away without leave

so i pretend like it doesn’t hurt
i pretend like i’m okay without you
what i haven’t told you is that i can’t delete our pictures, i can’t get your smile out of my head, i can’t think of you without losing my breath and i can’t listen to frank ocean without wondering if you’re listening to him too
do you think about me?
was it easy to let all of it go?
everyone has a choice and my choice was you
i don’t know how to let everything go the way that you did
i wanted to melt with you
i wanted to run away without ever leaving our homes with you
i wanted to come home after a long day and feel like i had everything because i had you
i waited three years to be the girl you kissed goodnight
three years to be the girl you never stopped thinking about
while you took 3 weeks to let me go
—  excuse me while i wait another three years to forget you

apprenticedmagician  asked:

“Why are you/we whispering?” - Here's a prompt! I feel it's one you can use to sneak in two pairings if you wanted; one pair hiding and (accidentally?) spying on the other having a moment *snicker* I was thinking Ransom/Holster either way but I know you like Nursey/Dex as well! Go wild!

Justin’s coming down the stairs in search of a snack for the next leg of his o-chem study sesh, minding his own business and hoping there’s pie left over, when someone grabs his wrist and pulls him off his path to the kitchen.  

He’s not surprised to see it’s Holster pressing him against the wall, hand wrapped around Justin’s wrist.

“Can I help you?” Justin says flatly.

“Shhh!” Holster half spits his reply as he ducks down to peer around the corner and into the kitchen.

Justin hopes his eyebrows manage to convey how unimpressed he is when Holster straightens back up. He doesn’t let Justin move from the wall so apparently the message is not received.

“Dex and Nursey are in there,” Holster whispers, jerking his chin towards the kitchen.

“Why are you whispering?” Justin asks and gets Holster’s hand over his mouth for his troubles.

Justin lets out a deep sigh through his nose; there’s probably no more pie if the Frogs are working there. He licks Holster’s hand and when he can move his upper body without the 200-odd pounds of d-man crushing it, he leans to look through the doorway to see for himself, twisting his spine awkwardly because Holster still has his hips pinned to the wall.

Nursey and Dex are sitting side by side, their books spread out over the kitchen table. There doesn’t seem to be any pie left on the counter, but he’s looking into the kitchen from a weird angle so he can’t say for certain. It’d be a normal every day scene in the Haus except for the distinct lack of fighting going on in the kitchen.

Holster’s smile is kinda creepy when Justin straightens up.

“There’s no pie, is there?” he asks in his regular speaking voice. Holster punches him in the chest, which fair, Justin’s purposefully missing the point in protest of the snack he’s not getting.

“They’re getting along!” Holster says, voice as quiet as Justin’s ever heard it. It’s weird. Holster looks into the kitchen again. “Rans, the Frogs are growing up and D-bonding!” He whisper-shouts that last bit, spitting slightly.

“Say it, don’t spray it bro.” Justin wipes his face on Holster’s t-shirt.

“I’m just so proud,” Holster continues, ignoring Justin to still whisper-shout in his face. “It feels like just yesterday they were arguing about double knotting their laces.”

Justin rolls his eyes. “They were arguing about that yesterday.”

“Yeah, but look at them now, all grown up and sharing the table.” Holster sighs dramatically. “D-men bonding is so special. Do you remember our Frog bonding?”

Justin shakes his head, thinking back to their first year on the team where he and Holster somehow managed to live out of each other’s pockets without actually living together. Their off-ice bonding included a lot of bowling and arguing about T.V. shows, but whatever it worked and made their on-ice bond that much stronger.

He succeeds in shoving Holster off him so get can go find the cookie dough he saw Bitty mixing earlier if there’s no pie, but freezes in the doorway before he makes it further than a step into the kitchen.

“We didn’t bond like that in our frog year Holtzy,” he says quietly, staring at the train wreck that is Dex and Nursey full on making out over their homework. They’re really going at it, not even stopping for breath when Holster forgets he’s using his inside-voice and asks, “What?”  

He settles his chin on Justin’s shoulders to look past him into the kitchen. “Oh fuck, nope.” Holster laughs, his breath tickling Justin’s ear. “That was junior year bonding.” He grabs Justin’s hand again.

“You owe me a study snack,” Justin sighs, but lets himself be pulled out of the kitchen and up to the attic. He doesn’t want to deal with the fall out of either Frog noticing that their chosen spot for a moment isn’t so private anymore. Idiots.

“You wanna go to Annie’s?” Holster asks in a normal voice.

“Yeah, but text the Haus that there’s very important D-man bonding going on so they don’t get caught,” Justin says, nudging Holster out of the way so he can pack his backpack. He’s going to be productive even if the rest of the d-line isn’t.

“Are we gonna bond?” Holster wriggles his eyebrows suggestively. He laughs when Justin swings his backpack onto his back, narrowly avoiding slamming it into Holster’s gut.

“Never again if you don’t let me finish my notes.” Justin is only half serious with the threat. He turns to make Holster pack his own backpack so he’s not a complete distraction at the coffee shop.

“I’ll be good.” Holster grins, hooking his hands on the bottom of Justin’s backpack straps. He rubs his thumbs over the exposed skin where the the backpack has rucked up Justin’s shirt.

“You’re a such a liar,” Justin says. He pushes Holster away. “I’ll leave without you!”

Holster throws random books into his backpack as he replies, “You can’t D-bond without me Rans.”

