away from the shoreline

home after rain

blue orchids short story

pairing: jungkook | reader
genre: too much fluff.. too much cute
word count: 3.986
author’s note: surprise! \o/ I honestly have no idea how or why this happened. yesterday I just… started writing, and here we are, a few thousand words later. also, bear in mind that this is a sequel to blue orchids, so you need to read that one first if you want to understand this short piece. hope you all enjoy!

This story is set six years into the future within Blue Orchids’ universe.

The sun rays are melting on your skin. It has been a while since the skies opened up like this, leaving the sun bare to the living, its warmth a pleasant gift after days of storm and gloom. The sand under your legs and feet is, fortunately, not scorching — not yet, at least. The early morning is still warming up to the pristine sun, and the salty winds of the beach are still a strange mixture of the growing heatwave and the remnants of past iciness.

You cannot remember the last time you visited the beach, but it does not feel foreign or uncomfortable. It feels like you belong, mind at peace and body molding to the sand as your extended legs allow your toes to brush against the gentle waves that break and ebb away, water still too chilly to enjoy at its fullest.

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Well since no one asked I’m just going to outline the Jercy Superhero AU I’ve been cooking up

  • Percy has aquakinesis and saves his local town from your run of the mill crazy bad guy and occasional giant sea monster
  • Jason can fly and saves his local town from your run of the mill crazy bad guy and occasional pterodactyl (don’t ask)
  • After a recent super powered fight with the master of time and almost getting his secret identity exposed Percy’s mom decides they need to move to a new town and wouldn’t you know it trouble seems to be following him
  • After a recent fight with literal mother earth and almost getting his secret identity exposed Jason’s stepmother sends him off to live in a new town and wouldn’t you know it trouble seems to be following him
  • (don’t worry guys there are other super heroes in the towns they left so the people are still safe)
  • After a week of moving into the town and getting settled a giant flying serpent creature starts attacking the shoreline of the town
  • Percy sneaks away from his new school to suit up and fight the flying serpent creature
  • Jason finds a nice quiet spot in his new boarding school to change and take off to fight the flying serpent creature
  • As they ready themselves to attack they spot each other from the other side of the creature
  • “Wait, what are you doing here?”
  • “What are you doing here?”
  • “Uh, saving the day?”
  • “Ditto.”
  • “I thought you were based in New York?”
  • “I can be a superhero anywhere. I thought you were based in San Francisco?”
  • “I can be a superhero anywhere too.”
  • They just awkwardly stare at each other not sure about what to do.
  • “Let’s settle this later.”
  • “Good idea. So, uh, you take left. I take right?”
  • “Works for me, I guess.”
  • “Okay.”
  • “Hey wait your left or my left?!”
  • Basically, they try to navigate the complications of being a superhero in a formerly superhero-less town
  • There are a lot of villains mistaking the other as the other’s sidekick and of course a lot of indignant denial
  • Not to mention the first distrust of each other
  • the wondering of who their true identity actually is
  • the super-identity meets civilian-identity scenes
  • the civilian-identity meets the super-identity with the both of them being oblivious
  • the civilian-identity meets the civilian-identity with the both of them being oblivious
  • the trying to piece each other’s civilian lives by random pieces of information that manage to slip out sometimes
  • gazing off into a crowd of strangers thinking that hey could that be him?
  • basically your usual misunderstandings when it comes to superheroes

anyway that’s like about it for the preview so hmu or whatever

Hope for a Trans Boy

Today was my first day at the beach since top surgery. At first I was self conscious, thinking people were staring at me as I stood there shirtless for the first time ever in public. I came here to get away from the staring and the feelings that I don’t fit in. So at the beach I was plagued with that feeling of people not accepting me.

But, after a few minutes, I let loose. I ran down the beach, sprinting in the waves and going as fast as I could by people playing in the water. This has only been my third time ever at a large body of water where you couldn’t see the other side. I felt like a little kid rushing about. All the worries fell off my shoulders as I ran, looked for sea shells, and let the waves knock into me as I walked farther and farther away from the shoreline.

It was freeing; exhilarating even. The water might have been chilly but a flame that burned inside me kept me warm. I was myself and no one got in the way of me being actually shirtless in public for the first time. It gave me new hope for the future. I no longer feel trapped for forever like I had. There’s life for me.


Tenth installment of the Jacob Black “Home” series (“Home” - “Familiarities” - “Reunion” - “Pitching Fits”- “Grand Gestures” - “Jail Break” - “Ice” - “Head Trauma” - “Changing Tides”), requested by too many of you to count! As always, more installments will be rolling in to follow the events of the series, but I’d love to hear feedback or ideas involving future installments! Hope you like it!

All past and future installments of this series can be found on the “The Story Continues…”page. Songs to accompany the series are available on the “Playlists” page.

