awake in his dream

{Reaction} Waking EXO up at 3am because you’re in the mood

EXO reaction when is 3AM and their girlfriend wake then up because she’s in the mood ( I write right? XD)

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Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol grumbled irritably as he felt his whole body being shaken vigorously awake. He’d been dreaming about something, but whatever it was had escaped his mind now, leaving him with nothing but a tired mind and a bothersome girlfriend. He turned to look at you in the bed, but his whole tired perspective changed as soon as you told him you needed him.

Chanyeol: *Pulls you roughly underneath him* “I was sleeping, Jagi. I think you deserve a punishment for waking me up.” *Voice still hoarse from only just waking up.*

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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Usually, Kyungsoo doesn’t fall into your advances quite so easily if it’s at what he’d call ‘a stupid hour of the morning’ because he works a lot, and sleep doesn’t come often to him at the best of times. But tonight, he’s needing it too, because God knows how many nights of work has stopped him from getting to be with you like this. He was glad you asked, because he was sure he needed it more than you did.

{y/n}: “You’re already hard? Wow, someone must have been pent up.” *smirking*

Kyungsoo: “Just shut up and kiss me”

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun was much luckier than the other two with his awakening. He woke up to the sensation of your lips pressing against his neck. He woke up to a pound of pleasure hitting him right where he needed it. Usually he’d joke about the time, or that he knew you wanted him, but now, he was too endorsed in you that he completely lost his sense of humour. All he wanted was you.

Baekhyun: “Get those shorts off your pretty little butt, Jagiya.”

Oh Sehun

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Sehun pretends like he’s annoyed that you wake him up to begin with, but it isn’t long until he’s in the mood too and completely forgot about his fake grudge against you putting a stopper on his beauty sleep.

Sehun: “Ah jagi, don’t stop.”

{y/n}: *smirking* “I thought all you wanted was to go back to sleep?”

Sehun: … *Pushes you underneath and starts kissing you to hide his embarrassment.*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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When you woke up Yixing, it took him a few minutes to adjust and actually wake up. But when he was fully awake, he didn’t question it and just let you come onto him, not that he’d ever complain about that. He smirked as he started to kiss your neck.

Yixing: “You’re asking for it now, Jagiya.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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You woke up Jongdae, and to begin with, he was annoyed, letting out an irritable ‘wae’ as you repeated his name. But when he felt you hands traveling down to his crotch, he stopped whining immediately and fall into your touches.

Jongdae: “I was trying to- oh you want that? Okay”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok woke up to the sensation of your hands on his hips, massaging them as you pressed kisses to his lower torso. He grumbled, waking up with the biggest amount of arousal than he’d ever felt in his life.

{y/n}: “Do you want me to stop?”

Minseok: “Never stop, Jagiya.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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You think you’re the one waking up Tao when you’re in the mood? I don’t think so. Tao is more likely to wake you up more often than not when he’s in the mood. On this occasion, you had been moaning in your sleep, and Tao had honestly tried to refrain himself, but in the end, he woke you up anyway, unable to handle how hot you sounded.

Tao: “It’s not my fault Jagi, you were moaning.”

{y/n}: “Well it’s your turn to moan this time.” *Give him what he wants so you can go back to sleep.*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho woke up to you kissing him on the neck, and that was enough for him to follow your lead, no questions or hesitations.

Suho: “That’s it babygirl.”


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Luhan woke up with the sensation of being very hard, but that’s when he realised that it wasn’t just a sensation, he actually was hard. He looked over at you, you were looking at him sheepishly, with flushed cheeks as if you’d done something sinful.

{y/n}: “You were moaning in your sleep and it turned me on… I’m sorry I woke you, I’m just-”

Luhan: “Get your pretty little arse over here right now.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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You can pretty much guarantee that whatever time you want to have sex with Kai, he’s going to be up for it. Even if it’s at three in the afternoon, or three in the morning. When you woke him up, pleading for him to pleasure you, he doesn’t need to be asked twice.

