awe inspiring beauty

  • Aries Rising: a fierce, spirited, electrifying type of beauty
  • Taurus Rising: a calming, peaceful, irresistible type of beauty
  • Gemini Rising: a bright, awe-inspiring, playful type of beauty
  • Cancer Rising: a soft, endearing, angelic type of beauty
  • Leo Rising: a glamorous, powerful, magnificent type of beauty
  • Virgo Rising: a delicate, innocent, enchanting type of beauty
  • Libra Rising: a charming, elegant, darling type of beauty
  • Scorpio Rising: a striking, alluring, magnetic type of beauty
  • Sagittarius Rising: a remarkable, charismatic, gorgeous type of beauty
  • Capricorn Rising: a captivating, ravishing, stunning type of beauty
  • Aquarius Rising: a unique, fascinating, exquisite type of beauty
  • Pisces Rising: a sweet, heavenly, picturesque type of beauty

Simple and plain and not much to ask from somebody
               Come out of hiding, I’m right here beside you.

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Dude, requests are back up, awesome! How about DAI companions + Krem de la creme reacting to the inquisitor being one of the last avian folk?(Like, they have big ass wings, so they always wear an even bigger cloak to hide them, and during battle somehow, they end up losing the cloak? They can legit fly with them)

Cassandra: She stares and stares before angrily demanding to know why they hid this from her. They sheepishly explain their situation, and she calms down, but it doesn’t change the fact they hid it. When she eventually gets over it, she sometimes just sits and watches them fly around (which they do for fun; they’re actually sort of relieved to be revealed for this reason). It makes her nervous, at first, worrying they’ll suddenly drop, but she’s awed by how agile and graceful they are in the sky. Once or twice, they have to pick her up and drop her somewhere else, and it makes her nervous every time they pick her up, and she hates how helpless she feels suspended in the air. If Romanced: Sometimes he takes her flying for no reason other than a good time. She likes it significantly more than non-romanced flying. Eventually, they’ll land, and have a quiet, serene place to sit together while she listens to him recite poetry.

Blackwall: He stares. That’s all he can do as he gawks with a slack jaw for a long time. He has no words– trying for speech just results in helpless sputtering. The man stands aside as the others fuss and try to make sense of the situation, and speaks last. He gets over it, though, once he hears the story, and doesn’t mind at all. “They’re like a pair of griffon wings,” he admires, “powerful and fast.” If the Herald can lift him up, it makes him supremely uncomfortable the first time they take him into the sky, but he finds that he thinks it’s fun. If Romanced: He regularly compliments her on how beautiful her wings are, and he tries to help itch and clean the spots she can’t reach easily. He brings her flowers that grow all the way up on a mountainside, and she gently teases him and says she could just fly him up there. “No, my lady,” he refuses, “it’s not the same if all the work’s taken out of it. You shouldn’t waste your time helping me get you flowers; let me do the work.”

Iron Bull: After getting past the initial shock, he’s utterly green with envy. It looks like SO MUCH FUN, taking off like a dragon to the skies. The Herald tries to pick him up (to no avail, he’s too heavy) to give him the experience of flying, so he takes it upon himself to make them stronger and faster, so they can. Push-ups with wings, laps around Skyhold, timing their speed of flight, you name it. “Just wait. You’ll go back to your people and fly circles around them! When you can finally lift me up, you can air-drop me on the enemies for an attack from above! It’s gonna be great!” If romanced: Hot. He’s 100% into this. He snickers if any feathers get ruffled or fall off after sex. “Did I ruffle your feathers, Kadan?” he teases, and he just laughs as they slap him with a wing. He ties one of the feathers that fall off to the dragontooth necklace, as long as they don’t mind.