Saturday came streaming in through your bedroom windows on the heels of brilliant sunlight, as if the very promise of your best friend’s company had the power to wipe the condensation from the sky. You were bolt upright in bed before your body was fully ready for the transition, your vision fading around the edges as your excitement swallowed the fluid swirling behind your eardrums. Your feet struck hardwood with a firm conviction, ignoring the chill that had been marinating within the boards throughout the night, taking you blindly to Charlie’s bright kitchen. The Chief had already high-tailed it to the station, as was evident by your fleeting glance at the coat hangers by the front door; his holster as well as his officer’s jacket, the Letterman of adult life, were absent from the family line-up, proving his absence. It had to be sometime after nine, you concluded, as you stumbled into the kitchen. You reached absentmindedly for a cabinet door, proceeding to extract one of Charlie’s old ceramic breakfast bowls, your hands groping without sight at the counter top until your fingertips encountered the worn cardboard that encased whichever store-brand cereal had been on sale that week. You poured yourself a sustainable amount of… whatever catchy rhyme Fork’s supermarket had deemed necessary to slap on the box of bran flakes, walking toward the refrigerator with the same inattentive determination, sniffing the milk cautiously before drowning your cold breakfast in Bessie’s best.

Bella could be heard upstairs, her footsteps sounding as she burnt a path between her dresser and her vanity, clearly uncertain as to the proper attire one might bring to a beach in quite possibly the rainiest county in all of Washington state. A swimsuit was absolutely out of the question, but the sunlight must have confounded her, muddling her logic and tearing her mind in two between shorts and a raincoat. You’d let her figure it out; your only concern was choking down your breakfast and getting yourself out the door; the sooner you hit the road, the longer you could stay at La Push… and every extra minute you could milk out of your day with Jacob was monumental. When the last of the cereal had been devoured, the bowl lowering unceremoniously from your lips, you were flying toward your bedroom, resting the bowl in the basin of the kitchen sink with a considerably less delicate fashion than the ceramic deserved, your memory straining to recall which articles of clothing had recently been washed before you had even made it to your dresser. You selected, without any great focus on fashion, whatever your hands had first made contact with, ending your violent dressing escapade with minimal injuries and a tee shirt you were sure once belonged to Charlie draped on the much smaller frame of your shoulders. Judgement was the least of your worries; neither Bella nor Jacob would mind much that you were recycling the Chief’s wardrobe. The rest, save Angela, wouldn’t be seeing you for very long anyway. You snagged your raincoat from the back of your door as you headed out, prepping your vocals to call your sister to action.

Bella was thumping her way down the staircase as you bolted from your bedroom, her eyes brightening to see you already prepared for the journey to Newton’s Olympic Outfitters, her lips parting over an easy smile to see you so electrified. She gestured towards the front door, herding you out of the house as you worked your arms through your raincoat, her slender fingers working her own coat from the hangers by the door before following you into the sunshine. You jogged wordlessly to the passenger side of your sister’s beast of a truck, your hand on the handle before she had made it to her door, her keys jingling merrily as she unlocked the driver’s side. She slipped into her seat, leaning across the cabin to unlock your door, her eyes rolling to see your frustrated reaction to her all-too-slow movements. You leapt into the truck, the engine igniting as you closed your door, Bella’s hushed mumbles all but lost beneath the gravelly roar; you managed to catch something along the lines of “where’s the fire?” before her lips pressed into a concentrated line, muffling any oncoming laughter she thought you wouldn’t find amusing.

She drove quietly, as was often the custom in the mornings so as not to disturb the peace of daybreak, her fingers clinging loosely to the leather steering wheel as she paved her way to Newton’s Olympic Outfitters to meet up with the rest of her friend group, her warm eyes paving the road before her truck, brightened considerably from the sunshine. She remarked briefly on how she hoped the weather would last, and you quietly reassured her that sunlight this bright hardly ever faded before the day was through; Forks may be wet, dismal, and constantly buried beneath the clouds, but when the sun decided to grace the town with its presence, it tended to stick for a good handful of hours. She relaxed into the upholstery, noticeably calmer as your words washed over her, her turn signal blinking meekly as she turned into the lot of Mike Newton’s family-run camping store. Your least favourite spiky-haired junior came rushing to Bella’s window, followed closely by Tyler Crowley’s overeager grin, the second Bella pulled her keys from the ignition. You were thankful, then, that you had a solid escape route; you didn’t think you’d be able to stay docile if you were to spend more than an hour in Newton’s presence. You joined the rabble and claimed your seats (you found yourself squashed between Bella and a window, with Mike behind the wheel of his Suburban, Bella eyeballing you warily before sliding into her newly acquired position as middleman. To be fair, you had warned her that you were fully prepared to use her as a buffer to separate yourself from Mike Newton. The rest of the gang piled into Mike’e backseat and Tyler’s Sentra, your humble caravan making its way toward the reservation line. You were all but consumed with excitement by the time your ride slowed to a park at the edge of First Beach, the driftwood-littered span of coastline humming warmly as it absorbed the generous rays of sunshine, drinking it like honey as it reached through the sky.

You slipped from the passenger seat, your sneakers encountering the smooth stones so typical of La Push’s waterlines, your feet sinking slightly into the sand as you tread on towards the water, your eyes scanning the shore for the silhouette you so desired. The wind blew brine against your skin, your eyes squinting against the gentle gusts, your face burning like the end of a live wire from the sudden chill the air had kissed along your cheekbones. There were hardly any visitors by the water, though there was an abandoned fire pit already constructed just west of the path your sister’s friends were following to the sea. Bella’s hand smoothed over your shoulder, her voice low in your ear.

