Reggie Mantle x Reader: Flower Power


A Reggie x Reader where the reader starts giving Reggie a flower each day and he’ll wear it in his hair and lots of fluff please?


A/N: This one was so cute to write, so I hope you guys enjoy. Also sorry for being a bit slow on uploading requests my cat likes to bother me while I write. Tomorrow I’m going to be busy, so don’t expect much tomorrow sorry. Also the reader will be a Lodge in this imagine and is moving in to Riverdale with her family after what her dad did.

Words: 1207

Summary: Reader is new to Riverdale and she hears all these rumors about Reggie Mantle from her sisters (Veronica) friend Betty, but she believes in goodness in everyone even Reggie.

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: Reggie and Reader cuteness overload.

Moving was hard, moving away from all your friends and everything you’ve even known and starting from scratch was harder. Your mother Hermione always talked fondly about her time at Riverdale. She and your father grew up there and since your mother had some property there, you were now moving from the radiant awake city that was New York.

What made it easier was your sister Veronica, she was the more stylish one, and you were only a few months apart. She was your partner in crime, you don’t think you could survive without her.

You moved into Riverdale in the middle of the downpour. The chaos of a murderer on the loose and the beloved quarterback Jason Blossom life came to sad end.

Veronica made friends with a sweet girl named Betty in the summer and Betty introduced you to her friends. Kevin had no filter which you loved, Archie was complicated (but he was good at music and hoped to join the football team when school started a bit of a cliché). Jughead Jones the Third he claimed, was a bit of a mystery, but a great writer.

One day you were all hanging out in the park, when you saw him alone with his dog.

“Who’s that?” you interrupted the conversation and pointed at the tall figure with luscious black hair.

“That’s Reggie Mantle” Kevin answered.

“Reggie” you cheered and Veronica gave you a smirk.

“He’s kind of a player (Y/N)” Betty chimed in.

“So is Veronica, that doesn’t mean I can hate and judge my sister” you chuckled as she gave you a nudge in the shoulder as the group laughed.

“He’s also a bully” Jughead spoke while typing away on his laptop.

“Sorry that he bullies you, but bullies do have a reason for bullying even if it’s not the best argument, they have a reason” you reasoned.

“Why’d you think he bullies me?” Jughead retorted as he lifted his eyebrow.

“Oh, just a hunch” you replied with a smile on your face “I’ll be back” you shared with them as you stood up from the bench and walked towards Reggie, not wanting to be empty handed you picked up a daisy from the grass.

“Cute dog, does it have a name?” you gestured at Reggie.

“Vader” he answered as you reached your hand out to give him the daisy as he gave you a puzzled look.

“I come in peace” you reassured as you placed the small flower on his right ear.

“My name is (Y/N)” you pointed out as Vader was running after his tail.

“Reggie, you new around here?” he questioned as he fixed the daisy in his ear.

“That obvious, or is it the fact that in small towns everybody knows everybody” you chuckled.

“Well that, and you’re talking to me” he implied with a small smile.

“Well, I don’t know you and if I listened to what everyone had to say I could miss out on some great things” you claimed with a smile on your face and he chuckled.

You and Reggie actually became great friends. He confided in you on things he’d never say to anyone, you would even go jogging together every morning and you made sure to always have a flower for him, and he always sweetly placed it in his ear. He also promised to leave Jughead alone.

Tomorrow was going to be your first day at Riverdale High. Your mother, Veronica and you occupied the dinner table as Smithers brought you your food.

“So mija” your mother spoke “I heard you have been hanging out with Reggie Mantle a lot” your mother directed at you.

“Yeah, I have, he’s a really great guy” you claimed.

“Rumor has it-” your mother was cut off by you.

“Rumor has it what?! Mom, I cannot stand it when people label people before getting to know them. We are who are, not what people say we are. I am not a corrupt money taker like people claim because of my father’s mistake. Reggie is who he is, he shows a different side to the world and it is a privilege to know the real Reggie. Besides he just lost a friend to a murderer on the loose in your beloved Riverdale mom. I don’t want to hear any more of this.” You ranted and dropped your fork, now at a loss in your appetite because of your mother.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), I- I was out of line, and you are so correct” your mother concluded and Ronnie took your hand in hers.

The school day was about to start and Betty was assigned to show you and Veronica around. Betty pointed you to your first class as you scanned the hallways for Reggie to give him his flower of the day.

“Do you really think he’ll take your flower in front of the whole school and his neanderthals?” Ronnie questioned you as Betty gave you a small smile.

“If he doesn’t, then you were all right. I wasted my time getting to know a great guy who was too scared to show his true self to the world, and I’ll never speak to him again.” You proclaimed.

You left Betty and Veronica and made your way to Reggie who was at his locker with his posse.

“Hey Reg” you spoke up a bit nervous because you were really hoping he wouldn’t turn you down because you enjoyed hanging out with him.

“Hey (Y/N)” Reggie turned away from his posse.

“Hmm, you’re wearing a cap” you gave him a sad smile.

“That’s okay” he answered with a chuckle as he placed the flower on the hole of his snapback.

You couldn’t help but place a huge smile on your face as he showed of his flower of the day for all the school to see.

Later you were home alone your mom was working at Pops and Veronica was trying out for the River Vixens with Betty, since Smithers had just stepped and you jumped when you heard the doorbell ring.

A bit scared since you were binge watching Criminal Minds and there was a murderer on the lose you grabbed a bat and opened the door.

“Whoa! (Y/N) you can but the bat down it’s just me” Reggie removed the bat from your hands and dropped it as you let him in.

“What you got there?” you cheered at the bouquet of flowers Reggie had in his hands.

“Um” Reggie scratched his head as he still had his flower of the day on his forehead clinging from the snapback “I- I was hoping you would accompany me to the homecoming dance this Friday” he confessed as you took the bouquet.

“Oh my god” you gasped at the bouquet.

“Yeah um it has every single flower you have given me” he concluded as you pulled him into a hug.

As soon as he let go you planted a kiss on his soft lips and mentally thanked the universe for letting him into your life no matter what anyone said.

“So that’s a yes” Reggie cheered as you both let go.

“For you, a thousand times over (This is a quote from The Kite Runner)” you smiled.

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Summary: Y/N Atkins returns from Puerto Rico and all eyes are on her in Liberty High School.

Paring(s): Jeff Atkins x sister!Reader, Montgomery De La Cruz x Reader, Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: N/A

Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 1094

A/N I have no idea how this happened, it was supposed to be a Monty x Reader.  I started this after my first imagine because I thought it would take long for requests to come in and I just finished it.

News traveled around school fairly quick about the new student transferring from Puerto Rico.  While everyone was taking guessing on whether the student was female or male, your year older brother, Jeff, was waiting happily for you to step out of your plane and into the rowdy terminal.  You left the summer before eighth grade simply because you wanted to visit family and here you are, returning in the middle of sophomore year.  With a bunch of begging to your parents, Jeff took the day off from school to pick you up and spend the day with you.

Now, over the years, you would say you changed seeing as middle school was hitting puberty and high school was growing on it.  When you left, you were short, not pale but not exactly Jeff’s skin tone.  However now, your skin and hair were glowing, you have grown at least 6 inches and you were a lot more curvy.  Although your brother loved you to death, he didn’t love the fact that your outfit complimented your body a little too much and that a few immature teenage boys were gawking at you like a piece of meat.

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Avenger Kinks - Smut

           The Avengers and Kinks

Request: N/A

Warnings: This is about sex. So not read if you don’t like it. Simple as that. SMUT.

Summary: Kinks for each of the Avengers. That’s it.


Steve Rogers

           Steve has a major Dom kink. He loved to be on top and watch you squirm beneath him. Even though he was the Dom, he always seemed to feel a need to be constantly pleasuring you. He’d pin you down and bury his face between your legs, loving every second of it.

Tony Stark

           Tony was the complete opposite of Steve. He relished is the way you took full control and pinned him beneath you. He really got riled up when you’d tie him up, leave and return in only your black lingerie and heels. When you applied the pressure of your heels onto Tony’s bare chest, he’d instantly tense up and become groaning mess.

Natasha Romanoff

           Nat loved toys. Her favourite to use on you was her “Lucky Silver Bullet”. She called it lucky because over the course of your year and a half relationship, she’d made you orgasm almost 215 times. Whereas she loved it when you used a simple pink dildo on her.

Clint Barton

           Clint was into doing everything extremely slow and sensual. He loved seeing you shiver underneath him in anticipation.

Thor Odinson                                                      

           Rough was the best way to describe it. Thor was truly a warrior, through and through, and there was no way to conceal that when he got riled up. Biting, scratching, growling. It was animalistic.