Sera: She’s freaked out and utterly shocked. She has no idea how to react, so she just stares for a long time, sputtering helplessly. She feels bad later at how upset they seemed at her facial expression. “Aw, shite… well, your feathery ass is welcome here, alright?” she reassures. She likes tossing things at them when they’re flying to see if they can catch it, and it becomes a sort of game/exercise routine. She also talks them into using their wings to prank others. She screams the first time they pick her up and take her into the sky, but soon she realizes she likes it, so long as she trusts the Herald. Sometimes she’ll ask to be taken with them, because she thinks it’s exhilarating– and a few times, shoots arrows at people from above while the Herald carries her. “Death from above! Arrows from the sky! I even have a source of feathers for fletching at any moment! Hah!” A few times, if she needs them, she’ll just pluck a feather clean off if there’s none lying around, and sticks her tongue out as the Herald protests. “What? You still got a lot of ‘em. Your wings are huge!” Also jokingly refers to wings/feathers sticking out as “wingboners.” If Romanced: She likes tickling her wings and playing with her feathers, and sleeping under a wing when they’re in bed together. “They’re soft. And fuzzy. And cute.” she gushes. She also learns how to preen the feathers, and takes to doing so regularly out of affection, at least in the areas her girlfriend can’t reach with ease. She typically finishes it off by taking a feather or two that falls off to keep for herself.

Varric: “Holy Mother of Andraste’s ass.” he breathes, taking it all in. He comes around quickly, though, and asks a lot of questions– though few on anatomy, unlike Dorian, and more on who they are, where they come from, and about their people. He’s fascinated, and taking notes. Sometimes when he’s out of writing quills, he wryly asks them if he can take one of theirs– or may just take one if they drop off from time-to-time. He’s not a fan of going into the sky, at all. “You know, I like the idea of getting as far away from the Stone as possible,” he says nervously as he looks down at the world below, “but this is a bit too far. Dwarves don’t fly.”

Cole: He knew, and he doesn’t mind in the least. “I am sorry. The others know, and they want to help. They don’t mind the wings.” He also comments that the others are happy while watching the Herald fly, and the Inquisitor takes to doing small shows on a regular basis for the crowd at Skyhold, which always draws large numbers. Everyone is cheered by the amazing sight of them in the sky, and morale goes up. People start sitting and waiting for hours before the show starts. Cole smiles– they helped.

Dorian: About five million questions start flying from his lips as soon as he’s out of the initial shock. How fast can you fly? How many feathers do you have? What’s the bone structure of your wings? Can you stick one straight out so I can measure how long it is? Where are your people from? Why are you the only one out here? It makes them more than a little uncomfortable, and he feels bad when he realizes how uncomfortable they are. “Oh.” he says, suddenly quiet. “I… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to… if you need to talk, let me know?” He loves watching them soar through the sky, and he takes notes as he watches. He considers them and their wings utterly beautiful, and he feels honored to know them and witness their flight. He does not particularly care for going in the air, though, citing a sudden fear of extreme heights as he clings to the Herald, trying desperately to not look down. If Romanced: He loves preening his lover’s feathers, because it’s hard for them to reach behind and get them clean. He finishes it all with a kiss. He feels so safe under his boyfriend’s wings as they lay together, and he silently smirks as he imagines his father’s reaction to seeing his boyfriend.

Vivienne: She has to work to hide her complete and utter shock, and briefly scolds the Herald for not telling her before. When they’re comfortable, she examines their wings in detail. She figures out a grooming regimen. “Darling, everyone knows what you are now– there’s no point in hiding your wings any longer.” She smiles. “So use them. Preen them. Take the time and effort to make them presentable. You will be imposing, awe-inspiring, beautiful, majestic, and everyone will know it with a single glance.” She introduces them to her tailor, who manages to make them outfits that accommodate the wings– even accentuate them. Vivienne does not like being taken into the sky, but tolerates it if necessary in combat.

