awe he so sweet

He fucking stripped the song of the seductive aura and completely made it about emotions, missing someone, wanting them back. In the acoustic version he took his time, slowed it down, let the lyrics really sink in. It was so emotionally driven, man.

the dear evan hansen fandom must be made aware of this adorable photo ft. cuddly ben platt and amused mike faist with black nail polish, that is all thank you for your time 


Simple and plain and not much to ask from somebody
               Come out of hiding, I’m right here beside you.

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hi there new to your blog! i enjoy it a lot and i like you character ! you're so nice I LOVE IT 💖💖💖💖💖💖can i request a reaction .... fluffy ig where you surprise kiss the member and then run away. btw love your account ! 😘😘

Aw you’re so sweet~ 

Jin: He wouldn’t even be able to move, standing there with his whole body turning a shade of red. 

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Yoongi: No facial reaction whats so ever at first but as soon as you turned away he was silently screaming and covering his face, wondering what just happened.

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Namjoon: Another member who would turn into a gushy mess of blushing. He was just telling you about the song he was writing and when you abruptly just kissed him and ran off he didn’t know what to do.

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Hoseok: I think he’d handle it the best, calling out your name as you tried to run out. Hey, you might even end up with more kisses than you had planned

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Jimin: First he’d be shocked, covering his mouth with his hand. Then he’d see how shy you got afterwards, realizing it must have taken alot for you to do that, and you’d see his expression soften. “Why didn’t you just tell me you liked me~”

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Taehyung: As shocked as he was he’d just smile, telling you not to be so embarrassed or the type to just kiss you back, trying to deepen the kiss before you ran off on him.

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Jungkook: “I’m just saying that-” When you cut him off with a kiss he just froze, looking like a deer in headlights. Seeing you leave right afterwards left him titling his head in confusion.

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Speaking of Lothar being proud of people. He’d be so proud of Khadgar and I’m dying

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Two very different kind of evil.

i imagine finn being rlly oblivious to ppl flirting and poe thinks he’s rlly smooth which is an awful combination like

finn: these X-wing fighters are pretty sweet

poe: yeah, I should really take you for a ride sometime
*insert lip biting*

finn: oh yeah? I could use some experience!
*adorable, completely innocent smile*

poe: *internally* oh shit

Day6: comforting you after watching a scary movie

Jae: this nugget will tease the life outta you at first. Won’t even do it to be mean, he just loves your teasing relationship and loves to see you blush. If he sees that you’re actually shook tho, he’ll just smile and hug you really tight. “Aw, babe…you know it’s not real. Besides, you’ve got your big, strong boyfriend to protect you if anything happened.” He’d nuzzle his face into your neck and kiss you. “Sorry that I made fun of you…but you gotta admit, it was kinda funny-“ 

 Sungjin: aw he will be so sweet about the whole situation. He’d take your face in his hands and ask you if you were ok, and why you agreed to watch the movie with him in the first place. He will just sigh when you don’t give an answer, and give you a warm bear hug. He’ll pull away only to kiss you sweetly before asking if you wanted to take your mind off of it. Soft music will be playing while you two dance, him lightly stroking your back and whispering sweet little compliments in your ear. “You know I’d never let anything happen to you, right?“ 

 YoungK: Brian will just smile and ruffle your hair. "Babe, you know you didn’t have to watch it if you knew it was this scary.” He’ll then proceed to cuddle you, leaving little kisses all over your face and neck. When you ask to put a different movie on, he might still try and scare you by poking your sides and whispering in your ear whenever it gets quiet. He’d apologize while laughing, claiming that you were just too funny when you’re scared. Also will try to get your mind off the movie, but with different ‘methods’. 

 Wonpil: this cutie will probably be shook by the movie too, he just won’t admit it. With his trembling fingers he’ll hold your hand and tell you there’s nothing to worry about, it’s just a movie. If you were really scared tho, he won’t hesitate to man up and tell you he was scared too and that you two should’ve just done something else to pass the time. He’ll play with your hair and tell you funny jokes or cheesy pickup lines to lighten up the mood and get you to smile. When you two go to bed or fall asleep on the couch, he’s sure to hold you extra tight. 

