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Lux-i-fer's 2x18 Notes

Ouch. Those shoes. Angry laughing. 10x stronger. Bros being bros. GOD. Linda is normal. Emotional fragile men. Self aware. Always fun when they turn up in hell lots of wigs. Annoyingly good.

Baby. Aw maze. This guy is lowkey hot. Oh they toned down on the tailoring. IMPROV HOLY SHIT. DAN RUNS IMPROV. OH GOD. AMENADIEL.

BRAD. RIP HIM. oh…brohug . That fam is weird. YOU DID. fallen. Ella. Rhhhh I’m daddy’s fav. THE DETECTIVE VOICE CRACK.

Yaa blue hair. Mojo thing. They seem totally bonkers. BITCH PLEASE FACE. BEIGE. I’m not angry just disappointed.

I’VE JUST HAD THIS TUNED. Ohhhhh shady. Aw his hair. IF YOU HURT HER. in an awkward position. I miss you dan. CHLOE. Linds anajnansns. lLONDA DKSNXNSNSKSK. I’m gonna fix you. WHOA MAN. IT’S YOU I’M TRYING TO SAVE. the hot dude. Luci is done . AMENADIEL.



The signs as Fictional Characters: Taurus

Simon Lewis

Ginny Weasley

Katniss Everdeen


Scott Mccall

River Song

SPOILERS AHEAD for "In the Air Tonight" 1320

Serious lack of actual characters in the show, save for Riggs and Meredith. But my number one thought for this episode is the *flashbacks*. Wowwww. I was floored. I was also crying. Both of which are the mark of a great episode. Personally, I cannot believe Meredith finally let go of Derek. I haven’t even let go of Derek (and I never will¡!). I like Riggs a little, but he’s no Derek. I’m super proud of Mer for letting go of her past and facing her fears (of planes and of losing Derek completely), it was awe-mazing. So overall great episode in terms of emotions and of the general message of the story.

Fire Emblem Fates: Just Shove Your Children into the Puberty Void

           I really wanted to like Fire Emblem Fates. I really, really did.

           But there’s only just so much anime I can take, you guys.

           Fire Emblem Fates is the fourteenth entry in the long running Fire Emblem series of fantasy, turn-based strategy games. The series has always made itself distinct from other games in the same genre with its strong sense of fantasy aesthetic, its character writing, and smooth, smooth animation, but has always failed to get traction in the West due to its difficulty and occasional iffy mechanics choices. Fates’ predecessor, Awakening, sold very well, however, and proved that there was a place for Fire Emblem in the states, but sacrificed a lot of franchise difficulty, so Fates promised to give an experience that both fans of Awakening and fans of previous Fire Emblems could enjoy.

           It… certainly tried. I don’t think it quite got there, but it tried. But there was a lot going on along the way that makes me question what the hell they were thinking.

           Fates, ultimately, feels like it’s torn between being a Fire Emblem entry and being a cool light novel that all of the kids will like. There’s a lot that feels like it was cribbed from the latest cheap anime on the airwaves, just for the sake of appealing to people who’re into that. It’s a very weird atmosphere and it doesn’t really fit for what Fire Emblem has previously been. There’s some serious war drama, but there’s also some creepy incest stuff involving your non-blood related siblings and a lot of fanservice. There’s this soap opera stuff involving whether you should be loyal to your birth family or your adoptive family, but also a dimension crossing dragon man’s evil army that wants to destroy the world. There’s DLC gating. There’s a lot of DLC gating.

           It’s not a bad game, persay, but… well, there’s a lot to talk about. Let’s dive in.

           Disclaimer: All images in this long pile of salt are either pulled from official Nintendo press releases or official art, from Miiverse posts, or from other sources. Every image is a legitimate image from the localization, at least as far as I can tell. There’s exactly one image I ‘capped myself, and it’s because I wanted a good shot of a booty. Otherwise, I didn’t screencap them. Please excuse my laziness.

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Lux-i-fer's 2x17 Notes

Lucia in glasses= new aesthetic. DAN LOOKALIKE. ONE MILLION MOMS OH GOD. Oh mom. WHO IS THIS DICK. Linda and mazeeeee. CHLOE IS SO JEALOUS. A COMPLETE DUMPSTER FIRE. everyone’s nightmare oh god.

A prodigal. CHLOE JUST WANTS TO WORK. Butt…boob…eyes. Dan is just DONE. AWWWW MOM. WHAT IS THIS HODGEPODGE. Ella oh god. YES MAZE. I hope Dan finds out. CHLOE DAYM THOSE BOOTS.

Same heart…different soul. Dick guy is back. Oh Luci. MOM DID IT. noo…the other mom. OH GOD THEY’RE DOING IMPROVE OH OGDD DMDKDJD. Bromance let’s goooooo. IT’S NOT THE WAY YOU THINK. Oh…chlo…hun. YES MAZE

You were going to leave me. I would never do that. PLEASE TELL ME YOU DIDN’T KILL HIM. Linda is 10000% done. Aw Maze no. They’re all human

Did my bandage come undone? I’ll have someone break your legs. You thought. Rifht….HIS FACE IS SO PANICKY. Step…mom. parallelism? She’s talking about amenadiel…that one’s me. The season of everyone hits on chloe.

Yassss speak every language. Aw mommy’s new favorite boy. That time of the millienium. NOT THIS TIME. DAN TRYNA GAG. IF YOU MARRIED HER YOU’D BE LUCIFERS DAD. wowewww shocker. That’s not good. The key the actual key? OK amen stop being pissy. OH GOD LINDA.

Subject A0: In The Glade [Part 12]

What If

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“They took everything. They took her whole world. But little did they know that she found a new one in him.” (Newt x Reader)  

A/N: Wahoo!! Decided it was gonna be an In The Glade update tonight! Again, just to be clear, the way the maze works in this fic is basically a mix from the film and the books! hehe Hope you like this one!! too lazy to proof read whoops

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Part 1:

Pairings: Newt x Reader
Warnings: None 
Word Count: 499


I leant against the railing on top of the Lookout Tree, observing the Gladers going about their business, smiling when Chuck ran past; waving at me as he went. I closed my eyes, breathing in deeply as I allowed the wind to wash over me, blowing my hair out of my face and filling me with a sense of peace I hadn’t felt since me and Newt had our fight a few days ago. I refused to talk to him or even acknowledge his presence, constantly avoiding Newt as if he were the plague. Every time, a hurt expression would flicker across his face; yet vanish almost immediately; triggering a rush of guilt to gnaw at my stomach.

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“Someone cheered, and then someone else. Soon shouts and battle calls broke out, rising in volume, filling the air like thunder. Thomas felt a trickle of courage inside him—he grasped it, clung to it, urged it to grow. Newt was right. Tonight, they’d fight. Tonight, they’d make their stand, once and for all.