Solas: Their people were known to the ancient Elvhen, but their numbers were in slow decline– he’s honestly surprised that there’s any still around at all. He’s sympathetic to them, and surprises them by being the least shocked of any of the party members. He claims that he has seen their people before in the Fade, and suddenly the other party members are coming to him, asking for information. When he shakes them off, he mentions to the Herald that they shouldn’t hide their wings, for they are beautiful and proof of their ancient people. He asks them a lot of questions about the current state of their race, about their society, which befuddles the Herald. He doesn’t seem to mind being lifted into the air, if need be, and may even ask the Herald to carry him to places inaccessible by walking alone. If Romanced: They spend dates just finding places that only winged creatures can reach, and they look over the world together. They slumber and see memories previous unexplored by the remote location, and Solas feels genuine happiness that someone can understand the value of unexplored dreams. “Thank you, ma vhenan. Thank you…”

Cullen: He just sighs. Somehow this doesn’t even shock him. Maybe he’s seen too much. He’s a bit frustrated that they didn’t tell him to begin with, but lets it go readily. He asks if they know any others of their kind who would be interested in joining the Inquisition– flying soldiers would be excellent– and finds himself bewildered as they tell him that the vast majority of their people are shy and mistrustful of land-dwellers. He apologizes, and does not press the matter further. He enjoys watching them fly, and compliments them on their ability, but absolutely hates being taken off the ground and into the sky in any circumstances. If Romanced: He’s somewhat more tolerant of being taken into the sky, but he still doesn’t like it. Sometimes when he’s having bad dreams, he awakens as one of her wings gently folds over him, covering him softly, affectionately, and his heart rate slows. He’s safe, and she loves him, and he feels it. He goes back to sleep in peace, happy with what he has and who he loves.

Leliana: She’s just envious, if anything; she wouldn’t mind being able to fly. She was wondering what they were hiding, and found several stray feathers (which may or may not be in unusual colors) from time-to-time, and this explains it. She takes it pretty calmly, and asks if they know any others of their kind that might be willing to join as agents, or even airborne couriers. If the Herald ever takes her into the sky, she acts totally calm, but she LOVES it, even though she doesn’t say so.

Josephine: She’s at a loss. She tries to quickly compose herself and awkwardly make sense of the situation, but once the shock wears off, she’s endlessly curious about being able to fly. She watches them zip through the sky with grace and speed and is utterly mesmerized. Like Vivienne, she encourages a strict preening regimen– if they’re going to have wings, they might as well make them presentable. Eventually, the Herald offers to take her flying, and she squeals with a mix of delight and a bit of fright. Her hair blows loosely, and the wind’s on her face, and by the time the Herald brings her back down, she’s dazed and eager for the next time they fly together. If Romanced: They take her flying with them all the time, and it makes for interesting dates. She giggles and squeals (and on one occasion, screams as they do a loop with her in their arms) and has the time of her life. They always end it by landing somewhere picturesque, and they sit together, cuddling and admiring the world around them.

Krem: “Your… your Worship?” he asks, shocked, not sure if he’s seeing correctly, or if Bull’s pulling a prank like that time they all covered themselves with feathers– but no, it’s really them. If they don’t mind, he asks them questions about flying, and remarks that the Chargers would love having one of their kind on the team, if they know anyone looking for work. Sometimes he tosses his stuffed winged nug plushies at them from the ground, and they catch, not unlike the game played with Sera. He really likes flying, and admires the view of the world below.

She had a quiet, masterful presence. There weren’t words to express her beauty, nor could a soul resist the fear of approaching her uncalled.
—  Someone I’ve needed. 🖤
“In the beginning, Papa’s arms were around him, mistrusting of  the pouch.
Kenta bounced, snug in his sling as he opened his eyes and for the first time in his life, really felt what it was like to see. The greenery around him was so overwhelmingly full of life and color. He threw his head back and giggled a hoarse baby laugh with glee, squinting his eyes up to catch a glimpse of the man above smiling back down at him.”

This beautiful fanart was done by wonderfulworldofmoi! She told me to feel free to post it on my blog! I commissioned it to go as a companion to my Toes fic in where Papayasha bounds about the forest with his little baby strapped to his tummy. 

You don’t have to read the story to appreciate this wonderful piece of work though. I’m simply in love.

Because Inuyasha is happy.

