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Perfetti Sconosciuti (2016)

Directed by Paolo Genovese

Cinematography by Fabrizio Lucci

Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (2/15)

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AU: Fury tries to recruit Y/N for the Avengers without knowing about her deep secret with HYDRA. She refuses to join in fear that they’ll discover her abilities. But that doesn’t stop the Avengers.

Part1 | Part 2 | Part 3 


Y/N breathed in and out slowly as she waited for the elevator. That meeting with Fury opened up her eyes.

They knew everything about her and it was only a matter of time that they find out the truth about Sarajevo. They’re SHIELD. It’s what they do.

She has no choice but to move out again. She’ll call her old Sergeant, the only person she think of as family and a close friend. Y/N will stay low for a while. She won’t let SHIELD know about her anymore.


Y/N stepped in the elevator and sighed. She has to start packing again.

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I'm OBSESSED with your writing. How about a thing where Bughead goes to where Polly is and they go to break into her car and Jug is all like "dang it's locked" and Betty's all "I've got this" as she pulls out a crowbar (or whatever it was lol) and proceeds to break into the car the way she broke into Grundys and jugs really impressed

Yeessss, I love this prompt thank you so much!

Jughead was sneaky, he could pretty much get away with anything. It helped that he was basically invisible to everyone around him, but that was beside the point.

It was something he prided himself in, his air of mystery and overall shadowy personality.


He sure looked like an idiot standing next to the only girl he ever cared about impressing, not having a clue what to do next.

They had made it this far, sneaking into pollys insane asylum, gathering information about her, and now they were at the one place that held the peak to their clues.

Jason blossoms car.

They had to get past the creepy, satanic blossoms to get here, and now he was just standing there staring at the locked car door.

“Damnit, I didn’t think this far ahead, I was distracted with everything going on, we should have got the key before we got all the way over here I really… what are you doing?”

Jughead stopped mid sentence to stare at the bouncy blonde ponytail that was now on the ground digging in her book bag.

Suddenly she popped up holding up some kind of wrench, as if it was a trophy.

“a ha, got it.”

“As much as I applaud you girls, and your ability to keep an entire toolbox in your purse, I don’t see what this has to do with…”

Suddenly Betty was digging into the lock of the car and he heard a satisfying “pop”

She turned to him with a smug smile.

He just stared at her slack jawed and wide eyed.


That was hot.

He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of his very own mcgyver.

What kind of girl could bake you the best blueberry pie in riverdale ( he was their when they awarded her with the ribbon at the town fair, totally deserved) in thirty minutes flat and also break into a dead teenage boys Cadillac with a wrench?

His girl that’s who.

Well she wasn’t his girl per say, but she was kind of his girl. other than that trev loser, she didn’t seem to be hanging out with any other guys and she spent almost all of her time with him, that had to mean something right?

She wiggled a little under his intense gaze.

“I fix cars with my dad, you never know when that’s gonna come in handy.”

“Was there anything this girl couldn’t do?”

He hadn’t realized he said it out loud until she blushed bright pink, shaking her head and opening the car door.

“I’m pretty terrible at keeping my family together.”

As she went to duck her head into the car, Jughead grabbed her wrist.

“That’s not you’re fault, none of this is. just like my mom leaving wasn’t mine. Families suck, That’s why it’s great to have one you picked out all on your own.”

He smiled shyly at the ground

Betty placed a hand on his cheek

“You’re my family too Jughead.” She said smiling Her famous heartbreaking smile.

He took a minute to stare into his eyes, and lean his cheek against her palm, before he bent down grabbed the flashlight from her backpack

“Shall we miss Cooper?”

She laughed sweeping her hand out

“After you mr. jones”