Loki Laufeyson

           Loki was into bondage. He loved seeing you tied up, helpless, as he took full control. He would have to hide his grin as he heard you beg for him.

Bruce Banner

           While it wasn’t really a kink, Bruce only ever wanted to have sex in the lab. He didn’t know why, but that’s just how he rolled.

Sam Wilson

           Sam had a major costume kink. He loved when you both put on wings especially, then fucked extremely hard.

Bucky Barnes

           Bucky was really into roleplay. His favourites included ‘Teacher and Student’, ‘Prince and Prisoner’ and ‘Vampire and Sacrifice’.

Pietro Maximoff

           Lots of dirty talk. He’d purr and growl all the things he wanted to do to you in your ear, then kissed your blush.

Wanda Maximoff

           On those nights, Wanda would sit back on a chair she had set up in her room with a dark look and watch you writhe around as she used her powers to make you orgasm over and over again.


Request if you’d like more characters.


Heather Chandler x Reader
Prompt: N/A
Requested by: N/A
Warnings: Homophobia, gendered slurs
A/N: I interrupt this stream of requests to give you: Gay


Heather Chandler never thought she’d see the day where she found her girlfriend sobbing in a stall in the girls toilet. She’d gone in to reapply her makeup during lunch with Heather Duke and Heather McNamara and had heard sobbing in the third stall. Assuming it was just some nobody she ignored it, going straight to the mirror to check her eyeliner while Duke threw a few insults at the crying girl.

“Don’t even bother, Heather, she isn’t even worth it.” Chandler sneered, noticing McNamara move towards the stall with a concerned look, she rolled her eyes and ignored her. No use in feeling pity for people who won’t give you anything in return. With vague interest at kept an eye on McNamara, running a hand through her hair. Maybe she could try a new style? Or at least a trim of some kind. She heard the telling creak of a door and paid no mind to McNamara, until a gasp filled their ears.

“Y/N?!” Chandlers eyes widened at her exclamation. In a matter of seconds Chandler had dropped her eyeliner, shoving her friends aside and dropping down on her knees in front of her girlfriend. The confusion on Duke’s face spoke volumes for all of the Heathers. This wasn’t right. Losers cried in bathroom stalls. People who aren’t worth the time it takes to speak to them did things like this. Not their friend, Y/N. Definitely not Heather Chandler’s Y/N.

Pushing your hair back from your forehead and tilting your head up with a manicured nail, Heather C saw what had caused McNamara such distress. A large black and blue bruise marred your eye, along with a bleeding cut on your forehead. Eyes that normally gazed at Heather with affection and unconditional love were filled with terror and misery that made her stomach twist in fury.

“Who did this?” Heather asked, fury dropping from her words as she, pressed a soft kiss to your forehead. Your arms moved to wrap around her waist, clinging to her like a shipwrecked man would to a piece of flotsam, and Heather carefully hugged you back. She could hear her friends tittering to each other behind her and blocked out their whispers, concentrating on the growing rage inside her.

“K-Kurt and Ram.” You stuttered, wiping your eyes quickly. “T-They saw us together, before school. They know that we’re… I’m sorry, Heather.” You croaked, knowing how badly she wants to keep the relationship a secret. That didn’t matter anymore. If those mouth-breathers knew then it was only a matter of time until the whole school knew. Heather needed to form a plan, and soon. She was silent a few more moments, thinking the situation over. When her eyes met yours again, they were the same stern and cold ones she used when dealing with business.

“Heather, take her to the infirmary.” She said, standing up and brushing off her desk, snapping her fingers at McNamara who rushed forwards and took your hand, helping you up. You gave your girlfriend a worried look, but she gave you a smile back.
“I’ll meet with you by my car, after school.” She told you, pressing a kiss to your cheek and turning to Heather Duke, who looked just as angry as she was.
“Heather?” She asked, and Duke stood to attention. Chandler rolled her eyes and leaned on one leg, tapping her shoe.

“Yes, Heather?” Duke responded, always willing to please. She reminded Chandler of a lap dog. Always there to bark and nip at the ankles of her enemies at her order. It was useful, to say the least. She crossed her arms and smiled, showing her straight white teeth.
“You’re coming with me.” Her voice was like a sickly sweet poison, talking as if the following words were some innocent church phrase. “We know some boys who need castrating.”

You were fast asleep in your bed at home when you saw Heather again. It’d been hours since you were sent home from the incident. Calls had been made, and after a gruff talk from your parents you were sent upstairs to your room. They reacted better than you thought they would, saying while they didn’t quite understand why you were ‘what you were’ they would do their best to support and love you. And right now, that was all you really needed.

Sleep had come quickly once you lay down in your bed, but seemed to be stripped away in an instant as a knock at your window brought you round to consciousness. Lifting yourself from your bed, the aches and pains of your joints begged you to stop straining yourself, but you pressed on. There was only one person who would come knocking at your window at night. Slipping from your bed you crept over the the windowsill and opened your blinds, eyes meeting with your girlfriends. She looked as perfect as ever, her clothes immaculate, gorgeously styled  blonde hair framing her pretty face. You grinned at her and unlocked your window, wondering how you got so lucky.

She climbed into your room silently, locking the window behind her before turning and pulling you into a tight hug. You pressed your face into her shoulder and breathed perfume in, letting her hold you close. Her touch filled you with a feeling of warmth like no other, and you’d never felt safer than when you were in her arms.
“I’ve dealt with everything.” She whispered, pressing a soft kiss to your temple as you sighed. There was no point in asking for details. You trusted Heather, and if she said it was sorted then it was sorted. Leading her over to your bed the two of you lay down, resting your head on her chest and holding each other tight.

“Parents?” She asked, running a hand through your hair lazily. You gazed up at her, smiling at the view.
“Confused, but supportive. Yours?” She shrugged and nodded.
“The same, really. I was in more trouble for what Heather and I did to Tweedledick and Tweedledumb.” Her grin grew at the thought, as you laughed. Normally you weren’t one that enjoyed others being hurt, but considering the circumstances, Kurt and Ram absolutely deserved what was coming to them
“Jesus. What did you do?” You giggled as she ran a finger along your jaw, happy to see you smile.
“I put my croquet mallet to use,” She said, voice aloof, a smile twitching at the corner of her mouth. “and Heather was more than willing to throw around her limited power as well. Listen, all you need to know is that I’m still at the top, and nobody will ever hurt you again, unless they’ve got some kind of brain damage.” Your heart swelled at her words, and you hugged her tighter. It was so hard for you to believe someone like her would ever even look at someone like you. But here you were, protected and loved by her.

Still smiling, you sat up and cupped her face with your hand, gazing into her eyes, which for once had a soft expression. You sighed happily, and in a quick movement pressed your lips to hers in a gentle kiss which she returned just as eagerly, happy to give and receive such affection. After a few more seconds you pulled away, and she began to gingerly kiss the bruises on your face. You closed you eyes and let her, feeling the pain fade away ever so slightly.

“I love you, Heather.” You mumbled without realizing, feeling her freeze. You thought for a moment you’d done something wrong, when she pulled your body flush against hers, destroying any previous anxiety you had.
“I love you too.” She murmured a little hesitantly. There was a hint of embarrassment in her voice, and you wondered if she’d ever said, or even had those three words spoken to her. You were definitely going to change that. Rubbing her back with your hand you kissed her jaw, whispering sweet nothings to her as she relaxed in your arms. And that was how you stayed throughout the night and into the morning. Loved, warm and safe in each others company. You couldn’t wish for more.


A/N: Thank you for reading! Sorry if this seemed a little OOC. I’m practicing how to write the Heathers characters and rather liked this one. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Clothes Exchange //S.M.//

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Clothes Exchange

Pairing(s): Simon Minter (Miniminter) x Reader, ft. Callux

Requested?: Nope

Request: N/A

Warnings: None (except pure weirdness)

Word Count: 319

A/N: Based off of the ever-so-famous prompt “Is that my shirt?” but changed up. Also, there’s an established relationship between Simon & Y/N


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Reggie Mantle x Reader: Encounters


I absolutely love your writing!!! Would you make a Reggie x reader imagine, where the reader is a River Vixen and the Vixens are practising outside when the reader gets a bodycheck from one of the jocks because he full on goes for the ball… and then Reggie gets worried and helps her to the nurse and stuff with a lot of fluff? I’m sorry if it’s a bit vague…


A/N: Okay I changed it a bit, but not too much because I wanted to do justice for your request. Also I have 3 more to catch up now, so go ahead and send more requests imagines you want me to do! I hope you like this one. Requests open now. 

