If Kazamoto were to be compared to a snake or an alligator, Shiki would most likely be considered a hawk or a wolf. Although these metaphors were passed quietly in rumors amongst the members, those who happened to be in the office did not voice them. Even if it could be ensured that neither man would catch the words, simply saying them would be enough to give one a foreboding sense that their life would shorten without any particular reason.
—  Durararax10 (translation by popsiclete)

Aozaki: I hate minion memes. I don’t know why but I feel that they come from a special place in hell. The place where they’d put the worst person who ever lived, so they put in as many torturous things as possible, things so evil that no human on earth should even speak their names, but it got too crowded so a few escaped. and those are the minion memes.