👑 cosmetic brand asks. 👑
  • apieu: have you ever won an award (trophy, ribbon, etc)? what was it for?
  • clinique: do you enjoy working out during the winter? or, do you wait until spring when it's almost beach season?
  • elf: when you're ill do you struggle on regardless of your health status or just curl up in bed as much as possible?
  • glossier: do you consider yourself an independent person? do you rely on people often?
  • holika holika: is there anything that you find cute but others don't? what is it?
  • isoi: do you enjoy recycling and being earth conscious?
  • kleancolor: do you care about clothing bands?
  • lime crime: as a kid were you ever frighted of a monster under the bed?
  • lorac: when you make a mistake, do you try to quickly cover it up and hope no one notices?
  • majolica majorca: how often do you daydream?
  • nature republic: do you have a reasonable amount of free time? do you wish you had more?
  • nyx: are you in touch with your more villainous side?
  • santee: talk about one strange hobby that you have.
  • shiseido: are you the most popular among your friend group? if not, do you want to be?
  • sugarpill: have you ever gotten so drunk that it made you ill?
  • tony moly: is there a word from another language that you enjoy?
  • urban decay: when you're alone in a public area (like a restaurant) do you feel awkward?
  • kotoshina: have you ever considered going vegetarian or vegan? do you think you could do it?
  • etude house: be honest. do you enjoy pink, frilly things?
  • manic panic: did you have a rebellious phase as a teen? if you didn't, do you regret that you missed out on the chance?
  • tarte: is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?
  • kat von d: have you ever made someone cry? do you regret it?

Firearms training.

If one carries a pistol it is their responsability to allways seek continuing training, outside of common target practice, in weapons retention and law.

Some background on the instructor:

Doug Harmon has been a certified police officer for 10 years. He is currently employed by a large metropolitan law enforcement agency in Atlanta, Georgia. He has extensive experience with real-world violent incidents and deadly threats. In conjunction to his well-endowed knowledge of federal, state, and local laws he has started criminal investigations and begun the prosecution of convicted felons, fugitives, and organized crime radicals. He is presently assigned to a Special Operations Division S.W.A.T. Team. As a team leader he is tasked with the development, training, and quality of standard for all S.W.A.T Operators. He also creates, implements, and evaluates firearms and tactical training evolutions, which are written into the Standard Operations Procedure (SOP) by the S.W.A.T. Commander. Prior to his employment as a police officer, D.M. Harmon served his country in the United States Marines for 8 years. His primary job assignment was Field Radio Operation/ Security Forces. During the crisis of 9/11 in New York City, he was deployed with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MARSOC) for two terms. He served honorably in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom which he received several unit ribbons, awards, and metals to include a Combat Action Ribbon. The award was approved in reference to actions taken during a firefight in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

🎓 how to create a sorority graduation shadow box! 🎓

Spring is an ideal time to make a commemorative shadow box of your sorority graduation paraphernalia! Collect your grad keepsakes and spotlight them in a framed box for safe keeping. Post-initiation is another prime time for crafting a shadow box of your bid day, new member and sisterhood memorabilia. Treasure your sorority memories, turn them into wall art and preserve them for years to come with these sorority sugar ‘How To’ instructions for making your own greek girl display box! 


STEP 1 Gather Your Materials: 

Determine the theme of your shadow box and collect all the things you want to put inside. These are some ideas for what you may want to include.

  • GRAD BOX: Grad cap, sorority stole, commencement invitation, photos, tassel, tickets, dried flowers, program, certificate, chapter papers, medals, awards, buttons, etc…
  • MEMBERSHIP BOX: Membership certificate, bid card, pledge ribbon, photos, big/little keepsakes, dried flowers, name tag, button, decal, ribbons, awards, koozie, greek letters, notes, awards, door signs, greek stitch letters, pearls, etc…

 Supplies You Will Need:

  • Wood shadow box from a craft store. 11″x14″ or 20″x20″ are popular sizes. Make sure your box is wide enough and deep enough for your items.
  • Scissors
  • Background fabric or scrapbook paper. Use acid-free and archival-quality materials.
  • Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
  • Foam brush for applying glue
  • Clear glue dots
  • Clear headed straight pins and/or color matching straight pins. Use stainless, dressmaker quality pins only.
  • Quake Hold Museum Wax
  • Permanent Sticky Mounting Tabs
  • Double stick tape
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Sheet of foam backing if you’re using pins to attach your items

STEP 2 Cover the Background Board:

  • Remove the board from the back of the box.
  • Cut your acid free background fabric or paper to fit. (For a grad box, your stole can serve as the background fabric.)
  • If you are attaching your items with pins, glue a sheet of foam backing to the board prior to attaching the paper or fabric.
  • Using Aleene’s craft glue and a foam brush, glue your background paper or fabric onto the board.