Words: 1811

Summary: Reader is a River Vixen and her first encounter with Reggie is at Cheryl’s party and second is when she get knocked out by a football and he takes her to the doctor

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: I think there may be a curse word in there.

Living in Riverdale, that’s a tale to tell. Life in a small town, one would think that it would be like in the movies and TV shows. The perfect quiet place with the perfect people.

It wasn’t, at least not anymore. It was quiet but the whispers made their way around. It was quiet because it hid so many secrets and as for the people we were far from perfect.

Although its imperfections you loved the place even though you’d never actually confess it out loud.

Life was simple for you, you were a River Vixen in Cheryl’s cheerleading squad, you were single, and your parents well they tried their best to be updated on your life.

After the memorial pep rally for Jason you made your way to Cheryl’s after party. You didn’t want to, but Cheryl was your friend and she needed you now more than ever. You may have been viewed as popular because you were a vixen, but you weren’t as stuck up as plenty of the other girls.

You made your way next to Betty and Veronica hopefully to relax with them and ignore the whole scene. Suddenly Cheryl decided everyone should play seven minutes in heaven.

You weren’t fond of these games especially because Cheryl always tried to play some sort of angle, and she did.

“Okay, your turn (Y/N)” Cheryl gave you a smirk after Chuck and some girl walked out of the closet.

“Fine” you mumbled as you spinned the bottle as it landed on the one the only Reggie Mantle.

You sat there frozen until Cheryl grabbed your hand and the guys pushed Reggie in the closet with you and closed the door.

This encounter with Reggie made you a bit shy, you seen him before of course. He is the Captain of the football team, but this encounter it just felt different. and from the looks of it maybe this encounter would be different for him too.

“Uh, Hi” you spoke to Reggie who was staring at you as you placed a bit of your hair behind your ear.

“We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to” The tall boy confessed.

“What?” you questioned him, since you heard all the stories about Reggie Mantle and secretly you had a thing for the football player “I mean, I’m surprised is all.”

“Yeah I get it, you’ve heard the rumors, who hasn’t” Reggie spat even though at that moment he wanted to kiss you. Ever since 8th grade he had a thing for you, but rumors spread and he’d never thought he could get a girl like you.

“I’m sorry, no I- uh” you felt bad, you’d never seen this side of Reggie before. He looked vulnerable and that intrigued you even more.

It took every ounce of courage in your body to do what you did next.

You stepped closer to the handsome figure standing in front of you, stood on your tippy toes and placed a kiss on his lips.

Reggie a bit shocked at first, but placed his hands around your head and leaned in closer for the kiss. It was passionate, and a bit sloppy at the end.

As you pulled apart you both fixed yourselves up and kept looking into each other’s eyes.

Cheryl announced the time and opened the door and grabbed you by the hand.

“Um, I’ll see you around” was the only thing you could get out before Cheryl pulled you out.

Then her plan was back on track.

She made Veronica go in with Archie knowing it would bug Betty.

You felt bad for her so you reached your hand to hers.

“Hey Bets, I’m sorry about Cheryl she can be difficult, but you know how she is” you whispered to the blonde.

“It’s fine” Betty stated with a sad smile.

“Congrats on making the squad” you said as you were interrupted by Cheryl.

“TIMES UP LOSERS!” the red head spoke as she opened the closet revealing Archie and Veronica.

It was too late though, Betty disappeared.

That was your call to leave the party as you gave a disappointed look at Cheryl and you left the party.


You wanted to find Reggie and talk about the kiss, you had feelings for him and now they were stronger than ever since the weekend. You hadn’t seen him since the party and were hoping he would return those feelings back. Hoping that maybe the last encounter was a good chance to start something with Reggie.

You were at River Vixens practice the air a bit heavy between Ronnie and Betty, but you tried to ignore it because it wasn’t your business and Cheryl had been bitchier about the routine.

“Hurry up idiots, we have to get these move down for the homecoming game” Cheryl shouted “It’s bad enough we have to practice in the field because they are fixing up the gym, just get into position girls.”

Since the party Betty had been ignoring Veronica and she wasn’t doing the routines well and Cheryl made her watch. She was enjoying her vengeance against Betty even though she had never done anything to her (only thing Betty did was be related to Polly; the girl Jason was in love with).

“Okay Betty I can’t have you messing this up, right now so you keep watch and maybe catch on” Cheryl spoke with a devilish smirk “Okay (Y/N) you’re one of my best for pyramids so you are going to at the top, okay” and you nodded as you made your way to the cheerleaders already beginning to form the pyramid.

As you made your way, your eye caught Reggie in practice and he caught your eye too, and you smiled at each other not realizing you hadn’t been paying attention until Cheryl called your name and you made your way to the top.

As you finally reached the top of the pyramid you made your hands into a V about to jump down when suddenly you lost balance as a football hit your head and you crashed down.

All you heard were gasps and you couldn’t keep your eyes open for long as all the girls surrounded you.

Although you were able to catch a glimpse of Reggie running faster than you’ve ever seen him run.

“Shit (Y/N)” he spoke as he kneeled down to you and rested his hand under you head and you tried to make an effort in getting up.

“No don’t, when you fall you’re not supposed to get up until you feel better” Reggie proclaimed as your eyes were closed and you couldn’t help but smile at his remark.

“Well I’m starting to feel better now” you retorted as you bit your lip and caressed his cheek.

“I’ll take her to the nurse” Reggie told the girls as he picked you up and you rested your head on his chest.

“But the nurse is close-” you heard Betty say as Reggie was already walking away with you.

“You know she’s not wrong” you told Reggie as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“About?” the dark hair heartthrob asked.

“The nurse, it’s after school” you answered.

“I know, I’m taking you to my uncle’s clinic, you need to get checked out that was a heavy fall” Reggie informed you as he rubbed his thumb on your back which made the butterflies in your stomach go nuclear.

“That’s a bit far to walk don’t you think?” you heart was beating a bit quicker, your eyes still closed because of the impact of the grass, not knowing where you were heading but you trusted him.

“I have a truck you know, but if I didn’t I’d still walk” he noted reaching to what you guessed was door and placed you gently to the passenger’s seat as he made his way to the driver’s side.

You opened your eyes for a bit and saw it was and old model truck and the front seat was all connected and there was only a bit of space in the back which was only enough for his gym stuff and you laid yourself down and placed your head on his lap and he drove away from the school.

“I thought you had a jeep” you decided to make conversation.

“I just fixed up this truck, I want to see how good it runs”

“So we could stay stuck somewhere and you just might have to carry me to the doctor” you sarcastically answered.

“You have no faith in me” he pretended to be hurt as he turned.

“I trust you, anyways, do you listen to music or-” he cut you off turning up the radio.

You kept conversation until you arrived to the clinic and he insisted on carrying you still and made his way inside.

“Tell my uncle I’m here, any rooms open?” he demanded to the receptionist.

“Room three” she answered as Reggie opened the door that separated the patients and the workers as he made his way to room three and placed you on the examination bed.

“Well look who takes charge” you mocked as he took a chair on your left side

“I can take charge”

“Really? Last I remember Mantle I kissed you” you revealed as you turned your way to look at his reaction, but were interrupted by what you guessed was his uncle.

“What happened Reggie? Oh” the man with a white coat was a bit confused “I thought you got hurt boy, what seems to be the problem?”

“Oh I’m fine, (Y/N) took a football to the head at the top of the cheerleading pyramid and fell” Reggie stood up to shake his hand.

“Okay” the man made his way to you flashing a small flashlight in your eyes “So I’m checking for a concussion and maybe a sprain”

“Yes” Reggie spoke for you again.

“How bad was the fall?” The doctor asked placing his hands on your ankles to see if you had a sprain.

“I’m not dead, but I can finally open my eyes” you sassed and reacted to him putting pressure on your left ankle.

“You finally got one with a sense of humor didn’t you Reg?” his uncle encouraged as Reggie blushed a bit.

“I’m trying” he claimed and this time you blushed “So is anything too bad?” he asked making his way back next to you placing his hand on your head stroking your hair.

“Oh no, you got pretty lucky here, just a bit more rest on your head and you have a small sprain on your left ankle some medicine and you’re all good” the man reported to you as he grabbed some bandages and placed it tightly around your left ankle.

“Thank you sir” you told the doctor as he left the room.

You sat up the bed and tried to get up your legs still a bit weak and Reggie caught you, his hands on your waist.

One of the best encounters yet you thought.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” you asked as you placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Oh plenty” Reggie said with a smug look on his face as he closed the proximity of your faces and sealed it with a kiss.

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Where You Do The Deed**

Word Count: 202
Author: Ashlyn
Request: N/A
Warnings: light smut
Notes: I’m watching Phineas and Ferb

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Justin Foley x Reader || “Don’t lie to me.”

