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Fire Emblem Awakening Characters that I hope meet my expectations, in no particular order: Paris (Image Remake)

I stand by what I said about Paris earlier in the hope that he would meet my expectations. I love that his official art is very loose in standing posture and he’s smiling as though he’s a very down-to-earth person. What has me concerned is how Ragnell is in the process of losing it’s blessing and the surface of it is cracked. (Either the cause is Yune’s blessing wasn’t permanent like we thought, which it’s unlikely as Ashera’s blessings survived and grew stronger, not weaker, or it’s due to being off Tellius and no longer connected to the world where it received the Goddess’ gift.)

This weekend the adaptation of the first book in Rick Yancey’s New York Times best-selling The 5th Wave trilogy released but was unable to dethrone The Revenant and Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the top spots at the box office. The film came in sixth place with $10.7 million in U.S. sales as of this evening. With the international take of just over $27 million, the film covered it’s $38 million production budget. (x)

so in other words, the movie didn’t do that good but you have to take into consideration that many people couldn’t go because of the storm. the good news is that since the movie covered its budget, everything the movie makes now is profit!! go watch the movie as many times as you can to increase the odds of The Infinite Sea becoming a movie. also comment on The 5th Wave’s official twitter and instagram, letting them know how much you enjoyed it!!

Fire Emblem Awakening Characters that I hope meet my expectations, in no particular order: Tiamo

I’m not going to lie; Tiamo’s armor bothers me, given it’s shaped exactly as her bustline is. That metal would be extremely fragile if she were to be hit in the torso. Add to the fact that she has nothing on her thighs to protect her from the friction of the saddle, also a problem. You need to wear leggings when on the horse. I’m partial to the color red, though, and I love her long hair. (Would it be too early to have a headcanon that Liz or Sumia braids it?)