”Walking into a room and feeling other people’s emotions or being able to connect with to someone else’s emotions with such intensity that it changes your own emotional state. Where the word “empath” is feeling and being able to relate to someone telling a story to you, being an empath is knowing and feeling the story before someone shares it with you….”



7 More Ways to Increase the Good Vibes in Your Home

We cleanse our homes energetically in order to welcome good, high vibration energy into our space. This way, not only are our bodies vibin’ high and in total alignment with our dreams, but so is our home. A home filled with good vibes brings on better conversation, meditation, cooking, working, creativity and so much more. There will be less fights, misunderstandings, arguments and sadness. The place you spend most of your time should be a space you WANT to spend time in, and create beautiful things.

Continuing on from my previous article 7 Ways to Increase the Good Vibes in Your Home, here are 7 more simple and effective ways to put some good energy into your space!

1. Get Rid of Clutter

A clean space is a clear mind! Put the little things away, and keep everything in order. To do this the majority of the items in your home should have a designated space. Think about it. If you want to clean your house, but there’s no specific space for the items wandering around, they just end up getting piled up and moved around.

Less clutter means less overwhelm! We don’t want our minds to be any busier than they already are. Create a sense of calm in your home instead.

Extra tip: Take out the trash, and OFTEN! This keeps the air smelling and feeling fresh! If you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed and stagnant, taking out the trash can help bring some quick relief.

2. Plants

Keeping live plants in the home makes it a livelier place! The more life we welcome into our space, the more enjoyable it is, and the more inviting it is to our guests. You want to see that the beings in this space are thriving and full of life, a bright and beautiful splash of green displays this perfectly. This brings me to another point. Be sure to remove those dead plants that are dried up and collecting dust. There’s no room for them in this high vibe and fresh space no mo’! Only fresh and vibrant energy! The oxygen is purifying too.

3. Crystals

Having an array of beautiful and charged crystals in your home ups the good vibes big time. You can charge your crystals to enhance their healing properties by placing them in the sunlight, moonlight or near a lit beeswax candle. They’re alluring to the eye, and each healing in their own ways. Just look at how gorgeous they are! Anything with such beauty and naturally intricate design is sure to bring good energy into the home.

4. Burn Natural Incense

Burning incense is another lovely way to purify your home, and fill it with a delicious scent to soothe the mind. I love to burn sandalwood, amber and frankincense. Always be sure to buy all natural, hand rolled incense. Never buy anything that smells “perfumey” or artificial, this will only pump chemicals and bad vibes into the home. Keep it pure and buy the good stuff. Prasad Celestial Incense is a brand I LOVE.

5. Fresh Flowers

flowersBringing fresh flowers home to fill the house is so lovely. It adds a beautiful splash of color to brighten the room, and if they’re aromatic, you’ll be sniffing them in all day, too. Pretty flowers, fresh vibe, these make a welcoming home.

6. Open the Windows and Doors

Allow fresh air to fill your home for at least five minutes each day. Let the wind naturally exchange air that has been cooped up with some fresh and vibrant, oxygen filled breeze. Even during winter months this should be done!

7. Listen to Vedic Mantras

The vibrations of these ancient Vedic sounds will enhance the energy in your home and heart. Let these sounds fill your home with their energy of bliss, allow yourself to sink into it. I will list a few mantras that I believe enhance mood, energy and vibrations. You can find audio or video recordings of these mantras online. You don’t have to know their words or understand their meanings, the vibrations do the work on their own.

The Mrityunjaya Mantra (which literally means victory over death) is very healing to the body, and promotes good health.

The Hrim seed mantra is purifying and cleansing to the home, body and spirit.

The Gayatri is one of my favorites. So sweet, gentle and calming. This mantra always makes me feel safe, protected and in good hands. The Gayatri gives us a good vibe of peacefulness and clarity.

Love Your Space

Dwelling in a home of good vibrations connects us deeper to our inner divinity. It brings us closer to unlocking the potential we all have within, and lets our hearts move freely. You will FEEL this energy. Let it charge you up, and come alive! Welcome love and abundance into your life!!!!!

By: Morgan Potts

The Esoteric Ancient Wisdom of the Hawaiian Huna Philosophy

A long time ago, Hawaii was a mystical and magical place (and still is today in many ways). What made Hawaii especially magical in ages past was that there were shamans called kahunas that lived on its emerald islands. These individuals experienced true nature of Reality, in which they realized several critical defining aspects of reality that were later taught to others in order to guide humanity towards a full Self-realized state of existence.