Show: 13 Reasons Why

Request: N/A

Warnings: Mentions of abuse

Word count: 449

Originally posted by juddxdunkelheit

I heard my phone blare throughout my room and possibly my house. I groaned loudly as I looked at the time.

3 AM… Who the hell is calling at 3 AM?


“(Y/N)? I’m sorry for waking you up.“

“Justin? What the hell? It’s three in the morning why are you calling?“ I heard the wavering in his breath and sat up, “Babe? What happened?“

“Nothing, baby. Nothing happened I just-“

“Justin, I know when you’re lying. What happened?“

“My mom’s boyfriend. Listen, babe, can I stay at your house for the night?“

“You’re always welcome here, babe. Just hurry up. I don’t want you staying there for so long. It worries me,“ I chewed on my lip as I reached over to turn on my lamp.

“Don’t worry, I’m already on my way. I’ll be there in ten minutes okay?“

“Okay,“ he hung up and I walked downstairs after throwing my phone on my bed. I had to be careful to not wake my parents which thankfully was pretty easy to avoid considering that they got drunk last night with some of their friends and passed out as soon as they got home. I waited in the kitchen until I heard a soft knocking at my door. I walked over quickly and opened it to see my boyfriend standing there with some fresh cuts on his cheeks, “Hey,” I pulled him into a tight hug while leading him into my house.

“Thank you for letting me come over,“ I pulled away from the hug and closed the door behind him before smiling at him and pulling him into the kitchen where I had a first aid kit out, “Really, thank you.“

“You’re welcome. Now sit down so I can clean your cuts,“ I grabbed the peroxide and a cotton ball so I could clean the open wounds, “What did he do this time?“

“Nothing, babe,“ Justin hissed as I cleaned the cut on his lip. I sighed and cupped his chin to make him look at me.

“Justin, don’t lie to me,“ I could see the fear in his eyes. He knew I didn’t like his mom or her boyfriend.

“Bryce and I were drinking at his place and I went home and my mom’s boyfriend just-,“ I cut him when I saw him getting worked up.

“Hey, look at me. You don’t have to finish telling me,“ he smiled softly at me as I put the first aid kit away, “Let’s just go up to my room and get some rest okay?“

“I like that idea,“ he stood up and pulled me into a tight hug before letting me go and pulling me upstairs towards my room.


anonymous asked:

you probably get asked this a lot but i just discovered your blog recently, and man your fanart has revived my drarry obsession! so i would like to ask, what are your all time fave drarry fics?

Actually, I’ve never had this question asked so thank you for asking! I’d love to share my all time favs and considering that I’ve been reading Drarry for over a decade (fuck me I’m old), I have quite a few. Get ready, my dear, because you have just opened a can of worms…:D

Note that I’m a big bottom!Harry fan so all of these fics are bottom!Harry or switching fics (if there is any sex, that is)

I also live for angst so many of these may contain abuse, noncon, super angst, etc etc.

Happy reading! 

AU Hogwarts Years

1. Once Upon a Sleepless Night by Daaro Moltor: Voldemort has figured out a new way to cheat death; somehow he has managed to manifest himself inside of Harry Potter’s head. Harry is on the verge of jumping from the Astronomy tower when Hermione figures out that all they might need is a pureblood… *** Super fun read with original plot. It’ll suck you in.

2. White Horses by Jackie Stevens: They say that there are no white horses - those that we think of as white are really just a faded and deceiving grey. Names can be misleading, and definitions can be false, and yet through the maze of artifice and deceit, we might just find something true. When Harry returns for his last two years at Hogwarts School, he will find that boundaries are shifting and not everyone is who he thought - including himself. He will have to learn that change is like those elusive white horses: swift, beautiful and irretrievable. ***This story is so incredible and poignant; I really have been wanting to draw fan art for it! Ultra fave. 

3. Faith by Dragongirl16: What if the wizarding world turned its back on Harry? Who will stay true? Who can he turn to? What will he do? ***A few words about this one: This story was written during the golden age of HP fanfiction (early 2000s) so the many cliches that we all make fun of today are included in here. HOWEVER, I do believe that those many fics were actually modeled after this one. The writing is nothing amazing, and could’ve benefited from a beta (were there even betas back in 2003..?) but the plot is actually one of the most original that I have ever read. I wasn’t able to put this story (and its sequel!) down. I still think about it to this day. This story with its sequel amount to over half a million words fyi.

4. My Hero by XxRoGuExHeArTxX: When Harry is brutally beaten & raped by a mystery assailant, a very unexpected hero comes to the rescue in the form of Draco Malfoy. Nothing at Hogwarts is as it seems though, and Harry & Draco soon realize all they can depend on is each other. ***Another golden age fanfic that I followed for five years until it was finished. Once again, more Drarry tropes here but fics like these were the reason why those tropes were so popular back then. 

AU Deathly Hallows

1. Dirty Business by ILoveToChin25: Harry is captured after setting off on his own to find the remaining Horcruxes, and is kept alive for Voldemort’s own nefarious games. Draco Malfoy is assigned to look after him, and does so to protect his own self interest. Or does he? ***This story is a friggin epic. It’s around 185k words so buckle up. 

2. (Bound By) Clandestine Addiction by Shinguresan: They were drawn together, irrationally, irrevocably. In the face of fear, hate and pain they always felt the pull to return. For a bond unwittingly formed by Harry’s fatal spell? Or something…else? ***And this one is over 250k words! Awarning that the sex is very explicit yet the writing is fantastic. Excellent characterization and feels-a-plenty.

AU Eighth Year

1. The Silent World Within You by @femmequixotic, @noeeon : Harry only wanted Malfoy for one night, one birthday. It wasn’t meant to be anything more. *** I fucking love Mpreg. No Shame. This story is beautiful.

Post Hogwarts

1. Magic Eight Ball by tigersilver: Hermione brings a Muggle device to their usual after-work drinking sessions; Malfoy is utterly fascinated. Harry is not, especially as Malfoy keeps asking it questions about his personal life. *** This fic is on the lighter side compared to the others on this list. One of the only stories that has caused me to squeal.

2. WORM FOOD by Elysium2: The battle is over, but Harry is still fighting. He’s thanking his lucky stars that he learnt long ago how to properly ignore his problems. And Draco Malfoy. ***Very original plot and excellent writing. Gave me all the feels. This is another that I want to draw fan art to. Super love.

3. Post Tenebrus Lux by Cjblack: It had been five years since the light had fallen under the Dark Lord’s reign. The Wizarding World assumed Harry Potter had been murdered by Voldemort days after his capture; few knew the truth. And sometimes the truth can be much, much worse. *** Mpreg. Angst-a-plenty which is right up my alley. And so heart-wrenchingly romantic. This is one of the best stories that I’ve read in a long time. If a story is able to make me feel something, then it’s good. I was feeling all over the place. 

Totally AU

1. The Masks of Real Heroes by @aelys-althea: One desperate decision has unimaginable consequences. When Harry received his letter at eleven, he turned down the offer to attend Hogwarts. He had to; it was his only chance to escape. Five years later and, in the brief moments he recalls his decision, he feels nothing but regret. Until an incident causes the opportunity to arise once more, and he is finally given the chance to escape that which has smothered him for so long. *** Another rather dark fic that was recently finished along with its sequel. Harry’s characterization was brilliant and the entire story was very well written. I’ve already read it twice :)

2. Dismantle Repair by shamrocker531: How a random meeting in a coffee shop can change everything. Nonmagic. *** You want a fic that’ll put you on an emotional fucking rollercoaster? READ THIS. I can’t listen to Dismantle Repair by Anberlin now without getting goosebumps, and it was one of my favorite songs even before this story. Goddd the song is in my head now as I’m typing this and it still gives me feels. If you choose to read this, LISTEN TO THE SONG FIRST. Anberlin rocks. 

If anyone knows the tumblrs of any of these authors, feel free to tag them!

untitled //13RW//

Originally posted by stillthesamesarah


Pairing(s): Jeff Atkins x Reader (mentioned), Zach Dempsey x Cousin!Reader, O/M/C x Twin!Sister!Reader, Hannah Baker x Best Friend!Reader.
Requested?: N/A
Request: N/A
Warnings:  Attempted Suicide, angst, cursing
Word Count: 3378
A/N: Flashbacks are in italics. Reader has two siblings, a younger sister around 10-11-ish named Kaylee and a twin brother without a name. Also, this took me like over a month and I’m so sorry about that, writer’s block problems.

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Reggie Mantle x Reader:  PART SIX THE ARTIST & THE JOCK

A/N: This is the last part of this imagine. I am pretty happy on how it turned out, hopefully you guys like it too. I hope it lives up to your expectations. I also didn’t want to drag this longer than it needed.

