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ok I adore your shape of water art so i was going through your blog and DAMN you're so talented and hardworking, your art is so good i love it thank you for drawing all this rad and awesome stuff you're so cool!!!! <333333

My goodness I was not expecting such a sweet compliment! I cannot thank you enough, really, this absolutely made my day <333 I need to doodle more TSOW stuff but slippery bab is a bit difficult for me to draw consistently XD

But again, thank you for such a kind message ;A; it really means so much to me knowing there are some people out there who enjoy my work!

the dear evan hansen fandom must be made aware of this adorable photo ft. cuddly ben platt and amused mike faist with black nail polish, that is all thank you for your time 


J: You mean the absolute world to me and I hope you never, ever forget that.

He fucking stripped the song of the seductive aura and completely made it about emotions, missing someone, wanting them back. In the acoustic version he took his time, slowed it down, let the lyrics really sink in. It was so emotionally driven, man.

  • Tony: *Makes Clay a mixtape of romantic songs that remind him of how he feels about Clay*
  • Clay: Aw, Babe, you're so sweet
  • Alex: *to Justin* Why don't you ever do things like that for me?
  • Justin: *Makes Alex playlist*
  • Alex: Why are all of these sexual?

Simple and plain and not much to ask from somebody
               Come out of hiding, I’m right here beside you.

Ezra!Barry Allen x Reader (Justice League)

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1.9k words.
Just plain cuteness with this absolutely adorable dork. I’m in love with Ezra’s Flash. Justice league was amazeballs. Enjoy.


You ran up the steps to Barry’s apartment, using your jacket to shelter yourself from the rain pelting down. Water was dripping down your cheeks, but some of the drops were tears.

  You hadn’t had a good day. You couldn’t focus in any of your classes at college today, because your mind had just felt fuzzy. To top it all off, you received a mark back for a paper you had worked so hard on, and failed it. Today was just a right off, and you knew it from the moment you woke up in that dull haze. Hopefully tomorrow would be better, but for now you didn’t feel good at all.

  Once you got the door unlocked, you stumbled through the entrance and slammed the door closed against the wind.

  “Barry?” You called out, earning no reply. You knew he would most likely not be home yet. You originally had been going home after college, but decided to ask if you could stay the night at Barry’s since you weren’t feeling good. When you texted and asked, he replied and said of course, and to make yourself at home.

  You walked through to Barry’s bedroom, dropping your bags on the floor, and then walked into the bathroom. As soon as you stepped under the warm water you couldn’t stop the tears from falling. You let the water drench your hair, as you buried your face in your hands and sobbed. You attempted to wash your hair, still crying. In that moment, you felt like the tears would never stop.
  Just as you were washing yourself, you heard a knock on the bathroom door, causing you to jump.

  “Y/N, I’m home,” Barry said.

  “H-hey,” you replied, coughing. Your voice was raw from all the crying.  “I’ll be out in a minute, I’m almost done.”
  “Are you alright?” Barry asked, obviously noticing something was wrong.
  “Yeah, I’m fine. One second,” you said.

  You finished up washing yourself, and then turned the shower off. You stepped out and rubbed a circle in the fog on the mirror. Your ghost of a face stared back, dull and tired. Your eyes were puffy and red from the crying. There was no chance that Barry wouldn’t notice.

  You realised you forgot to bring in a change of clothes with you, so you wrapped a towel around yourself and opened the bathroom door. Barry was sitting on the end of his bed, taking off his shoes, and then looked up when you opened the door. He smiled at you, but it quickly faded once he took in your red eyes. He was in front of you in a second.

  “What’s wrong?” Barry asked quietly. His brows were drawn together in concern. You couldn’t hold in the tears, and you looked down and let out a short sob. “Hey, hey it’s okay,” Barry said, drawing you into his arms. He didn’t hesitate, even though you were soaking from the shower. You cried into his chest, the tears spilling easily down your cheeks.

  “I- I just didn’t have a good day,” you tried to say through sobs. “My mind was messy all day, I couldn’t focus, and then I found out that I failed that paper.”

  “Oh darling, I know how hard you tried on that,” Barry said, and you could feel his breathe on your ear.

  “I’m such a failure!” You cried, “what if I start to go down hill with my marks? I study so hard and this is what I get. I can’t do anything right!”