“Hey, I need to borrow Jacob before we leave. I’m trying to get a hold of some fish fry, I want to see if his dad has anything in his freezer. Just… I’ll need to steal him when you make your way back to the beach, if that works for you. There’s just a few things I want to ask him before we leave,” she concluded, her eyes firing unspoken inquiries atop her previous question, asking wordlessly if she was set to continue while you were making your escape. You shot her a smile, assuring her that her plan was perfectly acceptable as you backed up a step, your hand propelled her forward. Her palm slipped from your borrowed shirt as she stumbled to meet her friends, walking in step with Angela Weber, who waved her goodbyes over her shoulder, glasses glinting in the sunlight.

“I was worried you weren’t going to show,” Jacob’s voice crawled through your skin, seeping into your veins and lighting your heart ablaze. You spun on your heel, watching him saunter somewhat clumsily from around Mike Newton’s bumper, his hands buried deep in the pockets of his worn denim jeans. You rushed him, throwing your arms around his neck before he had time to properly react. Instead, he absorbed the shock of impact, staggering back a step before his arms had the freedom necessary to close around your back, his palms warming your skin through the Chief’s weathered tee shirt. His laughter rumbled from his chest and into yours, his voice giddy in your ear, his lips mere inches from your hair. “It’s good to see you too, Y/n.” You separated, your hands falling to Jacob’s forearms, his palms still planted on your waist, holding you at a distance or perhaps hungry for contact, his dark eyes glinting joyfully. “You’d think I just came back from war with that reception.” You rolled your eyes, slipping away from his grasp and falling in step with his stride, waving to Bella with Jacob doing the same beside you before you dared to turn your body away from the shoreline, the two of you retreating in the direction of his house.

“It’s been one Hell of a week, Jake. Forgive me if I seem happy to see my best friend,” you bumped into his side, his smile widening over brilliantly white teeth, his hand brushing against the back of your own. “I’ve been counting down the days until this trip for a week now. Just to get away from everyone drilling us about the accident… God, it’s like I can finally breathe again.” Jacob grimaced sympathetically, his stride shortening to allow you to close the fragment of distance that had blossomed between you, a natural result of your varying heights.

“Happy to be of service,” he chuckled, his eyes dancing in the light of day, his long hair shining at the crown of his head like polished obsidian. He had his hair tied at the nape of his neck with a rubber band to keep it from obstructing his vision, but that didn’t keep it from memorizing yours. You walked a few paces in silence, your arm all but glued to his own, his skin warming you through like a hot water bottle wherever you touched, his knuckles grazing your own with each step you took together. After a while, Jacob took a deep breath, inhaling slowly before releasing the contents of his lungs in a quick, jolting exhale. You were nearly at his home now; his garage was within view, the tallest cedars kept at bay by the edge of the property line encasing his little red house. He spoke as you inched down his street, your feet crushing gravel as you moved. “So, the last time we spoke, or the time before that I guess, I asked you a pretty important question,” he began, his voice solid despite his physical unease; his shoulders had become stiff from the nervous weight of his words, though he was loose where his skin met yours. You nodded slowly, his eyes burning into yours as you moved. “I was hoping to cash-in on that, well… that date, if that’s alright with you.” You smiled warmly, watching his expression bloom with wondrous, blissful victory.

“Anything to put Quil at ease,” you laughed, continuing despite his exasperated glance, his smile clear in your peripheral vision, “I only wish you would’ve told me we were doing this today, Jake. I would’ve gone for something my own size,” you laughed, pinching at the hemline of your shirt with the hand closest to Jacob, his laughter filtering through the air like a breeze. His hand inched over yours, his fingertips grazing the backside of your hand, turning your palm to meet his own. His fingers laced effortlessly with yours, your gait slowing considerably as your hands fell between your bodies, locked together in warmth and peace and thrilling comfort. It was a natural engagement, holding hands with your childhood friend, but the contact was now weighted with heavy implications, sinking like lead in still water beneath the burden of such wild emotions. This was no common act; this was entirely new territory, and Jacob had just paved the first road through the otherwise unbroken wilderness. His thumb passed a circle over your skin, his exhale softening the sky above you. You were quiet, then, absorbed entirely in the honey of the moment, your silence broken only when Jacob’s voice perked up through the air, cutting the quiet cleanly, his volume docked to a gravelly whisper.

“Well, I was planning something for a little earlier, but someone went and got hit by a car. It was completely out of my control,” you giggled at his expression, his eyes rolling back in his head as he professed his innocence, his smile blindingly bright as he beamed down at you, your bodies moving ever closer as you continued past his front door, your feet carrying you without thought to Jacob’s garage. He seemed reluctant to release your hand as you passed into the open space, his hand remaining closed around yours as you moved to sit on the bench beside his work table, your foot nudging a piece of metal that was nestled in the dirt, unaccounted for. Jacob’s body was pressed against your side, his hand squeezing yours tentatively. You lifted your gaze from his silken russet skin melting into yours, locking into his gaze. “Are you doing okay? Anything still hurting since…?” he whispered, his concern obvious behind the frail exterior wall of nerves that had been erected within his irises. You shook your head, ignoring the dull ache in your ribs from the faded print Edward Cullen had left on your skin, pressing your lips together as you pretended to assess your damages.