Words: 1747

Summary: Shizz goes down, but you and Reggie make up.

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: Some curse words I think

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five

You woke up early on Monday morning because you didn’t want to face your parents since they gave you the weekend to think about the contract, but you knew if you turned it down once again they’ll only find a way for you to accept it. As much you as you wanted to be with Reggie this was not the way to do it. He also seemed pretty busy the couple of days, he seemed happy with Veronica and she was your friend and you couldn’t do this.

As you rushed out of your house wind in your hair, headphones placed in your ears as the music distracted you in the humid morning. You focused your eyes on the ground where the dew droplets resided in the grass. As much as you were avoiding him, you needed to speak with Reggie about this whole situation.

You walked in the coffee shop and ordered your usual and kept your slow pace in no rush to get to school.

As you were there early you decided to go straight to the art room and paint or draw something to calm your nerves.

You thought about how on Saturday afternoon Reggie ignored your comment about him only telling you how he felt to please his parents and get you to accept that stupid contract. About how Veronica was so happy with him, probably thinking you set them up; but all you wanted was for them to separate. You hated how you thought this. You couldn’t let your smile come up when you thought about Reggie being a bit jealous of Jughead, but that smile faded quickly as you were interrupted by you art teacher telling you the bell rang and it was time to get ready for your first class.

You made your way swiftly to your locker to collect your textbook, and he was there leaning on it and as much as you wanted to clear things up, you couldn’t face him. You stared right at him and your stomach went crazy, it was an attack of butterflies.

You walked up to your locker and nothing came out of your lips, it’s like you were in a trance.

Until your trance was broken by his mouth as he spoke “Hey, um can we talk?” as he moved so you could open your locker and take out your textbook.

“Not right now Reg” you claimed.

“Then when, you can’t ignore me forever (Y/N)” he reasoned with a desperate look in his brown eyes.

“I know that, but, not here” you signed soon distracted by the bell and you rushed out of there to your first class.

The day went by and lunch was finally here and you made your way to your usual table with Jughead, Betty, Archie, Kevin and Veronica.

All you wanted was your old life back where Reggie was just a friend, where your parents did as much work to ignore you and you were the neutral ground. But that you was gone after this whether you made a decision or not, you were no longer the girl who did everything to please everyone. All you wanted was to suppress your feelings for Reggie, you wanted your old Riverdale back when it was just a happy town.  You were also tired of doing everything for everyone.

You took your seat next to Jughead, hoping your friends would distract you from your thoughts.

That was until everything caught up with you and you wished it never happened, and that you didn’t have to hide it from your friends.

“Hey Reggie” the beautiful raven haired girl cheered while showing off her pearls as he appeared at your table.

“Hey Ron, umm, can we talk?” Reggie directed towards you and you stood up because you might as well get this over with.

“OH MY GOD! (Y/N)” the red haired bombshell squealed as you turned confused as to why she was so cheery and she took you and Reggie into a hug and all your friends gave her puzzled looks.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Cheryl continued.

“What are you talking about?” you questioned looking over your shoulders to Reggie and your friends.

“Oh, come on you tell them, but not me? How dare you?!” she kept on questioning and your brain was so slow it didn’t catch on to what she was referring to.

“What? What didn’t she tell you?” Kevin added.

“Seriously they’re all in on it, well whatever, I know now and I’m so happy for you” she raged.

“About what? What did I do?” you were still oblivious to what she was asking and you wished you hadn’t pushed the answer once she revealed it.

“You and Reggie of course, my parents told me all about it, well I overheard your moms telling my mom this morning. You guys make a cute couple. I’m so happy for you!” you stood there frozen, you wanted to run but your feet stood still and the next sequence of events happened to fast.

“What?!?!” Veronica screeched and the whole table gasped.

“No Ron, I- I- it’s not-” was that came out of your mouth as she stood up and planted a slap on your cheeks and Reggie pushed her away.

“Come on” Reggie spoke softly as tears started to surface on your face and he grabbed your hand to walk away.

“No!” you retorted as you let go and Jughead stood up to get you out of there.

“Let’s go” Jughead spoke as he started to take you away and put his arm around you.

“Norman Bates, mind your own business this is between us” Reggie claimed as he removed Jughead’s arm off you and pushed him.

Jughead hated the way Reggie was sometimes so he pushed him back and they started to fight as you and Archie went up to them to separate them.

“I need time” you spoke to Reggie and walked away with Jughead.

You left school early trying to get away from all of the mess, and you were so happy that your parents weren’t home.

How could they do this? Did Reggie know again and is that why he wanted to talk to you?

“This is all my fault” you proclaimed as you got a snack for Jughead since lunch was kind of eventful.

“Hey, it’s not your fault (Y/N)” Jughead reassured you.

“No, it is. I do everything for my parents to make them happy, so they could be proud of me, but no matter how I do it will never be enough. I want everyone happy that I don’t even think about my own happiness. This was so easy, no matter what I chose my parents knew if they did something about it I would accept it, I am such a pushover.” You ranted

“What do mean whatever you chose? Your parents want you with Reggie? Isn’t that a good thing you like him.” Jughead asked as he furrowed his eyebrow and you knew there was no way out of this one, so you told him the truth.

“Just talk to him, I know I’m not his biggest fan, but I’ll deal for you. Also you are going to need to talk to Veronica, I’m sure she’ll understand” Jughead pointed out as he left you.

You texted and called Veronica so you could talk to her and explain the situation, but she didn’t answer.

You were soon distracted by the knock on your window which revealed the tall handsome Reggie as you opened your window.

“That used to be easier” he chuckled trying to break the tension entering your bedroom.

“I like what you’ve done with the pla-” he stated as you interrupted him. Your body took over as you placed one of your hands behind his neck and pressed your lips on his and he moved his hands to your waist.

The kiss was passionate and slow and you didn’t want it to end.

“I’m sorry about this whole mess, I didn’t think it would get this bad” he confessed as you both moved to your bed and sat there.

“Do you actually like me? Or did you just tell me all that stuff because of the contract?” you mentioned.

“If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t have kissed you like that. I promise my feelings for you are 100% real” he added as he put his arm around your waist and you laid your head on his shoulder

“What about Veronica?” you questioned him.

“Nothing happened, I promise you. Not one kiss. I like you, yes I was stupid to call her after the dinner I just wanted to forget about being rejected from the only girl I ever cared about” he chimed in as he kissed your forehead.

“I didn’t reject you, I was just confused. You’re the one that left me, your chose your popularity after you promised you would be there for me and I promised you the same. I kept my promise, whenever you called I was there.” You confirmed as he grabbed your hand.

“No words will ever be enough to show you how sorry I am. You started hanging out with Archie and them, especially Wednesday Addams I- I just assumed you preferred him, and I don’t make the best decisions” Reggie sighed.

“It’s Jughead, and he is just my best friend, if you want anything to do with me you’re going to have to deal with Jughead” You countered as he smiled.

“So you’re saying we can like be a thing? For real, like you’re going to be my girlfriend? I’m going to be your boyfriend?” he said with a smile on his face and you smiled back.

“Yours, no contract, and we have to talk to Veronica and our parents” you explained as you pecked his lips once more.

“For you, anything babe” he concluded as he kissed your hand.

So you talked to Veronica, not expecting her to be so understanding, but once you told her the truth she embraced you in a tight hug and apologized for slapping you.

Later you talked to your parents at yet another dinner, and they were quite happy of course. Although to get under their skin you and Reggie somehow always forgot when their events and banquets took place and sometimes you would take drives to the old cabin and revisit the tree where your initials were carved inside a heart and just be together.

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Don’t Speak (Baron Corbin) Vol. 1

Originally posted by youtappedout

Characters: Baron Corbin X Reader

A/S/F: Angst. A whole lot of angst that will only get worse as this progresses forward.

Notes: @unabashedwwesmut helped me craft this to a beginning. She helped me find parts to work on and where to start. I can’t thank her enough for her support in simply just listening and helping me bring this fic series to life!

Request: N/A

Warnings: No warnings just yet! This will be heavy on angst and possibly triggering if you have been screwed over by an ex or a recent break-up. My own recent break-up is my main motivation for this fic. A lot of this will stem from actual conversations or texts.

