OSIRIS-REx Team Prepares for Next Step

Tucson AZ (SPX) Jun 28, 2015
The various instruments that will enable OSIRIS-REx to safely travel to asteroid Bennu, take a sample and return it to Earth are being readied for shipment to the spacecraft’s assembly facility. With launch only 15 months away, the team of the OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return mission, led by the University of Arizona, is preparing to deliver its instruments for integration with the spacec
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Your Friendly Neighborhood Interspecies Family ‘verse: The one where Stiles has a run-in with nosy suburban lacrosse moms. 

Heather’s lacrosse game didn’t start for another half an hour, but Derek and Stiles were already seated in the bleachers, watching the home team warm-up while the away team sheepishly stood on the other sidelines, trying to act tough and eye up their competition. Derek was staring over at the other kids, making small notes to Stiles about which one was the most nervous- and which one was completely overconfident. Stiles also knew that the comments weren’t simply for him- Heather always had her supersonic hearing tuned to her fathers’ conversations during lacrosse games.

“Do you think the coach will actually let her play today?” Stiles muttered under his breath, making sure another player was distracting Heather before he spoke. “I hate to watch her bench warm week after week- she’s not me.”

“I’m sure the coach is just trying to cycle the players.”

“Number Ten has played every game this month.” Stiles said, watching said player strut around the sidelines, twirling his stick around- and nearly taking out Heather. “Yet somehow he can’t seem to make a solid shot.”

“I-Is that the kid with the legally blind aim?” Derek asked, pointing incredulously at the player. Stiles nodded, suppressing laughter when Derek openly shouted, “What the fuck?” Luckily, Cynthia was sound asleep in Stiles’ arms and ignorant to the new words she could be learning.

“I keep telling Heather I’ll say something, but I don’t think she wants me to.” Stiles said, looking back at the times Heather had used her superhuman strength to literally pull Stiles back to the car and away from the coach.

“She doesn’t want you to say something.” Derek muttered, standing from his seat. “But you can’t rip a man’s head off his body.”

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Cartoon: Star Trek Tiki! I let myself play this evening. I’m not super at tikis but I was shocked I couldn’t already find this idea done :) I did this just so I could make it into a t-shirt for myself (via my RedBubble if anyone else wants one :)


Happy Birthday, Rin! ♥

Energize - Open

Spock stood on the transporter pad. He checked his tricorder, communicator and phaser, waiting while the transporter chief entered the coordinates for beaming down to the Class M planet. 

He glanced at the rest of the away team and nodded toward the chief. “Energize."