People see pictures of my wife and tell me, “She’s gorgeous! I can’t imagine how beautiful she looks without her hijab.” And they’re right; the first time I saw her without her hijab the consequent shock of her beauty prevented me from even being able to string together a complete sentence. I believe my exact words were: “Oh my… MashAllah.” However, they’ve only got the portrait half painted. Yes, she is breathtaking without her hijab. But you know what’s even more awe-inspiring? Even more beautiful? Her with her hijab. People often think that hijab is hiding a girl’s true beauty, and her most beautiful form is a secret treasure only to be witnessed by those privileged enough to see her in that state. It’s actually the opposite– you’re already seeing the polished diamond. As she ventures into the world, wearing her hijab, she is a reflection of the strength and beauty of God. She is not hidden, but a manifest sign of His splendor for the whole world to see. And what can be more beautiful than His signs?

Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 2- First Date

Last minute decided to write this one for Day 2. It kind of randomly came to me, but I ended up being pretty happy with some of the Sherlock feelsies in this one. Enjoy! ;)

Fancy a Date?

“Thank you again, Molly,” Sherlock said genuinely as the cab neared her flat in the dark of night. “And I know John is grateful. Rosie was a bit too crabby for a sitter tonight.”

“Oh no problem, I don’t mind.” She smiled and began gathering her bags in preparation to exit the once the vehicle stopped.

Sherlock felt suddenly panicky. The evening had been so wonderful up till then. They’d analyzed clues from a body, tracked down a suspect, informed Lestrade, and got the man arrested. It had all been rather perfect, and Sherlock hardly wanted it to end now. It was probably one of the best days they’d spent together since the mess of Sherrinford.

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To celebrate living together for three months, Jughead and Betty go out for dinner to celebrate when tragedy strikes and only one of them make it home.

“If you must die, sweetheart
Die knowing your life was my life’s best part”
 ~ You by Keaton Henson.

… …. … ….

Jughead curled around Betty’s form, her soft whimpers shaking her tiny body. He couldn’t help but smirk.

“Don’t laugh at me!” Betty moaned.

“Baby, it’s a cartoon.” He smoothed a hand over her calf.

“It’s a sad cartoon,” she protested, her bottom lip wobbling as a fresh round of tears threatening to spill over.

“I-it’s not Bambi. It’s Tangled, you know Flynn Rider comes back to -”

“She was his new dream, Jughead.” She whimpered.

“Shh, it’s okay. I’ve got you.” Jughead sat up and pulled Betty into his lap. “I won’t let anything bad happen, Bets.”

They watched the rest of the movie intertwined, a smile now plastered on Betty’s face.

“Do you know what today is?” Jughead murmured as the credits rolled on the small TV screen in front of them.

“Of course I do,” Betty turned to face Jughead, a soft hand palming his cheek. “Three months today you moved in with me. Best three months of my life.” She smiled and leaned in for a kiss.

“Shouldn’t we go out to celebrate?”

“Okay, yeah,” Betty smiled again. “I’d like that. Just let me change.”

Betty scooted off the bed and stood in front of the closet, weighing her options. She knew how much Jughead liked the silk blush minidress that hung before her, but he’d seen it so many times.

“You know what I was thinking earlier?” Jughead stripped off his worn S t-shirt and tossed it on the bed, pulling a dark grey Henley over his head.

“Mm?” Betty decided on the blush dress and pulled it out of the closet.

“I think Hot Dog needs a friend.”

Betty burst out laughing as she stripped. “Jug we can barely handle him. We can’t handle a puppy, too.”

Jughead padded over, hunger in his eyes as he took in her naked form. “You start walking around like that and maybe we’ll make it a tiny human friend instead,” He murmured, his hand splaying over her abdomen.

“In due time, Juggie, in due time.” Betty smiled and kissed him slowly. She broke away and slipped the delicate fabric over her head. “Zip me up?”

“You know, I think I changed my mind about dinner. We could stay in and I could eat -”

“Down, boy.” Betty smirked. “We’ll have plenty of time for that later.”

Jughead smiled and zipped the back of Betty’s dress to the top.