Justin watches him pack a textbook that he’s pretty sure he hasn’t looked at since they first moved into the attic, and is really sure that he doesn’t want to d-bond with anyone else.

Holster’s answering kiss when Justin tells him so is worth the chirping he hears the entire way to Annie’s.

The Stupid Bag (Draco Malfoy x Reader)


Draco pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation and turned just in time to see most of your books cascade to the floor. It was the fifth time in three days that this had happened and he honestly didn’t understand why you wouldn’t just buy a new bag. Instead, you insisted on repeatedly casting Reparo multiple times a day. Talk about a waste of time and magic. He watched in disdain as a group of sixth and seventh year boys began to crowd around you eagerly trying to offer you their assistance. His eyes narrowed at a particularly bold one who actually dared to put a hand on your arm.

“Keep that expression on your face and you’ll get permanent wrinkles, you know.” Pansy said from next to him. He leveled a glare at her before smoothing out his aristocratic features. “Malfoy’s don’t get wrinkles.” He sniffed while Pansy merely rolled her eyes in boredom. “Come on, class starts in five.”  She said pulling on his arm. “And stop pining after her for Salazar’s sake, it’s unbecoming of you.” She smirked. Draco’s protests were lost in the crowd as their professor arrived just in time to usher them into Transfigurations. Pining? Since when has he ever pined? He doesn’t pine. Pansy can shove it.

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For those unaware, I refer to deer as my allies because often I too want nothing else but to hang out in the woods and be left alone

Baby Boy Yugyeom

Posted on behalf of 🐞 anon. 

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Despite his words you could see him losing the fight to his submission. Soon he would be wanting to lay on your bosom and sleep. Unfortunately for Yugyeom, a punishment was still in order. You stopped rubbing his hair and backed away, leaving him without a way to touch you. The haze in his eyes lifted to reveal a lusty heat that made your clit throb in your panties. Tonight was going be so fun. 

“Sweetling, you’ve been bad, ” you started, “going out without telling me when you’d be back and getting wasted?” Yugyeom looked down momentarily as if to gather his courage. 

“I went out with friends, had a good time and didn’t realize how late it had gotten until I went live. I’m sorry.” 

“Oh? So your friends distract you from the rules?” 

“No, I didn-” 

“It’s okay, Sugar. We’ll just have to do some work up tonight that’s all.” His shoulders slumped forward making him smaller as he nodded in response. 

“Oh, don’t look so put out! I’m feeling forgiving. I might let you cum tonight.” You sauntered over to where he kneeled waiting for your instructions, all the images of your plans crowded your mind and heated your skin. He watched you intently trying to figure a way out this mess he’d accidentally created. As you stood in front of him, he went to grab your hips only to be halted by the gentle sound of your voice. 

“No. You don’t get to touch right now. What you will do is go in that bedroom, strip down to nothing and wait in position.” Yugyeom unfolded himself, stood and began stripping in front of you. The look of defiance made it clear that he would not take this punishment laying down. That’s was fine with you. You always preferred your men tied up. You met him in the bedroom moments later to see him as you’d commanded. He stood at the foot your shared bed, feet shoulder width apart and his hands behind his back. You didn’t have to look to know his prick stood at attention, twitching with want. You padded to the “special” dresser and began rummaging for your tools. As much as you wanted him tied up, the rope would be for a different day. Instead you opted for the cuffs, the spreader bar, his favorite gag and your beloved cock ring. 

“Gyeom, stand in front of me and open your mouth.” You kept your toys in plain sight. There was no need to hide them. You reached up, fit him with the gag and continued to restrain him. 

“Now, we know the rules. Stomp three times if you need me to stop.” He nodded weakly in response. He watched in morbid fascination as you slid the floor in front of him and snapped on cock ring and made sure it was snug. You started out slowly as you took him into your mouth. You gave small kitten licks to the head, made sure you never gave too much suction, never enough friction. Even though he loomed above you, all of his pleasure say in the palm of your hand. He stood with his eyes closed, head thrown back as he groaned. The trail of his saliva glistened on his throat and clavicle. 

“Baby, I want you to look at me. Watch me take my sweet time with you.” He sighed and craned his neck forward to see as you engulfed his cock into the warm wetness of your mouth. 

“Huummnnn~” You raked your nails down his stomach leaving angry red marks as your took him deeper into your throat. You could feel the edge of the ring with your tongue as you swallowed around him. You slipped off with an obscene pop and rose to undo his gag, it was time for a talk. 
He panted, chest heaving, face red with unshed tears in his eyes. 

“Gyeom, baby. How long do you think you can hold out?” 

“Mommy, please. Let me cum, hurts,” he sniffled. 

“Oh I know darling, that’s the point. Now, answer my question.” 

“Can’t hold.” You grabbed his face and kissed him deep. He responded immediately, mewling into your mouth. “Mommy, more. Touch more. Let me eat you out. I’ve been good. Right? Please.” His ramblings only served to make you wetter. Still, a lesson had to be taught. You pulled away once again to his groans of frustration and sadness. You walked over to dresser to retrieve your Hitachi. His eyes widened as you walked back over with the wand in hand. 

“No! Please no more. I can’t hold it,” Yugyeom sobbed. 

“Shh.. it’s okay. You don’t have to. That little bugger around your dick will do it for you. Just let go.” 

