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Here’s Why You Need To Feel Bad For Kylie Jenner:

2007>Kylie Jenner (then 9 years old) began appearing in reality TV series Keeping Up With The Kardashians after the rise of older sister Kim’s sex tape.

+In the early seasons, Kylie & sister Kendall appeared briefly, often having short segments on what the two were up to

+Since KUWTK is filmed under multiple camera set ups in the home Kylie was exposed to cameras, fame, and the public very young. In the early seasons of KUWTK, Kylie is often shown trailing behind her older sisters.

Season 1 Episode 1> Kylie is seen dancing on a stripper pole that  Kim bought as gift for someone else.

+You can tell by Kylie’s body language she wants to impress Kim (who is watching and laughing) it seems childlike and innocent.

+Because Kim’s sex tape had surfaced, the family always had a light hearted way of discussing sex - dialogue between them was always open minded.

Season 1 KUWTK (2007)>Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe do a Girls Gone Wild shoot, Kim gets cover of Playboy, Khloe gets DUI, and nude photos of Kourtney leak.

+Kylie was exposed to these things. I doubt she knew the consequences because for the family, money and fame always fixed it, it seemed ok.

+KUWTK always portrayed the family to be very close. Kylie admired her sisters and wanted to emulate them. Kim was seen as a sex symbol.

2007-08>Kylie appears at age appropriate events (MTV, charity campaigns, kids choice awards)

Season 3 KUWTK(2009)>Kris & Bruce’s marriage start showing signs of stress. Bruce gets plastic surgery. Kylie starts experimenting with makeup.

(Above is a picture of Kylie posing from an old Myspace profile)

Season 4, Episode 8: KUWTK (2010)>Kylie starts showing signs of jealousy over Kendall.

+In this episode, then Bruce Jenner says to Kylie “your time will come.” In a very dismissive way. I imagine she felt very inadequate.

Season 5 KUWTK(2010)>Kim receives Botox & openly discusses it with her family. Furthering showing then 13 year old Kylie that procedure is an option.

2011>Tyga performs at Kendall’s birthday bash, probably when he first met Kylie (who was on stage)

+The body language in the video shows Kylie appearing almost star struck over Tyga while sister Kendall just enjoys the moment.

Season 6 KUWTK (2011)>Kylie, then 14, takes shift from “tween” to teen. Scott trying to become her manager.

2011-14>As Kylie gets older the focus becomes more on her personal brand, and is pictured alone more than ever.

In 2013> She was caught stealing Kim’s clothes

2013>Kylie’s clothing line with sister Kendall launches in Pacsun stores worldwide


She and Kendall launch shoe & handbag line for Steve Madden

Makes acting debut in promo for ‘Toronto' 

Launched her hair extension line with Bellami Hair

+The more limelight Kylie receives, the more blogs/ gossip sites she’s on, thus giving people a platform to bash the teen with hateful comments.

2014>It was around this time that Kylie began getting into lip liner and matte lipstick to enhance her lips.

April 2014>Kylie dismisses plastic surgery rumors with a series of tweets:

May 2014>Kylie posts “no makeup” selfies, and her lips still look fuller in comparison to older photos: public speculates she’s lying.

July 2014>Tyga starts popping up in Kylie’s Instagram photos

July 2014>Tyga starts popping up in Kylie’s Instagram photos (who is 7 years older than Kylie)

August 2014>A month after Tyga is seen on Kylie’s Instagram, him and Blac Chyna announce their breakup.

2014>Kendall starts making debuts on runways (Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Chanel)

Sep. 2014>Around the time of Kendall’s debut success, Kylie plumps her lips bigger than they ever were before that

Sep. 2014>The uneven surface of Kylie’s lips are a tell-tale sign of fillers. People leave comments on her Instagram bashing her “juvederm scars”.

Sep-Oct 2014>The more people talk about Kylie’s lips the bigger they get

+The bigger her lips get the more the public bash her. Making memes to further bash her changing appearance.