“Thank you,” She placed a kiss on his cheek and padded out of the room.

Betty studied herself in the mirror, smoothing the light pink dress over her stomach. She leaned in closer, dragging the kohl liner across her eyelids gently before adding a coat of mascara.

“Ready to go?”

Betty smiled and took Jughead’s hand, patted Hot Dog on the head, then grabbed her keys and headed out of the apartment.

They were seated in the restaurant thirty minutes later, a glass of wine  in front of each of them.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” Jughead murmured, leaning in to hold Betty’s hand.

Betty smiled and nodded. “You tell me that every day, Jug.”

“I don’t want  you to ever forget.” Jughead smiled and cleared his throat.

“I love you,” Betty smiled and reached for her wine glass, holding it up across from her. “To the start of the rest of our lives.” She waited for Jughead to raise his glass, but a look of terror flooded his face instead.

Betty’s eyebrows knit in confusion. “Jug?” She murmured.

Jughead coughed suddenly, his eyes welling with tears. He stood, clutching at his throat, knocking his chair over behind him.

“Jug?” Panic rose in Betty’s voice.

He coughed violently, blood and saliva spilling over onto his bottom lip, spraying the white tablecloth as he fell to the ground, his face stricken with fear.

“Somebody help!” Betty screamed as she pushed back her chair, kneeling down to where Jughead lay, blood and spit sticking to his lips.

He tried to speak, but it came out garbled, his lungs filling with fluid, blood, anything but air. Tears were spilling over, streaking his skin, sticking heavily to his lashes. Betty brushed the hair back from his face as she placed a delicate kiss on his temple, hands shaking as she wiped a tear off his cheek.

“Jughead, please stay with me.” She sobbed, pulling his head onto her lap. “Jug?”

He choked again, coughing, spraying blood from his lips as he struggled to breathe. He looked terrified.

Short, rasping breaths filled her ears as Jughead’s lips pressed together in a  'B’, over and over they pressed together until finally, through gasps he choked “B-Betty.” His hand found hers and he squeezed.

“Baby?” The word clung to her lips as people clad in white rushed to their sides, pulling Jughead delicately onto a gurney, separating them momentarily.

Someone had called an ambulance. How long had they been on the ground?

Betty followed closely, stepping into the back of the ambulance, finding Jughead’s hand. She gripped with all her might as they hooked him up to a machine.

She felt his grip loosen as he coughed again loudly, sputtering, choking.

“Jughead?” Betty screamed as she stared at his closed eyelids. “No…” She breathed.

She unlocked her apartment door with shaking hands. The sun was coming up now. How long had she been gone? They kept telling her, the doctors and nurses, to go home and get some rest. How was she supposed to get some rest? When she closed her eyes, all she saw was Jughead. Blood. Gasping for air. The terrible noise of his last gasping breath.

She dropped the keys on the counter top numbly and took a deep breath. Hot Dog came bounding out of the bedroom, paws slapping the laminate as he charged at Betty. He panted, waiting for the treat that was always handed to him when they came home.

Betty patted his head and stumbled into the living room, catching sight of herself in the mirror. There was blood on her dress - his favorite dress - and blood in her tangled hair. She felt the bile rise in her throat, her body reacting to the sight of blood - Jughead’s blood - staining her dress, her hair, her skin. She ran to the bathroom and got sick in the toilet.

She stripped the dress off her clammy skin and stepped into the shower, thankful for the built-in seat she could rest on. She didn’t trust her legs would hold her up much longer.

She wept as the water poured over her skin, light pink water swirling down the drain, erasing any trace of Jughead on her body.

As Betty faltered out of the bathroom, Jughead’s silver laptop glinted in the daylight sun, catching her eye. She picked it up and pressed it to her nude body, bringing it to the bedroom with her.

Jughead’s disheveled S t-shirt was still on the bed where he had changed out of it hours earlier. She pulled it on over her head and curled up on the bed beside Hot Dog, opening Jughead’s laptop.

She opened a search engine, then typed in ‘Pulmonary Embolism’.