“Mommy please,” he continue to cry, “I’m sorry I was bad! I’ll die if I don’t cum.” You stroked his face and chest lovingly as you turned the vibrator on low and touched the base of his dick. 

“It’s okay pumpkin. You’re doing so well for me,” you cooed. You moved the wand up and down his shaft slowly, concentrating at the base and the tip. He stood tall, whining and pleading for release. 

“Oh god! Ahh it’s coming! Mommy I’m cumming. Yes! Yes! FUCK!” 

“I’m sorry darling, you’re not.” You lifted the vibrator off as he rode out his dry orgasm. His eyes rolled back as he groaned in pain. He bucked and rolled his hips looking for some sort of relief only to be met with open air. He was a vision standing there covered in sweat, his cock a mesmerizing shade of red throbbing and twitching. You could see his thighs shaking from the effort of standing so long through so much. Carefully, you maneuvered him into sitting on the edge of the bed. You took off your soaked panties and slid yourself into his lap. You kissed his eyelids and nose and finally his mouth as you gripped his shaft slipped it inside of you. You were so wet everything fit perfectly and with ease. You loved how full he made you feel. You could feel him pulsating inside of you. 

“Oh my god, Honey you’re so thick. So fucking big,” you sighed. 
The feeling of your pussy clenching around him left Yugyeom only able to whimper in response. You rocked your hips, twirled them in circles teasing the both of you until you couldn’t handle it anymore. You rose and slammed your self back down on his cock. 
You did it again and again until you found your rhythm. You fucked yourself 
on your baby boy’s dick, rode him all while he cried out in bliss and pain. 

“Good, so fucking good. Pussy… fucking phenomenal,” he grunted as you ground down. Your stomach coiled with your looming orgasm.

“Who does this dick belong to? Who do you belong to? Tell me!” 

“YOU! BELONG TO YOU! FUCK, MOMMY I’M DYING,” his shouts rang through the bedroom and resonated within you. Yes. That boy did belong to you. With that thought, you came all over him. Your pussy clamped down as your rode through your orgasm. 

“That’s my good boy,” you licked your lips, 

“my perfect pet. Always ready to be used. You made me come all over you, Darlin” He rubbed his head against your neck as he sobbed and pleaded to be let out of his cuffs and to come. You knew he’s learned a lesson here but you needed to hear it. “Look at me. Have you learned your lesson?” Despite his tears his eyes widened as he nodded furiously. 

“Yes, ma'am. Tell mommy where I’m going and when I’ll be back.” You wriggled yourself off of his lap and began the process of setting him free. You started at his ankles, and removed the spreader bar. Then, you made your way onto the bed and freed his hands from the cuffs and finally while looking him dead in they eyes your unlatched the ring. Yugyeom fell back onto the bed with a groan. It wouldn’t take too much for him to come now. In fact, you were sure he could do it untouched. You watched him as he made grabby hands where you stood on the side the bed. You couldn’t help but chuckle as you made your way on to the bed and placed yourself right over his face. Even after all of this he still wanted you to ride his face. You giggled mischievously, 

“I have a proposition. You get your treat as long as you don’t touch yourself.” Before you could blink he’d grabbed your thighs to pull you down onto his awaiting mouth. He gave long strokes with his tongue, swirled around your clit once, twice, three times before he dug his tongue inside of you. You rocked yourself back and forth while his sucked and kissed your pussy lips. Your orgasm built quickly, sent heat flooding your body. He ate you like a man who’d been starved and it only served to take you higher. The fire in your stomach coiled tighter, you could feel the throbbing of your clit as it rubbed against his nose. Yugyeom could feel the way your thighs clenched around his head. His mommy was close to cumming and so was he. Yug gripped your thighs tighter to hold you in place as he gave your clit one final hard suck. 

“Oh shit! Yes baby, I’m cumming. Fuuuuck so good.” Your eyes rolled back as you bucked on his face, riding out our orgasm. You could feel him moaning into your pussy. 

“Me too. Ah! Yes I’m cumming! Haaaa~ Fuck yes.” The mutual orgasm left you both reeling. When you came down from your own high you proceeded to check in on your angel. He lay strewn across the bed dazed, calling out for you. You heaved yourself off the bed and gathered him up as well. His long lanky body covered yours as he sought out post sex cuddles. You hobbled to the bathroom with him wrapped around you cooing “I love yous” back and forth. You’d never been more grateful for your cast iron tub than today as you ran a steaming bath and deposited the both of you into the waters. You carefully examined him to make sure there were no wounds. He’d chafed a bit around the wrists and ankles. Nothing some ointment and a bandage couldn’t fix. He was always quite during times like these, so deeply sunken into his submission. You were transfixed and awed by his loyalty and affection. He let you sit behind him to wash has back and massage his shoulders and run your hands through his hair. “I was good, right? I’m forgiven,” Yugyeom murmured as he pushed into your caresses? 

“Of course, Baby Love.”

Love Lost Part 3

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: Angst (It hurts guys…) 

Word Count: 566

Summary: A big fight leads Chris to move out, but is this the end of your marriage ?


After Chris left I made my way up the stairs towards Luke’s bedroom, my heart sinking as I heard his sniffling through the half open door. I felt sick at the thought of how much this was affecting him, how much this hurt. And what made it worse was the fact that I knew I couldn’t help him, this wasn’t like when he fell off his bike and scraped his knee or the time he had a bad dream and couldn’t bear sleeping on his own for the rest of the night; I couldn’t fix it with a super hero band aid or a cuddle this time.

