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161205 Shinhwa’s Eric On ‘The List’, From Drama To Entertainment, the ‘Living Room Prince’ of 2016

Eric made it to the top 5 for the ‘Well Done! The 2016 Stars’.

On December 5th tvN revealed their ‘The List 2016’ for their ‘End Of The Year’ special.

Eric was 5th on the list. Eric starred in ‘Oh Hae-young Again!’ and played a tsundere guy, who got caught between love and strange premonitions, which won him the title ‘Life Character’.

The drama series ‘Oh Hae-young Again!’ became the most watched show among all tvN’s Monday/Tuesday series and Eric received the Roco King Award at tvN’s 10 Awards.

Later this year, Eric became a fixed member of tvN’s entertainment series ‘Three Meals A Day’ since his debut 18 years ago. In the series, he showed his unbelievably masterful cooking skills that gains great popularity.

He also returned to his original K-pop role with Shinhwa’s 13th album and  another Shinhwa concert is said to be on the way. The tickets for their winter concert was sold out within 3 minutes.

Comments on Xport News:

[+25, 0] Three Meals is beyond hilarious these days~~
[+21, 0] Has been a happy year thanks to Eric~~
[+16, 0] Three Meals, my reason to live
[+15, 0] My December, Eric got it ♥
[+6, 0]   Eric made 2016 happy~

Comments on TVReports:

01 [+56, -2] Rich in charm Mun Jeong-hyeok!!
02 [+46, -2] Way cuter than I thought, Eric.
03 [+45, -2] Too good to be true ㅜㅜ
04 [+32, 0] Charming Eric!! This year is yours to take~~
05 [+33, -1] Yeah.. Good
06 [+19, 0] This year was Eric’s year ㅇㅇ
07 [+16, 0] Full of charm!!!
08 [+11, 0] Sincerity always shines ❤❤
09 [+11, 0] It will continue to be Eric’s year. Because true heart shines. Yom!
10 [+11, 0] Eric’s glowing. Cheers~

Source: Xports News + TV Report Via Naver + Translation by EricMun.tumblr


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