At 32 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo has one of the most impressive collections of collective and individual titles in football’s history:

1 UEFA Euro Cup
3 UEFA Champions League titles
3 Premier League titles
1 La Liga title
3 FIFA Club World Cup titles
2 Copas del Rey
1 FA Cup
2 English League Cups
2 UEFA Supercups
1 Spanish Supercup
2 English Supercups

4 Ballon D’ors
4 Golden Boots
2 UEFA Player of the Year awards
1 FIFA Player of the Year award
1 FIFA The Best men’s football player award
1 FIFA Puskás award
1 UEFA Best player award
1 UEFA Forward of the year award
Elected player of the Century by the Portuguese Football Federation

Even more impressive than the list above is the fact that the portuguese is the only football player in HISTORY to have ever won every major collective and individual title in TWO different clubs from TWO different leagues.

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Wayward Scandi Bitches Award

So get this! There are these two dorks, nerding it up in the cold, unfriendly climate of Scandinavia, and they just hit follower milestones at the same time! Definitely fishy, but don’t mind that for now, thing is they’re doing a tumblr award to celebrate!

Of course we are those dorks, @winchesterswoonathon (Maggie) and @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Karina), and are merely talking about ourselves in third person, like the nerds we are.

To enter you must do the following two things:

Must follow both adorable dorks.  

Reblog this post before july 25th to get considered (likes only count as bookmarks).


1: Impala ‘67 Award: Over all best SPN

2: Squirrel Award: Best Dean Winchester Content (Karina’s favourite/choice)

3: Papa Winchester Award: Best John Winchester Content (Maggie’s favourite/choice)

4: Moose Award: Friendliest Blogger Award

5: Chuck Award: Best Original Material (to be considered for this, submit a fic by using LINK!, drabble, gif or aesthetic to one of us.)

6: Donna Hanscum Award: Up and Coming Blogger Award (to be considered for this, submit a screencap of your follower count, which must be under 500, to one of us)

7: Woman/Man of Letters Award: Best URL

8: King/Queen of Hell Award: Other characters?

9: Castiel Award: Funniest Tags

10: Monster of the Week Award: Best Theme

Winners will be announced August 8th

Winners get one aesthetic and one drabble and one shout out from both of us.

Runners up get their choice of either a drabble or an aesthetic.

We’ll co-judge all categories except for number 2 and 3.

Maggie does the drabbles and aesthetics for the odd numbers - Karina for the even.

Tags for signal boost under the cut

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Jennifer Lopez at the 2015 American Music Awards

1. Michael Cino

2. Michael Costello

3. Zuhair Murad

4. Dsquared2

5. Zuhair Murad

6. Balmain

7. Zuhair Murad Couture

8. Julien Macdonald

9. Charbel Zoe Couture

10. Charbel Zoe Couture


Credit: RCFA

hey guys its that time of the year again!


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  • Bellamy Award for best URL
  • Bucky Award for Best icon
  • Katniss Award for Best Theme
  • Bilbo Award for Best edits/other
  • Skaikru Award for Best 100 Blog
  • Stark Award for Best Marvel blog
  • Thranduil Award for Best Tolkien Blog
  • Snow award for Best THG Blog
  • Murphy Award for Best Multifandom blog
  • Best Overall

winners receive:

  • link under “award winners” until next awards
  • 5 promos whenever they wish to receive them
  • a follow back from me
  • edits/gifsets/icons whenever that want
  • my eternal love and friendship

runner ups receive:

  • a link with the “award winners” until next awards
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overall receive:

  • a link under “victor” in my bio until the next awards
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  • and whatever else (i can’t think of anything)

deadline to enter is July 20th at midnight EST