Word Count: 1.8k

Those who wish to be tagged! @ambrosegirlforever, @valeonmars, @thebadchic, @nickysmum1909, @vsturgeon5489, @jade4062022, @ortonaholic, @seths-skinny-jeans, @lakama15, @southernbelle24, @wwefangirlllll, @spiderman2289, @nickie-amore, @blondekel77, @princess3733, @toosweetme , @unabashedwwesmut,

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Hello, I’m Gone

Status: Complete
Word Count: 5.4K   
Category: One-shot, Behind-the-scenes Canon-Compliant, Baby/the Impala
Rating: Teen & Up
Character(s): References to familiar people/places
Pairing(s): N/A
Warnings: Bit o’ sassy language of the four-letter variety, if you’re of a pearl-clutching nature
Author’s Note(s): post-story
Overall Summary:Chuck told us a story about Baby’s early days. And we know how she’s spent most of her life helping the Winchesters get to where they need to go. Here’s a little of what happened in between.

Hello, I’m Gone

The Lucchese brothers set out for America from Italy, climbed off a boat in Galveston, Texas in 1882. Enterprising fellows as they were, Sal and Joe already had a nice little thing going, a boot-making shop out at Fort Houston, over in San Antonio, by 1883. Sal was a nut for machinery, really turned his crank - any word he got about something that might rev things up, well, he wanted to be the first to try it.  

The Luccheses became known for their hands-on approach, helped by those machines, sure, but only so’s they could give their work a boost. And they refused to cut corners, not even a little. The brothers believed that you should do things right, didn’t matter how busy you got.

Right around the turn of the century, their boots were coming in at around ten bucks. By the early parts of the 1900s, they were around $40 a pop. Then came the Hollywood bandwagon, handfuls of actors showing up wearing the Italian-meets-Western creations as word spread - back in that day, couldn’t just turn on a TV or expect to see ‘em plastered on billboards. Word of mouth and reputation go a hell of a long way.

The singer-songwriters and actual cowboy-types came along. And in the 60s, when style was starting to take a left turn, those boots were still hanging around. Hell, even the White House got in on the action - I’d heard some of the Kennedys got measured and fitted. Johnson, too.

Which, you should. I did. It wasn’t cheap, but worth it. You plan to surround yourself with something, day in and day out, you best make sure it’s a good fit. So I dished out some of the precious savings I’d squirreled away and got two good fits. Just in case I needed to walk. 

And I would’ve walked, all the way, if I’d had to. I had 'em for a year, good and broken-in, those dark cherry-red dreams that came almost to my knees. Short legs, short strides, but I was determined.

They’d turned into what I thought were the most important boots - maybe the most important things - in the world. They kept me going, just needed to glance down at them, like they were a talisman. If I believed in that sort of thing. 

Still. Funny how things can do that for you, and the people around you can’t. Won’t.

I’d been planning over that year of boot-breaking. To get out. Get gone. Away from that shithole outside Dallas, out of Texas completely. The boots set me back, my waitressing tips and the cash from hocking what little jewelry Momma’d had never quite plugging the hole. Especially when lots of it kept disappearing from my purse, went to his beer and liquor. And his girls on the side.

I stole his piece of garbage truck. I had the spare key, made sense with all the driving I did in it, picking him up from the bars when they’d announced everybody didn’t have to go home, but they couldn’t… well, you know the rest. And sometimes he wouldn’t head home and I’d find him wandering back from a cheap motel along the potholed road that led to the house. His house. His TV. His food. His furniture. His guns. 

Stole one of those, too.

The world had sailed into the 70s while I was sailing nowhere. I had nothing to my name but some clothes, my picture of Momma and Daddy the day they got hitched, and my boots. Only brought what I couldn’t do without. A small start, but I figured it was better than nothing.  

I still lacked a surefire way to get me where I wanted to go. Wherever that was. Figured I’d know once I got there. I knew the boots would be loyal long as they could, but they weren’t gonna take me all the way. I wasn’t sure what could. 

I got a feeling that would change when I spotted that big black dream, parked all lonely in somebody’s yard. A handwritten “FOR SALE BY OWNER” sign was taped inside the back window. It was dirty as all get-out, had a crack in the passenger side window, a bent fender, and one of the back tires needed air in a bad way. 

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Incoendium (Daryl Dixon/Reader)

Title: Incoendium
Author: lady-wordsmith (lady_wordsmith on AO3)
Pairing: Daryl Dixon/Reader
Series: N/A
Warnings: disfigured!reader, brief discussion of disfigurement, brief violence
Summary: Tumblr ask box request: “ “You could have been hurt” and “Stay behind me” with Daryl Dixon?”
incoendium: ardor, passion, appreciation, wildfire.
Set between seasons 2 and 3. Daryl finds you in the woods and brings you to the others when he realizes you’re all alone. He becomes confused at what he feels for you, only to have a nasty encounter with a walker bring everything to the forefront.
Disfigured since childhood, you figure intelligence and luck are the only things you’ve got. Then you meet Daryl Dixon and you don’t even realize you’re falling for him until it’s already happened. It all works out.
Notes: N/A
AO3 link: here

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Jughead Jones x Reader: Stick With Me


Hey 😊 Can I request a Jughead x Reader, where Reggie is picking on Jughead and the reader is standing up for him and Reggie is confused, because he and the reader used to be very close and after the incident Jughead thanks her for doing this for him which leads to both of them confessing their feelings for each other and fluffy fluff and aaaw! Thanks in advance 


A/N: Sorry not posting for a while having a bit of writers block, hope you guys like it. Hope I lived up to the requestors vison, I’m finally having some breathing time from uni so I hope to upload more requests this week also update my masterlist and tag list.

Words: 1065

Summary: Reggie and reader had a falling out and now you are best friends with Betty, Veronica, Archie, Kevin, and Jughead. Reader has a crush on Jughead.

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: Pretty sure it has like one curse word.

Growing up in Riverdale wasn’t easy, but you couldn’t complain. You had loyal friends and hard working parents that provided for you.

Being from Riverdale meant you knew everyone from the small town and they knew you.

These days were a bit drama filled only because you were a high school student.

You used to part of the River Vixens Cheryl’s cheerleading squad. You recently quit when you had a falling out with one of your best friends Reggie Mantle. He was the only reason you joined the squad. Being in the squad gave you an excuse to go see your best friend Reggie play knowing your overprotective parents would never let you go to every single game unless you actually had to go.

You thought about staying to keep supporting him, but it just didn’t feel the same so the last game you cheered was the memorial pep rally game for Jason Blossom and you broke the news to Cheryl.

Days passed, you went on with your normal life. Riverdale a bit gloomier since the tragic murder of Jason. With a murderer on the loose your parents accepted your resignation of the team as you lied that you just didn’t feel safe out there. A bit of that was true, but now you no longer had Reggie to protect you either.

You told Betty about your falling out with Reggie since she was your other best friend and she introduced you to her friends. You knew them, but they weren’t big fans of Reggie so you didn’t gain their friendship quickly unlike the new girl Veronica who quickly accepted you.

Time passed and they became like your second family. You were close to them, you could tell them anything, you even helped Jughead with his novel.

Maybe that’s why people say “you win some you lose some.”

They were amazing company and you even became super close with Jughead. Which you were kind of hoping to hit off with him because you secretly had a crush on the brooding novelist.

You’d spend endless nights with him at Pops Diner, and you felt a different safeness with him. He made the butterflies in your stomach do flips and you couldn’t help but smile whenever he was so into his typing he wouldn’t notice your excessive stares. Although you never have the guts to tell him, this was perfect for now.


“So do you think you’ll ever join the squad again?” Betty asked linked in arms with Veronica.

“Yeah, from what I heard you were amazing” Veronica added

“Sorry guys it’s just not a passion anymore” you stated with a small smile.

They gave you smiles and you made your way to an empty hallway.

As you turned you saw though, that it wasn’t empty at all.

Reggie and his Goonies had Jughead pinned to the lockers.

You couldn’t believe your eyes, it was the end of the school day, so there were no teachers to call to put Reggie in his place.

You knew you had to do something, Jughead was your friend.

Although Veronica and Betty weren’t much help, they stood at the end of the hall frozen as you made your way to Reggie.

“Reggie what the fuck!” you yelled anger burning inside of you “put Jug down”

“Why do you care?” Chuck claimed with a devilish smirk.

“He’s my friend and I bet he didn’t do anything to you guys” you spat back as Moose fist was still holding Jughead’s shirt in a fist as Jughead kept his eyes on the floor.

“And you’re so sure?” Reggie finally spoke up.

“Yes, I believe in my friends” you said coldly trying to get a reaction out him, but he just got his guys and walked away.

Jughead fixed himself up as Betty and Veronica came to check up on him.

“You okay Jug?” Betty chimed in as he nodded and you followed Reggie to talk to him about his comment.

“Hey Reg!” you called as he turned your way.

“What now (Y/N)?” Reggie answered.

“Um can we talk?” you pled as he waved off his posse.

“Did Jughead do anything?” you questioned the tall football player.