She felt the tears stream down her face, reading the symptoms, then exited out of the page. She looked through his files, through his finished novel - his half finished novel, his second work. Then, she found a folder named HER.

 'Like a summer storm - bold and enthralling and magical. Awe-inspiring. Beautiful. Powerful and like nothing else in the world.' 

 'The very definition of ethereal.' 

 'If not for her, I wouldn’t know of love. Wouldn’t believe it exists. But she taught me, not only does it exist, but it is the most powerful thing on earth.' 

Betty didn’t realize she was shaking until Hot Dog stuck his cold nose under her arm and whimpered. He cocked his head to the side, questioning.

Betty slowly closed the laptop and placed it beside her, then wrapped her arm around the dog, tears dropping onto his fur.

Eventually, after her eyes started to burn but still sleep would not come, she flicked on the TV - the menu for Tangled was still up, the PLAY prompt in bold.

While Flynn was singing about his dream, Betty drifted off into a fitful, dreamless sleep.

Reveling in Richonne

#49: The Reflection (7x8)

It’s funny how before 6x10 fully opened my eyes to the greatness that is Richonne, I was not overtly aware of how often R&M seemed to look at, be near, and think about each other. I knew they were together a lot and I was here for it but I didn’t realize just how much they took note of each other. 

However, once I was aboard this five star cruise of a ship, this was me every episode as I looked for any and every Richonne moment I could get…

Lol so now if R&M so much as mention the other’s name it’s noted and mentally stored in my brain, cuz it really does provide some further insight into their relationship. (I also just like any time they say each other’s name so there’s that too 😋 ) Thus this scene right here.

Rick is with Aaron getting stuff for the jerks. I know I’ve said it already but I am in full support of the Rick/Aaron friendship. Like especially after this episode, I just feel like he’s a man that Rick can really talk to. Cuz Daryl, of course, is Rick’s brother but Daryl’s also not one to talk too much lol, especially about feelings, so I like that Rick has Aaron as a guy friend as well. 

So as Rick and Aaron load stuff up, after wading through the swamp of horrors, Rick lets Aaron know that his earlier comment, about Aaron not having to go on the boat if he didn’t want to, wasn’t because he thought he couldn’t do it. I appreciate this because it’s Rick being mindful of Aaron’s feelings. Like Rick could have just brushed off the unintentional offensiveness of his comment but he addresses it, even though it happened a while back, which is really sweet.

Part of me feels like Michonne’s “bring you into the family” leadership approach rubbed off on Rick. Cuz Rick has always deeply cared to keep people protected and alive, but what this moment shows us is that he also cares about their feelings on seemingly small issues too. Real one. 👌🏽🙌 

So Rick then explains further where he was coming from when he tells him, “It’s just going this far, risking this much, to get stuff for them. People don’t agree with it.” and he tells Aaron he wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t either. Now, y’all, the second Rick said “people”, I knew Homeboy was thinking about Michonne lol. 

Like he was trying to be slick Rick and act like he was just casually mentioning “people” but I know the person specifically on his mind in that moment was the Queen. And I love that we get confirmation that he was in fact thinking of her in this moment, thus making this a Richonne scene lol. 

But just before that, Aaron reminds Rick that he was there for the worst day on earth and for that lineup so he understands that this is the way things have to be right now in order to keep people living. And then Rick says what’s been on his mind since 7x4 when he tells Aaron, “Michonne doesn’t think this is living.”

I love that this is yet another reminder of how much R&M really let their words soak in. Rick mentioning this is him reflecting and calling back to 7x4 when Michonne expressed feeling like this “Submit to Negan” life really isn’t any kind of a life. The minute she said those words “What kind of a life?”, you knew Rick would never forget them and they would replay in his mind until he figured out how to give her a better life. 

It’s funny how quickly Rick says this. Like it feels like this was the main thing he wants to talk about and I just love that this gives us insight into how he really does reflect on her words and take them fully into consideration. 

