Jennifer Morrison to Receive Trailblazer Award at HollyShorts Film Festival

The HollyShorts Film Festival has announced that Jennifer Morrison will be honored with the 2016 HollyShorts Trailblazer Award presented by Women in Film at the 12th incarnation of the fest.

Morrison, who starred in “House,” now stars in ABC’s “Once Upon a Time.” She has directed and produced films, and recently launched her own production company called Apartment 3C Productions.

At HollyShorts, Morrison will screen her latest short film, “Wild Wild Horses,” which stars herself, Rose McIver (“iZombie”), and Geoff Stults (“Enlisted”). The short “captures the tension of a couple who are haunted by a ‘ghost’ of their past.”

Morrison premiered her first short film, “Warning Labels,” at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. She also filmed and co-produced the fantasy epic “Albion: The Enchanted Stallion” in Bulgaria, which will see release this summer. The first film under Apartment 3C will be the indie Morrison directed and produced called “Sun Dogs,” which just wrapped shooting. It stars Melissa Benoist (“Supergirl”), Allison Janney, and Ed O’Neill.

“We are delighted to present Jennifer Morrison with the 2016 HollyShorts Trailblazer Award in partnership with Women in Film,” commented festival co-founders and organizers Daniel Sol and Theo Dumont. “She’s truly the triple threat — -an extremely talented filmmaker, actress, and producer, and we look forward to the premiere of her short on the big screen during our opening night celebration. We are also thrilled to have Wild Wild Horses, a tremendous band, perform live for our attendees who are coming to Hollywood from all parts of the globe. It’s going to be a night to remember for years to come!”

HollyShorts 2016 runs August 11–20 in Los Angeles.


P!ATD Winning An Award
  • Announcer:And this year's winner for 'Band With the Most Unresolved Secrets' is...Panic! At The Disco!!!! *everybody cheers and Bren comes up on stage*
  • Brendon:Aw guys! Thank you so much! I would like to thank my family, friends, and of course the fans!
  • Announcer:So how does it feel to have won this award every year since 2009?
  • Brendon:Oh it feels real great, you know. I take real pride in making sure my fans suffer.
  • Announcer:Awesome! And what would you say are your favorite unresolved secrets?
  • Brendon:Oh you know, the usual. Who's the fragile Capricorn? Why do I cry when I have to perform Northern Downpour? What's so special about the summer? Oh and my favorite, what happened in Cape Town?
  • Announcer:And will we ever know the answers to those?
  • Brendon:*laughs hysterically* No. Probably not :-)

My blog turns one today!!!?? I can’t believe it’s already been a year, it feels like just yesterday I just signed up for tumblr! This has been such an amazing year, thank you for all my lovely followers and friends on here, you’ve made my most difficult year (senior year of highschool) survivable and so I wanted to do a TA to celebrate the big day and thank you all!!! (=⌒▽⌒=)

♛ rules: ♛

    ♦ must be following the birthday blog
    ♦ rebloggity
    ♦ maybe check out my graphics and my marvel sideblog ? <3
    ♦ 1 winner and 2-3 runners-up per category, depending on notes
    ♦ reblog until August 5th (though I might extend it)

♛ awards: ♛

    ☀ BARRY ALLEN AWARD for best URL
    ☀ PETER PARKER AWARD for best icon
    ☀ ALLISON ARGENT AWARD for best theme
    ☀ TONY STARK AWARD for best original creations *
    ☀ HERMIONE GRANGER AWARD for best multifandom
    ☀ ANAKIN SKYWALKER AWARD for best Star Wars
    ☀ WANDA MAXIMOFF AWARD for best Marvel
    best “insert fandom here” (depends on who enters/notes)
    ☀ WILL GORSKI AWARD for best posts
    ☀ ABBY GRIFFIN AWARD for nicest blogger
    ☀ OLIVER HAMPTON AWARD for best rising star **
    ☀ HARVEY SPECTER AWARD for best overall
    ☀ CAITLIN SNOW AWARD for personal favourite

* submit me a link to your creations
** must have < 500 followers, submit me a screenshot of your follower count if you want to be considered for this award!

prizes are under the cut!  (◠‿◠✿)

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No shoes? No problem ✌️ Mayday Parade still took over our stage! I’d hate to be you when people find out…you weren’t at the #APMAS?! (📷 : Paris Visone)

tumblr award winners :-)

oh y’all thought i was going to make another graphic??? lmao y’all so cute~ no seriously, thank you to everyone who entered and this was so hard to pick. it took me three days bc it was just… so many good blogs!!!! 