“Nope, everything seems to be in working order. Can’t move my right hand anymore, but other than that, I seem to have emerged unscathed,” you jested, watching Jacob’s cheeks darken as your words melted against his skin, his eyes sparkling with humour. His thumb rubbed another circle against the backside of your hand, his breath deep and easy. “Much better now that you’re here, actually. Don’t let it go to your head, though.” Jacob beamed, his happiness infectious, travelling from his palm to yours like a volt of clandestine lightning.

“It’s too late for that,” he chuckled, his voice cracking some, his eyes locked on your hand in his. He bit his lower lip anxiously, raising his eyes to meet yours, a somewhat guilty expression consuming his features. “I don’t really have much planned, as far as an activity. I figured we could, you know, just hang around and talk, but if you want to head back to the beach at some point-” he began, his voice low and honest, his eyes open as they bored into yours. You grinned, giving him a simple squeeze, sending a pule of reassurance from your hand through to his.

“Hey, it doesn’t have to be so drastically different than what we’re used to, Jake. I’m fine with just talking to you and enjoying the sunshine,” he sighed, relieved, laughing quietly at his own tension. “We’ll have to head back at some point, but there’s no rush. Bells wants to talk to you, something about fish fry. She’ll probably give you some sort of talk about… well, this, but she’s not the type to interject too much. We have plenty of time to construct your defense before then.” Jacob smiled warmly, moving to stand before you, his hand tugging you up to meet him, his chest mere inches from your own before he began moving backwards.

“Let’s enjoy that sunshine,” he grinned, walking backwards until he had successfully pulled you from the shade of the garage and into the temporary brilliance of the sunlight.

Double Date - Solangelo

Double Dates


Will popped the question when him and Nico were walking along the shoreline. “How would you feel about, oh, I don’t know, double dating?”

Nico, misunderstanding the question, jumped back, yanking his hand out of Will’s larger one in the process. “W-what!?” Nico stuttered in disbelief. “This is a wholly monogamous relationship, Will… We are in no way polyamorous and if you enjoy partaking in things like that, then maybe you should’ve mentioned it before we made us official not because that’s wrong or anything but because that’s pretty vital infor-”

“Woah, woah, woah!” Will stopped in his tracks and grabbed Nico’s skinny wrist, turning the younger boy until he was facing him. “Woah. I don’t really know what ‘monogamous’ or ‘polyamorous’ means - you know I don’t speak nineteen thirties - so before you continue to freak out, could you explain what in Olympus you’re talking about?”

Nico grimaced, shooting the blonde a look that obviously read seriously, Will? “Monogamous means a relationship between only two people, and polyamorous is, as you put it, double dating - having many or more than one romantic partner - which is something that doesn’t appeal to me. Like, at all.”

To Nico’s further confusion, Will’s jaw dropped. “You think that’s what double dating means?” Will threw his head back, laughing. “No, Gods, I keep forgetting that you’re still so behind on twenty-first century lingo… Double dating doesn’t mean having an open relationship. It means going on a date with another couple.”

“Oh.” As embarrassment took over, Nico could feel red hot blood rush up his body and to his cheeks. It wasn’t his fault that he categorized double dating with polyamorous relationships - they sounded like they could’ve had similar meaning, and learning modern terms wasn’t exactly on his list of things to do now that the Giant War was over. Besides, he was still trying to grasp the concept of the foolish mortal term, YOLO. You’re only little once? You Only Like Oreos? He just didn’t understand.

Will smiled crookedly at the sight of his blushing boyfriend, and caught the dark-haired boy off guard when he leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss to the reddened skin of his cheek. “You’re so cute, you know that?”

Nico shied away and hung his head so that his shaggy hair fell over his eyes, embarrassed by both his mistake and Will’s affection. “I’m not cute…”

He heard Will hum in thought. “You’re right… You’re not cute, you’re adorable, Darling.”

Knowing that there wasn’t a chance to get Will to take the unmanly term back, Nico got over his embarrassments and lifted his head back up to glare at his boyfriend. “I just can’t win with you, can I?” He exhaled.

“Nope!” Will grinned, popping the ‘p’ in nope. “Now, your opinion on double dating?” The two resumed their walking, and it took a moment of thinking before Nico shrugged in reply.

“I don’t know, it kind of sounds weird… Going out with another couple? I’m just barely l at ease when it’s just the two of us, so who knows how awkward it’ll be when we bring two others into the equation.” Nico wrinkled his nose. “Yeah, while I can’t really base my answer on experience, I’d have to say that I probably wouldn’t enjoy it all that much.”

From the corner of his eye, Nico could see that Will had pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. “Are you sure? Maybe you’d like it, if you gave it a try…”

Nico knew Will too well to know that his boyfriend was hinting at something. “You set up a double date, didn’t you?” He asked with a sigh, raising his arm to brush his hand through his hair. His fingers knotted in the dark strands, and he had to tug a couple of times to free them.
“Yeah, about that, I might ha-” Before Will could finish his sentence, a faceless force pounced onto Nico’s back, successfully knocking the son of Hades face-first into the ground.

“What the-” Nico flipped himself over so he could see what the heck just sent him flying to the ground and groaned once he was met with the sea-green eyes of his past crush. “Percy.” He warned in annoyance, trying and failing to push the older boy off of him. When Percy refused to move, he could hear Will chuckle from somewhere above. “Get off of me.” He said bluntly, but once again, the son of Poseidon didn’t budge.