Kai: *Brushes his hand against your lower half ‘accidentally,’ smirking as you moaned* “What’s that Jagi? You want me to touch you there?” *Teasing you af*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Waking Kris up at three o'clock in the morning for sex is going to be both a wish and a curse. It’s good, because he isn’t going to question it, and he’ll pleasure you more than amazingly (because this man is obviously a god in the bedroom), but when it comes to the day after and you can’t walk, that’s when you’re going to realise the damage that you’ve done (AKA inflated his ego by about 10 times.)

Kris: “What’s wrong Jagi? Struggling to walk?”

{y/n}: “Shut up, I’ll hit you.”

Kris: “Go ahead, it would be my pleasure.” *winks*

pilot sherlock jerks awake from his sleep - boy, he had a horrible dream about john and him staying closeted and being told they don’t matter. he cuddles up into john’s arms and goes back to sleep.

Imagine meeting Draco in the library at night.
You would’ve spent your evening re-reading one of your favourite books, but being you, you didn’t notice how fast time had passed by. So it was already dark outside, the castle went silent and it was only you and the glow of the little lamp, pouring yellow light over the pages of your book.
You’d get up with a sigh, to bring your book back to the shelf, when suddenly someone’s hand rests on yours and forces you to put the book down again.
Surprised you’d turn around, finding yourself looking into piercing blue eyes, gleaming like pure water in the dimmed light and feeling his warm breath stroking your cheek.
“Still awake, little bookworm?”

(Dream scenario for a friend of mine, hope you enjoy)

Are You Coming, Amad?

(Not my image)

Ahhhh, first Hobbit imagine and Im so excited to share. This was a dream that I had and I just had to write it out. Please send me feedback! Im seeing a possibility of a series, prior and post Amad/Adad. Let me know what you think! Feedback is always appreciated!

Pairings: Fili x Reader 

Warnings: Battle/injuries mentions, loss of family, cuteness (let me know if I forget anything)

Word Count: 2404

Summary: Reader comes to love a little orphaned dwarf, and Fili reveals his feelings to the reader.

~His POV~

A loud knock shattered the quiet that surrounded him, the room now vibrating with the echoes from the bang on the door. Sleep hadn’t come easy since his last battle, the battle that almost took everything. Nightmares frequented his dreams whether he was awake or asleep, but even worse when he tried to relax and let his mind go. They had all healed physically, with time, but the bruises still ran deep, especially with Fili.

He sat up from the bed, his strong, muscle-ridden arms pushing himself up from his almost-sleep. As he shuffled to the door, he could hear a sign of exasperation from the other side, and upon opening the large wooden door, intricately inscribed with golden inlay, he was surprised at the sight of a nurse. This nurse in particular had become one that he had become quite used to the sights of, as she was the one that he would talk to concerning the little dwarf boy who was orphaned during the BOTFA.

He knew that Y/N had taken a strong liking to the boy, finding a kindred spirit of sorts in him. He tried talking to you once about adopting him, but your reception of the suggestion wasn’t taken well, and you distanced yourself from the dwarf for a little while. Fili took it upon himself after that to visit the young dwarf at least once a day. He would go and talk with him, read to him, sneak him a cookie or three. And the older nurse who took care of him had become someone that he had confided in a lot about his feelings about the boy, and about you.

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47! Any pairing~

Who has more dreams/nightmares about the other?

There’s pain in something that no longer exists. It aches in fingers that no longer move, a hand that can no longer hold, in an arm brutally cut short. He’ll reach for things without thinking, stump moving uselessly. How many times has he reached to sign something with a phantom limb? His writing is now crude, childlike as he attempts to re-learn the skill with his other hand. In his dreams, he still has his arm. In his dreams, he can hold both hands before him – unmarred, unmarked – and feel them both as if he were awake. In his dreams, he can hold Dorian the way he wants to.

