Valerie had been contemplating how to tell Aaliyah since she told Gen. A best friend is supposed to be there for moments like this. But more often, Aaliyah and Valerie haven’t even spoken, here and there but nothing constant like they used to. Aaliyah agreed to come over and talk to Val. Letting out the soft sigh she had been holding in, Valerie exhaled and sat on the couch awating her best friend’s arrival. Her hand rested on her small bump that happened to only be noticiable through her fitted shirt. @brcwns


$500 -goddamn-batgirl, to help her get from Ca to NJ for SPWF

$200  -ritnou, to help her fix her car that was wrecked on the way to a con ( and help replace the cosplay lost from atop the car in the accident)

$100  -enasnivolv, for WonderCon ( I hope to see you there and meet you!)

$50 to each of the following: Socies, shinshayoriginals, theshotaboy, and kitten-cutie.

I wish that I had more to give, all of the entries were great! I’ll have to do this again.


-so, convention season is heating up and I’ve got $500 burning a hole in my pocket that would be of use to struggling cosplayer’s needing help to attend cons.

This is simple; reblog this post and you’re in the running ( no need to ‘follow’ me, but honestly, WHY NOT?!?), add ( in the tags or in the body of the post) the con that you hope to attend and your cosplay page ( if different from your Tumblr). 

Friday MARCH 21, 2014 I’ll pick one ( ) winner. Keep your 'ask’ open, and I’ll contact you to make arrangements to get you the cash.

REQUIREMENT: If picked post photos of you at the con on Tumblr!

IMPORTANT UPDATE (3-12-14): while I’ll still be awarding the 1 $500 prize the response has been so overwhelmin that I’ll add some smaller 2nd Place amounts. Please mention the distance that you are from the con that you hope to attend in your entries ( miles away, cities away, states away, countries, planets, realities, etc)

centauri by len-yan

featuring the centaurus constellation accompanied by the cross constellation.

the star marked with a slightly brighter green is alpha centauri, our closest stellar neighbour (some 4 light years away) which is in fact two stars: apha centauri A and alpha centauri B; together with a dimmer proxima centauri they form a triple-star system.

sometimes i like to wonder if i’ll live to see the day when a human-made machine reaches that far.. =)

SnK Magazine: Eren
The fairly looong awated Jaeger!
I know a lot of you sweetheart wanted him
And I myself couldn’t hold back longer xD
So here is the long awaited cutie!
Who will be the next covergirl? 

Watch the speed paint
Get the print
Other covers


As suggested by shingeki-no-emiri “ smol little Hinata by about to get hit in the face with a volleyball, until tol biffle kageyama protects little cinnamon roll as if it’s nothing at all.”


Send me a hq!! request and I’ll draw it as a countdown to season 2!

A slightly updated size comparison taking into account everything that has been pointed out to me and suggested over the last few months. Basically I made the Fire Drake of Gondolin bigger and Glaurung smaller to more accurately match descriptions.

so i used wayback machine to search the upd8 tag

take a look at this vintage bullshit

these are some of the top posts for 12/15/2012

2012 was such a different time lmfaooo no one would get awat with using ghetto in a post in 2015 lets be honest

Meanwhile at a clave meeting

*magnus´s phone rings*

magnus: so sorry, one minute

magnus: hello?


magnus: oh my god what`s wrong??


magnus: alec just kill it


alec: absolutely  not, this spider did nothing to me!

magnus: good, then leave it

alec: are you out of your goddamn mind


Stuffed pretzel appreciation post.  Jalapeño stuffed pretzel and Cream cheese stuffed pretzel. Unfortunately, neither pretzel are available in any of the parks.


850928 #happydongday. happy 29/30th birthday my darling prince, shin donghee  i could write a big ass paragraph about how talented you are and how much elf love you but i’m not going to. you see, i’ve done that for the past 4 years. instead i’m going to keep it kinda short and sweet.  shin donghee. 29 years ago on this very day you took your first breath and arrived in this world. since then you have grown into a wonderful man. you have experienced many things, some of which were good, the others, well, not so good but you continued to grow and you continued to strive for your dreams. you have made some mistakes, we all have and you have learned from them and thus developed as a person. you have shown the world that you are more than meets the eye. you have shown the world what it is to be a prodigy. 
i just want to say happy birthday. i hope you have a fantastic day and even though you are awating your impending military service i hope you get lots of sleep, lots of rest and fuck your diet and eat lots of cake because as you once said ‘diet is bullshit’. happy birthday my sweet angel ♥

Part 4-Spooky Skeleton

The spotlight illuminated the stage once more, harsh and brilliant in the dark. A lone skeleton stood atop the center platform, two menacing blasters floating behind him. He opened his closed socket, revealing two glowing blue eyes.

*Welcome, folks! Is everyone READY TO HAVE A GOOD TIME?

Frisk nearly jumped out of their seat as the audience roared around them, wondering how amazing this show must have been in order to elicit such a reaction.

The ever-grinning skeleton nodded, stepping off of the platform as the two beasts hovered close.

*Well, alright then. What are we waiting for?

He strutted over to the male Blaster, placing a hand under its skeletal chin with a light tap. On command, the large beast tilted its head back with narrowed eye sockets, gaze locked onto Sans.

*Now, I’m gonna let you folks in on a little secret. Y’see, I ain’t got much HP. I got this many, in fact.

Sans lifted his index finger high into the air, a hush befalling the crowd.

*Makes my job…risky.

The rather jovial animal trainer proceeded to lean towards the blaster’s open maw, smirking as the audience seemed to gasp in unison.

The blaster looked down as San’s neck poked just beneath its teeth.It uttered a low growl, and brought its fangs down. Just as they were about to clamp down on San’s neck–! 

He was gone.

 Or rather, he had teleported, now comfortably seated atop the blaster, chuckling as the crowd remembered how to breathe.

The rest of the ACT went on in a similar manner. The skeleton hopped between the two Blasters, dodging their short bursts of crackling magic, the smile never leaving his face. At the end of his performance, the human child continued to clap long past the moment when Sans took his bow, excited to see the rest of the show.

Backstage, Sans glared at Gaster as the tall ringmaster watched the show carry on through the night, muttering under his breath.

*I saw the kid in the crowd. Hell if I could mistake that face.

He spoke up a little louder, waving a hand towards Gater.

*So, what now? We gonna let them prance about unnoticed, or are we going to do something about it!?

Gaster turned his head torwards Sans, an almost irritatingly bright smile etched into his face.

*(You know I’m one for second chances. That child and our little…menace are not one in the same. This one seems good, I can feel it.)

*You’ve said that before. 

*(I know I have.)

A tense silence hung in the air until finally, Sans shrugged, strutting away to where his Blasters awaited him outside.

*I’ll be back for last curtain.  Just remember, old man…I don’t trust ‘em. Just looking at their face makes my bones ache.

As the small skeleton walked away, Gaster sighed, looking back towards Frisk.

*(We need to move on, Sans…and I know what we could do to start.)

Special thanks to @histurytole for the Snas-y artwork!