Dowoon: probably won’t even sit to watch a scary movie anyway, but if you somehow convinced him to or you were watching it by chance, I think he’d get bored. When he sees that you’re scared after watching it, he just pulls you close and kisses your forehead. “Jagi, why did you wanna watch this crap movie anyway?” Will try to cuddle you and make you feel better, but if he notices that it’s not working, he’ll suggest doing something else. “Alright, why don’t we go out and do something fun? I’ll buy you your favorite ice cream, let’s go.”

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Hi! I don't know if you saw that old video "Man Wakes Up After Surgery And Hits On His Own Wife!", (it's on youtube)... Could you please write the guys' reactions if Gardienne wake up high after a surgery without recognizing them and blatantly flirting on them (and they are already married for a long time)? Pleeease?

I hadn’t see that video before, but it’s super cute! I had a lot of fun writing this, and I hope you enjoy it, Anon!


  • Was really worried at first.
  • Why didn’t you recognize him? Did you have amnesia or something?
  • He calms down significantly when Eweleïn tells him you’re just high.
  • Then he’s milking the situation for all it’s worth.
  • “Aw, you think I’m cute? That’s so sweet~”
  • He’d tell he’s your husband, but he’s enjoying your flirting attempts waaay too much to try and stop them.
  • He brings it up all the time after your surgery, and loves to embarrass you with the memory.


  • He’s trying to pretend he’s amused, but honestly, he’s more embarrassed.
  • You’ve never flirted so openly with him and he doesn’t know what to do with himself.
  • That doesn’t stop him from pranking you though.
  • He tells you he’s an angel and all sorts of lies like that, and since you’re currently incapable of rationalising, you believe every word.
  • After you’ve recovered, Ez teases you endlessly about the whole thing, and bring it up whenever he can. Unfortunately for him, you remember very vividly what made him blush the hardest, and he’s not the only one who can do some teasing.


  • Though Val seems rather uninterested, the small grin on his face reveals his amusement and he’s really enjoying the scenario.
  • He does feel a bit guilty for laughing at your drugged up form, but you’re the perfect mix of cute and funny. He just can’t help himself.
  • It only gets more amusing as you go on, and soon Valkyon is shaking with barely contained laughter.
  • When he reveals he’s your husband, your reaction makes him laugh again, but this time it’s more a bashful laugh and he’s blushing.

Groffsauce has left the play </3 but he was sweet enough to take the time to stage door on his last night! 


“You’re always with Peter now,” Remus notices as the two of you sit in the library.  You both were studying for the exams, as the end of the year was rapidly approaching.

“Yeah, we just click, I guess.  He’s so sweet,” you explain, shrugging your shoulders casually.

“Are you two dating or something?” Remus asks, and you can see the twinge of frustration, or jealousy, in his expression.

“Oh Merlin no, him and I are just best friends,” you giggle, shaking your head.  “We’re practically brother and sister.”

“Oh, oh alright.  So Herbology…,” Remus says, steering the conversation away from Peter.  You couldn’t help but notice the flood of relief in his eyes, though.

Bad boys who love rock n roll, fast cars, and getting wasted, but are low key sweet hearts who are really good with children and small animals will be the death of me.

Imagine if Damian had grown up with Bruce from the start. Bruce would get home, be assaulted by some animals at the front door, and at once be suspicious because there is no small child assaulting him as well. So he makes his way around the house and finally locates Damian in the fridge making eight sandwiches. When he asks him what he’s doing, Damian squirms and tries to lie but Bruce has on his Dad face and that’s serious so Damian just mumbles/confesses “I adopted some people.”
“I adopted som–”
“You can’t just adopt people out of the blue, Damian.”
To which he glares with his small but affronted eyebrows and replies, “YOU do.”
And Bruce coughs/laughs and asks to meet Damian’s bunch and soon enough there are eight orphans of various ages filling the kitchen and eating them out of house and home.
And Damian’s adoption problem is so sweet but also awful because he’s like 4ft going into dangerous neighborhoods looking for children to bring home and feed


More screenshots from voltron season 1 episode 3 (on Netflix)

And just aw more cute Lance and Hunk moments (oh but what’s this it’s not just Lance and hunk being cute it’s Keith too)

But look Lance is even smiling back at hunk in some of these how did we all miss those cute little smiles (they are not smirks just look at them cute smiles you don’t see those smiles from Lance all that often most of the time you get a grin or a smirk or am I wrong)

And aw hunk he’s so sweet here too

(And jees Lance your acting like a cat so much here but then Keith is too a little look at that face he makes in the lance one like he going hmff)

Do I label this as klance with a side of hunk added in or?