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How to tell fake news from real news

In November 2016, Stanford University researchers made an alarming discovery: across the US, many students can’t tell the difference between a reported news article, a persuasive opinion piece, and a corporate ad. This lack of media literacy makes young people vulnerable to getting duped by “fake news” — which can have real consequences.

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Want to strengthen your own ability to tell real news from fake news? Start by asking these five questions of any news item.

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Who wrote it? Real news contains the real byline of a real journalist dedicated to the truth. Fake news (including “sponsored content” and traditional corporate ads) does not. Once you find the byline, look at the writer’s bio. This can help you identify whether the item you’re reading is a reported news article (written by a journalist with the intent to inform), a persuasive opinion piece (written by an industry expert with a point of view), or something else entirely.

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What claims does it make? Real news — like these Pulitzer Prize winning articles — will include multiple primary sources when discussing a controversial claim. Fake news may include fake sources, false urls, and/or “alternative facts” that can be disproven through further research. When in doubt, dig deeper. Facts can be verified.

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When was it published? Look at the publication date. If it’s breaking news, be extra careful. Use this tipsheet to decode breaking news.

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Where was it published? Real news is published by trustworthy media outlets with a strong fact-checking record, such as the BBC, NPR, ProPublica, Mother Jones, and Wired. (To learn more about any media outlet, look at their About page and examine their published body of work.) If you get your news primarily via social media, try to verify that the information is accurate before you share it. (On Twitter, for example, you might look for the blue “verified” checkmark next to a media outlet name to double-check a publication source before sharing a link.)

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How does it make you feel? Fake news, like all propaganda, is designed to make you feel strong emotions. So if you read a news item that makes you feel super angry, pause and take a deep breath. Then, double-check the item’s claims by comparing it to the news on any three of the media outlets listed above — and decide for yourself if the item is real news or fake news. Bottom line: Don’t believe everything you read. There is no substitute for critical thinking.

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If you get in the habit of asking all 5 of these questions whenever you read a news article, then your basic news literacy skills will start to grow stronger. However, these are just the basics! To dive deeper into news and media literacy, watch the TED-Ed Lesson: How to choose your news. To find out more about what students need, read the Stanford University report, published here.

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Laura McClure is an award-winning journalist and the TED-Ed Editor. To learn something new every week, sign up here for the TED-Ed Newsletter.

Journalistic Integrity

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You’re a journalist trying to take down the perverted gymnast, Lance Tucker once and for all. But your plan goes awry and your ethics become compromised as he preys on your insecurities. (3,201 words; Lance Tucker x Reader; 18+, smut; Oral both giving and receiving; Manipulation; Self-esteem issues; Issues regarding lack of parental affection; Some readers will find this distressing to read).

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I am so, so proud of the CC family. We hate Ryan but we are so, so fucking happy for this role because we are going to see Darren being the protagonist again and it is a very good role for Darren's career. We do not care if Ryan is somehow involved in this, we're just happy because Darren can play the role of his life. However, M / ia / rren shippers complain because he is going to do another gay role. Can you see the difference? ;)

I too am really proud. I think we, as a whole, have really embraced this news. We have to rise above our feelings about Ryan, just like Darren has. 

The fact is, as I have been emphasizing, Darren is still under contract with Fox. They own him. And there is a reason they coerced him to sign a 2 year extension. They wanted him to play another role for their networks.  And that contract is likely set to expire late spring. So it really is convenient timing that this will be filming next month for about 4-5 months.  

Think about this. Glee has been over for 2 years and all they have gotten from him thus far was a 5-10 minute, pointless role in AHS.  And they bought his idea to potentially develop a pilot. They wanted more than this. They wanted him in front of the camera.  And that is what they are getting.

But what I love. I am willing to bet that they have dangled many opportunities in front of Darren. Romantic Comedies and the like. Roles that would be fine but not interesting. I am willing to bet that he fought to fulfill his contract with a much more interesting, juicy, career changing role that will highlight his diversity, strength and talent.  

ACS Versace is going to be based on the book Vulgar Favors.  Here is the Amazon synopsis (x):

Two months before Andrew Cunanan murdered Gianni Versace on the steps of his Miami Beach mansion, Maureen Orth was investigating a major story on the serial killer for Vanity Fair. Now the award-winning journalist and Vanity Fair special correspondent tells the complete story of Cunanan, his unwitting victims, and the moneyed, hedonistic world in which they lived and died, culled from interviews with over 400 people, and details from thousands of pages of police reports.