“Why would you ask me?”

“You were my friend once too, I want to hear your side”

“No he didn’t do anything. Chuck wanted to bug him, I just said that to bother you” Reggie said as Betty, Veronica and Jughead made their way out of the school.

“That’s your cue, bye (Y/N)” Reggie waved.


Later on you met with Jughead at Pops.

“How you doing?” you sled on Jughead’s side of the booth.

“I’m okay, wasn’t the first time you know” Jug kept his eyes on his laptop.

“Sorry about it, Reggie can be difficult” you gave him a smile.

“How’d you do it?” Jughead asked glancing your way.

“Do what?”

“You know, hung around him for so long”

“oh uh- he’s not what he shows the world, he’s actually very sweet, just he lets other ruin him I guess, I really am sorry about him, I’ll try to talk to him” you answered hoping that one day you would be able to fix your differences with Reggie.

“It’s alright”

“No it’s not Jug, you don’t deserve this” you retorted facing him as he grabbed you by the hand.

“I’m the guy, I’m the one who’s supposed to protect you” Jughead proclaimed and you smiled.

“Oh Jug, it’s the 21st century, I think it’s at least fair you let me speak to Reggie and then we can protect each other” he nodded the proximity between you guys becoming very closed until he cupped your check and planted a kiss your lips.

The butterflies in your stomach came to a halt, suddenly everything went dark and it felt like it was just you and Jughead and no one else to bother you. It was the moment you had been waiting for, your lips in sync with his and you were surprised but ecstatic that Jughead returned the way you felt about him.

“How about I just stick with you and you stick with me against the hierarchy that is Riverdale High, what do you say (Y/N) want to stick with me?” Jughead encouraged as he placed his arm around your shoulders.

“I’ll stick with you Jug” you answered placing a quick kiss on his cheeks.

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Each and Every Little Bit

Request: N/A

Warning: Insecure reader

Type: Sad beginning, Sad middle, Fluffy end

A/N: Hello! I wasn’t planning on writing much this week. but then I had this idea and it needed to be written. If you guys have any feedback/requests/just want to talk, my ask box and messages are always open. I’d also like to thank you guys for all the support, I’m almost to 50 followers and I just can’t believe it. Thanks guys!                                                                                                    To the anon that made the Peter request: I am working on it, and it will most likely be posted sometime this week.

   You sighed as you eased open the door to your apartment. It had been a long day at work, and you were tired. All you wanted to do was have a mug of cocoa and go to bed. You put the phone you had been looking at back into your pocket and turned to hang up your keys. You noticed a dark mop of hair the corner of your eye and turned back to greet your boyfriend.

   “Ed, I didn’t know you were-”

   You stopped when he looked up at you from his spot on the couch. His eyebrows were scrunched and his mouth was barely open. He looked… concerned. And then you saw what was in his hands. Your journal.

   “Edmund, where did you get that?”

   Your voice was hesitant, you could hear the nervousness in your words. How did he find your journal? You always kept it in the same place, hidden in the little corner between the headboard of your bed and the nightstand. There’s was no way he could have seen it, unless he was deliberately seeking it out. That couldn’t have been the case because he didn’t even know it existed. So how-

   You made an audible gasp as you remembered. Your alarm hadn’t went off. You were late for work, but had an idea that you needed to write down in the small notebook. You had left it lying open on the counter, planning to put it away once you got home.

   “Is this what you think of yourself?”

   You glanced up at his words, and saw his eyes begin to glisten.

   “Ed, I-I”

   “Is this what you think of yourself?”

   His words were a little more forceful this time, and the concerned look on his face only deepened. You simply nodded, just barely moving your head. You set your bag on the floor and began to make your way towards the couch.

   Edmund stood quickly before you could reach your seat and made his way towards you, his eyes never leaving yours. When he met you, his hands grasped your shoulders firmly. He eyes bored into yours for a few seconds longer- though it felt like minutes- before he pulled you into his body. His long arms enveloped you as you both sank to the floor. Your tears falling into Edmund’s shirt and you felt a few of his drip onto your neck. You stayed there for who knows how long. The dark haired boy holding you in his arms, trying to pour all his emotion into the tight embrace.

   The break in the silence came when Edmund whispered the word you had dreaded hearing.


   You didn’t know how to answer, and chose to remain silent, not wanting this peaceful moment to end.

   “(Y/N), why?”

   His words held more emphasis this time. Edmund pulled out of the hug and lifted your chin up, trying to meet your eyes. You gazed upwards, your still damp (e/c) eyes meeting his warm brown ones. The passion of the stare was noticeable. You poured everything you were feeling into that look. Trying to convey to him that you didn’t know why. You couldn’t explain. The few tears you had left slowly traced your cheeks, before your boyfriend’s thumbs wiped them away. His hands cupped your face, before you pulled you in for a soft kiss. Somehow, he must have understood your silent cries. It lasted a few moments, before Edmund pulled away and rose, pulling you up with him.

   He led you towards the sofa, and sat you both down next to each other. Before you could snuggle into the comfort of Edmund’s side, he leaned forward to grab the journal laying on the table in front of you. Your face contorted, eyebrows furrowing together in confusion, wondering what he was doing. He held the small book in one hand and with the other quickly tore the page out. He crumpled it in his fist and turned to look at you.

   “This… list of imperfections. This isn’t you. Your imperfections help make you you. They don’t define you. Without them, you wouldn’t be the girl I love. The beautiful, smart, creative, independent woman that I am entirely infatuated with.”

   He tossed the balled up paper away and leaned back into the cushions, allowing you to cuddle up to his side, his arms wrapped around you again.

   “You know if you ever need to talk… just ask. If you start thinking those things again, just let me know. Please, let me know.”

   You croaked out a response, your throat still dry from the crying you had previously done.

   “I love you, Edmund Pevensie.”

   “And I love you, (Y/N) (L/N). Each and every little bit of you.”

   You and Edmund stayed there for a while, cuddling with each other. You wondered how you ended up with such a wonderful boyfriend, but you’re thankful for him anyway. He was always there for you, even when you weren’t quite there yourself. As your eyelids began to flutter close, exhaustion from the day and the previous events finally taking its toll, you felt soft lips brush against your forehead. A small smile crept onto your face.

   “Goodnight, love.”

   He whispered as began to doze off himself.

   If anyone were to look into that small apartment, they wouldn’t know the events that had occurred. All they would see is two lovers, holding each other close, and never letting go.


Heather Chandler x Reader
Prompt: N/A
Warnings: Hospitals, bleeding, poisoning, ear infections, vomiting
Requested by: Anonymous
Y/N: Your Name
A/N: AU, where Heather lives, is top notch A++. Also projected my own emotions about living with a chronic ear infection aka Hell.


Hospitals were something you had become so accustomed to visiting, sometimes you forgot that it wasn’t a normal occurrence to go there every 2 weeks. You had been in and out of multiple healthcare all your life. No, you didn’t have a terminal illness, or a mental illness or really anything that. Your pain and repeated visits lay inside the repeated stupid decisions you’d made as a child.

Time and time again, you would hear your parents tell you “Don’t stick your fingers in your ears, Y/N, you’ll get an ear infection.” But did you listen? No. Because you were a dumb seven-year-old who didn’t think shit about what she did with her fingers or where she had been. And sure nothing happened the first few times. Clearly, your parents were wrong. Probably just trying to make you more ladylike and poised. Nothing happened when you shoved your grimy hands, covered in harmful bacteria in your earhole. Nothing at all. Nothing except the sudden, continuous stinging pain you would get when you tried to go swimming at a beach. Nothing but bleeding for 10 minutes while one of your parents looked for ear swabs and the other yelled “I told you so’s”

Nothing but the lifelong, incurable shitshow that was the internal ear infection.

You couldn’t swim, you couldn’t take showers for too long, you couldn’t join in water fights, you couldn’t listen to loud music or buy light coloured pillow cases for fear that the mixture of blood and earwax that would seep out of your ear during warm nights would stain the fabric. You would throttle 7 year old you of you had the chance.

And today? It was no different. Sitting on one of the wards in a bed so that the doctors could take samples of your earwax and study it to make sure they weren’t getting more fucked up than they already were.

What was new, was the appearance of a girl you’d never met before. She had been moved to your ward the previous morning, after a recovery from what you assumed was an awful sickness. The circumstances of whatever injury had happened were horrific and severe from what you could tell. She had been coughing up blue-green fluids when you came in from the bathroom an hour ago. Taking another glance sideway, you saw her sitting upright. Her long blonde hair was pulled back from her face, looking quite knotted. She was a sickly pale, a sheen of sweat covering her skin and giving it a shiny effect. Dressed in a hospital robe which made her look unhealthily slight, you could’ve mistaken her for a ghost had you found her walking the hospital halls at night. Her face looked gaunt and her eyes were hollow and sad. Had she not been afflicted by her ailment, you thought she’d probably looked like a famous actress. Here, she just looked washed-out and tired. You felt your stomach twist in sympathy for her.

