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im so unbelievably thankful for steve both because louis deserves to have someone like that in his life and they seem to genuinely have a great friendship going on where they care for each other and love working together and admire each other and it’s so good to see louis being able to do something like this with someone like steve who is an amazing person and i love him more with each new information and also for us because i don’t remember any artist outside of 1d ever treating us this way, he must’ve been blown away by our support and he isn’t afraid to jump in to defend us or to stress how much we do and to appreciate our work and emphasise it and talk about how amazing we are when we are used to being treated like shit by people who assume it’s a Good joke and Cool to be ugly abt a group of loyal people because they assume we are all just girls and can’t be taken seriously and he just isn’t there for that and i love him


- OVER -

The whole world seems to be in a stage of shock. To all my american (and also non-american) friends, I’m with you! You’ll get through this, I promise. It doesn’t end here, you’ll outlast him. Don’t forget that you are a gigantic nation and that every single one of you has rights. You can protest, you can campaign, you can sign petitions. And most importantly, you can support one another and show kindness and compassion.

As a small act of kindness and compassion I decided to do a give away. I don’t care if you follow my blog or anything, you really don’t have to in order to win this. I just hope I can make one or two people smile in such depressing times. Don’t give up and remember to breathe! I love you guys! <3
Deadline: November 20th


high school !!!!!

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Chat Noir 2C? :3c

I tried to make a comic but it didn’t turn out well ^^’

So a couple of kids came to him and showed him a book full of drawings of him that they made and he’s just melting of happiness in front of them C:

Yoo still doing the challenge! :D

Tips for maining Pharah

So you want to main Pharah? Let me show you how it’s done.

  1. As soon as you have 250 credits, buy the Anubis skin. This is not negotiable.
  2. You need puns, a lot of them. Get the worst puns and pick up lines you can find and make sure to use them a lot, your team mates will love you for it.
  3. Kill yourself with your own rockets or ult at least ONCE a game.
  4. You have a Mercy on your team? Flirt with her, woo her, please her. If you do it correctly she will keep your flying ass alive better than your mother ever could.
  5. There is a Mercy on the enemy team? Flirt with her, woo her, distract her. Your job is to keep the supports away from their team, this is a valid strategy.
  6. When there is an enemy Pharah drop everything that you’re doing and start an aerial battle. The sky isn’t big enough for the two of you - establish aerial superiority.
  7. Make sure to say ‘Hello’ when you throw someone off the map.
  8. Try stealthy Barrages! too bad she shouts so loudly that Hanzos grandmother in Japan can hear you cry for justice in the middle of egpt..
  9. When you Ult aim at the D.Va with the Defense Matrix up. This will work 10/10 times
  10. Always aim for the enemy Ana! She let you think she was dead for years - take revenge.
  11. Never touch the objective but stay 30 meters above it! Doesn’t matter that it’s Overtime, the others will sort it out. Just spam rockets in the enemy’s general direction and play airplane.
I find it incredibly sad how some fans can get so greedy with awards to the point where they'd want to take away an award from a group who has worked so hard to get their first daesang 😧
How Dan and Phil probably broke up #22
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Phil:</b> hey Dan<p/><b>Dan:</b> what<p/><b>Phil:</b> does your dimple have a family?<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

ok but i imagine hunk going to shiro whenever he stresses about lance!



161224 kino fancafe update (trans)

It seems everyone is asleep. I came really late. Today I wanted to write early but because this and that happened it already ended up being 12. You’re all sleeping well right? Today too was a really happy day. Even though the weather is cold, every day you wait together for us, people who are far away and support us seriously, everyone who only uses pretty words with us, I always receive this~~~ much emotion and come here. How can all the world be pretty like this. Thank to you I forget all the tiredness and I can do everything. Today too I felt a lot of love and I was so happy I could die. Thank you. Even when I don’t say it you know it right? Let’s meet in dreams. My loves today too, I love you, you’re precious.

  • Berukia: Which country has the most birds?
  • Berukia: Portugeese.
  • Berukia: Wait.
  • Shamrock: That's a language.
  • Tsubaki: Portugull!
  • Otogiri: Nice recovery.
  • Tsubaki: Don't you mean nice redovery?
  • Higan: ... Turkey. How did we miss Turkey?!
  • Sakuya to himself: I wish I was a bird myself so I could get the fuck away from this bunch.