I bit my bottom lip as I pushed the door open, seeing Luke sitting in the middle of his bed, his knees hugged up against his chest as fat tears rolled down over his rosy cheeks. If possible, this only made me feel worse.

I sat down on the bed behind him, rubbing his back as he wiped away his tears with the back of his hand. He took a shaky breath before releasing the grip he had on his legs, turning around so he could crawl onto my lap, pressing his wet face against the crook of my neck.
“Aww bug,” I cooed quietly, wrapping my arms tightly around him. “You know Daddy didn’t mean to upset you right?”
“I jus’ wanted him to - to stay.”
“I know you did, but you’ll see him before he goes away, he wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye to you.”
“Why does Daddy not - not live here no more? He still love - loves me right?”

Luke’s question caused my eyes to sting with tears, my heart breaking inside of my chest at how broken he sounded. Chris was his hero, he always had been. Luke had been a Daddy’s boy from the minute he opened his eyes and the two of them were like two peas in a pod. The last thing I wanted was for Luke to ever worry that Chris didn’t love him; even if that meant I became the bad guy.

“Daddy loves you so so much bug, nothing is ever going to change that alright?”
“But - but Dylan said that his Daddy left cause he didn’t love him or his Mummy no more.”
“Luke, you are the most important person in Daddy’s life, Mummy’s just confused at the moment, she doesn’t know how she feels about Daddy.”
“You don’t lo - love Daddy?”

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The Game

A/N: Happy Halloween! Here is a small oneshot for essentially what is my favorite holiday. Honestly, I was hoping to have more up by now, I have written multiple one shots, but they feel way too crappy to be put up. So words of encouragement would be wonderful! 

It’s Tony’s Halloween party and Pietro is searching for you. Hopefully, this will be even better than last year! 

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warning: slight angst, slight sexual/smut hints

Words: 1,085

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Green eyes of envy Jerome X Reader

“Shoo kitten I have important business to attend. I don’t need you hanging around my shoulders.. You’re getting in the way.” Jerome stared at me his green eyes glimmering with anger and what I read to be hate. Nodding afraid I backed out of the room Jerome and the others were in. This new group of obsessed cultists that built Jerome up to be a god, having broken Jerome out of Arkham for the whole Bruce Wayne circus thing. Now he was just an uppity, cocky, brat! None of the Gotham officials knew where he was only the fact that he was gone. This made it so we could live fairly comfortably in the mansion of one of the cultists. 

At that moment they were all chatting about their great come-out called “Panic! under the disco” the name being a close rip-off but was accepted due to Jerome’s enthusiasm. Unimpressed I stormed back to the room Jerome and I shared slamming myself down on the bed weakly hitting one of the pillows.  Mockingly I insulted Jerome with childish remarks like “Rotten Ginger” and “Bitch baby blah blah blah” things he would probably not like to hear. “Oh darling!” He cried happily his footsteps coming down the same hallway I had just stormed down. I sat up acting happy “Yes Jerome?” I said pretending to be happy. He poked his head in the door smiling his usual wide smile. “Oh there you are” I watched him stroll confidently sitting down on the bed in front of me crossing his legs like a child. “I need you to put on the most ravishing and..” he came close to me whispering deeply. ‘and revealing” I smirked watching him put on his show of explaining that I was going to be the main bait. Great. I loved being bait. Like the good girl I am I nodded happily snooping around in the closet for my tight black dress that had crossed strings all the way down the dress stopping in an arrow just before my… girly parts. I absolutely despised wearing revealing clothes it made me feel unattractive and like a caged animal only there to let greasy eyes fantasize about the things they would like to do to me. Jerome watched me put on the dress smirking like an asshole. I carried on flicking my long black and purple hair behind my pale shoulders. walking into the bathroom that connected to the right of our walk in closet. 

Jerome didn’t follow only saying “We tango in five!” then left the room. I rolled my eyes applying my make-up faster then I was comfortable with. I settled with a mediocre smokey eye and the overrated winged eyeliner everyone and their grandma wore. When I was satisfied I grabbed a pair of black flat and ran barefoot out the door. I saw black SUV we used as transportation creeping down the driveway. Knowing Jerome would never have them stop for me I began to run at the van the gravel below my feet seeming to rip my sole to pieces. When I got close enough the back door swung open and I was able to dive in panting.  I heaved out of breathe looking at Jerome who sat smiling smudgy in the front seat. “I hope you brought other shoes doll, those flats just won’t do.” I looked down worried knowing that I was most likely going to be a cause of one of his legendary melt-downs. He sat up suddenly in his seat peering angrily at me. Without me being aware what was going on a par of heavy black heels was thrown at me striking me hard in the face. Jerome laughed clapping his hands. “Strike one!” turning his attention way from me to the road ahead. I held my stinging cheek breathing deeply to avoid crying. Jerome got off on tears, mine would only get him going more. He had become such an asshole ever since he had his face flailed off, just because he had come back from the dead and has all these new followers didn’t mean he was so high and mighty. I shook the thoughts away pulling on the heels. “Stop huffing and puffing dear it’s not attractive.” I glared at his face which was gazing still out the window. o my surprise he turned his head seeing my hateful glare. I dropped my head hoping he wouldn’t say anything, he didn’t having been interrupted the the SUV having it’s breaks slammed. 