Several times you’d tried to pluck up the courage to start a conversation and each time you had failed. But now it was for real, now you were going to try and reach out. It wasn’t like you had anything else to do. Taking a deep breath, you turned yourself to face her, steeling yourself and pushing away the anxieties.

“Uh… Hi!” You tried your friendliest smile, sitting cross-legged in your seat. The girl glanced at you, eyes raking up and down your figure, making you suddenly self-aware of how strange you probably looked, fully clothed with a pair of fluffy cotton balls poking out of your ears.
“…Hey.” Her voice was croaky and broken as if she had swallowed fire and burnt her voice box to a crisp. The way her face screwed up told you that it hurt her to talk. Or maybe she just didn’t like to talk to weird girls with cotton balls in their ears. Yeah, that was probably it.
“Uh… I’m Y/N.” You responded a little nervously, watching as her face changed, probably to decide whether you were worth talking to.
“…Heather.” She said simply, again with the raspy voice. You frowned at the sound, wondering if it would be insulting to point it out? It would be a good conversation starter in the least.
“So uh… what’s with your voice?” That came out a lot blunter than you intended, but you weren’t really sure how you could’ve worded it any other way. Heather stopped to think for a moment, before blowing out a breath of air and shrugging.

“I got poisoned.” She said simply, as your eyebrows shot to the ceiling. She got what now?
“Y-You what?!” You asked, immediately regretting the question as she bristled, eyes filled with sudden rage.
“Are you thick? Poisoned. I. Was. Poisoned.” She snapped at you angrily before breaking into a heavy coughing fit. You froze up, not sure what to do, or whether you should help or call the doctors. In the few seconds you had of indecision, she grabbed a nearby bucket, vomiting up bile, that was not good. You were at her side in an instant, one hand gathered up her long hair and held it back from her face, the other rubbed her back comfortingly.

“It’s ok, you’re ok.” You said gently as she spat out the last of the vile liquid. Her body shook a little, as she turned her head, frowning. It wasn’t a hostile expression, not at all in fact, if anything she regarded you with a look of confusion at your actions that made your own gaze soften.
“You didn’t need to do that.” She said, no aggression in her tone.
“But you needed me to.” She stayed silent at that comment, but you could’ve sworn you saw that icy glare of hers melt a little.
“…Thanks.” She said a little quietly, as you leant back and took your hands from her, watching her carefully. After checking that she truly was ok, you returned to your bed, swinging your legs as she looked for something to say. Anything to change the subject.

“Why are you here? You don’t exactly look sick.” Her eyes travelled to the cotton in your ears and you felt your face flush.
“Ear infection.” You responded simply, you were used to these kinds of questions. Albeit, not from pretty or popular girls like her.
“What’s that?” She asked, nose crinkling up in a rather cute fashion. You tried to find the words to explain the condition.
“It’s what it says on the tin, really. Both my ears are infected with a virus. Can’t swim, can’t shower for too long and sometimes they bleed.” You shrugged, no sympathy searching in your tone. It is what it is, really. No changing it now.

“Eugh. How long have you had it?” There were a lot of questions coming from her, but you didn’t really mind.
“I’ll have to think. What’s today’s date?” You pretended to think, your smile almost spoiling the joke you had planned.
“March 2nd.” She said, not having to check at all.
“I’ve had it eleven years.” You stated, watching her eyes widen in horror.
“Jesus fucking Christ!” She swore loudly as you erupted into laughter, raising a hand to your lips to cover your mouth.
“What the hell are you laughing for? Doesn’t it hurt?” You shrugged and smiled.
“I mean, yeah. You get used to it after a while.” You hummed as she shook her head at you.

“What about you, huh? How did you get poisoned?” You asked. It wasn’t exactly a normal thing to happen, unless you were a spy. Or in a movie. You were pretty sure you weren’t in a movie. Heather huffed and leant back on her pillows.
“Long story.” She said simply, staring up at the ceiling. You leant back on your own bed as well, copying her actions, you rested your hands on your stomach.
“I’ve got time.” You shrugged, listening as she shifted a bit.
“I made friends with this new girl, we got into a fight and then she showed up at my house with her boyfriend to apologise.” She began, and you nodded along, listening close.
“I told her to make me a drink to make up for it. Something alcoholic and…” Your eyes widened as she trailed off.
“She put in drain cleaner. Not on purpose, she was talking to her boyfriend and got distracted and put it in. He noticed, apparently, but didn’t say anything.” You watched as her expression fell, your heart ached for her. What happened to her was awful, it was completely horrific and disgusting. It was something no person should ever have to go through.

“Jesus, Heather. I’m so sorry. Are they being prosecuted?” You asked, keeping your eyes solely on her as she shrugged.
“I don’t know. My parents said they’d handle it.” She said simply keeping her eyes trained on her hands on her lap. You stared back up at the ceiling, the weight of the situation pulling you down.
“I hope they get prosecuted. That’s just… God, it’s so fucked up.” You felt anger at the incident well up inside you, anger at the treatment of a girl you barely knew. But when you looked back at her you saw no anger in her eyes, no indignance. Just exhaustion. Just the stare of a tired girl who’d been through a lot in a short amount of time. You took another breath, shutting your eyes.

“And what about you, huh? How’d you get that infection?” She asked as you shook her head.
“That? Now that is a long story.” You sighed, turning your head to hers again. A small smile crossed her face, filling your chest with a warm feeling as she turned to you, meeting your eyes.
“I’ve got time.” She said simply, as both your smiles grew.


A/N: Alright it’s a Benny x Reader after this! Hope you enjoyed and thank you!

First Arguement

Word Count: 440
Author: Ashlyn
Request: N/A
Warnings: N/A
Notes: This is terrible, I wrote it in about 30 minutes and had no idea what to write

He was spending more time with Ginny and not you. Even though you trusted Harry, you didn’t trust Ginny. To make it even worse, when you brought up the issue Harry tried to avoid it, making you even angrier.

You two were in Hogsmede when you slipped and fell, twisting your ankle in the process. Ron didn’t even tried to help you, he just laughed at you. Luckily, a few of your other friends came along and helped you to the Hospital Wing. You had been ignoring Ron all that week and he eventually confronted you about how ignored he felt, leading to an argument that left both of you in tears.

Draco had been ignoring you lately. You thought everything was great between you two, so you were very confused when Draco started ignoring you. When you confronted him, Draco ended up screaming at you. Then, he showed you his fresh dark mark.

You had just fallen victim to a Weasley prank and was covered in a mysterious, disgusting goo. You were beyond embarrassed and, naturally, you started screaming at Fred before storming off.

You had caught George and Angelina snogging under a tree along the Black Lake. You immediately broke up with George, but he wasn’t letting you go that easily. George followed you all the way back to your dorm, arguing with you all the way.

Seamus had blown up, yet again, another potion. And before you even thought about it, the words slipped out of your mouth, “Maybe you should give up potions before you burn down Hogwarts.” You said it as a joke, of course, but Seamus didn’t interpret it that way. This led to an intense, hour long argument between you two.

Neville had given you a beautiful flower for Valentines Day. But you had never been the best with plants, so the flower died very quickly. You tried to his this from Neville for as long as possible, but eventually he found out and was extremely angry. He ignored you for days but finally gave into your constant presence and begs for forgiveness.

Oliver was constantly playing quidditch and never payed attention to you anymore. You felt like he didn’t even love you anymore, and eventually confronted him, thus leading to a screaming battle between you two.

Marcus had a reputation as a womanizer, so when rumors sparked about him cheating on you, you weren’t sure if they were true or not. When you confronted him, he screamed at you how you should always trust him and he will always be loyal to you.

Sorry if this is awful. But thank you guys so much for reading! I love you all so much!

Don’t Speak (Baron Corbin) Vol. 2

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

Characters: Baron Corbin X Reader

A/S/F: Angst. A whole lot of angst that will only get worse as this progresses forward.

Notes: @unabashedwwesmut helped me craft this to a beginning. She helped me find parts to work on and where to start. I can’t thank her enough for her support in simply just listening and helping me bring this fic series to life!

Request: N/A

Warnings: Smut happens. This will be heavy on angst and possibly triggering if you have been screwed over by an ex or a recent break-up. My own recent break-up is my main motivation for this fic. A lot of this will stem from actual conversations or texts.

Word Count: 2k

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