some cute aus to try

  • muse a is one of the math nerds who has a massive crush on muse b who is the lead in the school musical. so they go try to win the lead role so they can spend time together and kiss onstage
  • muse awants to prove that girls can just be as good as boys in a certain sport and goes to another school as their twin brother and falls for their roommate, muse b
  • muse ais one of the biggest goody two shoes ever and has to tutor muse b,the football superstar
  • muse a and muse b’s parents hate each other so they have to sneak around
  • muse a needs a job desperately and they work for this woman and her attractive kid, muse b at their bakery and they bond over cupcakes and frosting fights

Patreon Reward: Zero Suit Gardevoir

November Patreon Reward for one of my top tier patrons, who requested Gardevoir dressed up in Samus Aran’s Zero Suit. Yup, it’s the same person who requested my previous Gardevoir pieces. You can find those ones here:

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