Jerome bounced up and down excitedly in his chair. “Woo! you ready boys!” He slammed the drivers shoulder. They all jumped out hollering sneaking in through the back to go planting some bomb or do whatever they had planned for the nights festivities. I grunted opening the door and getting out. My ankles wobbled in the heels Jerome had struck me with due to their height and weight. I wandered up the side of the building towards the entrance. It was spray painted with cults and gang sighs, a type of art work that had seemed to be marking every corner of this city. I didn’t know how I felt about that to wbe honest, now I was no goody-goody I had killed more people than most war vets but still I imagined a mother holding her sons hands walking down the street, her son would smile and point to the bit of graffiti asking innocently ‘what is that mommy?’ she would only frown having a feeling that her sons infatuation could lead to involvement and then blam! death by gang member. I wouldn’t want my kids to end up this way. Coming around the front I spotted the doorman, he was young and handsome, easy to woo. I smiled walking up to him. “Gee it’s awful cold out. Do you mind if I step in and warm my hands.” Gently I swirled my hands around his belt feeling his heartbeat quicken. “Su-Sure step right in” I winked walking past him. “Thank you” I would make sure he would live on past tonight. Inside the club was the same as the rest of them baring music, flashing decorations, dumb young people blah, blah, blah. I made my way to the bar ordering three shots of tequila, salt on the rims or each. 

The bartender was quick and courteous serving me them up quick so I could down them all feeling the unwelcome burn of hard alcohol. I grimaced at the taste. I took money out of my bra and slid it a crossed the table thanking hi before turning around and mapping everything out. Jerome was no where to be seen only a mass of bobbing heads none of them having the fire red hair he did. I grew lonely at the thought of him not being around but then again I didn’t really ever want to see him when he was around. He had become to cruel ever since he came back to.. dead. almost. 

I squinted looking harder, nothing. “Hello miss?” I heard a smooth voice say. I turned to it looking at the face addressing me. He was a thin guy handsome strong jawline, thick black hair. I smiled “How-do-you-do?” I said politely warming up to the stranger. He blushed almost shocked to have my attention. “I’m doing goo-” he dropped his head embarrassed, chuckling to himself quietly. “The real reason I came over here was to ask you to dance. You’re so beautiful and.. alone. It do sent seem right” Now this sounds pathetic but my heart seemed to skip a little. He had the face of a kind hearted man that understood other struggles. I quivered a bit. “S-sure”  He led my carefully out to the dance floor reaching the far right corner where it wasn’t to crowded. We faced each other getting into a casual dancing routine, polite and friendly. Neither of us talked very much but we often exchanged looks smiling like fools whenever his happened. A part of me wanted to lay my head on his shoulders to feel his heart beat as well as the sway of his body, but I didn’t not wanting to ruin the moment. I opened my mouth to ask him his name but before I could get it out a voice cracked over the loud speakers. “Good evening ladies and gentleman what a great-” The voice cut out. Squinting i looked towards the speakers that seemed to be projecting the voice. Jerome was standing in top of the tallest speaker microphone in hand, DJ bleeding out next to him. Jerome’s stare seemed to radiate disgust and hate. “Oh Y/N?” he said in a matter of fact tone. I tugged on my new found friends shoulder urging him to leave with me. “Hey someone stop her!” Jerome yelled something like panic wavering in his voice. I grabbed onto the strangers hand harder pushing our way through the mass o confused people. 

None of his men could catch us so we were out of the club and out of sight by the time they reached the front door. “You need to get in your car and hurry home” The stranger nodded knowing who Jerome was. Before he turned to leave he closed in on my face slowly planting a warm kiss on my lips. I shivered this being the first compassionate kiss since.. well.. never? He walked away without saying another word leaving me out in the wet night air. I giggled like a little girl twirling around on the sidewalk until something cold stopped me. Cringing I knew exactly what it was.

 “Who’s your new boyfriend?” the voice writhed. Sighing I turned around “Jerome-” he cut me off with one finger grabbing my hand and leading me to the alleyway we had parked in. “Let’s talk doll?” Nervously I stopped dead in my track knowing this could end in one of his famous torture cessions. He glared back at me snarling. “I said let’s talk.” he yanked harder on my arm forcing me to follow behind. “ladies first” he said opening the passenger side door ushering me in with a big smile. Nervously I gt in feeling a bit relieved to be off my feet, He got in the drivers side silently fuming as he started p the car. I avoided his gaze instead focusing on the city lights that whizzed by. He headed in the direction of the home we were currently staying in., hopefully if all things went right we would hash out of anger in the bedroom between the satin sheets like we always had but I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be one of those times. We had just reached the gravel driveway when Jerome slammed on the breaks. He looked at me smiling sickly “I apologize I haven’t had my drivers license since.. well.. never!” he shrugged happily for a moment until his grin faded. He started the breathe heavily staring uncomfortably into my eyes. 

I tried to look away wanting to focus my attention on the night sky but his gaze held me still. We stayed put for a few seconds until in some fit of rage he pulled out a pistol and stuck it to my forehead. “ya know I should kill ya’ doll embarrassing me in front t of all those people?” he snaked towards me a mulishness grin overtaking his face, he was hurt though something in the deep part of his eyes told me so. I wanted to scream at him expressing how horrible he had been to me but that would only make him want to blast me even more so I took his cruelties. He stared st me not blinking until I nodded acknowledging him. Slowly he took the gun down looking out the front window chuckling to himself.

