“Marked by Daylight” - Spring 2013

A plan of activation in the context of the urban realm. This design challenges the concept of time, marking daylight during 3 specific periods of day. Inspired by the Danish lifestyle, where sunlight is seen so briefly, yet cherished immensely in its fleeting presence. Paying poetic homage to the ideals of reinvention. Located directly in front of København H Central Train Station.


“Cognizance”, June 1998

Knowledge, awareness, or notice, as defines cognizance. This series of photographs, taken with a 1993 Nikon 100 Zoom, illustrate the first instances of cognizance within my lifetime. At only 6 years old, these photographs mark my earliest and most pronounced memories, ones in which I’ve recognized the inability to part with. 

Drenched with the incapacity to remember day to day occurrences, the ability to recall larger moments such as these becomes a sense of relief, for not only do those daily happenings fade into one another at a rate unmeasurable, they persist within a lull of time that seems so unmarkable. These photos, taken 15 years ago, become both timely and timeless, as they resonate so potently within my mind. 

Taken during my families 1998 cross country road trip, spanning from Maryland to Arizona, and then back again.