STEP 3 Attach Your Keepsakes:

  • Layout your design before attaching any memorabilia. 
  • Sketch your design on a separate piece of paper, so you can remember where everything goes.
  • Work from the background forward. Place larger pieces in the back, smaller accents in the foreground.
  • Glue-mount-pin-tape your sorority keepsakes layer by layer onto the board. Select the mounting method based on the weight and style of the piece.
  • Not everything can be glued, so secure some items with clear headed straight pins, color matching pins, sticky mounting tabs, hot glue, glue dots, double stick tape, or Museum Wax instead. A combination of mounting techniques is highly recommended.
  • Add 3-D accents to the front of your design. 

STEP 4 Re-Assemble Your Box:

  • Once the items are securely in place, carefully reunite the decorated back with the frame and glass. 
  • Hang your sorority shadow box where you can enjoy it! 

{shadow box photos from Pinterest}

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au where steve is still captain america but bucky was born in modern times

okay okay okay i love this one so much but i’m gonna use it to give y’all a preview of something i’ve had in mind that i wanna write as a full fic

  • so steve gets back, and everyone in the military is like oh fuck because guess who can now receive the copious amounts of medals and awards and ribbons he earned
  • on top of that someone really should tell him there’s an award named after him for ‘bravery at undue risk to oneself’
  • so they decide what better time to do it than all at once
  • so steve gets a letter like hey hi technically you’re not part of the army anymore but you earned these and someone with the steve rogers award for bravery is gonna preside cool huh
  • and steve’s like what
  • then he’s like oh shit what do i wear
  • and because he’s awesome rhodey has connections and manages to get hold of a ww2 captain’s uniform, and manages to get all of the ribbons steve had already received reinstated and sent out to him
  • so he turns up to this ceremony in his own gear basically and it makes him feel a lot more comfortable
  • before the ceremony starts though he goes to the bathroom to make sure he doesn’t have like spinach in his teeth and is confronted with someone in the shirt and pants of a service uniform pretty much having a panic attack
  • so he does what he can for this guy, calms him down as much as he can, goes to find help, leaves him in the hands of a capable woman who seemed like she knew the man
  • he goes to this ceremony, girding himself for complete embarrassment as he does
  • the first person introduced in the ceremony is sergeant barnes, most recent recipient of the SR award, and when steve gets a good look at the guy he realises it’s the guy from the bathroom
  • and steve’s pleased to see he’s looking okay, if a little pale, as he moves to his position, holding a tray of ribbons
  • others are introduced, including the woman (sergeant-major natasha romanov)
  • the ceremony goes through, he gets all of his awards bar one which he’s told only the president can award, who will be contacting steve soon about it
  • and at the end when steve speaks, thanks everyone, the man, james, looks at him, realising who exactly had helped him in the bathroom as soon as he hears steve’s voice
  • and after the ceremony there’s a little get together, steve’s properly introduced to a lot of people who all seem to want to shmooze up to him bar like five, and he’s getting ready to make his escape when he spots james
  • and he’s curious, because this guy obviously has some shit he’s dealing with, and he probably doesn’t want to see steve, but he’s the recipient of an award named in steve’s honour so he probably should talk to the guy
  • and at first james is pretty evasive, like he wants to pretend nothing happened, but as steve talks to him he calms a little
  • he tells steve about how he gained the award, saved natasha’s life, lost his arm in the process, and recently too
  • and steve’s confused because that doesn’t move like a prosthetic? but james shifts his left glove and shows steve a strip of metal
  • and a few weeks later they literally bump into each other on the street, steve says hi, james smiles slightly and says hi back, they part ways
  • and it happens again a week later on steve’s run
  • and then again when he goes to his favourite hole-in-the-wall coffee shop to see james there, so he helps himself to the seat opposite him and says if i didn’t know better i’d think you were following me and james starts, realises who it is, and settles again, mock glaring with a i was here first, if anything, you’re following me
  • and they end up spending like an hour and a half just chatting, steve walks out of the coffee shop much later than usual with a smile on his face and a new number, and a new name in his cellphone. bucky.

bullet point stucky au’s!

okay so I work at a party store and we have a bunch of star wars party supplies including this kylo ren award ribbon?? it’s a ribbon and the top part is full of like glitter and stuff and it’s got kylo ren on it. no words, no “first place” or anything, just…kylo ren
I’m assuming it’s to award the most garbage person at the party but I could be mistaken