“But I’m so comfortable here… No wonder Will likes to cuddle you.” He nuzzled his face into Nico’s neck, giving the boy he had trapped under him an unpleasant mouthful of raven hair. “You’re like a giant, fluffy teddy bear from the Underworld… Maybe I should steal you for myself.” The trapped boy heard Will make a sound of disapproval. Nico was sure his face was redder than Apollo’s cows at that point, and had never been so thankful for Annabeth - she had arrived with Percy, but her arrival was nowhere near as pronounced - who crouched down to lug her boyfriend to his feet.

“That’s enough, Seaweed Brain.” Annabeth chided, but there was laughter laced in her voice.

“Yeah, hands off my boyfriend!” With a light smack to Percy’s arm, Will reached his hand down to Nico and pulled him up. The underworld-born narrowed his eyes at Percy, who became slightly uncomfortable from the intense look as he spoke.

“So, uh, are you guys ready? We have reservations in like, half an hour. Or, I think it’s half an hour…” Percy glanced down at a watch he was given by Leo before looking up at Annabeth in puzzlement. “Annabeth, this thing doesn’t make any sense!” He huffed, shoving his wrist up to the stormy-eyed girl’s face.

“Perce, it’s just a normal watch.”

“No, it’s a stupid watch!”

Ignoring their further banter, Nico turned to his boyfriend with a mixture of question and annoyance pooling in his dark eyes. “Ready? Will, what does he mean by ‘are you guys ready’?” Nico crossed his arms, cocking his hip to the side in expectancy for an answer.

Will smiled down at him sheepishly. “Surprise…” He tried, shaking his hands in the air. “We’re going on a double date with these two! Isn’t that, uh, exciting?”
“Will, really?” Nico complained, lolling his head back to look up at the darkening night sky. Annabeth stepped away from Percy before will could respond. “So, apparently Percy’s been reading his watch wrong and we actually have ten minutes to get to the restaurant, not thirty…” She paused to glare at her embarrassed-looking boyfriend. “And that means that if we want to keep our reservation, we need to leave right this second.” With that, Athena’s daughter snatched Percy’s hand and began to walk away from the shoreline. Will and Nico followed, but Will could see that Nico didn’t look as happy as he would’ve liked.

“Aw, cheer up -  it’ll be fun! Well, as long as Percy doesn’t try anything funny with you.” He sent a challenging look Percy’s way, slinging his arm around Nico possessively. Nico angled his head to look back at his boyfriend, the smallest shadow of a smile dancing across his lips. “Don’t worry, he’s not really my type.”

From ahead, Nico could hear an irritated grunt leaving Percy’s lips, followed by a grumbled “Not his type…” Percy shook his head. “I’m everyone’s type.”

Sometimes I’m just like?????????? My mouth just lies there agape, because I’m honestly so fascinated with ‘This Love,’ and all of the little production details that make me think that I’m slightly going insane, because no one else notices them. BUT IT’S GENUINELY THE MOST LOVELY, HEARTBREAKING SONG ON ‘1989.’ IT JUST GIVES ME CHILLS. Like, as the song goes on, and the production changes (as a person does after a relationship), you begin to have this underlying feeling in you. You sense the beat picking up which naturally makes you think happy thoughts, but then you have Taylor just echoing her ballads of a love lost, yet it’s coming back when she least expected it. If you took the production and related it back to a real world perspective, it’d be as if her life was getting brighter all around her but there was a missing piece. Something kept pulling her back away from the shoreline into danger, almost like the clockwork of tides (heh, I know she uses this metaphor). Maybe I’m just thinking way too much into it. It’s been over a year, since it’s release and I overthink lyrics way too often, but lately productions of songs, especially on ‘1989,’ have portrayed the feeling of the album way differently then what I initially felt listening to it. Idk…..but yeah…

With the sun set on the horizon and loud music playing from the clubs just a mile away, Bella wanders around the shoreline, occasionally doing cartwheels and twirling to the music playing as if no one was watching. She’s been doing this her whole life; the beach was a place for her to let loose and be free from her troubles. She turns around and spots someone watching her, making her stop dancing. “Oh, hello. Didn’t see you there.” She greets them with a wave.

anonymous asked:

Ah, maybe the nohr guys oogling Kamui at the beach in her bikini? And her precious butler comes in and saves the day!

He understood. Really, he did. Jakob could see why the men were fairly interested in staring over at you while you run across the shore, trying to escape from Elise who was waving a jellyfish he caught on a stick and was trying to sting show you.

Little did you know that every step you took in that bikini made you look rather enticing. And the boys all had faces the color equivalent to a ripe tomato. He wasn’t sure what was worse; The fact that you didn’t care or that all the men you ran past did.

It seemed that being your husband didn’t seem to deter any of the hormonal creatures whose eyes seemed glued to you.

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Disturbing Camping Encounter

From Reddit User Coronaisntbad:


Background: I work summers as a camp counsellor in the northern parts of Ontario, Canada. On the date this particular incident occurred, I was camping with a group of ten year old boys on the same lake the summer camp was based on. So, like a routine camping trip we canoe out to the site and set up our tents. Me and my co-counsellor ( Mike ) take turns supervising the kids while they swim, build forts and play games etc. We cook some food over the fire, sit around and tell stories, cook smores, the typical Canadian camping experience. Around 9:30ish, I tell the kids its time for bed and they head into their tents, which were positioned a small walk away from the shoreline but still in line of sight from where we had the fire pit.