I appreciate the way he says this line cuz it doesn’t even remotely sound like he’s frustrated with her for not thinking this is living. Instead, it sounds like her words have pushed him to really assess if this subservient way is really the right way. He’s, again, acknowledging the validity of her point of view. Real One. 👌🏽🙌

Another big reason why I like this scene is because it’s Rick talking about Michonne with someone other than Michonne, and sort of giving someone else insight into the relationship. It’s such a husband moment. Like he’s with his guy friend and reflecting on his wife’s words with him. 😋

You can tell Aaron understands the significance of Rick opening up to him in this moment, especially about the love of Rick’s life. Like Aaron sort of takes a moment cuz he’s like “Oh so Rick’s getting all the way personal rn.” And it’s cute cuz Rick tries to bring up Michonne’s words casually but he’s not that slick lol and it’s clear those words weigh on him. 

It’s always so interesting to me because I know that probably most people in the community see Rick and Michonne as like these Apocalyptic All-Stars and their Warrior Leaders and so I love when characters get to see not just their “superhuman” side but their super human side. 

And Rick opening up to Aaron about Michonne is big cuz it makes R&M just people. It just reminds us and other characters that R&M are a couple who have talks and disagreements and share feelings just like other couples (except even better lol). 

It’s also funny cuz Aaron started off by talking about how he was there for the lineup so he gets that they have to just play along to survive but then when Rick says Michonne doesn’t feel like that’s living, Aaron switches the style up just a little bit and starts listing all the reasons why she’s right. 

Like Aaron wants to make it clear that he gets where Michonne’s coming from and that she’s definitely not wrong. Aaron knows not to disagree with Rick’s queen lol. 😋

And then, Aaron does give a good point to Rick about how what matters most right now is that they and their loved one’s hearts are still beating. I appreciate him saying “loved ones” cuz it’s him taking note that when Rick talks about Michonne he’s talking about his loved one. Aaron just keeps climbing the ranks in my book. 😋 

I also felt for Rick in this whole sequence of scenes, cuz he’s out here trying to row through walker infested waters and struggling just to get something to appease Negan, meanwhile literally everyone else back home is trying to find a way to fight back. 

Like Rick’s just out here trying to keep people safe and make fetch happen, while Carl is shooting machine guns at the Sanctuary, Rosita’s forcing Eugene to make a single bullet, and even Michonne, who’s cause is the more thought out and justified of the three, is in a car with a Savior. And then you have Spencer and his snakery as he’s trying to dethrone Rick. And to top it off, Negan is in his house shaving in front of his children. 

I was like “Rick, buddy, pal, I really do appreciate what you’re doing for TF rn, but I think it’s time to stop trying to make fetch happen. Cuz ain’t nobody else on board with fetching for Negan anymore” lol. 

Seeing so many people enact their own plan to take down Negan just goes to show that TF, but especially Grimes 2.0, have the fighter spirit so engrained in their DNA that they just can’t continue to take this oppression laying down. 

Rick gave the “Submit to Negan” approach a shot but you know that deep down he’s been wanting to fight back too. And all it takes is a superbly excellent moment in a cell with a superbly excellent woman to really seal the deal for Rick on fighting back. 👌🏽🙌

Also I really appreciate the later moment when Rick waits for Aaron when they return to ASZ and the Saviors start beating Aaron up (over the pettiest thing in the world). Like they tell Rick to run along and, especially knowing that Negan is in his house, Rick could have had a lot of reason to want to get to his home, but I like that he stays and he’s there for his newfound friend. And then he further supports Aaron by helping him walk off. So one more time for good measure lol; Real One. 👌🏽👌🏽🙌

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Side Note: This look right here tho!! 

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This look from Judith was everything and that baby is too cute for words! If we hadn’t had that beautiful, awe-inspiring, Richonne gold moment that comes towards the end of the episode this would have been my favorite moment. (this, and Michonne telling the Red Head Savior “But you don’t know me.”) I adore that Judith is looking at Negan like “Try something. I dare you.” 😂 

Judith is so unimpressed and #overit. And since this post is called “The Reflection” can we talk about how much Judith reflects Michonne here? This baby is giving Negan that signature Michonne “Homie, you don’t faze me” face. Like look at this parallel.  

