Snacks make the world go ‘round, and coincidentally they also help your body get the most out of your workouts. Try adding these foods to your routine when you’re hitting the gym.

It’s important to get some carb-heavy snacks in before a workout. That way, you have the reserves on hand to get the most out of your exercises.

During workout:
#1 is to stay hydrated! If you’re a CFer, you know that your salt intake might need to be higher on days you work out. When your workout is a little bit longer, have a protein bar handy for extra energy—just in case.

Your body is in recovery mode, so feed your hunger with high protein foods like yogurt or hummus, as well as nutrient-rich snacks like walnuts or a fruit smoothie.

Don’t hit the gym before talking to your doctor about strenuous exercise. It’s key to stick to what works for your body!

when I was in grade 10 & 11, I couldn’t write to save my life, I’d get between 45 & 60% on my essays. at this time in my life I was not on medication for ADHD because I wasn’t diagnosed.

i just graduated in June 2017, during my grade 12 year I was diagnosed with ADHD and put on medication. My marks in English went from the 45-60% average up to 80-90% average.

the reason why I didn’t talk to a doctor about it sooner- i thought ADHD was just being hyper. i had no idea that it could also have the “inattentive” side to it.

October is ADHD awareness month. Please, please take a moment to talk about it or even share a post on social media. ADHD is not just being hyperactive. It’s so much more than that

I need ace awareness because when I explained to my grandpa what an asexual romance would be like, he said, “That’s just friendship.”

I need ace awareness because I felt scared to the point of tears when my crush accidentally discovered that I’m ace

I need ace awareness because when I didn’t see the humor in a sexual joke, I was told, “Why don’t you find that funny? Sex is like the universal thing.”

I need ace awareness because when one of my friends came out as ace, my dad said, “She’s just scared of flirting and relationships.”

I need ace awareness because coming out shouldn’t be a vocabulary lesson. I need ace awareness because people shouldn’t feel like it’s suddenly okay to ask me personal and inappropriate questions when they find out. I need ace awareness because even people in my LGBTQIA+ school group didn’t know what ace meant. 

I need ace awareness because even though I’ve experienced instances where people have said hurtful things to me, I’ve got it pretty good. I need ace awareness because a lot of people don’t.

listen i’m a white bisexual girl and while i’m very grateful for all the attention on the pride flags, there is a point where simply allowing another minority group the chance to feel included prevails. blm is NOT a movement derived to make any other race feel unincluded and i think that’s where a lot of people get misinformed. it’s saying “hey listen black people in our current day and age have been treated the worst out of any other race and we need to recognize them especially rn so that hopefully one day we can all truly be equal”. it’s a movement about equality and the fact that barely anyone at that concert raised the blm posters that were handed out speaks volumes on how internally racist this world still is. if you were willing to hold up a pride flag and not just as willing to hold up the blm flag, that’s simply racist. end of question. this needs to change and immediately.