So the kids have gone to bed and me and Mike are shooting the shit by the water smoking a cigarette, just basically hanging out before we decide to head into our tent and call it a night. What happened next still troubles me to this day, and remains my go-to scary campfire story.

We were both gazing into the pitch black night water, when we saw a small light approaching us slowly and slightly above water level. We speculated what it could possibly be for a few minutes, before it came close enough for us to see that it was mounted on the front of a kayak and that someone was approaching our campsite.

Now, it is important to note that as a camp counsellor part of our training goes over how to deal with stranger encounters in an environment where we are responsible for a group of children on public property. I was prepared to give the mystery paddler the typical speech about how we are camping with a group from a recognized organization, and we would respectfully ask that they find another campsite, however this person’s appearance shook me to the bone as the light drew nearer. Paddling this kayak was a woman, who looked to be in her 60s. She had incredibly long, wisps of grey hair that was trailing in the water. Her skin looked like old leather, and her dead looking eyes were tough to spot under all her wrinkles. She looked direclly at me, and when she spoke I realized she was missing most of her teeth. “ Are all your children safe in bed?” She asked me pointing in the direction of the tents. Not really knowing how to respond and quite frankly shitting myself, I responded by telling her that they were fine and she had to leave. “ Thats good. Just as expected for this time” She said with a smile, then turned her kayak and paddled off into the night.

At this point in time, myself and Mike were legitimately very creeped out not only be the appearance of this mystery women who resembled a freaking corpse, but also her inquiry on the whereabouts and safety of the kids we had brought on this trip. Not knowing what else to do we grabbed our hunting knives and sat by the fire after checking on the kids . Half an hour later is where shit started to get really creepy.

Across the lake, a female counsellor was leading another trip for kids the same age group. She sent me a text which read something along the lines of “ Hey, Sean. Stop screwing with us. This isn’t funny, my kids are really creeped out” I instantly called her and let her know I had just seen someone near my campsite that seemed eerie, and that I was not trying to play a joke. Apparently one of their kids had opened their tent door to take a piss and seen a woman with long hair standing with her arms opened towards them near the shoreline.


Was the Lake Champlain Monster (Champ) caught on tape?

Recently, a 33yr old man uploaded some footage to YouTube of what he claims is Champ swimming by the shore, at night, on the Vermont side of Lake Champlain. The man, who happens to be Navy veteran, states that in the video you can clearly see what appears to be the head of a creature swimming by the shoreline where he set up his camera trap. 

The man says that you can see a shape resembling that of an alligator. You can see the top of the head, eye ridges, and some of the snout. He also goes on to say that he wants serious discussion to take place within the scientific community of what is shown within this video.

Is this thing really Champ? I am going to instantly say no. The reason for this is because the video is way to smooth to show what is generally regarded as an extremely large, dinosaur-like creature. Time to explain why we feel this way.

First off, the camera trap was placed on the shoreline so you can make out the general distance from the waters edge to the location in which the unknown thing is “swimming”. From how it looks, it appears to be around 12ft (give or take) away from the shoreline. If this was the legendary Champ, it should appear to be much larger than what we are seeing in the video. We should be seeing more of a small horse-like head sitting on top of a somewhat long neck as generally reported by eyewitnesses. Since we are not seeing this, one would have to assume that the water giant is submerged so far below the surface (while still continuing to move) that only the top of its head is visible. This now presents new problems. The average depth of the lake is 64ft, the middle is around 400ft at its deepest, so near the shoreline the depth should be in the area of single digits to possibly the teens in terms of depth. Basically, this is not enough space to hide the extremely large body of Champ.

To further sell this point, look at the Mansi Photograph below which was taken in 1977. This photo is widely believed to be the best photo ever taken of a large unknown aquatic animal in a location where a monster is said to dwell.

The area of the lake in which this photo was taken is no more than 14ft deep. Look how much of this creature is exposed in this shallow of water. You can see the head, the neck, the top of the body. This is what you should be seeing in shallow areas of the lake where Champ is hanging out in, not a small exposed part of its head.

Now, lets move on to the second reason as to why this object in the video is more than likely not Champ. As I mentioned earlier, the video is extremely smooth. The unknown object comes into view and glides along the surface of the water without interruption and exits the frame on the other side. While it does look interesting as it is moving, what is even more interesting is that there are zero disturbances on the waters surface the entire time it’s moving. If a large dinosaur-like creature were to actually be swimming (or walking) past this camera, you would surely see ripples from the large body. You would be seeing the churning of water with every movement of its giant flippers. Because of how close it is to the shore, you would quite literally be seeing small waves created and moving in towards the camera. You should at least be seeing some exposed part of the bulk of the body or even some small part of the tail breaking the surface as it moves by. But you see absolutely nothing like this. Since none of these signs are present, this leads one to believe that this object is not alive.

So if the object in the video is not Champ, what is it? Simple, what we are looking at in the video is nothing more than (what we believe to be) a leafy branch caught in a small offshore current. Watch the way the object slightly bobs on the surface at the same moments the other objects do. Notice how it appears to never change direction in even the slightest way. It is not a lake monster, it is a branch. 

