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Did Bey just release a song from 2003… in 2017?!?!?!

iTunes Link: I Can’t Take No More

Apple Music Link: I Can’t Take No More

does anybody remember that one game???????? where the baseball man cleanses his hoolahoops???????????????

“I want to go home.”

A Spirited Away AU @sumyna (check out her TeruMob one!) and i have been thinking about… I’ve been calling it “The Lost Brothers and the Dragon Twins”. More about it + bigger picture of the brothers under the cut!

(🌿 background from the movie 🌿)

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(Nekoma and Karasuno meeting up in Tokyo before the Spring Tournament)

K: You were very impressive in that match, Tsukki~ Where did you learn to block like that?

T: …..Don’t call me “Tsukki.”

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