  “Hey,” Barry said, moving so he could see your face but still held you in his arms. “You are not a failure. You’re so intelligent Y/N, and you can do anything you want. It’s just one mark, it’s going to be okay.” Barry had moved his hand so he could wipe stray tears that stained your face. You sniffled, and looked up at him. Thoughts of self hate kept swimming around in your mind, how you weren’t good enough. Why would Barry want you? You shut your eyes, tears threatening to fall again, and looked away from Barry.

  “Why do you love me?” You whined, however it came out like a cry. Hardly distinguishable.

  “What? I didn’t get that sweetheart,” Barry responded, rubbing a hand up and down your arm.

  “I said, why do you love me? I can’t do anything right Barry, I feel so worthless.” Tears kept escaping your eyes, and you felt like they were never going to stop.

  “Y/N,” Barry said in a serious tone, “look at me.” You let out a shaky breath and looked up at him. Your eyes met his concerned ones. “I love you so much, please never doubt that. I love you because you’re smart, you’re so kind,” he lay his palm on your cheek, “and you’re so beautiful. It hurts to know that you’re thinking about yourself in this way.”

  You had mostly stopped crying now, staring up at Barry in awe. He was always so sweet to you. He cared for you more than you felt you deserved. You’re heart was full. “I love you,” you said, wiping the tears off your cheeks, “thank you.”

  Barry smiled a small smile down at you. “You can always call me if you feel like that again, okay?” You nodded. “How are you feeling now?”

  “Better,” you said.

  “How about we get comfy on the couch and watch a movie?” Barry asked, and you smiled widely at the idea.

  “I’d like that a lot,” you replied, standing on your toes to peck him on the lips.

  “Great,” Barry said, and then leant his head down to kiss you deeply. You kissed him back, and you felt loved and cared for.

  “You always make me feel better,” you said softly. “Can I have a shirt please?”

  Barry chuckled, “of course.” He walked to his set of draws, pulling out a black shirt and handing it to you.

  “Thank you,” you said, taking it and walking back to the bathroom to dry off and get changed. Barry’s shirts were always pretty big on you, due to your height difference. His shirts came halfway down your thighs.

 When you came out of the bathroom, Barry was in sweat pants and was pulling a faded red shirt over his head. You watched his toned back disappear under his shirt and he turned around.

  “Ready?” Barry smiled.

  “Yep,” you said, walking over to him.

  “Good, come on then,” he said, walking out of the bedroom. You followed, and then fell onto the couch. You watched as Barry went over to his small kitchen and pulled out a packet of chips from the cupboard. He walked back over and sat next to you on the couch. You curled into his side, tucking your legs next to you, and Barry wrapped his arm around your waist.

  “Comfortable?” He smirked.

  “Yes,” you giggled.

  “Alright, movie time.” Barry said.


  You both finally agreed on a movie, after about 5 minutes of scrolling through names and alternating saying no to them. However, by halfway through you had fallen asleep from the tiring day you’d had.

  Barry was still wide awake when a knock sounded at the door. He frowned, confused as to who would be coming around this late at night. Who would be coming around at all technically, since he had hardly any friends.

  Barry carefully sat up, careful to rest you onto the couch without waking you up, and then walked to the front door. He opened it a crack and peeped through. Bruce Wayne stood on the other side.

  “It’s just me Barry,” he said.

  Barry’s stomach dropped a little. He didn’t want any of the league members to know that you existed. He wanted to keep you as safe as possible. It was bad enough that he was The Flash, but working with Batman and the rest of the superheroes? He didn’t want to risk it.

  “Oh! Bruce, hey,” Barry said, speaking quietly so that he wouldn’t wake you up. He had the door open slightly, careful not to let Bruce see you.

  “Are you going to let me in?” Bruce asked, raising an eyebrow.

  “Er, yeah- no! I’ll come out,” Barry said quickly, and opened the door, stepped out, and closed it behind him in less than a second. “What is it?”

  Bruce narrowed his eyes at Barry, gazing at the door behind his back. Barry’s heart beat fast, but Bruce appeared to let it go.

  “I came to tell you that you’ll need to come and meet with the league at my place tomorrow. There’s a situation that has come up, and we’ll all be needed for it.” Bruce said, looking a lot more serious than usual.

  “What is it?” Barry asked.

  “I’m not going to tell you here Barry. Meet at mine tomorrow at 10,” Bruce said.