Alright, so it’s not Champ, but why does it look like a creatures head? Another easily answered question. The reason it appears to be a living creatures head is because of Pareidolia, the psychological phenomenon in which your brain applies a familiar pattern to objects where no pattern exists. We are seeing the features of a head because we want to see them. Take looking at clouds for example, if you stare at them long enough you will begin to see the shapes of animals or machines or people. This same thing happens with all sorts of other objects as well. If you happen to be in Florida and you stare out into any body of water, a submerged branch or log can easily become a hidden alligator. If you are in the woods and you see a downed tree in the distance with its roots exposed and dirt still attached, your mind could change that into the shape of a shaggy, dirty Bigfoot (this actually happens quite often). Faces appearing in wood grain, rock formations showing facial features, tree limbs looking like extended hands. Any scenario is possible, just look at the famous face on mars.

One final thing to solidify our pareidolia theory, since the object in the video is shown to us under low light and night vision conditions, the subtle details have become washed out. We are no longer able to see the individual branches or the leaves of the phony creature. They have all become blended together to give the appearance of one solid shape, a shape that just so happens to look somewhat similar to a creatures head. 

-The Pine Barrens Institute

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*Mariam had always been warned away from the shoreline for fear of being seen by the humans. So when she hears the resounding vibration of something entering the water from above, and watches the tall, pale boy start to sink without any struggle she falters. What should she do…? The human looks seriously hurt… She can taste his blood in the water and he’s not struggling much. But there are horrible stories about what’s happened to her kind when they got involved with those on land. Treading the water, she finally decides it to be evil of her to let him drown. Mariam wraps her arms around the man’s waist and uses her strong tail to propel them both toward the surface. When they break the water, Mariam swims back to land with the man. It’s late… There are no other humans around. She pushes the man’s body onto the wet sand where the waves still lick, enough that she’s still got her tail wet, and places both of her hands on the man’s chest. Pushing down a couple times, like she’s read about in their books, her eyes go wide and she reels backward as the pale boy starts to cough up the water in his lungs and open his bleary eyes. Instantly panicked that he might’ve caught a glimpse of her, Mariam tries to get herself back out deep enough into the sea so that she can hide herself but still watch to make sure he’s okay.*

The concept of memory - broken by spells, accidents, or a night of heavy drinking - continued to intrigue writers who could explore new ways of developing a connection between Derek and Stiles. And, while canon had a less direct impact on fic, writers hadn’t given up on it yet. The Stiles who’d been left behind in Beacon Hills needed Derek, still, and Derek was the kind of hero who didn’t turn away from a fight.

Kissing the Shoreline | theroguesgambit ( @halekingsourwolf ) | 12,002 | Teen | Sterek | 2 August 2015

Stiles doesn’t want just any summer fling. He wants Derek. And Lydia is determined to help Stiles get him.

and it tortures slow | @callunavulgari | 1,177 | Teen | Sterek | 4 August 2015

“Do these eyes look blue?” Theo asks, and Stiles looks at him. No, he thinks, and almost says that he wishes they were.

So Pretty | @LadyDrace | 2,099 | Explicit | Sterek | 4 August 2015

Stiles reveals a kink to Derek, who then discovers a different one of his own.

We Dare Speak | Siria ( @siriaeve ) | 1,266 | Teen | Sterek | 5 August 2015

“No, dude, no, no, no,” Stiles said, pressing his phone into Derek’s hands with clumsy urgency. “If it’s going to be a dare, we need visual proof. No takesie-backsies.”

misdirection | @bleep0bleep | 4,576 | Gen | Sterek | 6 August 2015

Derek’s just moved back to Beacon Hills with his young daughter, whose newest favorite thing is Mr. Stiles and his magic shop. Derek likes Stiles a lot too, except he’s a bit worried about how Stiles’ magic is… actually real, and the local pack and their Emissary might find that a problem.

I’m gonna be naked (and you’re wasted) | @Marishna | 1,590 | Teen | Sterek | 6 August 2015

“Who are you?” Derek asked, his voice sounding foreign to him. He cleared his throat lightly and grimaced at the scratchy feeling, as if he’d been yelling a lot the night before.

“I thought you might not remember.” He stood up and offered his hand to Derek who took it automatically. “I’m Stiles. The stripper.”

Kiss It Better, Kiss It Back Together | @crossroadswrite | 3,427 | Gen | Sterek | 7 August 2015

For the tumblr prompt: stiles is cursed by a witch to forget the person he loves the most so everyone thinks it’s Lydia but it’s not and the only way to get the memories back is through a kiss

Teenage Dream | @matildajones | 58,595 | Mature | Sterek | 26 February 2015 - 7 August 2015

“I’m married. I’m married to Derek Hale,” Stiles says. Everything seems to hit him at once. He pushes aside the fact there’s a celebrity sitting right next to him, and then thinks of why the fuck he can’t remember him, why he doesn’t know who he’s married to, and how much time he must have lost.

After an accident, Stiles wakes up to what can only be a dream. He has money, he has fame, he has award winning actor Derek Hale as his husband. It quickly seems more and more like a nightmare because Stiles doesn’t remember getting any of it - and it’s hard to accept the reality that Derek can still love him.

