It’s fascinating, how as fans of a band we care about the technicalities involved, about things like non compete when generally, fans usually don’t bother about such stuff. And I really don’t know whether this characteristic of our fandom is a good thing or a bad thing. 

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Wait no I have a head canon that Keith and lance's first kiss will probably be right before they go into battle and Keith is all "let me do this just to be safe" and like kiss lance.

There are explosions ringing in his ear, like sirens vibrating the entire ship from the other side of the barricade they’ve erected, a makeshift one comprised mostly of debris that was knocked loose from the first blast. His bayard is heavy in his hand, his suit clinging uncomfortably to his body like a thick second skin. Lance isn’t much better off, he’s sweating so heavily his hair is plastered to his face, and sweat is dripping down his face is fat rivulets that momentarily distract Keith from the chaos behind the rubble.

“On my count,” Lance says, and he shifts to one knee like he’s going to jump up any second. The sight panics Keith’s already rabidly beating heart. If Lance leaves, if they separate, they might not come back to each other, this might be the last he saw of Lance - when they were both terrified and alone, and ready to die. 


Irritation crosses Lance’s face as he looks over, like he expects Keith to protest and tell him his plan is stupid. He starts to speak, but never gets the chance, because Keith pushes all of the bravery he has into swallowing the space between their bodies and letting his chapped lips touch Lance’s. 

There’s only a single moment between the start of the kiss and Lance reacting, where Keith is holding his breath and grabbing Lance’s face, pulling him impossibly closer. Only a single moment before Lance drops his bayard and takes two violent fistfuls of Keith’s suit and lunges into the kiss like it’s the last one he’ll ever have. They both do.

It doesn’t last, it can’t, because their coms are stable enough that they can hear Shiro screaming on the other end of them, desperately trying to guide Hunk through a mass of sentries. They pull away shaking. Lance’s hands are still buried in Keith’s shirt, but Keith can’t be sure because his vision is obstructed by a wetness that clings to his lashes and clogs his throat. 

“Just to be sure,” He croaks. 

The possibility of a Raven and Bellamy romance seems like a thing of the past but Morgan said she’d love to work with Bob Morley again. And she’s open to the idea of them exploring more of the feelings that were presented earlier in the series. “There’s a big Bellarke world out there that doesn’t want us to be together,” she said laughing, acknowledging that it wouldn’t be a very popular relationship on the show. However, the fact that they share a secret that nobody else knows lends itself for a great storyline that she’d love to see explored. “I’m a Braven.  I ship us,” she said with a smile.

I’m just gonna say this because I’ve gotten a lot of messages trying to excuse Kate Mckinnon’s transphobic and transmysoginistic behavior.

You can like a celebrity and acknowledge the harmful and problematic things that they’ve done.

You don’t have to hate her or stop watching ghostbusters. Nobody is forcing you to stop liking a celebrity that you like. However, excusing her problematic behavior as “it was a long time ago” and “she didn’t write the whole sketch” throws trans people, specifically our trans sisters, under the bus and makes them feel even more alienated in a community that is supposed to support and uplift them.

Educate people who perform this harmful behavior. Don’t let them get away with it.

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It was a sunny day when Napsu decided to go on adventure. Unfortunately he tripped while walking and fell in to a ditch. THE END

remember when I asked you guys about some awful bedtime stories? This isn’t it.

he doesn’t get the word allusion

Elaria sat across from a sponsor, chuckling along to one of his jokes. She needed more sponsors for Margery if she had any chance of bringing her home. Slowly the man reached out and grabbed her hand, asking her if she had any plans for later tonight. Elaria pursed her lips, this was clearly wielding no results. “I…um, I do, actually.” She said, standing up. She picked the closest familiar person out of the crowd, standing next to them. “With my good friend, right here.”