  “Okay, fine,” Barry said. “Anything else?” Bruce didn’t answer straight away, and stared at Barry.

  “What are you hiding in there?” Bruce asked.

  Barry was so taken aback that he stumbled on his words. “Wh-what? No one! I mean nothing, I-” He mentally slapped himself.

  Bruce sighed. “Does she know who you are?”

  Barry didn’t reply, rubbing his tongue along his teeth and thinking. He had tried so hard to keep you a secret.

  “Barry,” Bruce said, and he was starting to look mad.

  “Yes.. she knows,” Barry said quietly and looked down. He was almost ashamed.

  “You need to be careful, you could put her in a lot of danger,” Bruce said.

  “I know, I know! I didn’t want any of you guys to know,” Barry said, frowning. “I don’t ever want her getting hurt.” Bruce was quiet for a moment.

  “How much do you care about her?” He asked.

  Barry stared at the ground, images of you running through his mind. He loved you more than anything. And the fact that you were asleep on his couch inside, and that he’d be able to go back and fall asleep with you in his arms, made his heart skip a beat.

  “I’d give my life up for her,” he said seriously, looking Bruce in the eye.

  “Okay,” Bruce said, “Keep her safe.” Barry could swear he saw a hint of a smile as Bruce turned around. “10am tomorrow, don’t forget!” He called out, walking down the stairs.

  “I won’t!” Barry called back, and then Bruce was gone.

  Barry stood there for a moment, thinking through what had just happened. Bruce Wayne now knew about you. However he didn’t know who you were exactly, just that you now existed. He sighed and looked down. He could keep you safe. He would never let anyone hurt you.

  Barry turned around and opened the door, walking back inside. You were fast asleep on the couch, right where he’d left you, only now you were sprawled out length ways. He smiled to himself, and turned off the TV and the lights. He picked you carefully up in his arms. You groaned and wrapped an arm around Barry’s neck, putting your head on his chest.

  “Are you awake sweetheart?” Barry whispered.

  “I am now,” you mumbled.

  Barry walked into his room, using his speed force to pull the blankets back quickly, while still holding you. He placed you down in the bed, and then crawled in next to you. You curled into his chest, eyes still shut, and Barry put an arm around your waist.

  “Goodnight sweetheart,” he said, and he heard you barely mumble a reply before you were fast asleep again.

First Fight with Peter Parker (Headcanon)

i wrote this an hour ago and it fUCKING DELETED I’M SO MAD SO I HERE I AM REWRITING THIS FOR THE SECOND TIME MF! but any way, hope you all enjoy:) this is long asf whoops lol (GIF NOT MINE, CREDS TO OWNER)

a/n: my headcanons also tend to be situational?? like i mostly focus on one situation and with a lot of detail lmao. I know that’s not how it’s usually done but o well ya know!! i love u all and pls enjoy!


- “he’s with Liz”

- “he’s what?”

- you, ned, and peter were supposed to meet at 7 to work on a chemistry project 

- it was now 7:40

- and peter was a fucking nO SHOW

- your anger was already growing by the minute as you kept checking the clock with ned next to you

- “yeah I saw him exit the main entrance today with Liz. They were talking about Calculus?”

- your hand balled into fists as your eyes narrowed into slits

- you were pissed because it was a chemistry project, and peter was the fucking group leader, not because he had ditched his best friend and girlfriend to help Liz Allan with math

- that wasn’t it at ALL

- of course it fucking was

- “I’ll be back” you growled to ned, reaching for your phone and running out of the room into your living room

- zero missed calls

- head fucking ass

- you were going to kICK HIS ASS

- ned stayed silent in your room as he played on his phone 


- your fingers feverishly dialed peter’s number before forcefully slamming the phone against your ear

- “Hel-”


- “It’s-”

- “IT’S 7:45! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?” you screamed through the phone, your eyes narrowing into slits at him mentally through the phone

- “Well, I-uh, I-”

- is he serious?????

