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“I saw [Benedict and Keira] right when I walked offstage and they were both crying. It was really beautiful. We all became very close making this film,” Moore says. “Benedict was crying and we hugged. He told me he loved me and I told him I loved him. Benedict and Keira both have felt so passionately about telling Alan Turing’s story. We became this Imitation Game family.” - Graham Moore after winning his Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

So you’re going to ask me to marry you or what?
Well I still do not know’d want?
Well, I would not know unless you ask.
Well I’m asking you.
With all my heart, will you marry me?
So yes, yes I will.
- When you have your first permit
But I’m still mad at you right now
- Yes, OK.

- Desmond Doss and Dorothy Schutte (Hacksaw Ridge 2016)