awakening part three


when you get blown up by your own TIE fighter and you’re still salty about it

it’s been forever since i’ve drawn these two holy shit

based on @petty-officer-thanisson‘s amazing text post


“When you looked at me, I know why I’ve never felt so alive. Do you think we could find our way back home?”

By now it’s obvious that something is very wrong here in Pansaw. The memory flashes have brought back enough of the real versions of everyone into the dream world, but not everything. The dream world is about to start fading away, but before that happens, everyone must wake up.

Sheer force of will won’t be enough to wake up from this dream. There are a few ways everyone can figure out how to go about this. People can wait for the dream world to end on its own, experience a huge enough shock (either emotional or physical), or even be killed to wake up from this. Whatever it takes to get out of the dream will still feel real for a few moments before the world will begin to collapse around whoever’s waking up. Once awake, everything will be back to normal….mostly.

It’s time to wake the hell up, Pansaw!

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