a strong breeze, the sound of rain on the roof, a fragrance in the air

We experience our lives through our bodies whether we are aware of it or not. Yet we are usually so mesmerized by our ideas about the world that we miss out on much of our direct sensory experience. Even when we are aware of feeling a strong breeze, the sound of rain on the roof, a fragrance in the air, we rarely remain with the experience long enough to inhabit if fully. In most moments we have an overly of inner dialogue that comments on what is happening and plans what we might do next. Sincerely explore for yourself, are you here or not? Are you in your body or oblivious, or only aware of parts of it? 

~Tara Brach


DeepSpace is a movement, for those who are aware of changing times in the present day. Established in 2014, the line includes original designs and abstract graphics. Inspired by the concepts of critical and independent thinking. The purpose of this uprising is to bring new enlightenment into the eyes of those who have been “brainwashed” by today’s media. I have taken the time to do my own personal research and study about biblical prophicies and how we are living our lives in present day. What the majority of the world deem as entertainment, is nothing more than Luceferian Rituals and Propaganda laced with esoteric symbolism and messages intended to fulfil the “Anti-Christ agenda”, and subliminally condition the masses to accept what is coming. As an individual who has perceived past blatant lies by those of the “Elite”, Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled by those who control the media. Satan worshipers and “evil intent” are two different things when it comes to conjuring a prophecy. Let me put it into the simplest way possible, whether or not you are a “believer” in the Word of God. Now, as humans we do good, sometimes we do bad. In some cases, we do bad with evil intent. This is where the Film Industry, Music Industry, Global Elites, United Nations, People in higher power of the highest power, whatever you want to call them. These are the people who have that evil intent of making sure something is in the right place at the right time. They have an agenda and this agenda plays off of the Bible. These people know something everyone else does not and is pulling all of the strings making sure messages are being placed. When a celebrity of any type comes close to reveling or even hints at something that is not with their “contract”, their life becomes endangered, and the media will tell a different story. Predictive programming, Children’s movies, video games, new films, even schools, all have propaganda and clues that should not be misinterpreted, because they are what your first thought was. We always try to lie to ourselves and say it ain’t so. But, have we been deceived and lied to by our governments the majority of our lives? There is a reason behind the design I decided to make.. I have taken the time to study my personal spirituality within opportunities I’ve been given. To share with the world we all have a place on, we are breathing the same air. I do not just want to be just another person living. This is my voice and this is a movement I want to start. As a unity, we can help deter how future decisions are made within society as one voice, as well as any country’s Government. I believe that Jesus is the word of God. It leaves me no choice but to say, if anyone believes in Jesus or God, then they must believe in the Devil as well. And I believe the Devil lives on the Earth with us. I strongly believe in extra-terrestrial life on other planets, galaxy’s, and even beyond. Space is everlasting and always expanding. There are other galaxy’s with more planets that are possible of sustaining life. We are not alone. But, am I alone? Let your mind go into deep space, free your mind, and free yourself. Be sure to share this, visit our website, www.deepspaceco.bigcartel.com And follow us on Twitter, and Instagram, Twitter: @DeepSpaceCo Instagram: DeepSpaceClothing