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What do you think of Anders? I'm asking because the one Cullen post you reblogged very recently, the OP is an Anders stan blog and thinks he did nothing wrong and that blowing up the chantry and killing a lot of people in kirkwall was the right thing. So what are your personal opinions?

My personal opinion is that the Chantry and Templars can go fuck themselves and I fully stand by Anders. lmao

Also the Templars and the Chantry were already killing a lot of innocent mages in Kirkwall, and all over Thedas. (and innocent non-mages just because they felt threatened that their power wouldnt hold, like killing the dalish ya know…)

The Chantry did nothing but sit on their hands and beg for money from prostitutes in the slums. Grand Cleric “the problems will go away if I don’t acknowlegde it, thus the oppressors will continue to oppress” Elthina can go suck an egg.

Anders just took a step to open up a path for this genocide to end. And tbh as far as I know he didn’t actually start this “war”. (im pretty sure the books have the answers to the question of who started it)

Christ, I could go on forever but I would just make myself mad. lol

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