away in chicago to see lights

by request ( @hatoratomoen and @senatormellie ), here’s what i have to say about seeing Hamilton (Chicago version).

- it was surreal to see something performed irl that you know, like, every single word to, y’know? super surreal. in the best way possible.

- The Room Where It Happens just….totally blew me away. Like the whole musical did, tbh, but that one 500% especially. I’ve seen a lot of musical theater in my time & a handful of broadway shows, and this just. The singing, acting, lighting, choreography, all of it were fucking phenomenal & I’ve never been that INTO a song EVER. It was SO so so good.

- hamilton has a v nice voice, i like him

- lafayette / jefferson’s played by a college junior?? so talented and young and good and im jealous

- hamilton and laurens touched each other a lot

- i cried two times - once when phillip died (after he stopped responding eliza kinda half collapsed and screamed into his shirt and i had a Lot of Feelings), and then at the end (partly bc the orphanage, and mostly just because i was so totally overwhelmed with how good the whole musical is and how much i love it)

any other / more specific questions, just let me know and i’ll try my best to answer :)

They say that first love is the strongest, that it burns the brightest.
They say that it causes the most pain.  And I can’t help but agree.
As I sat there, shaking like a star-dusted meteor, I watched you walk away, from all that we shared. 
I thought I knew pain; but all I knew was the curve of your back and the way you breathe ocean song while you sleep.
All i knew was that I loved you - and I thought that it would be enough. 
When I asked you if you see pain when you look at me, and you said no - all I could hope is that instead,
you saw Northern Chicago winter nights and sun-tanned beaches holding hands with the soft foam of Lake Michigan. 
But most of all - I hope you see light, and love. 
My love that I throw like a pin-pulled grenade, and I’m sorry if that is too forward, but it’s the only way I know how. 
What we had was magnificent- what we had was oxygen on days full of grief. And-
I would just like to say thank you, for placing the sun in my sky and tattooing the stars on my heart.
Thank you, for being my warmth, my August, my compass-
for loving the parts of me people normally back away from, and for giving me all you could.
Thank you for allowing me the privilege of apologizing.
Apologizing for all the times I took your heart for granted and all the times I left you alone while I fought through the wilderness of my grief-
because nothing provides a direction, quite like you. 
And finally,
my first,
if you ever are in need of a heart to hold, a friend to keep; 
if you ever find the loneliness discomforting, or the nights too cold -
look for my love - to the east, where the sun paints sadness across the horizon. Look for me. 
I will always be looking for you. 
You who will forever be-
my last.
—  To my last - Grayson Herrg

so i can’t believe i went to a baseball game for fall out boy but i did and it was a lot of fun!! i left about halfway through the game (which is still going on and chicago is currently losing. rip) because it’s so cold and i have shit to do

i was far away and they were so small but they played light ‘em up, uma thurman, and centuries before the game started. i watched pete take that selfie with patrick and i kept checking for the rest of the game to see when he would post it. it was fun watching them bring out the stage for fob and then sitting with my friend waiting to see when they’d show up.

the first thing i saw was pete’s pink hair and i was like THERE are my tiny sons!!! they all had cubs jerseys with their names…i think… patrick’s jersey was pretty much too long. the guy behind me was singing along to centuries and when pete said something into the mic he was like “can’t hear ya pete”. after they played the set they took a picture on the field. anyway i had a fun time this barely counts as seeing fob for a 5th time but They Were There and So Was I  and that’s it