- “Be here in ten or we’re finished

- you were low key being a little extra but oh WELL

- he deserved it

- “Be there in ten!” he hollered semi-jokingly through the phone, attempting to brighten your mood

- you just growled before forcefully ending the call, throwing your phone onto the couch beside you

- you paced the living room floor as your arms were folded over your chest, thinking of every possible way you could interrogate his dumb ass

- if he looks good today, you’re fucking screwed

- lmao the doorbell rang five minutes later

- you stomp over and open your front door

- mother of fuck he looks good AS HELL


- ok tell your hormones to CHILL


- his bright brown eyes are filled with guilt as they look deeply into yours

- his little pink lips are turned down in a frown

- :(

- you’re still mad though

- “I’m sorry, babe” was the first thing to roll of his lips as he stared at you guiltily

- your hand is on your hip and your tongue is clicking the roof of your mouth in a sliver of patience

- but wait you were about to exPLODE


- lmao the SASS

- peter just sighed as he threw his backpack down and looked at you

- “I was just-”

- “HMMMMM????”

- “I’m so, so, so sorry I bailed on you and ned to help Liz…” he trailed off, biting his lip and looked down toward the floor

- he seemed so genuine and sweet and aw

- lol seemed

- you still narrowed your face towards his and pursed your lips tightly together

- “why’d you do it?” you question a but more sternly

- s m h

- peter looked back up and rolled his eyes at you???

- uhm sudden change of demeanor??

- “I didn’t think you’d be so fucking uptight about it!” he hollered, arms flying out by his sides to exaggerate his point


- you couldn’t believe your ears wOW

- “I’m sorry, what?” you spat, inching closer to him, your nose inches from his

- your glares were both darker than usual 

- suddenly you could cut the tension with a kNIFE

- “You’re acting like I did some horrific thing, Y/N!” he countered, eyes latching onto yours and daring himself not to break your gaze

- headass was about to get it!

- you squinted at him and scooted even closer, your lips ghosting over the other/s the tension building by the second

- “because peter, I’m your girlfriend. I have a right to know why you stood me up to go hang out with the most gorgeous girl in our fucking school goddammit!”

- oh no

- you hit homeboy right where his heart is

- he felt another sudden wave of guilt engulf him as you looked wearily into his eyes, your eyes never slacking but he could see your lips start to quiver at your anger

- now he feLT AWFUL

- he WAS a headass

- you stepped away, regret and exhaustion washing over your figure

- you threw your hands up, as if you were surrendering and rolled your eyes at Peter’s sudden guilt-stricken look once again

- good, you made him upset

- “you know what, it’s fine. I’m gonna go work on the project with ned and I’ll see you later”

- “Y/N don’t-”

- “no, peter! you had your chance and you ruined it!”

- you began to walk away, turning around to head back to your room and work on the project with the ned

- you then felt the familiar feeling of peter’s touch envelope your wrist as your body was suddenly jolted back towards the opposite direction

- “I’m sorry, beautiful. I’m sorry” peter hands cradled your cheeks as his forehead pressed against yours 

- yOUR HEART WAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- you sighed feeling his breath hit against your lips lightly as the energy and anger began to slowly fade

- “peter, just forget-”

- peter leaned forward and pressed his needy lips against yours, cutting you off

- the urge flooded through you as his thumb rubbed your cheek softly as he began to kiss you again, your thoughts completely vanishing


- he still a headass tho

- you pulled away and brought your hand up to play with his curls, his pink lips spreading into a smile

- “are you still gonna kick my ass?”

- you chuckled, smirking, “depends. Do you knew much of a headass you can be sometimes?”

- “indeed I do” he smiled, and leaned in for another kiss to seal the night:)))

- awWWwWW

- first fights were never easy

- but as long as peter knew you were always right, it would all end okay;)

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remember that time? → inspired by this post by @vrepit-sals

“God,” says Lance with a laugh, leaning further back into the sofa, “Do you remember the first time Hunk corrected Iverson in class?”

Hunk smiles a little proudly, and Pidge bounces in her seat, pointing at Lance with a gasp. Keith is silent, but watches them fondly as they chatter, unconsciously finding himself paying more attention to Lance’s toothy smile and slightly tussled hair than the topic in question.

“Yes!” Pidge hisses, “Quiznak, I can’t believe I forgot about that! Hands down the best day of my life.”

Keith smiles from where he’s sitting, crosslegged and barefoot for once on the couch next to Pidge, chin resting on his propped up hand as he listens to the others reminisce about the Garrison. He doesn’t remember much from his days there; mostly because a great deal of it was monotonous, but he does remember the incident in question. 

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guess who got a huge burst of inspiration during class today!!!

