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im crying and screaming about jungkooks eyes since i saw the first preview form today. there is no eye make up also the black hair compliments the 'doeness' so much, send help! they all looked so good today. puma always make them look so natural i love it

dude tell me about i nearly screamed when i saw the first pic he looks so good with black hair???? you’re right it somehow only emphasises his big wide eyes

his eye makeup is so subtle and beautiful…… look at him, all excited

the hate betty receives within this fandom is very… annoying.

of course she should be critiqued and have her flaws pointed out but the hate is ott i feel? now did she go the best way about handling cheryl? no. but  i am guffawed at people acting like cheryl is this broken character with funny one quips and therefore anything she does is seen as iconic. i’m not saying what betty did was right, but cheryl is far from innocent herself.

this is a girl, a bully who taunted betty about polly having a mental breakdown and landing herself in a girls group home, and called her crazy, made jokes about betty’s weight, tried to bully her at one point into being a bitch to her, and also a girl who made fun of a hs boy being molested by his teacher. cheryl has done her fair share of nasty and awful things.

i’m not saying because cheryl did these things that it makes betty blackmailing her acceptable. i just find it utterly ridiculous that cheryl does these awful things and it’s seen as funny quips, and betty does a couple dark things even if with good intentions and she’s seen as a bitch and the people who praise cheryl bash betty.

but then again i have seen people who bashed betty in the same breath praise alice tonight for placing blame on her daughter for any future crime in the town, because she was “calling her out.” now there’s a difference between calling your daughter out on her corrupt behavior and fully placing blame on her if all bad things happen.  

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*slams table* sEASON 4 HEADCANONS also ily <3

happy season 4 guys!!!

  • coran still calls allura “keith” sometimes even though keith’s back
  • lance, to his friends: “ew ur gross” lance, to someone he met literally two minutes ago: “-and keith was like ‘clang clang!’ and then pidge-”
    • he loves his friends
  • pidge: “*hacker voice* i’m in” matt: “…i don’t think you’re supposed to say ‘hacker voi-’”
  • if allura gets really excited she’ll start shedding little blue sparkles
  • hunk was that kid who would mash the attack button playing video games and essentially applies the same logic to his bayard now
  • during his time with the blade the others text keith updates and keith is. confused
    • hunk: “we miss you!!!! also pidge found her brother!!!! and lance can milk a cow???”
    • allura: “milk is… disgusting”
    • pidge: “apparently allura’s you now lol”
    • lance: “are you watching our shows? they’re so cool!!!” lance, days later: “wait nvm coran had a brain worm that was trying to kill us”
    • keith: “what”
  • lance: “any final requests?” galra guy: “yeah undo the cuffs and let me go” lance, turning to shiro: “…should we let him-” shiro: “no we’re not letting him go”

svt things → seungkwan’s relationship with his mom ♡