 I wiped a tear off of my cheek sneaking a look at him, his eyes were widened with the night sky, his fists pulsating on the steering wheel. Suddenly he began to laugh harder thrashing his fists and head off of the wheel yelling nonsense at no one in particular. He grabbed my hair pulling me closer to his face. Seething in my ear. “Why did you do this to me?” His hand shook as he held onto my hair. “I-I’m sorry I-” I shook my head slightly trying to loosen his grip but it was no use. “You will be sorry Kitten- I you were stronger than this” I opened myself up a little hoping to deescalate the situation. “You’re cruel to me Jerome. You treat me like one of your thugs that you can just throw around all you want. I’m not though and you know it.” He let go of my hair looking coldly into my eyes. “Since when have you become so entitled?” He asked ending with a horrible laugh. I rolled my eyes getting out of the SUV before getting out all the way though I chucked the blasted heels he had previously thrown at me. They hit him and he gasped, I didn’t see his reaction due to the door slamming him out of my view. 

I started walking the sound of the cold gravel crunched under my feet. I focused on the sound instead of the possibility of Jerome starting up the car and running me over. “Y/n wait!” I heard him yell beginning to jog after me. I started in a full run hoping to get far far away from him. His pace quickened behind me I was always a slow runner and plus he had shoes on so it wouldn’t be long until he caught up to me. Again I tried to focus on the night sky as I ran but it was no use the feeling of his hand latching onto my arm. “gotcha” he said  His fingernails dug into my skin, I winced at the pain kicking him as hard as I could in the shin. He growled loosing his balance and falling to the floor. I took off in a full sprint distracted when I heard him cock his gun behind me. I ducked hearing it fire three times. I stayed flat on the ground feeling the dust form the rocks get into my eyes. I blinked rapidly trying to rid myself of this pain. Jerome walked up to me sticking out his left hand, his gun still in the right. I grabbed it and he helped me up. “What is the matter with you?!” I said mad. 

He shrugged looking into my face. “You think?-” He shook his head looking for the right thing to say. “Look I haven’t been the nicest guy- I know- but seeing you kiss” He growled violently kicking rocks, “I dont want to talk about it! the point is- I’m sorry! Just stop doing this and be my doll again.” I was shocked at his words he looked defeated his face morphed in sadness. I nodded grabbing his hand.. “Why did you kiss him?” he said suddenly walking back to the car. I shrugged “I don’t know” he scoffed “I don’t know?, I don’t know!” His hand wrapped around my throat. “How do you not know. You act like it’s nothing but you don’t have to live with it. You don’t have to live with that-” he busted out laughing striking the car with his fists until his knuckles bled. Pan icing at the smudged blood on the car window I ran up behind him and hugged his waist as hard as I could hoping to calm him down. He stopped breathing heavily. “Oh doll you kill me” he said hopelessly. 

I unraveled my arms and grabbed his hand skipping the car ride home walking him the ten feet to the house. I opened the front door letting us both in. “Who was he? huh? Some stud? Business broker with his life in gold?” Hr groaned leaning up against the kitchen table that sat to the right of the door. I shrugged again saying ‘I don’t know’ he winced at my words flipping the table over. “Stop saying that! You’re my whole world and this is how you-” he laughed. I dropped my head all to be lifted up when he was quickly in front of me. “I need to speak with you in the bedroom.” He growled walking away. I grew excited watching his broad shoulders imagining them without the white button up shirt he was wearing. I smiled skipping behind him entering the bedroom just as he was sitting on the desk in front of his bed a devilish look on his face. He snake up to me whispering in my ear. “I’m going to make you forget all about him. I’m the only stud in your life. You got that Doll?” I nodded my hear pulsing in my head. 

His hands made their way up under my shirt, his skin cold on my body heat. I closed my eyes letting myself enjoy the sensation until my shirt was completely off. His lips kissed my neck smoothly while he continued to grip the rest. I sighed wishing he was always like this. His lips moved up to my ear, nibbling slightly on my earlobe. He began to whisper. “Don’t even hurt me again.” I opened my eyes sadness coming over my whole body until I saw him smirking as he left the room. “Jerome!” I yelled. IT took awhile for him to answer. “Sorry kitten things to do, places to be, doll snatchers to kill. But don’t worry” Jerome poked his head into the room smiling “I will be back when he’s dead” I shivered in excitement as his foot steps traveled down the hall again and out the front door. 

Thank you for reading all more to come Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel!

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Danger Days Hollywood Movie Script!

Hey Hollywood, if you ever feel like making a Danger Days movie, I’ve got some script excerpts all ready for you. I included all your favorite cliches and Hollywood-ified it as much as possible. If you like what you see, there’s a lot more where this came from if you slip a few million dollars into my Paypal account. (Email: Check it out!


[THE GIRL walks into a store. She picks up a can of POWER PUP, then puts it down again. She browses the shelves, glancing up when she notices that a few people are watching her. She shakes her head and turns back to the shelves. Eventually, she walks up to the counter with a few cans of food. Two TEENAGE BOYS are laughing and joking around near the counter. One wears GOGGLES, while the other wears SPIKED BOOTS.]

STORE OWNER: Will that be all?

THE GIRL: Yes. Just the food, please…

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"New life. Same rule: Don't take what doesn't belong to you."

