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Guys its leo-ology running the astrology awards, how is she nominated when she has like 200 followers haha


I have no idea who is running that blog, but the colours just aren’t me (love the idea of the awards though, i love you astrologyawards)

And I have over 5k followers and I am a fairly new blog so.

but thank you of thinking of me :)

BIGBANG and G-Dragon nominated at 2015 World Music Awards
  • Best Song: “Loser” & “Bae Bae”
  • Best Album: “M”
  • Best Music Video: “Loser” & “Bae Bae”
  • Best Male Artist: G-Dragon
  • Best Group: BIGBANG
  • Best Live Act: BIGBANG
  • Entertainer of the Year: G-Dragon