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RFA reactions to MC who always slide her cold hands under their shirt

me: *desperately tries to make up for lost time by cranking out requests* 


✮ you do it mostly when he’s playing LOLOL
✮ he’ll be talking really intensely through his head-set and you can just tell they’re planning an important raid or something 
✮ and just as you can hear the countdown 
✮ you crawl over, as stealthily as you can (which isn’t hard, seeing as his attention is elsewhere), and just shove your hands up his shirt and onto his stomach and chest 
✮ he screams 
✮ is trying to jolt away from your icy hands 
✮ is yelling to his teammates that ‘the ice queen has him in her clutches’ 
✮ playfully of course
✮ they’re confused (’surprise boss?!’ yes
✮ but he’s laughing because you’re laughing 
✮ almost falls off his chair 
✮ you also do it in bed a lot or when you’re watching a movie 
✮ he squeals like, everytime (and is embarrassed, everytime)


✎ pfft good luck 
✎ she also has cold hands so she’ll just get you right back 
✎ it’s why she likes holding her hot coffee cup
✎ but if you can surprise attack her 
✎ and don’t get a coffee thrown at you, or judo slammed to the damn ground
✎ she would squeak 
✎ and very harshly turn around, ready to yell someone into the nether realm
✎ and she sees you looking sheepishly at her with your dalm cold hands held up in ‘surrender’ 
✎ is just flustered, her whole spiel has gone down the drain
✎ ‘M-MC you, ca-n’t do that!’ 
✎ in the summer she enjoys it though
✎ and when she grows her hair out, sometimes she’ll ask you to put your icepacks- I mean, your hands, on the back of her neck to cool it off 


✿ the first time you got him was when he was walking down the street 
✿ you saw him and decided to surprise him by putting your hands on the sides of his neck 
✿ except,, when you did it
✿ he immediately screams ‘ASSAULT’ at the top of his lungs
✿ if you aren’t tackled in .37 seconds then you quickly assure him it’s just you 
✿ is happy to see you ‘but wtf MC’ 
✿ ‘you can’t just do that to a man walking down the street’ 
✿ you just wave him off like ‘lol ye whatever’ 
✿ whenever you do it he’s like ‘gAH’ 
✿ tries to stay manly 
✿ you do it a lot in bed to his waist and sides 
✿ he tries to jolt away but he’s holding you so tightly that he just ends up throwing the both of you off the bed and onto the ground
✿ you’re laughing your ass off and he’s grumbling 
✿ likes it when he gets back from practice/working out and you cup his cheeks like ‘hello’
✿ he’ll hold your hands there and you’re thinking ‘aw sweet, how romantic’ 
✿ until he mutters ‘so cold’ 
✿ you just turn around and walk off 


₩ he doesn’t have a lot of skin to try and attack 
₩ his collar is always done up tightly and his shirt is tucked in so you could go for, like, is forehead or his ankles??? 
₩ so you maybe decide to prank him 
₩ you hide under the bed and when he starts looking for you and walks past you just 
₩ ‘bam’ grab his ankle like a damn demon
₩ he is not proud of the scream that left his mouth 
₩ once you’re out from under the bed he’s like ‘yo wtf’ and grabs your hands 
₩ he is,, worried 
₩ ‘MC why are your hands so cold? is this a symptom of something else?’ 
₩ doesn’t even listent to your reply, he’s already on fuckin WebMD or some shit 
₩ comes back like an hour later
₩ ‘MC I am fairly positive this is a symptom of Raynaud’s disease’
₩ and you’re just ‘jumin… no’ 
₩ it takes a while to convince him that you’re not actually sick it’s just… your hands are cold okay?


✞ this boy probably has cold hands as well
✞ so the only way you can get him is by complete surprise 
✞ but instead of being surprised like ‘ah!’
✞ he,,, kinda likes it 
✞ ‘mm nice and cool’ 
✞ likes to get you back when you’re cuddling
✞ you’re just enjoying your time 
✞ and then all of a sudden ‘whAM’ 
✞ an icy tundra has attached itself to the skin of your back 
✞ he’s laughing and holding you in place while you try to squirm away 
✞ you’re whining because you just wanna sleep goddamn 
✞ it’s probably like, your version of tickling each other 
✞ saeyoung: *straddles you to hold you down and wiggles his fingers* 
✞ mc: *scream of fear* 
✞ saeyoung: *just places his cold hands on you* 

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I want to hug cop Rick so hard and tell him everything is going to be ok, even though the world seems cruel and awful. Save him.