While you both are with the claimers, someone is caught lying and a rule is applied: you lie, you die. 

Request: Daryl x Reader are married and they’re with the claimers but the reader feels uncomfortable around them so a smut scene happens between the two but one of the claimer guys hears it. The next day one of the guys approach Daryl and says that he stole the rabbit, an argument happens but the guy gets caught lying and he dies.

Thanks to prince-of-edolas who sent the first request. Thank you! I tried to write this as similar to what you asked as I could. (Sorry for showing your name if you didn’t want it. Sorry! TT-TT) If any of you have a request you can send it. I will try my best to write good stories.

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • Words: 2.179
  • Warning: SMUT (Although I’m not very good at writing it) and swear words. 
  • Sorry if the dialogues are not the same as in the serie. English is not my first language so I had trouble understanding all the words.

When the night fell on the forest, the walkers around became more dangerous, luckily you all found a warehouse next to the train tracks. It was safe to stay there for the night but nothing felt safe next to the claimers. They kept order between them but they were not trustworthy. The knot in your stomach was squeezing painfully ever since you and Daryl were with them. Never turn your back on the enemy, your father said once, but stay as far away from it as possible. And that’s what you wanted to do: get away from them until you no longer felt that twist in your belly, but staying calm and following their way was the best and safest thing for both of you.

They were dangerous, even sadistic, and their lack of awareness could have them killed you both at any minute if they felt threatened.

While they “claimed” the cars inside the store, you found a plastic chair with armrests on the right side of the place with a dirty old cushion on it. Daryl was following their game too although inside of him his frustration was growing more and more. He was impulsive most of the time, but he also knew how to act according to that situation.

He tossed his black plastic bag to the floor, ready to sleep in the cold cement. He leaned against the wall and looked around.

“We just have to keep playin’ their game a little more.” He said quietly. “We don’t want any more enemies for now.”

You knew what you both had to do it even if you didn’t like them at all.

“I know.”

You tossed the cushion aside, untied your jacket from your waist and left it on the chair, just in the moment that a hand took the armrest of it. You looked up and met Len’s smile. Among the people in his group, he seemed to be the worst.

“Claimed.” He said in a mocking voice.

“Leave it.” Daryl said and he straightened. “She saw it first. It’s hers.”

Len looked at you with a crooked smile.

“You did not claim it, doll face. So it’s mine.”

Within a second of him trying to take the chair, your body acted against your good judgment and you pulled the knife out of the sheath tied around your thigh.

The knife sank into his skin without cutting it. That rule of claiming something to them seemed silly and you were getting tired of it.

“Move your hand.”

Your heart was beating so fast you could feel it in your neck. Daryl held his own knife as well.

“Hey. Stop.” Joe stopped in the middle of the two of you and took Len’s arm so that he would take his hand away without cutting himself. “Leave her alone, Len. You know women are slow to learn rules.”

“You should learn from your husband, doll.” Len laughed staring at you. “He is starting to understand how things work with us…”

Joe and Len walked away but it was Daryl who had enough of them.

“Hey!” He moved around you with the knife in hand. “Don’t you dare talk to her like that!”

Len stood before him, both with their patience almost to the limit.

“Like what, friend?”

“I ain’t your damn friend.” Daryl got closer to him. “Talk to her like that again and I will cut your fuckin’ throat.”

“Boys, enough…” Joe stepped between them and pushed Len slightly before looking at Daryl. “Why don’t you and your wife take a walk before it gets dark? Get some air. I don’t want problems between us.”

On the other side of the railroad tracks, Daryl and you entered an abandoned house from the window. It was a three-room place, with only a table and chair in the kitchen, a sofa in the living room and a bed and a desk with some dusty books in the main room. You laid down on the bed as you checked the books, while a little peace returned to you. Being in that store with them was unbearable, but being in that little house and having found some books which you could occupy your mind with felt like breathing freedom. Besides, it was a while since you felt a bed.

“Hell, darlin’. You’re doin’ that on purpose. Don’t ya?” He said. You giggled and put the book aside, watching him walk in his place in front of you like a lion in a cage. He came up on the bed to be on top of you, holding his weight on his elbows. His lips touched your neck and he growled softly against you. His breath hit your bare neck and made you shiver. Your cheeks got flushed red with desire as he pushed your hair back with his right hand. “You’re such a temptation.”

He lifted your head a little and he kissed you. You unbuttoned his shirt, feeling a tingle in your stomach in anticipation. With all that crushing desires inside of you two, his other hand found the end of your black t-shirt and he ran it over your torso feeling the softness of your skin. His tongue played with yours. Your hands ran over his shoulders and you took off his vest and his shirt. His left hand moved around your back and unbuttoned your bra and he took your t-shirt off of you. You lay down again as his lips kissed your chest and everything around. You kicked your boots off as he unzipped your jeans pulling them down all the way. He went back at your lips, desperately this time as you unzipped his pants as well. The heat in between your legs was melting you, sending you into a completely state of lust.

“You’re ready, love?” He asked breathing between your parted lips.