Arms wrapped around him, hands splayed on his back. Feeling every ridge of his spine, every bit of muscle as he moves. The feel of Dorian smiling against his cheek, kisses that follow the lines of his vallaslin. His voice in his ear, I simply adore you amatus. It’s an echo, far too distant. As always, he wakes alone in a bed much too large, much too empty. Reaching out with nonexistent fingers, knowing how cold the bed will be on the other side.

He forces himself to sit up, reaching for the locket on the bedside table. It’s late, he shouldn’t… He frowns, presses it against his forehead as he draws his knees to his chest. Dorian is busy, Dorian will be tired, Dorian needs his rest, Dorian has no time for him. It hurts, more than he thought it would. More than the arm. His absence is like something has been ripped from inside of him, torn and mauled, taken away from him.

He holds the locket by his mouth. He speaks in only a whisper. “Dorian. Vhenan. I miss you.” He squeezes the locket tight in trembling hand, clenched teeth and furrowed brow. He doesn’t expect an answer.

Amatus. I was just dreaming of you.”

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Two things:

One- I am so tired what did I do to deserve this

Two- I dreamt that Riza compared herself and the Colonel to a two-headed dinosaur because they never actually separate but sometimes they joke about it  


A/N: I haven’t wrote a fic in what seems like FOREVER!!! sorry! I hope you like this one!! It’s my first Loki fic, so feedback is welcome! Enjoy. xxx


Summary: Loki’s having one of his nightmares again, it’s a good job you’re always there for him.

Originally posted by locked-out-of-gallifrey

        A piercing shout shocked you out of your sleep and into the darkness of yours and your husbands huge asgardian bedroom. You blinked a few times before focusing on was happening next to you: Loki was having another nightmare.

       This happened quite frequently, you awaking to Loki screaming in his sleep. He always had a reoccurring dream where his ancestors, the frost giants, taking you away and killing you off, straight in front of him. This was one of the reasons why he never liked to open up to about the whole frost giant thing. He told you it was his worst fear, as you were the only one he loved, he trusted. 

      You fully turned to see your love, Loki, tossing and turning, knotting himself in your bed sheets while sweat was covering his pale forehead and face. “No!” He shrieked, knitting his eyebrows together with fear, turning over again. “D-don’t take her away f-from me! Y/N!” He shouted with a breathless stutter.      

          You shuffled closer to your husband and managed to prop yourself up on one elbow, allowing you to peer over Loki’s worried face. “Hey, Loki, it’s ok, I’m here, calm down.” You said in a low soothing tone, as you began to stroke his tear stained cheek. “Wake up my darling, it’s only a dream. It’s not real.”     Loki still laid in his nightmare, panting and shouting while you tried to wake him. It was always difficult to wake him up from his dreams, as you never knew what to expect when he woke. 

       He kept on screaming and shouting while you still kept saying soothing words into his ear but he was still asleep. “Loki! You need to wake up! Come on dear.” You said a little more harsher while he still shook and mumbled in his sleep. “Loki!” You grabbed his shoulders and began to shake him out of the nightmare, he had more tears streaming down his scared face. “Loki wake up!!!” 

     Suddenly, he bolts upright, snatching your hands from his shoulders and into his tight grasp. He heavily breathed before comprehending what was happening. “Loki, darling, it’s ok, only a dream my love.” you whisper, studying his face with concern, wondering what he was going to do next.

     Slowly, he turned his face to meet yours and looks at you worriedly. “But-you were, bu-”“Loki, it was a dream. I’m here now.” You say calmly. He nods and smiles half-heartedly at you, slowing his breathing. “Now can I have my hands back?” You giggled lightly, looked down at him clutching your wrists still. “Oh, um…yes sorry.” He mumbles and unclenches his hands, allowing you to reach up and stroke his head softly.