winner // runner-up

best url: @poedameron // @peggycarthr & @aintnome & @righteuos

best domain: @devoutdean ( // @tardislight ( & @doomedbrothers ( & @poedameron (

best icon: @protectmccall // @brainygranger & @wcndamaximoff

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best marvel: @worthystark // @invinciblelronman & @fvalcon 

rising blogger: @winchstrrs // @templexclaire & @clarasfray 

original content: @dclete & @strengthcas & @winchstrrs & @poedameron & @scottmcclaws & @deducingsammy & @ontrenzalore & @thatexactleaf

overall: @wolfsbaene // @keradanvrs & @daeneyrstargaryen & @dclete

personal fave: @niqhtwing & @fvalcon #holytrinity :-) // @argentsxarrow & @mxshcollins

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thanks to everyone who entered!! liz and i had such a hard time choosing because all of you have such amazing blogs! (also, my header is no where near as amazing as liz’s was but i tried. also RILAYA!!!) anyway, here are the results:)

winners = bolded

barry allen award - best url

@harpermcintyre, @lindseymorgan, @wyndolls

hermione granger award - best domain 

@buckybames, @lukeskvwalker, @hcwkeyes

alex karev award - best theme

@ftzgeraldjake, @clairtemples, @robinscherbatski

trish walker award - best mobile theme

@team-spidey, @cuddlybucky, @lydias-martin

lexa award - best icon 

@coramalia, @nadia-hilker, @barryallhan

bellamy blake award - best updates tab 

@lydiastilinski, @skywars, @worthystark

killian jones award - best posts

@allisonscott, @grounderstiles, @leonardscanary

kala dandekar award - nicest blogger 

@michaelcorderos, @jonsnovw, @alyciadevnamcarey

waverly earp award - rising star

@ironmcn, @monroeszoe, @wnterzoldier

harley quinn award - best creations

@poedameron, @wanximoff, @glitternsass

raven reyes award - best the 100

@royalblakes, @clarkegrffn, @flamemurphy

bucky barnes award - best marvel

@spidermmans, @captainamcrica, @rogehrs

alec lightwood award - best shadowhunters

@mundanc, @simonsantiaqo, @lsabllelightwood

jay halstead award - best multifandom

@maximoffpietro, @arthucurry, @shelbywyatt 

maya hart award - anoosh’s personal favourites

@erinlindsay & @rileymatthew

sam wilson award - liz’s personal favourites

@blakeoctavia & @alecjace   

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Wayward Scandi Bitches Award Winners!


No not really, but it got your attention didn’t it? So, as you probably know we ( @winchesterswoonathon and @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ) has held an award to celebrate our lovely followers.

We had a lot of reblogs and there are so, so many amazing lovely people in this fandom and on tumblr so choosing was not easy.

Friendly reminder of the prizes!

WINNERS: One aesthetic + one drabble + one shout out from each of us

Runner-ups: Choice between an aesthetic or drabble.

Claim your prizes by August 8th by sending a request/requests to either Maggie or Karina. Who writes/makes what will be determent between us when all claims are in, so who you send an ask won’t matter.

Congratulations to all of you and thank you so much to everyone that ran! You are all awesome!

1: Impala ‘67 Award: Over all best SPN

WINNER: @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog

RUNNER-UP: @sis-tafics

2: Squirrel Award: Best Dean Winchester Content (Karina’s favourite/choice)

WINNER: @bringmesomepie56

RUNNER-UP: @torn-and-frayed

3: Papa Winchester Award: Best John Winchester Content (Maggie’s favourite/choice)

WINNER: @kittenofdoomage

RUNNER-UP: @sunriserose1023

4: Moose Award: Friendliest Blogger Award (and cause too many sweethearts we broke our own rule!)

WINNER: @loveitsallineed

RUNNER-UP: @like-a-bag-of-potatoes + @tia58

5: Chuck Award: Best Original Material (to be considered for this, submit a fic by using LINK!, drabble, gif or aesthetic to one of us.)

WINNER: @blacktithe7 for A little too late

RUNNER-UP: @mysupernaturalfics for Happy Thanksgiving

6: Donna Hanscum Award: Up and Coming Blogger Award (to be considered for this, submit a screencap of your follower count, which must be under 500, to one of us)

WINNER: @adriellej

RUNNER-UP: @scarletwinchester84

7: Woman/Man of Letters Award: Best URL

WINNER: @deandoesthingstome

RUNNER-UP: @ellen-reincarnated1967

8: King/Queen of Hell Award: Other characters

WINNER: @blushingsamgirl

RUNNER-UP: @not-so-natural-spn

9: Castiel Award: Funniest Tags

WINNER: @kayteonline

RUNNER-UP: @for-the-love-of-dean

10: Monster of the Week Award: Best Theme

WINNER: @deansleather

RUNNER-UP: @faith-in-dean