In chilling detail, Maureen Orth reveals how Andrew Cunanan met his superstar victim…why police and the FBI repeatedly failed to catch Cunanan…why other victims’ families stonewalled the investigation…controversial findings of the Versace autopsy report, and more. Here is a late-century odyssey that races across America from California’s wealthy gay underworld to modest midwestern homes of families mourning their slaughtered sons to the celebration of decadence that is Versace’s South Beach. It is at once a landmark work of investigative journalism and a riveting account of a sociopath, his savage crimes, and the mysteries he left along the way.

To be honest, to refuse a role like would have been a mistake career wise. Especially as this is the type of role I think Darren wants and strives for. Blaine was wonderful, we loved him, and it was a great way to be introduced to the world.  And with Hedwig, Darren was able to display the emotional depth that he could evoke when playing a character. This role will provide him with the opportunity to go completely against his type cast. To reach beyond singing and dancing and to allow him to show just how insanely talented he is.
But yes, this role comes with a huge price tag. No question. And only time will tell how it will effect the perception of him publicly. He is working with Ryan and Fox again and I hate that fact. Ryan is the very man and Fox the very network that has bullied and abused him and Chris. And Darren needs to tread very carefully here. He needs to prove that he is not Ryan’s puppet, that he can play this role and still be true to himself.  He needs to prove to himself that he has learned from the mistakes and challenges of his past and that he has grown stronger because of them.
Only time will tell how that is going to play out.  I have very much gotten the impression lately that Darren is restless and ready to have the world fully embrace him. Will this new role hinder him?  Or will it provide him with a platform to reveal his true self?  ACS Versace does not need the teen fans of Darren that need him to be straight.  The audience for this show is much more sophisticated and anyone willing to watch a series about a gay serial killer and the murder of a gay icon has to be open minded.   
I am really hopeful that this role will provide Darren with the opportunity to show the world his talent in a unique and diverse way; to embrace his past and allow the heartache and pain to shape his future; and to walk proudly out into the sunshine as his true self proudly standing by the man his loves. 
Wouldn’t it be sweet irony if Chris was standing by his side when he wins the Emmy for a Fox/Murphy show? Maybe I am being too optimistic.  Let’s see how this goes.

We often hear the story of World War II through the experiences of American and British soldiers pitted in battle against Germany and Japan. But at the time, the largest volunteer force in the world was the Indian Army: More than 2 million Indian men fought for Britain, even as Indian citizens struggled to be free of the British Empire. Award-winning Indian journalist Raghu Karnad tells their story in Farthest Field: An Indian Story of the Second World War.

In WWII, Millions Of Indians Fought For A Britain They Abhored

With the help of @elvenclub we have gathered a list of queer entertainment for you to consume when you are looking for some good queer media


Sense 8 – Eight people discover that they have become psychically linked to each other, and use this bond to escape people who would seek to destroy them. Among the cast is a trans lesbian hacker, a closeted Latino actor.

A Single Man – A day in the life of an English Professor after his long-term lover dies in a car crash. Stars Colin Firth. This is both heart-warming and bittersweet. Bring the hankies.

I love you, Phillip Morris – A con man finds the love of his life in prison and works to free him in this black romantic comedy. Stars Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. Insanely sweet in its way and worth a watch with ice cream on a rainy day, or if you need something not doom and gloom.

Holding the Man – Two boys in high school discover they have feelings for each other. Despite being complete opposites, they work through the difficult life of homosexuality from the 1960s onwards. Warnings for Aids related story and bereavement.

The Out List – A documentary about notable LGBT+ personalities that discusses being openly LGBT+ today.

De-Lovely – A musical portrait of Cole Porter’s life, from his meeting Linda until his death. Still can’t get the tunes out of my head.

Books (and Comics)

Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters – An oyster girl in North England falls in love with a ‘masher’ (a woman who performs variety acts in men’s clothing) and runs away with her to Victorian London. There, she becomes part of the act until she discovers a shocking revelation. Eventual happy ending.

Fun Home: A Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel – The biography of Bechdel’s home life and her discovery of her homosexuality, she compares her struggles with the struggles of her closeted father. Engaging read that is frank, honest and funny, while able to be serious when it needs to be.

Love is Love – In honour of those lost in Orlando, DC and IDW co published a graphic novel that celebrates the LGBT+ community and mourns those lost in the Orlando Shooting. All proceeds go to the survivors and families of the victims.

If I was your girl by Meredith Russo – A coming of age story about a trans girl who falls in love with a boy at her new school, yet fears the repercussions of revealing her past.


Matt Fishel – A gay singer/song writer who writes about his experiences as a gay man in London in a humorous way.

Hayley Kikeyo – A Sapphic singer/song writer who sings about her experiences as a lesbian in awesomely catchy pop tunes.

Jenny by Studio Killers – a song about a woman trying to tell her best friend that she is in love with her.