       His face was damp with sweat and tears, yet his beautiful green eyes still sparkled perfectly. “Come here.” You opened your arms, gesturing for a hug. He smiled and obliged, slowly coming in to a tight hug, where his head nestled into the crook of your neck. “I love you ok? I’m never going anywhere.” You whispered into his hair as you kissed him lovingly. 

    “What would I do without you?” He whispers before slowly drifting off in your arms.”

  • Kylo Ren/Hux - Dream You Wide Awake [AU]

Brendol Hux leads a mundane life as a lawyer but his dreams are filled with vivid images of him living in a faraway galaxy as a ruthless military General. He finds himself distracted during the day as his thoughts are constantly lingering on Kylo Ren, a strong & alluring character who always seems to be by General Hux’s side on the bridge of their ship. Hux finds himself wishing the day away just so he can get home and dream of himself as ‘General Hux’ and have Kylo Ren by his side.

Ben Solo is an insomniac, unable to sleep as a result of his dreams being plagued by nightmares which depict him as ‘Kylo Ren’, a dark and conflicted knight with mysterious powers. But the only pleasant thing about his nightmares is 'General Hux’, a man who Ben can’t prevent himself from thinking about during the day. But he knows that General Hux is simply a figment of his imagination…or so his therapists have firmly told him.

Whilst at a friend’s party, Hux spots a familiar face across the room, someone who looks exactly like Kylo Ren, the man in his imagination who Hux thinks he’s fallen in love with. When the man stares back at Hux with the same astonished expression, Hux decides to approach him and the two realise that they do indeed know each other.

As they see more of each other and discuss their dreams, Hux realises that Ben is exactly like the Kylo in his dreams, and Ben finds that Hux is exactly like his ‘imaginary’ General. ✨


Hope you enjoy! (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

“Alone, he picked at his meals, though less every day, and tried to read, though seldom, and attempted to find sleep. That he tried more often as the days passed, not caring whether the sun was down or high. Sleep came in fitful snatches, and what harrowed his waking thoughts also stalked his dreams and chased him awake too soon for any rest. No amount of shielding could keep out what was already inside.” (A Crown of Swords)

okay for real Rand al’Thor was my original Depressed Protagonist

I love my sad polyamorous son
7 Cosmic Horrors You’ll Date in Your 20s
Dating is tough. If you’re not careful, you could lose your mind.
By Topher McCulloch

1. The Great Dreamer

While scuba diving in the South Pacific on spring break you’ll separate from your group and swim off to a strange, sunken city. Could this be the legendary R’lyeh? There in his house you’ll find Cthulhu waiting, dreaming. With a quick peck on one of his rubbery tentacles he’ll awake. Was he dreaming of you? His allure will be unmistakeable. In the relationship you’ll often feel more like a worshipping cultist than a significant other. Later, drunk on too much cheap New England moonshine, you’ll get a lower back tattoo in Papyrus that says Fhtagn. He’ll tell you it means “dreams.” Things will start to go south when despite your best efforts to make the long distance work, he spends most of the time you’re together sleeping. “Who are you dreaming of,” you’ll demand through hot tears. He won’t answer.

Coffee Shop AU


Matthew sighed and looked at his older brother, who was ready to punch him. He looked so angry… He always looked angry. But he knew what this was. A dream. A really horrible, terrifying flashback dream. His body, back in the awake world, was thrashing and rolling. “Nononono…”

He eventually came too, after a terrible flashback dream of being raped by his older brother. He was used to it by now, but it didn’t make it any easier. Shit. He rubbed his forehead and tried to clear his mind. It had been three years since he had gotten out of that house, and now he was in a new – similarly abusive relationship with his boyfriend… but he was feeling better than with his brother. Not much better, but better nonetheless. Anyway, he figured this is what he deserved. He deserved this kind of treatment. He wasn’t worth much.