Your chest was going up and down, and you nodded, feeling him going down in between your legs. The feeling was a cloud covering your thoughts, and everything around you two didn’t matter. You closed your hands around his low back as his right hand under your head pulled you up for him to kiss you deeply. Your legs tightened around his waist as his left hand held you against his body when he started to move. The painful pleasure was making you moan, making him thrust into you harder and harder every time you call his name. The tensed breathes from his mouth were addictive, and the way he was looking at you made everything more intense. So intense that you just wanted to sink your nails in his back. The feeling inside you was eating you alive. He bit your bottom lips, dragging his teeth over it. His hips hit yours without stop, and you sunk your tongue into his mouth when you felt close to the edge. He hit the center of your being, hugging you close to him when he was about to come too. You moaned on his shoulder just as he buried his face in your neck, growling wildly when you both finally came. He kept moving slowly as his body relaxed still inside of you, lifting his head to look at you. He brushed your hair back while he kissed you softly.

“Ya okay?”

You sighed.

“Yeah…” You pushed his hair away from his eyes. “But we should go before they come to look for us.”

What you both didn’t know was that one of them was already outside of the house.

On the morning next day, as Daryl lay back on the floor, using his bag as a pillow, you sat down beside him and noticed how he flipped the pages of a book of blue cover. He didn’t seem to enjoy reading like you did, although while the claimers were still walking around the place, you couldn’t concentrate completely on the words in the book either.

“What? No pictures? “Daryl complained, he closed the book and left it on his chest. “Boring.”

“A book is never boring…” You took the book out of his chest, but you stand right in your place when Len’s voice caught your attention.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me. Christ!” Len growled dangerously approaching Daryl. He sat down as Len extended his hand toward him. “Give it here.”

Daryl remained calm.

“Step back.”

“My half was in the bag. Now it’s gone.” Len pointed around at his companions who looked with an almost bored expression as Daryl and you stood up. “Nobody ‘round here has interest not in half of a damn cut head, except you. Ain’t that right?”

Daryl moved from side to side in his place, like a threatened animal.

“You were the only one thinkin’ ‘bout that crap.”

“Empty your bag.” Len tried to take the bag from the floor but Daryl took it to pull it away from him. 

“I said step back!”

You could feel the tension in your stomach, because that situation was more dangerous than having fought over a chair. Fighting for the rabbit was only a small part of the problem, because Len was annoyed that Daryl didn’t submit to the rules of the group. Joe, who was among them, took the bag from Daryl’s hand.

“Did you take his rabbit, Daryl?” Joe asked, and he opened his hands almost in a sign of peace. “Tell me the truth.”

“I took nothin’.”

Len’s gaze went through Daryl and stopped at you.

“Or did you take it, doll face?” His voice was mocking again. “Maybe you didn’t learn the lesson yet.”

Daryl’s jaw tightened as he spoke blocking you from his sight.

“Don’t talk to her. Don’t even look at her.”

Len approached Daryl and chuckled in his ear.

“You should be careful. A walker could catch you with your pants down.”

He talked high enough just for you two to hear it. Before Daryl actually cut Len’s throat this time, you held Daryl’s wrist and chuckled, although you were ashamed.

“You are just jealous, Len.” You said calm. “Because even in this world: any woman would look at you twice.”

He narrowed his eyes at you.

“What have we got here?” Joe held the bag upside down and shook it slightly. “Come on.”

A shirt and a few small things fell. Joe shook the bag again and the top of the gray rabbit fell to the floor. Daryl didn’t steal it but you swallowed the knot in your throat: that’s what Len needed to start a problem.

“Well, look at that.” Joe said and Len stared at Daryl.

“Ya put that there, didn’t ya?” Daryl confronted Len. “When I was out to take a piss!”

“You lied.” Len said with his eyes on Daryl.

“Didn’t ya?” Daryl pushed him.

“You lied. You stole.” Len put a finger on his chest to push him as he look at Joe. “We’re gonna teach this fool a what, Joe? Ah?”

Joe faced Len.

“Daryl says he didn’t take your half of the rabbit. So we have a little dilemma here.” Joe looked at Daryl. “Or he’s lyin’ just like his wife, which is a punishable offense. Or…” Joe chuckled and turned to Len. “Or you didn’t plant it on him like some pussy, punk ass, cheap and coward cop, Did you? Because while that wouldn’t be specifically break a rule, it’d disappoint me.”

Len looked into Joe’s eyes.

“It would.” He nodded and walked over to Joe’s face to mark every word. “I didn’t.”

“Good.” Joe patted his arm and turned to Daryl. “Well…” He made a fist and turned half of his body back to hit Len’s face.

So hard that he fell to the ground.

As a reflection, Daryl moved in front of you as the other claimers gathered around Len.

“Teach him a lesson, gentls,” Joe said. “He’s a liar and I’m sick of it. Teach him all the way.” A kick struck Len’s stomach as Joe turned toward you two. “I saw him do it.”

Daryl looked at him.

“Why didn’t ya try to stop him?”

“He wanted to play like that and I left him.” Joe pointed a finger at Daryl. “ You told the truth…. He lied. You understand the rules, he doesn’t.” As Joe bent down to take the half of the rabbit that once belonged to Len, the claimers were still kicking Len. Joe straightened and threw it at Daryl. “Looks like you get the head too.”

It was sickening to see how they didn’t stop for a second. You both listened to the clean sound of their kicks as they gave him more.

“Hey, come here.” Daryl came over to you and put his arms around your shoulders. You rested your cheek against his shoulder, while your hands closed on either side of his vest, where they tightened every time you heard a kick. “It’ll be over soon.”

You both handled that life pretty well, you two fought when you had to, and you shot when it was necessary. ​You two survived, and would do it again.