Unspeakable Things by Laurie Penny – An award-winning journalist from London, Penny’s book lays out the ins and outs of patriarchy in a clear and decisive way. She discusses the harmful effects of patriarchy for men, women and everyone in-between.

Meat Market: Female Flesh under Capitalism by Laurie Penny – A smaller book by Penny, she discusses how female sexuality is taken from women only to be repackaged and sold back to them.

I don’t often post about myself on here, but I’m super proud of this, so to hell with it.

Tonight I officially became an award winning journalist. Nothing so fancy as a Pulitzer, but still, an award. I won a VPA (Virginia Press Association) award for photography. And one of my biggest mentors in my journalism career up to this point told me he was proud of me, and I may or may not have teared up at that.

So…yeah, I just wanted to share that.


Where Everybody Looks Like Me: At the Crossroads of America’s Black Colleges and Culture

Ron Stodghill

A richly reported account of the forces threatening America’s historic black colleges and universities—and how diverse leaders nationwide are struggling to keep these institutions and black culture alive for future generations.

American education is under siege, and few parts of the system are more threatened than black colleges and universities. Once hailed as national treasures, historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) such as Spelman College, Morehouse College, and Howard University—the backbone of the nation’s black middle class which have produced legends including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Thurgood Marshall, and Oprah Winfrey—are in a fight for survival. The threats are numerous: Republican state legislators are determined to merge, consolidate, or shut down historically black colleges and universities; Ivy League institutions are poaching the best black high school students; President Obama’s push for heightened performance standards, and cuts in loan funding from the U.S. Department of Education.

In this tightly woven narrative full of intriguing characters, Where Everybody Looks Like Me chronicles this near breaking point for black colleges. Award-winning journalist Ron Stodghill offers a rare behind-closed-doors look into the private world of the boards of directors, the black intelligentsia, the leaders of business, law, politics, culture, and sports, and other influential figures involved in the debate and battle to save these institutions. Told from the perspective of a family, Where Everybody Looks Like Me shows their struggle to secure the best education for their child. Where Everybody Looks Like Me is a tale of vision and vanity—of boardroom backbiting, financial chicanery, idealism and passion. Here are administrators, celebrities, alumni, and others whose lives are intricately tied to these institutions and their fate—whether they will remain strong and vital, or become a revered part of our cultural past.

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mrscdalloway  asked:

The world stops to watch Cat Grant having a beer. SuperCat. I know it's a strange prompt, but I've had that sentence in my head for AGES. Right...

The world stops to watch as Cat Grant orders a beer. A beer. Kara, her drink halfway to her mouth, was frozen at the site. In the years since she started working for Cat, she had never seen the media mogul drink a beer.

She was sure when she’d heard Cat’s voice across the room pinging inside her ear from years of being her assistant that Kara was delusional. Yet, here she was leaning against the bar in this dingy pub ordering a Corona in tight designer jeans and navy blue button down that was open enough to make Kara’s mouth go dry.

When her eyes find Cat’s, she realizes with a jolt she’s busted. There’s a predatory smirk on her boss’s face that sends a shiver down Kara’s spine. Her Corona bottle is suddenly in Cat’s hand as though she were the one with super speed, and Kara was the slow human. Cat takes a long pull never breaking eye contact with Kara as she runs her tongue along the lip of the bottle.

Kara hears a distant shattering sound, her friends crying out, but she’s too distracted to notice how she’s crushed her own beer bottle into bits.

Cat’s smirk only grows. She runs the cool bottle along the span of her neck. Kara watches the condensation cling to the skin before rolling down her clavicle disappearing into the dip of her shirt-


Kara jumps as Alex’s voice manages to jolt from the haze Cat had her in. Her sister rolls her eyes as Kara blinks dumbstruck at her. Alex gives her a little shove.

“Just go over there, idiot.”

If Kara were human, she’d have whiplash from how fast her head pings from Alex to Cat and back.


Alex sighs, downing the rest of her whiskey. She shoves Kara physically out of the booth, standing with her to go get herself another drink.

“Go. Get. Her.” Alex says slowly to help Kara understand.

“I don’t…I mean she’s…but…” Kara is a useless jumble of words.

“Go buy her another beer, hot stuff, but try to form actual words,” Alex says, shoving at her shoulder again. “I hear award winning journalist like when you use words.”

With that, Alex makes her way to the other side of the bar, leaving Kara to turn her gaze back to Cat Grant.

The other woman’s eyes meet hers briefly before traveling down her frame and back up, licking her lips.

Cat might kill her, but oh, watching as Cat dragged her fingertip down the slope of her shirt, would it be worth it.