He glanced at his boyfriend, who was still asleep, and gently nudged him awake. “B-babe? I’m going to work. Just letting you know…”

The male growled angrily and quickly backhanded Matthew, and growled, “Didn’t I say to never wake me up unless I was going to be late to work?!” He shouted, making the younger male flinch.

“B-but you told me to tell you when I was leaving…” He protested softly, looking away.

“Yeah… I guess I did. You could leave a note, you fucking idiot.”

Matthew nodded slightly before getting up. “I’m sorry, Jamie… I’ll go now…”

“Good. I’ve already had enough of your damn nonsense today. You’re lucky I like you enough to stay with you.”

Matthew couldn’t say anything. He only wanted to get to work. He just wanted to get away. He knew he needed to stay with Jamie, because he didn’t have the money to stay away or get a new home. He wanted to go away though. To be safe. But he deserved this…


He served up coffees as nicely and as quickly as he could, smiling happily as he served people and got thank yous. He spotted a regular, Dean. “Hey Dean. Would you like something new or your regular…” He didn’t know this, but his face had started to swell up, bruised a little bit from the backhand he had received this morning.

Miss Me?

Kim Namjoon x Reader

Part One Part Two

There were late nights where you had laid awake in your duvets and stared up at the ceiling with your thoughts running rampantly in your head, leaving you awake at midnight. You often had dreams on stumbling across his path again, meeting him once again, when you knew neither of you had the right to see each other again. Those dreams had soon evolved into nightmares in your slumber, once you saw the same blonde woman from that night appear around his arm.

She would look at you with her wide eyes and smile maliciously in your direction before turning Namjoon away from you and leading him the opposite way. You would wake from your sleep either panting heavily or in tears. Somehow, it was those same nights that lead you to the studio at night and produce lyrics that would be developed the next day.

Your elder band mates often worried about your behavior, having secret meeting about to confront you about it. You couldn’t blame them, they only worried about your wellbeing. It may had also worried them that out of all the songs you had produced, hardly any of them had a joyful story. They would often read off heartbreaking lyrics that led them to wonder how such pitiful emotions could be written down and performed.

You sat alone in the studio, with a pencil in your hand as the blank pages taunted you. The tapping of empty wood echoed softly in the room and you sighed quietly. “Why is this so much harder than usual?” You questioned yourself as you leaned back into your chair, tossing the pencil aside on the table.

“Maybe you’re too concentrated on something else.” A deep voice answers, causing for you to grab onto the first thing you can grab and toss it in that direction, which happened to be a heavy book. You peek from behind your chair, hearing a pained groan.

Namjoon stands up to his feet, holding his head with a pained expression and a copy of ‘House of Leaves.’ You roll your eyes at him, twisting your body back to your journal. “Who asked you?” He chuckles at your sassy remark, dropping the book back onto the table and dragging another chair besides you.

“If I remember correctly, it was you, sweetheart.” Namjoon leans closer to you and whispers into your ear, laughing when he received a merciless slap on his arm. You huff out your cheeks, turning away from him. You had meant to continue to writing, but it was the unused pages that reminded you that you frankly hadn’t even started.

Namjoon sighed softly, taking his own supplies from his backpack. You glanced at his side of the table and pursed your lips into a hard frown when you see the familiar worn-down leather notebook. The image of the blonde girl in his arms flashed in your mind and you gripped the pencil tighter in your hand.

“Listen, sweetheart. I don’t mean to worry you, but you’re killing that pencil.” You shake your head, looking at the bent pencil in your grip. Sighing, you toss it towards him and grab a pen instead, looking at your journal with distaste. Namjoon gazes at you with saddened eyes, then turning to his journal with an idea in his head.

Turning past the aged pieces of paper, he searches for some of the earliest pages of his work. “Remember this one? We worked all night on this one.” Namjoon tries to get your attention, waving the pages in your face. You occasionally steal looks at the journal, biting down onto the insides of your cheeks to prevent the fond smile of the faint memories with him.