He is so so sweet, some Rick’s definitely care about Mortys 

things you said at 1 am

Bucky Barnes x reader
word count: 701

The Tower was quiet. Not a sound could be heard. You preferred the middle of the night to any other time. It was tranquil and relaxing.

During the day, the Tower was normally buzzing with action. It got harder to find time to yourself with each passing day. At night, it was the opposite. You felt like the nighttime was the time you could catch your breath and feel at peace.

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Living in America with your husband, Bill, in 1917. He goes off to war and when he’s gone, you discover that you’re pregnant. When he comes home, two years later, you bring your daughter to the train station to meet him for the first time. He has no idea that she exists since you did not tell him in your letters, wanting the first he knew of her to be when he saw her. He gets off the train and spots you, eyes travelling downwards until he sees the little girl by your side. His eyes widen and he kneels down in front of her, in complete awe that he has a beautiful daughter.  

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Imagine if Fushimi never spent much time with Minoru and Megumi, so one day Yata has to explain that a big brother looks out for you and protects you and makes sure you're eating and Fushimi just says, like Akiyama-san?

Aw, that would be kinda cute. Like maybe post-ROK Yata starts going home a bit more often, trying to spend some time with his siblings because it’s been so long and he feels bad that he missed so much of their lives after he moved out. Fushimi notices that Yata’s off visiting a lot and Yata says that Fushimi should come with him some time, Minoru and Megumi love him and would like to see him again. Fushimi shrugs and says that he’s not sure how to deal with kids as it is. He doesn’t get why Yata’s suddenly going home so often anyway and Yata admits that he’s trying to be more like a big brother, he spent so long feeling like he didn’t belong that he never realized how much his siblings had always looked up to him and that they missed him when he was gone, he wants to try from now on to be more of a big brother to them. Fushimi repeats the words ‘big brother’ like they’re totally foreign to him and Yata adds that if Fushimi comes along with him Fushimi could be a big brother figure too. Fushimi clicks his tongue and says he doesn’t even know what a big brother figure is like, like how does one even act in a manner that’s considered being a ‘big brother.’ Yata considers for a moment and then tries to clumsily explain, like he says well a big brother look out for you a lot right, and he makes sure that you’re doing okay and checks in on you if you’re pushing yourself and makes sure you eat right and stuff. Fushimi thinks about that for a minute and says 'so, like Akiyama?’ Yata blinks for a moment, a bit confused, and Fushimi gets self conscious about it, mumbling that Akiyama’s always bugging him about eating right and getting some sleep and looking out for him when other members of Scepter 4 spread rumors so that’s big brother-like isn’t it, being so annoying that way. Yata gets this amused smile as he’s like right, being annoying like that.

Then maybe a couple days later Fushimi keeps thinking about it, how all the things Yata described as being like a big brother are things that he associates with Akiyama. He’s trying to work but he keeps getting distracted by his own thoughts and that’s when Akiyama stops by his desk and gives him some tea, telling him that he looks really serious and not to overwork himself. Without even thinking Fushimi takes the tea and mumbles 'right, big brother.’ There’s this very long pause as Akiyama realizes what Fushimi just called him and Fushimi gets all red and annoyed realizing what he just said, he immediately looks around and sharply tells Akiyama not to say a word about what just happened. Akiyama’s like r-right, of course not, sorry Fushimi-san, but as he walks away he has this small pleased smile because he’s so happy that Fushimi-san sees him as something of a big brother figure. Fushimi just turns back to his computer, totally red and embarrassed but he keeps looking at the tea and thinking well, Akiyama is sort of big brother like (but Fushimi’s still going to stab him if he blabs about Fushimi’s little slip of the tongue to anyone else).

Thinking of Gladnis Beauty and the Beast AU, what about these:

Disney’s Tangled, except it’s a Gladio x Noctis.

Disney’s Enchanted, except it’s a Noctis x Ignis.

Disney’s Aladdin, except it’s a Prompto x Noctis.

Disney’s Cinderella except it’s either a Prompto x Noctis or a Prompto x Ignis.

Disney’s Little Mermaid except it’s a Prompto x Noctis.

Disney’s Hercules except it’s a Gladio x Ignis or a Gladio x Prompto.

Disney’s Sleepy Beauty except it’s…anything involving Noctis.

This is a mere joke, but if anyone ever does any of those, please do tell me, haha.