In the early 20th century, with the rise of New Thought, there was an individual by the name of Max Long who linked the ancient kahunas to abstract and mystical metaphysics he was contemplating upon. He believed the key to Huna is the concept of the ‘ Three Selves’, meaning the unconscious, conscious, and superconscious, which he called the unihipili, the uhane and the aumakua. Also, the word Huna is a Hawaiian word meaning “secret,” but it also refers to the esoteric wisdom of Polynesia.

The 7 Huna Principles

IKE — the world is what you think it is
KALA — there are no limits
MAKIA — energy flows where attention goes
MANA WA — now is the moment of power
ALOHA — to love is to be happy with
MANA — all power comes from within
PONO — effectiveness is the measure of truth

IKE — the world is what you think it is

This principle is essentially saying that our consciousness creates our reality. Our perception of reality is subjective and does not necessarily reflect the true objective reality, if such a reality should even exist. If someone thinks the world is full of deception, evil, and hatred, they will only focus their awareness on such matters and become completely blind to anything otherwise that would contradict this perception. Each one of us has the inherent power to transform our reality in any way we see fit. This power has the ability to transform not only one’s self, but all those around them.

KALA — there are no limits

In an infinite reality, there is no beginning or end of anything, which signifies the limitless nature of all that is. Anything is possible and self-growth is likewise infinite. There is always a process of be-ing and become-ing. With no limits, anything that is infinitely possible, can happen, is happening, and will happen, in its infinite forms. This is a concept that is simply too magnificent to be able to comprehend by a human brain.

MAKIA — energy flows where attention goes

Where someone focuses their attention, that is where an directed energy stream will go. This is how the healing method of reiki works and how the method of prayer works as well. When someone directs their thoughts towards a particular form of sentient energy, such as a loved one, this additional energy will be either in a positive form or a negative form. Depending whether the thought-forms are malevolent or benevolent, the end-result will be mimicked.

Sending positive energy and healing hope will have a beneficial effect. If the contrary is occurring, the opposite will result. This can be magnified to show its effects on global consciousness. If positive thoughts are sent into the global consciousness, then there will be less animosity, hatred, anger, and other malevolent emotions. This was demonstrated to be a reality in the 1987 Harmonic Convergence.

MANA WA — now is the moment of power

The power of ‘now’ is monumental. Existing and living the present moment does away with the stress of thinking about ‘what-if’ scenarios or reliving painful memories in an endless loop. All that is, is, and always will be as such. There will be complete inner peace when someone lives in the ‘now’ moment.

ALOHA — to love is to be happy with

Love is such a powerful state of consciousness. When love is experienced, it is a feeling that requires something to be happy about. It can be a physical manifestation of energy such as a person, tree, etc. or it may be completely subtle and nonphysical such as the love for existence. This requirement of having something else be a part of the love equation, demonstrates the interconnectedness with all that is, in all its varying frequencies and energy forms.

MANA — all power comes from within

The individual is the greatest power plant that exists. The mind is more powerful than it is often given credit for. With the power to create, destroy, restore, shift, and change, anything is truly possible for a person to do. Realizing the inner power that each individual has will empower that person to not only completely control their being, but will give one’s self the opportunity to share this power with others and create mutually beneficial exchange relationships.

PONO — effectiveness is the measure of truth

How effective something is in creating a positive and beneficial shift or change in someone or something is a good indicator of the genuine nature of something. It will give a better reflection between truth and falsehood, or rather, between truth and the ignorance of truth.

The seven Huna principles are a great introduction to the power of consciousness and should be able to transform your daily life into something far more empowering and positive on many levels. There’s such tremendous potential for each of us to make a difference not only in their own lives, but in the lives of every other person on the one planet we all share.

The power is all within you. Express it, with love.

By:Paul Lenda

Generational Effects and the Indigo Souls

The unwritten rules and social mores that we see today are a product of many forces but there are some generational effects also worth examining. Those that are in positions of power to sway public opinion and make policy are largely the product of the Baby Boomer generation. The Baby Boomers are the generation born immediately after the Great Depression and the two World Wars. These global events had a massive effect on the nature of Reality and the souls that had to survive through those times. Because survival was for many their constant focus, a groove was worn into the fabric of time and space that resonated strongly to that vibration of self-preservation. Acquiring whatever one could and hoarding it to make sure that the family was safe from uncertainty was powered by a huge collective force of will due to these catastrophic events. Fear of the unknown and the tangibility of being completely without food and a safe place to live was a powerful force and also had a lasting impact on their children, the Baby Boomers.

These energies of fear and paranoia lived on in the Baby Boomers. They were fearful of the future, fearful of other nations, fearful of people that were different, fearful of not having enough to eat, fearful of not being able to provide for and protect their families. Through all of this, the Baby Boomer generation, as a whole, acquired a tendency toward suspicion and self-preservation.

