1 year of Lemonade

Best reviewed album of 2016
Highest metacritic score of 2016 (92)
Biggest female debut of 2016
2nd most acclaimed album in history
Rolling Stone’s Best Album of the Year
Formations is Rolling Stone’s Best Song of the Year
Formation is Time Magazine’s Best song of the Year
First artist to reach No.1 position with her first six studio album
First female artist to chart 12 or more songs on the Hot 100 at the same time
Every single from Lemonade has been in the top 30 of iTunes worldwide at least once
Formation has become the most awarded song in history, surpassing Michael Jackson’s thriller
Formation is Beyoncé’s most awarded song
Formation is the most awarded song of 2016
Lemonade is the most awarded album of 2016
8 Video Music Awards (11 nominations)
4 Emmy nominations
5 BET Awards
4 Soul Train Awards including Album of the Year
1 AICE Award
1 American Music Award
1 Clio Awards
1 Video Music Awards Japan
1 Teens Choice Award
1 UK Video Music Award
1 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
2 Kinsale Shark Awards
5 NAACP Image Awards
1 Peabody award
2 Grammy Awards, 9 Nominations
Lemonade sold more than 1 million copies in 2 weeks
Beyoncé is the first female artist to receive a 5 star review by Rolling Stones
Lemonade is the first album by a female artist to garner 100 million streams in the US in one week
Lemonade sold 663,000 copies in the first week
The Formation World Tour is the highest grossing tour of 2016
100% sold out stadium tour
Formation was the most-mentioned song on Instagram
Sorry was the 14th most-mentioned song on Instagram
Lemonade was the most talked about album on Tumblr

and the list goes on…
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I love how Niall’s gotten so much more confident. Going solo kinda changed him (in a GOOD way). Over the years he’s progressively earned his place in the music industry. He’s worked so hard to finally be respected as an artist (when u think of how he barely had any solos in 2012 and he was always taken for granted). And even if today hes still not the most talked about person and he still doesn’t get enough recognition, the general public love his music so much. He’s only released 2 singles and he’s received awards and was #1 in so many countries. Im so proud of him and i LOVE how he knows he’s doing great stuff. I love the fact that he dances to his own song. He’s so confident and he’s so happy and excited to share his music with us. It doesn’t matter to him if he’s #1 as long as he’s happy with the music he’s doing. He’s so passionate and he’s not here just for the glory. He just wants to do HIS best as a solo artist.

So our group was playing for the first time today, and the party (I’m the GM) consists primarily of americans (a tiefling rogue and a half-orc fighter), except for one person, our Wood Elf Cleric who constantly wears a blindfold.

Our Cleric is Australian.

Right as the Cleric is about to knock on the door to get let into the room to meet one of the other players and an NPC, this conversation is had.

Fighter (ooc): wait does [Cleric] have an australian accent?

Cleric (ooc): absolutely, in fact they have a thicker accent than I do.

Rogue (ooc): oh my god

Fighter (ooc): [says something about wood elves and australians]

GM (me): i’m sorry are you implying that all wood elves have an australian accent?

It has since become canon that all of the wood elves speak with Australian accents. (Our cleric, who spoke with the thickest australian accent she could muster, has since been awarded a -1 on all rolls when carrying out conversation.)