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Lol I love it! Judith is definitely Rick and Michonne’s daughter. 👌🏽😋 

how i do energy readings+advice on how to do energy readings

hi everyone!

i received two anons asking if i could give advice when it comes to energy readings, and how exactly i do them. ever since i opened up energy readings they have blown up quite a bit in popularity and i am both flattered and pretty stunned! this was a very new thing for me, so thank you to everyone who was interested!

now, on to question one: how exactly do i do my energy readings? 

first i’ll explain my step-by-step process, and then i’ll break everything down. 

note: under the cut has steps four through nine and my advice. everything above the cut is just a preview for what to expect. 

1) first, i take some time to mull over the reading and the person who asked for one. whether anonymous or not, by checking my ask box and reading over the request every few hours after i receive them, i am able to tap into small amounts of energy that will eventually culminate into something much bigger.

note: if somebody comes to me and they are not on anonymous, i never, ever look at their blog, or hover over their icon to see their blog’s info. thankfully, this is not something that i have to stop myself from doing- it’s just a habit i never developed. but by intentionally not looking at their blog, i won’t be biased in my reading. we can sit here and go on and on about how the energies we receive and the writings we type up are done 100% blindly, but that simply isn’t the case. a person’s icon can instill biases into us, including myself, so looking at their blog can cause even more biased disruptions- hence why i stay far away from them.

2) second, i prepare myself for the reading. i don’t light candles or incense- i just take off my glasses, sit upright, shut my eyes, and concentrate. 

3) third, i begin to meditate. this part is key- by at least clearing my mind, i am opening myself up to receiving information.

wanna read the rest of this incredibly long post??? everything else is below the cut. 

my condolences to people on mobile. 

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Do u not like your joker?

I do and I don’t!  

I like him in the way that I first did; all the passion, energy, and making a fun, sanguine and discordant clown in terms of the dissonance between true, almost heartfelt and benevolent optimism and truly the worst crimes you can think of in the body horror department.  That balance is a fun one to think about, and his outlook on life is… cathartic at times?  Sure, lets go with that.  Someone who finds knee-crumpling awe inspiring beauty in everything–and I mean everythingis kind of… really special to me.

But he is also just… very bad for people.  And I don’t mean remotely in an abusive way necessarily, just… bad.  He brings things out in people that makes them worse than who they were before he was around.  He encourages and teases out splinters like picking at the wood of someone, and really only for the sole reason that these are usually people he likes, and if he likes them, he wants his time with them enjoyable, so he wants to bring these traits out as much as possible that react strongly to him.  His feedback loop with people just makes me feel…. cagey I guess would be the right word.  He plays up Jervis’s delusions and mania, straight up encourages Garfield to become a self destructive Icarus one hit wonder, pleads and teases with Ozzie to get him to be a little more blood seeking hands-on with him around, and with Bruce it’s just straight up unintentional psychological warfare that makes Joker wistful and heartfelt as fuck and Bruce sick to his stomach.  

It’s just an odd combination I guess.  I enjoy making him and there’s a certain deftness of hand to craft him that I appreciate focusing on, but it’s also very strange to hear people like him sometimes and realize how much his shallow qualities–which, unnervingly really, extend so far into his personality in spite of seeming superficial–have made people see him as one thing or the other. 

Ocean And The Storm

Oceans are huge. In fact, most of the earth is covered by the oceans. There are no natural obstacles to wind flow on the ocean. It is basically like a huge plain land. That’s why storms get bigger and stronger in the ocean than the land.

Big waves coming from the ocean during a storm is an awe inspiring sight.

These waves are beautiful but deadly.

The ocean can take thousands of lives within a short time by hitting the coastal areas with mega waves during a tsunami.

We should never underestimate the power of the nature.

We can’t control the nature so we need to adjust ourselves with it.

If we ignore the nature and try to pollute and destroy it, then our civilization has no hope to survive for a long time.