Not all the Baby Boomers embraced these tendencies, however. Even as the fears of their parents were imposed on them, their natural instincts rejected these notions. At first, this created a huge generation gap in the way these Baby Boomers thought and their parents thought. Those that resisted and rebelled, creating the peace and love movement of the 60’s, were so beaten down by the effects of the Vietnam War and by the others in society who couldn'’t resist their own suspicions and distrust, became greatly disheartened.  After the experience, many of the peace and love generation reacted with resentment by going to the opposite extreme of and overzealous self-preservation.

Societies’ crushing of the hippy movement was the final straw to dampen any energetic momentum towards rejecting the pulling in and defensive ways gaining momentum since World War II. The Baby Boomers hopes of a world filled with peace and love seemed to turn to cynicism and result in even more rigid paranoia and intolerance. As these Baby Boomers with the energies of suspicion and self-preservation came into power positions on the world stage in the 70’s and 80’s, this energy spiraled to the point that survival instincts became exaggerated and the qualities of greed, hoarding and excess became the dominant undercurrent throughout world affairs.

There is also a large generational gap playing out today between the Baby Boomers and their children. The children of the Baby Boomers are commonly called Indigo Children and Generation X-er’s. This generation also thinks and acts much differently from their parents. Much has been written about these souls who are considered the Children of the New Age. They are almost all highly evolved souls that came from the four corners of the Universe and often have had very few incarnations on Earth. This means they come with fewer scars and grooves relating to this Reality and the tendencies of the Baby Boomer generation. They are less interwoven with the existing dysfunctional belief systems of Earth’s cultures. Dogmatic belief systems such as, if you are a young woman from India you can show the skin on your midriff but not your ankles without being considered disrespectful, or in the Middle East where women can’t show anything but their face or just their eyes without being disrespectful and in the West where you can show almost everything and no one sees it as disrespect, even in a temple, a sacred site or in a formal or business setting.

These are all belief systems that are imbedded in the land of these different cultures and can energetically attach to the Ego and personality of someone reincarnating over and over again on Earth. Most Baby Boomers are part of the Atlantian Race and have been reincarnating on Earth ever since. The beauty of these young people, the Indigos and X-ers, is that most are free of the grooves of these pre-conceived ideas and belief systems.

This fresh viewpoint is most evident in the explosion of social networking. The privacy, so insisted upon by the Baby Boomers, has given way to a younger generation who wants to share their likes and dislikes with everyone else. They have no reservations or feel the need to hide or protect themselves. Most of these souls come from highly evolved civilizations in the Cosmos where you look at someone and through energy exchange you know everything about them; nothing is hidden or concealed. They don’t understand the need for privacy. They have no suspicions and paranoia. Through creating and endorsing the different social network systems, this generation is expressing their openness and acceptance of everyone.

It is important to embrace these Children of the New Age who are here now and will continue to incarnate. They need direction and they need to be guided to express their true abilities and grow to embrace their Divine Mission. These sensitive souls are waking up. They are aware that they have lived before. They are aware that they are connected to the Higher Realms. Without guidance, however, they don’t know what to do with this awareness. Their parents and teachers often are not able to understand what they are feeling because they cannot relate to it; they have no point of reference. The confusion that these highly evolved souls have regarding the world they see can often express itself in actions that seem very irrational to society. Without a comprehensive perspective, this seemingly irrational behavior is often incorrectly interpreted. Many of these children are diagnosed as having communication and social deficiencies or other afflictions in need of correction, or worse, condemnation.

It is crucial for all societies - which are largely established by Baby Boomers - to make sure that the pitfalls that befell them and caused them to abandon higher values, are not repeated with these kids. We need to strive to a higher understanding of their needs and encourage and nurture them. We need to understand that the Highest Potential can be realized for Earth and Humankind through these Children of the New Age.

By: Nasrin Safai and James Foster

We’re Sailing In Uncharted Cosmic Seas

Learning to handle these exciting new vibrations and cosmic changes is very much like learning to sail in uncharted waters. We really need to learn how to navigate these unknown waves and currents and be ready at the helm for the many fluctuations pounding our ships of life.

I’m also feeling for the people who have no clue as to what’s going on.

