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What's in your shower? I just ran out of everything at the same time lmao help me

ogx awapuhi ginger shampoo and coconut milk conditioner, bath and body works orange ginger body wash, lush ocean salt body scrub ! i just realized that i love citrusy shower stuff 

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What is your har routine like? What shampoo/conditioner/products do you use? Do you use foam or hot rollers and how often do you roll your hair? Do you get a hair cut each month? Thank you xx

Alright, here it is. Sorry this post took me a bit to answer, but I wanted to be as thorough as requested, and I NEVER change my routine so it should give you a pretty accurate detail of my rituals. 

  • First off, I stopped dying my hair 2 years ago, my color today is 100% mine root to tip, and that certainly helps. 
  • I only wash my hair twice a week to keep from stripping natural oils out, after a bit, your hair WILL step in line and stop over producing bad oils from over-washing. 
  • On those in between wash days, if my hair (particularly my bang area) feels oily, i’ll use a dry shampoo spray on the roots, brush it in, and its instantly cured. 
  • When I do wash my hair I use Organix Awapuhi Ginger shampoo and conditioner. I love this shit. So much. It leaves my hair so damn soft, every time… It should be noted that I’m hella generous with the conditioner, and I let it sooooak, don’t wash it out too soon.
  • After my shower I towel dry my hair till its just damp, then run Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Serum focusing on the ends and working about half way up my hair, just a dime size will do wonders to keeping my ends soft.
  • Next (again while still slightly damp) I’ll work a dime sized amount of KEVINMURPHY Anti.Gravity Volumizer through my roots, focusing on my bang area. 
  • Then I blowdry my hair, forcing my roots up by my crown and the rest angled down, ON THE COLDEST SETTING. I never ever ever blow-dry using heat.
  • I usually let my hair settle an hour or two, just to be sure its 100% dry and happy, then I’ll throw in hot rollers, and LET THEM SIT FOR AS LONG AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Wait till they’re cool, then wait some more. 
  • Once I take them out and brush them into the shape they want to go that day, I set it with Paul Mitchell hairspray, which doesn’t clump or feel sticky or turn my hair crispy or solid, it holds shape and keeps A LOT of movement, which is important to me. … I wouldn’t recommend the spray I have pictured though, I’m currently using it due to a boyfriend shopping error and it has an odd smell I’m not fond of. I recommend Paul Mitchell Worked Up Hairspray, its my absolute favorite, and can’t wait to have it back when this runs out. 
  • I use rollers twice a week, correlating with wash days, and style my hair a touch differently each day as my curls fall and relax. 
  • I cut my hair every couple months, I WISH I could trim it more, but I never get around to it. 

Hope this helps!!!!!! I’m no beautician, but this works wonders for me, soft healthy hair is an obsession of mine. :)