The Best Bad Things | @troubleiwant | 10,583 | Teen | Sterek | 8 August 2015

“Fuck,” Stiles moans again, squirming desperately against Derek’s crotch. “You gotta - gotta give me something.” He does his best to slide a hand into the back of Derek’s underwear, and gets far enough that his middle finger brushes the base of his spine.

“I am,” Derek says, reaching back to grab Stiles by the wrist. He deftly pins both of the kid’s arms above his head and grins, all teeth.

Stiles goes quiet, then, chest heaving and eyes wide. This is what he’s here for, after all. To feel like he’s doing something dangerous.

monday i can fall apart but by friday i’m in love | @tryslora | 5,609 | Mature | Sterek | 8 August 2015

It’s just past five in the morning and Stiles is barely awake, wearing only sleep pants that hang low below his pregnant belly, and he can’t get the damned brand new jar of decaf coffee open. But he has a neighbor, and he’s too tired to think that waking someone else up at this hour might not be the best (or politest) of ideas.

Ocean Eyes - The Saltwater Room

Characters - Bucky x Reader

Word Count - 1056

Warnings - Angst? Just..sadness

A/N - This was supposed to be a drabble, and it wasn’t supposed to become a series but I think it might. Each part will be based off a song for the album Ocean Eyes by Owl City This story is very loosely based on my own life; the album is something that reminds me of my first love. The Saltwater Room is a song we sang together in the car after we said “I love you” the first time and again one of the last times I saw him. Years later and unforeseen circumstances have lead us to be 1,000 miles apart and unable to contact each other. I’ve waited a long time to write this and…idk, I guess now is the time. It’s okay if ya’ll don’t like this one, it’s more of just me needing to get it out and if you don’t like it then I won’t post anymore of it.

Song - The Saltwater Room

Bucky rolled over, half asleep. He stretched in the warmth of his bed, jumping suddenly when he felt that you weren’t lying beside him. He sat up in the darkness of his bedroom, looking around frantically for you. His heart rate was going a mile a minute and his breathing was erratic as his eyes scanned the room. Everything came to a standstill when he finally caught sight of you outside, walking along the shoreline just yards away from the house.

You looked like something out of a movie; wrapped in the deep maroon throw blanket that was usually tossed across the back of the couch as you stepped barefoot through the cool sand. Wind whipped through your hair and you closed your eyes as you came to a stop. Taking a shallow, shaky breath, you opened your eyes and looked out into the dark blue abyss that was the night sky.

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#daithi de calibre 5ever-daithi de calibre

Rating: T, maybe not even that.

Warnings: Lui. Daithi being a goddamn troll. FLUFF.

Notes: thanks to stetalbot  for officially making me Daithi De Calibre trash.

“I still don’t know how you managed to get me to come here, Nogla.” Lui scoffed, crossing his arms against his chest and kicking his feet up onto the rough wooden railing he was leaning against. Nogla hummed quietly, turning and looking down at his best friend with his best goofy grin on his face and Lui just shook his head and looked out over the railing at the waves crashing against the shoreline, people laying out on the beach and swimming and soaking up the late-afternoon sun.

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Westley Monahan for Siml3gacies’ Sims 3 Store Giveaway.

As a salty sea breeze whips up around him, Westley Monahan pulls up the anchor and aptly maneuvers his small skiff out of the shallow harbor and into the open ocean. Once safely away from the shoreline, he reaches down for what must be the hundredth time today and briskly unhinges the lock on the compartment below his seat, ensuring that his loot rests safely where he stashed it. His boss expects a good haul this time, and he will not disappoint him.

West never wanted to become a thief, but born in the crossfires of an ugly civil war he learned quickly to rely upon himself and only himself. After the slaughter of his mother and siblings at the tender age of fourteen, he journeyed hundreds of miles alone toward the nearest city where he took to pickpocketing and swindling to survive. Before long, however, the quick witted, charismatic young man joined forces with a local street gang and began taking on larger and larger jobs, eventually working his way up to the very top. Now, an elite con artist and master thief with an impressive record of hits to his name, he travels the world stealing ultra-rare artifacts and performing whatever other nefarious tasks his bosses set out for him.

Nevertheless, despite enjoying the thrill and freedom that comes with his career, Westley feels trapped by his life of crime and yearns to escape it, but in his line of work one cannot simply resign. Still, as the stakes grow higher and the risks grow deadlier, he knows that something must change. But how?

Adventurous | Charismatic | Daredevil | Irresistible | Rebellious

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Wrapped Around Your Finger ▏B.I

▶ Part two to Close As Strangers. Happy Valentine’s Day :)

“Makin’ all our plans in the Santa Cruz sand that night. I thought I had you in the palm of my hand that night.”

           Santa Cruz, California.

           Without a doubt, the best place she could’ve chosen to spend her time away from campus during Spring break. Yeah, most people from the university were likely spending their break in L.A or San Diego, or anywhere else in the massive state, but she was in Santa Cruz.

           She sat on the sand just a short distance away from the shoreline. If she stretched her feet out, the water could kiss the tips of her toes.

           In the distance, the sounds of people laughing and kids screaming from boardwalk could be heard loud and clear. Every now and then she would spot a couple walking right past her holding hands, reminding her of how lonely she felt.

           With a sigh, she rested her hand in the sand and threw her head back. “Hanbin,” she said softly. “Wherever you are right now, I hope you’re taking care of yourself.”

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