To think there are so many who don’t even know there is a cosmic sea, never mind that there are huge energetic wave changes reaching our planetary system that are now rocking their proverbial boats, is sad. I guess it’s like Plato’s cave analogy, only here it’s blind people in a boat who think all the world is the small structure and items they feel around them, while the real cosmic reality is expanding around them well outside their “boat” reality.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

Hey so I'm going through a very confusing and hurtful time at the moment.... lots of self hating and anxieties do with with losing friendships and so on. I want to try and meditate, become centered and lets my thoughts be unclouded by all my negative emotion, but I'm new to meditation and don't really know how to get started. any pointers/video suggestions I could watch or guided meditations i could listen to on youtube?? Peace xoxo

Hello beautiful soul… sorry to hear about your lost, but please remember this quote when it comes to losing people who we were once close to… “Whatever comes, let it come. What stays, let it stay. What goes, let it go.” -Papaji

You must flow with life, because the essence of life knows your full potential and what you truly need in order to reveal your true self and purpose. Life is a huge mirror… everything surrounding you at this very moment is a reflection of your thoughts, desires, actions, and non-actions. so if things are not in sync with your soul, the universe will help trash what you do not need… relationships, jobs, homes, etc. Coaching you in a way, and telling you that those things, people, or places does not match your current frequency. And will bring people and things into your life who will be in tuned with your soul on the same wavelength or vibration, If you are open to it. But you must be positive, you must know how much power you have in your hands. Think of the universe as being your genie… “your wish is my command” because you are the universe. The universe is always at your service, when it comes to helping you succeed your life missions and purpose. So please flow with life… and when you tend or try to run away from who you are, your purpose, or the people who is meant for you; will bring nothing but pain, hardship, or a void within your soul.

When it comes to meditation, I suggest starting out with just 5 minutes a day for the first week. 10 minutes the 2nd week, 15 minutes the 3rd week, 20 minutes the 4th week. Add 5 minutes every week until you reach a full hour. Those who are not used to meditating must gradually practice meditation like an exercise routine to avoid becoming discourage from not being able to keep focus. With all of the distractions that surrounds us in this day in age, our minds are not used to keeping focus and quieting the mind. And I highly recommend guided meditations or ambiance music when it comes to people who suffer from negative thoughts/emotions until you get used to meditating. Music is magical, especially music that uplifts your spirit.

And I suggest you search on youtube when it comes to choosing what guided meditation or ambient song. Let your inner compass be your guide… listen to what your soul is drawn to. Like buying a pair of shoes, shopping for an new outfit, or a brand new car. Your over soul and subconscious mind knows exactly what you need to listen to.

Meditating with crystals gives a extra boost, because of their healing energies. I suggest you purchase an amethyst and rose quartz, because of what you’re going through. And they have tremendous healing energy. I don’t know what I would do without mine. As crazy as this may sound, my crystals are like my best friends. lol

At they are very affordable and authentic, which is extremely important. There is also a large selection of meditation music, meditation mats, and more with low shipping rates. 

I apologize if this reply is so long, but being an empath, your energy felt scrambled, lost, with lots of confusion. Please love yourself… no one will be able to love you the way you can love yourself. I feel your energy and you are a beautiful soul, and kind. There’s a softness about you… please do not let this 3rd dimensional reality change you. Remember that the difficult times of your life is the best times, because it’s the moment of growth… push on forward.

If you need additional advice about anything do not hesitate to ask

Namaste :-)

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Cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies and acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the mind.

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multienergies  asked:

helloooo!i was curious to know if its appropriate to ignore unsettling vibes when you feel them in your field, or if you feel some one pulling on your energy thats near by.. and whats the best way to deal with that? because sometimes i figure its better to try and ignore it. because i assume that most people arent conscious of what there doing and i dont like to feel vulnerable or get defensive towards someone i dont even know just because im extremely aware of things like this etc.. namaste <3

Great question!

Personally for me, I try not to ignore the energy I feel from people, places or things. Because they are there for a reason, and you can use it to your advantage. The energy you feel can also save you from potential harm if you listen.

Never feel bad about feeling vulnerable or defensive when it comes to your gift, it is there to guide you… your internal compass.

So please never ignore unsettling vibes, and take necessary action accordingly.

Energy is never wrong, it just is.

Namaste :-)

anonymous asked:

Regarding your post on charging water with crystals (which was very informative, thank you!) why can't moonstone be used on a full moon?

The moonstone carries the energy of the new moon at the height of its power, stimulating psychic perception, vision and dream work. It can magnify one’s emotions, activating the kundalini energy in women and emotional balance in men, and is supportive in children to drive away nightmares or insomnia.

Some people who are extra sensitive to their stones and their own emotions may need to remove them around the full moon, and not charge them in the full moon. As they will feel a heightened effect, and more emotional than usual. Disturbing dreams, insomnia, emotional outbursts for no reason.

And we all know how the the full moon affects us alone. But mainly for those who are sensitive, and can easily absorb energy.

Therefore, it a be charged in the full moon, but if you are very sensitive… I advise you not to.

Namaste :-)

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