CS AU: The knights of Misthaven finally catch the infamous Captain Hook and bring him to your majesties, Queen Snow and King David and her royal highness, Princess Emma, so he can pay for his crimes. But what if he’d met the young princess before? What if they fell in love?

The article is eternal (here it is just in case) so I’ll list all the problems below:

  • The fansite Letters To Romeo sent some special limited edition stuff to Vernon but people spotted pledis’ staff wearing them instead of him
  • The fansite DKfanunion (correct me if I’m wrong, I used the username bc I don’t know korean) sent a custom made bag for DK which, again, was seen being used by someone from the staff
  • The staff ate some korean beef that was given to Seventeen, also the staff has been seen wearing clothes that were sent to Jeonghan
  • Seventeen members who were involved in the choreography making were not included on the copyright list
  • “When they were trainees, Wonwoo got scolded for using satoori (accent/dialect)…One of the staffs said, ‘What did we say was going to happen if you use satoori? I’ll see you after this…”
  • “Even when they were on AfreecaTV, they bet on something to eat with the producer and the kids won, and Hoshi, maybe because he’s innocent, said thoughtlessly, 'Are they going to buy it for us and then take it out of our balance again?’ and there was silence… He said it like last time on Afreeca TV, [Pledis] acted like they were going to buy it [for the boys], but then took it out of [the boys’] payments –" 
  • "They once hit Seungkwan in the head, saying that he needs to lose weight. Seungkwan just lowered his head and said, 'Sorry.’ How often do they hit them that Seungkwan seems to be used to it?" 
  • Apparently some members went throught ‘corporal punishment’ when the cameras were off during predebut days
  • One fan summarized all the mistreatments that she has witnessed:
    "1. When I said I like a member who is not one of the visual lines, a staff asked, 'Why do you like him?’
    2. They called Seungkwan a pig for eating alone
    3. They scolded members for saying hello to fans
    4. They scold members in front of fans
  • Lastly, fans accuse Pledis of not investing enough into Seventeen, most recently when Seungkwan was spotted using an earphone as an in-ear monitor instead of a proper in-ear microphone

Also, it was noted that Pledis rejected a fansite’s present at yesterday’s showcase without giving an explanation. It seems that the only one who got to keep the gifts that fans sent is Wonwoo, probably because due that he was absent from Very Nice promotions he was present at Pledis’ building to receive them himself.

A lot of fansites closed momentaneously/permanently as a sign of protest against Pledis, demanding answers instead of letting this whole situation go, but the real question now is: what should Carats do?

Personally, I’d go outside Pledis building itself to start a riot and demand answers, but the kids just made a comeback and this could affect tremendously in the development of it, so in my opinion I’d rather give my 100% to make sure the kids succeed in every way possible (in the charts, music shows etc), that way as soon their promotions are over we can prove to Pledis that they don’t deserve this shit 😓

ive seen some art of dave celebrating christmas which is understandable considering the fact that his and roses jewishness is not very visible to goyim but consider THIS:

  • dave, karkat, rose and kanaya celebrating hanukkah together
  • dave introduces karkat to matzah and he thinks its boring and dry but keeps eating it anyway
  • they all get their own blank dreidels and paint them, kanaya makes hers pastel green and purple, rose makes hers black, karkat makes his pink, and dave covers his in dicks
  • they all wear ugly jewish sweaters like these
The signs and crushes
  • Aries: Realises their developing a crush and then overthinks everything and how they'll never be together so it's not worth liking them
  • Taurus: Is super shy but devotes their time to their crush
  • Gemini: Attempts to make them laugh... but then again they try to make everyone laugh
  • Cancer: Decides they have a crush... but then again maybe they're just friends... nah i like them... but we're just friends
  • Leo: smiles and laughs at everything they say unless its REALLY stupid
  • Virgo: admires their body and makes many innuendos
  • Libra: Follows... Stalks... no personal space remains
  • Scorpio: Crushes on anything with a pulse and
  • Sagittarius: Becomes shy which is weird until they unleash their full personality on their crush
  • Capricorn: Pretends they don't have a crush but makes it very obvious in their behaviour
  • Aquarius: doesn't need to have a crush, everyone crushes on them
  • Pisces: Twirls their hair and stares at their crush until they fall in love with them

cathlita  asked:

I'm sure you're already aware, but your Clod and the postman story is in Tumblr's Top 2016 Tumblr Gets Deep stories. None of the negative nonsense you received is in the thread shown either, which I think is super :)

OH CLODDAMN, I was wondering why that was getting notes all of a sudden! 

To anyone who is reading this having just seen the post about Clod, here are some important things that he did today:

  • purred until he dribbled, then shook his head and sprayed drool everywhere and looked genuinely proud 
  • rolled off a table
  • ate a bit of lamb with cranberry sauce (that’s not really dramatic at all, but I feel like it merits mentioning)
  • had the 5th treat from his advent calendar and batted it under the oven, then meowed until someone fished it out from underneath, then promptly batted it back under again 

He is such a shit. 

Thank for letting me know! I was 0% aware! 


Rhett using Link to steady himself

A Little Fall of Rain

A/N: full disclosure I hate myself for writing this but it’s late and I thought the idea was funny even though it’s not. :) Have a nice day/night!

Originally posted by br00klyn---baby

I had just been checking on the Occamy’s when one of them decided to be feisty and bit me.

“Ow!” I accidentally shouted, which got the attention of Newt.

“Y/n are you ok?” He called out nervously and I heard him beginning to approach me. When he was finally in view he saw that I only had a small bite on my finger.

Jokingly I began to sing, “Don’t you fret, M'sieur Newt. I don’t feel any pain.”

“Oh god,” he put his head in his hands in preparation for me awfully singing the entire song.

“A little fall of rain, can hardly hurt me now. You’re here, that’s all I need to know,” I turned slightly and dramatically threw my injured hand onto my head. I opened my eyes to look see his reaction; he was looking at me in disbelief that I still found this funny after all this time. I began to walk towards him, “And you will keep me safe, and you will keep me close.” I was right next to him and leaned on his shoulder, “And rain will make the flowers grow.”

He sighed, “Why do you do this every time you get mildly hurt?”

“Because you don’t like it,” I smirked and walked back to the Occamy’s and began to check on them once again. I heard Newt sigh once and head back to the enclosure he was at previously. I looked up at him and smiled, softly singing, “Don’t you fret.”

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U-Uh can there be more of shirtless Freed pretty please? >//< I think the winking one is my favorite picture you ever drew of him you drew him so so good there! Sorry for bothering oh my

Well, since you asked so politely :3
I sketched a little something for you. I really hope you like it!

Bickslow and Evergreen decided to “Kill two birds with one stone” for Christmas shopping this year:
A sweater for Freed, and….

Listening to my skam playlist, I am amazed by how quickly the general atmosphere and thus Isak’s feelings changed. There was ‘Hold My Liquor’ about a month ago and then there’s the angry 'Hate Me Now’ after the break. Then there’s been a lot of silence, to be taken over by 'Tonight’ and '5 Fine Frøkner’ to accompany their love and happiness. Anticipation with 'High for This’ and then ‘On the Run’ when the pain returns. But also giving home because even if it is not a perfect love story, it is one.

This soundtrack is the most beautiful compilation of songs that are accurate beyond words for the show and Isak’s path.