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Things I heard guys say at Comic Con this weekend

“If I were a girl I’d be flashing my tits around all the time.”

“Man, there’s nothing but fat ugly girls here”

“These girls are just here because their boyfriend dragged them along.”

“Man, she’s hot. I wish all girls dressed as skimpy as that!”

“Girls know nothing about comics, they just think the male characters are hot.”

“Are you looking for something for your boyfriend?”

“You look lost, are you looking for your boyfriend?”

“Excuse me, the girls anime section is over there.”

“Think if I bought this skimpy outfit, my girlfriend would wear it?”

“Oh, but you wouldn’t be interested in this game, it’s a guys game.”

Things I heard girls say at Comic Con this weekend

“I love her costume.”

“That guys costume is amazing! I’m going to go ask for his picture.”

“Should I get Portrait of a Bastich or Death in the Family?”

“I think next year I’ll dress as Lobo.”

“*says to an over weight guy* OH I love your costume!”

“How did you make your sword?”

“I made my helmet out of card stock, fiberglass resin and bondo. It probably took me about forty five hours to complete.”

“I love your costume. Did you make it or did you buy it? Ebay? That’s cool. *no sarcasm*”

“When we get home do you want to play Black Ops 2?”

“I always prefer the villains over the heroes, I absolutely love their background stories.”

It absolutely drives me nuts how a girl can’t go to a comic convention without hearing sexist, pig headed comments …. You have no idea how many stores I was going to spend my hard earned money at, but because the employees were rude and sexist I just walked away …. You’d think by this point we’d be past it and realize that girls read comics, we play video games, we do all that shit that guys do … and half the time can kick your ass ….

And, as a side note to the comment I over heard of “If I were a girl I’d be flashing my tits around all the time.” …. If you were a girl and did that ….. wait until you get raped because “you were asking for it” and your rapist gets off scott free because it’s “your fault” ….


Day 2 of C4 was SO RAD!!💖✨
I finally met the queen deer kaleidolly , I reunited with Noah, I met Marc (the awesome Fionna in our group), two amazing cosplayers (the LSP and Fionna) asked for a photo within seconds of me entering the convention centre and SOOO many kids were like “Omg look, it’s Marceline!” “Daddy, look! It’s Princess Bubblegum!” So many pictures with kids, it was so adorable~ ;v; 💕💖✨