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Beyonce didn’t win that award because it would have scared the fuck out of white people. You know how we all rejoiced when Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his Oscar? Imagine the world rejoicing that a black woman won what is basically the equivalent in the music industry. You really think white people are ready to let that happen? They are not ready to let go of the notion that only they deserve the biggest and brightest accolades.
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There’s a conservatism at work on many levels. I hazard a guess that there are many Academy members who didn’t even see films like Carol who said, “Aww, this is just a film about two women who fall in love. I don’t know if that’s going to appeal to me.

I think it’s important to be open-minded. Todd [Haynes] has directed an extraordinary film. It’s resonated with critics and audiences. In the end that’s the most important thing. Todd has been doing this for so long, and has been so influential because he’s got an outsider’s perspective. What he’s done with Carol is he’s brought the authenticity of that perspective but made a completely inside film. And I think that’s a quiet revolution. For his work not to be recognized, I find it bewildering.

Props to Adele to for basically Kanye'ing herself during her acceptance speech. She recognized LEMONADE was an ICONIC and culturally impacting piece of work. It was a beautiful selfless act of solidarity to see it especially after how these award shows continually snub POC artist. You go girl!!!!

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Signal boost this: #capaldi2018

With UK tabloid rumours today claiming the BBC wants Capaldi gone for Series 11 (not enough toys being sold, apparently), and ongoing fan upset/disgust over his total awards snub for Series 9, a number of folks are trying to gain social media traction for the hashtag #capaldi2018.

I’m happy to do my part, since I see it has having two meanings: not just more recognition for Capaldi’s work on Doctor Who (I’m sure he will give us some amazing performances in Series 10), but also in support of him returning for Chris Chibnall’s first year as showrunner (at least).

Just for the record, Mark Harmon is 65. He’s still the star NCIS, which is still one of the most popular TV shows on American TV. It’s an action-adventure show. Lots of running around. Harmon is 65 and nobody cares. The implied ageism I’ve seen expressed by some towards 58-year-old Peter Capaldi ever since he was cast, epitomized by the (I hope bogus) tabloid report that claims the BBC wants a younger Doctor because they haven’t sold enough TARDIS bath towels or whatever, to be honest pisses me off. It also shows narrow thinking as there are a lot of young people who are vastly entertained by his Doctor, there are young people who find him sexy as hell (both on his own and when paired with Jenna Coleman), and lots and lots and lots of kids love his Doctor to pieces. This ageism - wherever it’s coming from - needs to stop. Criticize the episodes by all means, but going after someone with a few more candles on the birthday cake is just wrong.

Just a quick reaction to the Oscar nominations announced this morning:

Todd Haynes, a gay man and a terrific director, was once again denied a nomination for his magnificent film Carol and for his direction of that film. I think it will be a long time before the Academy is appreciative of a man who makes lovingly crafted films that are about women (Safe, Far from Heaven, Carol) or that defy traditional gender roles (Velvet Goldmine, I’m Not There). The women in his films get Oscar nominations, but not the man who guides them through those beautiful performances. For the Academy, real men make manly films - The Revenant, Mad Max, The Big Short - about violence or about politics or business (which are also forms of violence). But women have been, at least since the 1980′s, denied respect in the movie business. And gay men and lesbians hardly exist for the Academy (or only as a heterosexual actor playing a gay part).

And of course, those men & women in power do not look at people of color as deserving of equal respect, either. What the hell does Michael B. Jordan have to do to get a nomination? How could he be any better?

But I am a gay man, and so this snub of Todd Haynes feels personal.

“‪I really didn’t expect this nomination this morning. I was sleeping in my bed, and then the phone started to ring, and I thought, ‘oh my god, what’s going on, something’s happened,’ but I didn’t expect this at all. I knew the nominations were this morning and I made fun of people who would think I had a chance to be nominated, and I honestly genuinely thought they were out of their mind. I’m in shock, and I’m super happy for the movie, and I’m super happy for the brothers [writer-directors Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne]. I really wanted to take their movie to the Oscars and I was sad when we didn’t make the shortlist. I thought that was it, that I couldn’t take the movie to the Oscars, and today it’s changed, I’m actually taking this movie, or this movie is taking me, anywhere it goes. It makes me so happy.”

-Marion Cotillard on her Oscar nomination for ’Two Days, One Night’


taylorswift why are you such a white feminist? nicki minaj talks about how she, a black artist, is often snubbed by awards shows when she puts in just as much if not more than her white counterparts. taylor makes it specifically about her and says that nicki is “pitting women against each other.” taylor is so fucking dense in her myopic feminism that she doesn’t understand that discussing racial disparities =\= internalized misogyny. she’ll never talk about race because the only issues that are important to her are issues that affect her directly. also i illegally downloaded 1989

Nicki Minaj: *speaks out against MTV video awards snub tastefully*


Then, there’s goes that ONE person who can’t stay in their lane…


Nicki: *still tastefully defends herself*

White media: 


Taylor swift: *deletes all tweets on the subject, posts about Bad blood being #1 again*



What kind of white feminist reach??

Please have a million seats…
Dear SAG Awards, Why Wouldn’t You Nominate Jennifer Lawrence?
How are you going to throw a party without J. Law?
By Joanna Robinson

The SAG awards have lost their shot at a Jennifer Lawrence red carpet stumble … and other J.Law antics.