October 2014>After receiving so much hateful backlash, Kylie addresses her lips once again on Twitter.

October 27, 2014>After receiving so much hateful backlash, Kylie addresses her lips once again on Twitter.

October 2014>Kylie and Tyga grace each other’s Instagram’s. On Halloween the two celebrate together, dressing as chuckie and bride.

September 2014>Kris and then Bruce Jenner announce their divorce.

2014>Then Bruce starts making changing to appearance and has gotten rid of his Adam’s apple. The public scrutinizes.

+Kylie’s parents are now divorced and Dad undergoing a series of changes. Thus giving the public another thing to speculate. Imagine what it felt like for Kylie to watch her parents be ripped to shreds by hateful onlookers + gossip blogs.

November 2014>Kylie is asked directly about her lips for the first time ever during a red carpet event.

+Kylie says the comments/ hate towards her lips has become “too much”. Mind you, she’s 17 at this time.

Late 2014>Kendall is gaining more notoriety as a high fashion model, while sister Kylie is only Recieving attention from Tyga and continuously changing lips.

December 2014>Kylie uploads selfie to Instagram showing the increase of fullness in her lips.

December 11, 2014>Kylie takes to twitter again to bash rumors or being pregnant with Tyga’s child.

Dec-Feb 2014>Tyga and Kylie are pictured everywhere together (charity events, backstage, and Grammy parties)

>Somewhere around this time Khloe openly admits she supports her sis. Thus giving a 17 year old validation that surgery is ok. 

January 2015>By this time Kylie’s lips had increased in size yet again.

January 2015>In an episode of KUWTK, Kendall and Kim tell Kylie she may have gone “overboard” with her lips and that they looked too big.

January 2015>Kylie tells Cosmopolitan magazine she “didn’t get plastic surgery”. Despite obvious signs. Why was a 17 year old on COSMO? Anyway…

+By Feburary 2015 Kylie’s lips had increased in size again:


+Drake drops “6pm in New York” throwing shots at Tyga for dating underage Kylie

+Amber Rose does interview for The Breakfast Club disapproving of the relationship

-Although Amber was focusing on Tyga’s role as the adult in her interview, but Khloe steps in on Twitter: 

February 17, 2015>Tyga does interview w breakfast club stating he is not dating Kylie.

February 20, 2015>3 days later Kanye tells breakfast club Tyga was “smart for getting in with Kylie” thus putting them under more speculation.

February 20, 2015>The same day as the Kanye interview, Tyga posts pic of Kylie to his Instagram. The public was convinced.

March 6, 2015> New ring on Kylie’s finger sparks engagement rumors.

March 13, 2015> Tyga professes love for Kylie on Instagram: “certain things catch your eye, but only few catch your heart”

April 13 2015>Kylie tells Grazia magazine that she denies plastic surgery rumors, despite obvious increase.

April 2015>Caitlyn (once Bruce) Jenner comes out as transgender. Kylie and Caitlyn receive praise…but scrutiny too.

>At this point Kylie is undergoing a lot of emotional trauma. Public relationship with older boyfriend, parents split, dad comes out as transgender. As a means to tuck away all of her distress, Kylie probably started focusing solely on her personal appearance. It is easy to get lost in yourself and become obsessed with your appearance, but this often times means someone is hiding emotional suffering.

>The more Kylie’s personal life became unraveled, the more her face changed.

May 2015>Clips for an upcoming KUWTK are released. Kylie admits to having lip fillers.

>Following the release of the clips, plastic surgeons from all over weigh in on what other work Kylie may have received:

July 26, 2015> “I Am Cait” premieres in E! Documenting Caitlyn Jenner’s gender transition.

+Following the release, critics weigh in saying it appears “scripted” or “fake”. Fans say Kylie doesn’t appear happy.

August 2015(now)>Kylie will be turning 18 on August 10th, (2 days away from this original blog post date) Whose to say where her transformation will go.

After reading this thread I hope I portrayed Kylie’s life in a relatable way. She is still so very young. I hope to change the narrative.