Spontaneous BRO'dtrip to see Abby Wambach’s last game with @thekraken9 @myhandandmyheart. Featuring some of our favorite small queer brands’ shirts @flavntstreetwear @awarew0lf @support-your-brothers

Show in Burlington Tomorrow!

playing a show tomorrow night in Burlington, VT. They banned smoking within 15 blocks of Church St. so who knows if anyone will go now…

1.12.2012 @ Buffalo Bills Basement (16 LaFayette) - 6pm/3-5$ donation/byob

w/ TWIABP, Cattle Drums, Old Shelves and Awarewolf

wait so… bear with me here… a werewolf… that has full knowledge of their situation… they’re a WERE… are they an AWAREwolf…


some of my favorite designs.
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