A Fic Birthday Present

So Tumblr tells me that today my blog turns 2.  Two years of knowing you crazy wonderful people all over the world.  I wanted to say thank you for entertaining me, supporting me, and befriending me.  So here’s the beginning of a fic I’ve started that, honestly, I’m not sure if it’s going anywhere or not but I wanted to give you all something and I can’t sing so…

Oh, and it’s SuperCat.  God, help me.

Hubris.  That’s what it was, plain and simple.  It’s been the downfall of many of the rich and powerful and now I’ve become its latest victim.  No.  That’s not right.  I can take responsibility for my own actions.  It was my own hubris that brought me to this point, strapped to a table in a musty underground…lair?  I have no one to blame but myself.  Perhaps, I should start at the beginning.  Well, not the beginning but you…god, what is happening to me?

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Watch Full Episodes Online of TED Talks on PBS | Coming to PBS: TED Talks: War and Peace

Men and women who have experienced every aspect of war look at the devastating impact of war in our world. The program includes veteran-turned-actor Adam Driver revealing his passion for the arts and the armed forces. 

Award-winning journalist and filmmaker Sebastian Junger examines the tribal nature of war and why the U.S. has higher rates of PTSD than many other countries.

Staying in the realm of contradictions, up next we have an editor putting an incredible amount of planning into hiding a message that he apparently wrote while drunk (and 10 years old). Fans of the BBC’s Top Gear might know James May as one of the three guest hosts of the quirky show. He’s also an award-winning journalist and a stunt driver. But back in 1992, he was just a lowly editor for Autocarmagazine, and wasn’t the least bit happy about that fact. Standard protocol would have suggested that he put his head down, kiss a few asses, and wait for his shot at a job in the magazine industry that he didn’t actively hate. That’s how you keep your job, and it’s not like the magazine industry was going anywhere.

Like the show he would go on to host, May wasn’t a huge fan of standard protocol. So when he was given the opportunity to put out the magazine’s special Road Test Yearbook issue – which is apparently the Autocar equivalent of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue – he did not take this as an opportunity to show off the ol’ work ethic, and instead saw it as a chance to do this.

7 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Publications


I’m a contract PA at a production company in Sydney Australia and I am currently working with an award-winning cinematographer & journalist who has worked for a public broadcaster for around 20 years. One day, he was recalling all the producers he worked with and looked me dead in the eye and said, “The most psychotic producers I have ever worked with are all women.” He later named a guy in the office “BB Guy” (Big Black Guy) who happens to be Sri Lankan.

Will these old dinosaurs ever die?
Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space with Lynn Sherr
Museum Lecture (1 hour and 1 min)

Pioneering astronaut Sally Ride was born on this day in 1951. When Sally Ride left Earth’s atmosphere on the space shuttle Challenger in 1983, she built her legacy as the youngest astronaut and the first woman to enter space, and yet she was famously private. In this podcast, join award-winning author and journalist Lynn Sherr for a lecture bringing detail and color to the life of Sally Ride. Drawing on her thirty year friendship with Ride and exclusive access to Ride’s papers and closest confidants, Sherr brings to vivid life this extraordinarily gifted, daring, and complex woman.

Download this podcast on iTunes.

May 22, 2015. Eleven years ago, the King, then the Prince of Asturias, married award-winning journalist Doña Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano at Madrid’s Almudena Cathedral. It was the first wedding of an heir apparent since the wedding of Fernando VII to Maria Antonia of Naples in 1806, and it was celebrated accordingly, with more than 1200 guests, including members of more than 35 Royal Houses, and a dinner and a ball the evening before. 

Felipe and Letizia have two daughters, Princess Leonor, the Princess of Asturias (b. 2005) and the Infanta Doña Sofía (b. 2007) and became the King and Queen after King Juan Carlos abdicated in June 2014. Their Majesties will attend an official event today, the oath to the flag by the new Royal Guards in El Prado barracks.

“Gender parity continues to be a topic of discussion, one we are taking action on in our company.  In the spirit of continuing this important conversation, Omnicom has formed Omniwomen, whose mission is to serve as a catalyst for increasing the influence and number of women leaders throughout the Omnicom network.

”…Omniwomen will host a panel with the five Omnicom network CEOs – Chuck Brymer, CEO, DDB Worldwide, Andrew Robertson, CEO, BBDO Worldwide, Dale Adams, CEO, Diversified Agency Services Worldwide, Daryl Simm, CEO, OMG Worldwide and Troy Ruhanen, CEO, TBWA\Worldwide. They will be sharing their perspectives on the importance of women’s leadership in the 21st century with moderator, award-winning journalist and author Diane Brady.“

At least the moderator is a woman.

I sure hope they really understand the role they all play.