awakening part three


when you get blown up by your own TIE fighter and you’re still salty about it

it’s been forever since i’ve drawn these two holy shit

based on @petty-officer-thanisson‘s amazing text post

Rude Awakening (Part Three - Kylo Ren)

Here’s a part three. I do hope you enjoy. 

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“I didn’t know we had the best pilot in the Resistance on board.”

The slightly mechanical voice drew Poe’s gaze to the man in the mask, shrouded in his dark cloak.


Poe’s usually quick tongue was at a loss. He could feel the fear creeping up inside of him, threatening to boil over and show it, but he forced it down. The First Order loved to make people feel afraid. They thrived on it. He couldn’t give them that satisfaction.

“I’m impressed. No one has managed to get from you what you did with the map.” Kylo Ren seemed perfectly passive for someone harboring so much evil. Then again, that was probably why he wore the mask.

Some of his vibrato fought through his emotions, and Poe spat back with what little fire he had left. “You might want to rethink your technique.”

Kylo reached out with a gloved hand and forced his way into the pilot’s mind, pulling him up in the chair with the power of it. Poe wasn’t strong with the force, but he wasn’t weak-minded either. His thoughts on the surface betrayed little that would help.

Kylo threw Poe back into the chair as he tried to press further in. “Where is it?”

Poe gritted through his teeth. “The Resistance will not be intimidated by you.” The force pressing and pulling at Poe’s brain was so much so that it was pulling him, slowly, towards Kylo’s outstretched hand. Poe knew he couldn’t take it much more and let out a yell.

The searing pain of this moment was nearly unbearable. In all of your late night conversations about the Jedi- and there had been many- you had not once told him what it was like to be on the receiving end of mind tricks like this. You’d never mentioned the pain, the force pressing in on your brain, squeezing it inside his skull. Was it always like this, or was that just Kylo’s doing?

“You have her.”

Poe looked up through bleary eyes just in time to see Kylo taking a step back, shock. “Who?”

Kylo’s palm flattened out, and Poe was slammed back into the chair. The pain in his head was a dull throb. Clearly, Kylo had given up this attack; he’d resorted to something a little more head on. Poe felt like he was being crushed into the chair, like Kylo was physically trying to force him through it. “You have her.” It was a growl, the first genuine emotion Kylo had displayed.

“(Y/n)…” Poe realized what he’d done. Kylo had seen you in his thoughts. Kylo had seen you in his thoughts, knew who you were with. Poe failed you. “No.”

Kylo raised his hand back to Poe’s mind. He had to know more. He had to know everything. He assaulted Poe’s thoughts with a vengeance, tearing at his mind and unraveling him with a fury he hadn’t possessed in years, as if Poe was the weakest mind in the galaxy.

Kylo flew through thoughts of cockpits, Jakku, command centers. He practically disregarded the image of a small BB unit carrying the map he had come for. No, he kept plowing through till he saw what he was now looking for. An image of you.  

Kylo ripped himself from Poe’s mind and fled the room, shouting orders about finding the droid as he marched for Leader Snoke, ready to beg if he must. He was going to… needed to kill that resistance scum. How dare he even think of you!

An image of you. Sitting on a grassy hill, lying back to look at the stars. Poe, running over to join you. The smile on your face when he laid down with you. He hadn’t seen that smile in years… He used to be the only one who could make you smile like that…

Two hands grabbed at your waist from behind and jerked you back through a door.

You reached instinctively for the lightsaber on your hip, but when you looked down to grab at it the hands that grabbed you encompassed it already, holding it in place at your hip.

“Not so fast there, my young apprentice.”

Tension flooded from your body. “Ben!” You laughed wheeling on him and throwing your arms around his neck. “Don’t scare me like that!”

“Sorry,” He chuckled, “I just couldn’t resist.” His arms draped over your hips as he bent his head to rest against yours. “It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve seen you. I just got a little overexcited.”

“A little?” You glanced back instinctively to the open door behind you. “Someone could’ve seen us! Someone could still see…”

Ben raised his hand and flicked his wrist. The door swung shut and locked itself before you could even finish a sentence. “Sorry, what were you saying?”

You didn’t need to turn back. You could hear the smirk in his voice. “Ha. Ha. Very funny,” You said sarcastically. “Really Ben,” You rounded on him. Hands falling to his chest, you tried to express the urgency of what you were saying to him, “We need to be more careful. People are starting to get suspicious. Luke is getting suspicious.”

Ben rolled his eyes, “So what? Who cares if they know?”

“Who cares? Ben, Luke would throw us out, and you know it! It’s against the Jedi…”

“Yeah,” Ben waved you off with a heavy sigh, “against the rules I know. But…” He hesitated half a second, “What if I said I don’t care?”

Then, it was your turn to roll your eyes. “I’d call you a liar…” You glanced around the room, force of habit checking for eavesdroppers. You bit your lip and turned back to him with a teasing tone. “Come to my room tonight. We’ll talk about this more, hopefully somewhere we won’t get caught.” Traipsing back, you kept your eyes locked on his as you moved to the door. “Let’s not risk it okay? For your sake… You want to be a Jedi more than anything, Ben.”

As the door shut behind you Ben slumped back against the wall. “Not more than I want you.”