We can’t do this alone, we have to help eachother together. So remember to listen to others instead of thinking while they speak, communicate to eachother, look in their eyes, express ideas instead of talking about people, think outside of the box, do something out of your comfort zone, trust people, have faith, be happy, find comfort in silence and most importantly love with all of your heart
—  The Awakened State - Wrote this a few years ago ♥
In the Beginning

In the beginning was feeling, not the word, not thought, not thinking.  Feelings came first.  If one can associate and connect feelings with the heart, in an embryo, the heart is the first organ made.  The child at birth, first feels the air and the first breath,  The brain is still a collection of unconnected neurons and thoughts are secondary after the emotional feelings of life.

Our feelings have always been first.  Even when we first connected one thought to another, the driving force behind it was feelings.  This still exists to dominate our existence, our actions, our beliefs, and ideas.

The feeling of existence is this first feeling of the first intake of air into our lungs.  This first feeling of being exposed to the material world is still with us. This feeling of existence has never gone away.

The feeling of existence is our first feeling.  The first feeling of life.  Of being alive.  Of being distinct and separate from everything and every matter and object around us, is this first feeling of existence.

burgermiester  asked:

Since Tharja's the talk of the town at the moment, what do you think of her? I dont believe I have ever seen you talk about her before.

I have pretty mixed feelings on Tharja.

That is to say; I rather like her. I mean, obviously, she’s despicable, but she’s written in a way that I find interesting and entertaining. In a game where too many characters are either bland or overly quirky, she stands as fairly well realized. And she has a good voice actor. She’s just fun to play with. She has some fun supports. I especially ship her with Gaius because it’s both a well written support which makes you believe in the possibility of the couple and great for Noire (both in gameplay and more importantly HAIR COLOR). She also has a great support with Libra (okay that may just be the Libra effect. #Libra is the best written character of awakening). And… it’s been a while since I played awakening so i forget which other supports were good.

Also I like that she’s going to be stalkerish about Robin regardless of the gender of Robin.

Now with that said… I really hate the whole… Tharjabestwaifu thing in the fandom. I find it super creepy.

And, of course, there’s the fact that Tharja is abusive to Noire (and her husband) with the magical experiment, and the game handles it in a very off handedly manner (which is the way they usually handle any disturbing material in this game) and is where my reaction to Tharja rejoins my reaction to Henry into one of recoil and being disturbed because holyshit mood dissonance.

… so you know. Mixed feelings.

And, err, also I find her mostly fun and interesting, I don’t exactly want to defend her when people say they don’t like her (because stalking/abuse/waifu shittery) because those are all very legit reason to not be happy with the way Tharja is written… which is why I didn’t say much about her previously, I guess.

Today is Lucinas Birthday!

So i drew her in what i think its her being like

“y´know its not like i dont appreciate it, I DO!, but you know… after seeing the same kinda joke around 6-ish times a day yknow, you just… start to think the joke is not funny anymore and like… i dont wanna say something rude i do appreciate the time you took to draw me with dark glasses, a joint of weed and yelling 420 blazee as a birthday gift but, like I DO APPRECIATE IT THANK YOU, but” - and keep that going for like 10 minutes

Happy Valentines day!

have some gay bbies

i assume this is like the S support, maybe? i dunno man

yall know i made this side fire emblem blog solely to fulfill my dreams of having noire fanart on the web right? if it wasnt obvious before, im spelling it out now