

You finished and so did he.

“Ready babygirl?”

“LETS GOO!!” You were excited.

You guys reach the carnival and both your faces lit up. You were children at heart so this was so awesome.

Throughout the day, you dragged him to different rides while he dragged you to different food stands.

After a long day of fun, you finally got home. You were exhausted. It was so much fun but you’re not 12 anymore. Jungkook on the other hand starts rubbing your sides as he walks up behind you.

He moves your hair away from your neck and starts kissing spots he could reach. He definitely was not tired. How could he be so needy after our cute date? He’s crazy.

“Ah Jungkook. I’m too tired. Wait tomorrow night. I had too many churros.”

He smirked into your neck and you weren’t going to lie. You wanted more.

“Jagi~. Let me please you.”

“You can please me by letting me sleep.”

The grip on your waist got tighter as he sucked on your earlobe.

“I’m going to fuck you and you’ll beg for more.”

Those words sent shivers down your spine and even made you a little wet, but you had to resist.

You turned around to face him.

“I’m dead tired Kookie. Let me sleep and i promise we can have sex in the morning or something.”

His smile died down and he sighed.

“Fine. You promise?” He held out his pinky.

You smiled and locked your pinky with his.

“Promise. Daddy~.”

He looked at you with shock but then a smirk pulled at his lips.

“Now you’re making it hard for me.”

You smiled innocently and leaned up to kiss him.

“Making your anticipation build up is what makes sex better.” You bit your lip teasingly.

“Fuck i hate you.” He said biting his lip also.

“Love you too babe. Now lets go to sleep. I’m tired.” You say yawning.

You plop down on the bed after changing into Jungkook’s oversized tee. Jungkook sheds his shirt and pants as he climbs into bed with you.

He cuddles you close, allowing you to take in his scent that you loved. He kisses your forehead before you drift away in sleep.

“I’ll have you wide awake by the morning.” He says seductively as he pulled you closer.

You laughed a little.

“When are you not horny jungkook?”

“When you’re not here y/n.”

You smiled and slowly fell asleep.

“You’re lame.” You mumbled before officially falling asleep.