“Aish, why are you like this?” Namjoon groans out of frustration, throwing the notebook aside. You flinched at his sudden yelling, shrinking into your chair. He stood to his feet, furiously running his fingers through his hair. You didn’t dare to say a word as he leaned towards you, trapping you into your chair by gripping the armrests.

Namjoon gazes at you with his stern dark eyes, his plump lips forming a thin line. You turned away from him, wrapping your fingers around his wrists and pushing them away. Standing up, you reach for the journal, dusting off the imaginary dirt off of its surface. You gaze at the binding, grazing your fingers on each bent edge and scratch before handing it to him.

“Love songs are just overrated lyrics about fairytale romances that won’t come true.” Namjoon’s eyes widened at your frank declaration, feeling the familiar sensation of leather under his fingers. You shook your head dismissively at him, turning your heel to head towards the door.

“What happened to the (Name) that dreamed about finding her true love? Where is the (Name) who would never leave my side?” You stop in your footsteps, rocking yourself onto your heels. Namjoon strolls closer to you, his chest pressing against your back. His arms gently wrap around your frame, pulling you closer towards him. Your eyes begin to burn with the unshed tears, shutting them tightly as the first tears rolled down your cheeks.

Namjoon’s embrace grows tighter, seemingly wanting to let go. Your own arms reach to retract yourself from his hold, but he is more stronger this time. “Why is that when I try to get away, you somehow reappear?” You sniffle, dropping your arms at your side. Namjoon replies to your question with silence, carefully sitting onto the floor with you in his arms.

“You’re not leaving me this time. I’m not going to let you slip by again.” He mumbles quietly in your shoulder, listening to your occasional sniffles and sobs.

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also imagine sleepy lukas?? he'd be like an Irritated sleepy. and philip would think its really cute bc he'd be like half asleep and trying to be mean in a sleepy voice and saying weird insults. lukas seems like the kind of person who would be like half in his dream/half awake a lot and philip would ask a lot of questions to hear him be weird


In the Dark (Starter for jouonsachantesloubi)

He woke in darkness. Only, he wasn’t awake. Lucid dreaming; he was used to that. He never let his dreams flow freely, not anymore. This was different though. There was no imaginary place to it, no sights, no sounds. He thought he was unconscious. What had happened?

Pain. It had started with pain, with a sharp pain at the back of his head, and now that he was aware, he could still feel it, a persistent dull ache.

He turned it off. It wasn’t going to help anything.

He couldn’t force his eyes to open, so he couldn’t tell where he was. He had been on the sidewalk…

He reached out. The street was full of minds, so it was likely daytime, or not too late. He was close, he could feel it by the flow of people, the way they were positioned in two streams like the two sidewalks on either side of a street.

Now, self-preservation. None of them were extremely close. None of them were thinking extremely negative or violent thoughts, beyond a woman who’d just spilled her latte. None of them were thinking about him. Whoever had attacked him hadn’t lingered. So now it was time to deal with the pain he had chosen not to feel. He searched the crowd for the right mind. A doctor, nurse, EMT…he had obviously been hit in the head, and while he knew two excellent healers, he would rather not have to deal with the effects of a concussion until he could reach one of them. So he would find someone, eventually, and deal with the potential repercussions of introducing an untrained mind to telepathy later.


A veterinarian. Not glamorous, but he would do.

His name was Arthur. His head was filled with French as well as English. He had a secret.

Alexander Crane loved secrets, as long as he knew the answer. So he looked. If the man had any hint of telepathy he would have noticed his presence already, so there was no risk.

A mutant. That was interesting. Crane had only met a few in his life, but he’d been paying close attention to their increasing presence in everyday life.

His ability? Healing. Ideal, then. Serendipity. He’d never known a mutant to trigger a paradox upon witnessing magic. Most often they just assumed you were another mutant. So he reached out, and this time he spoke:

Please forgive the intrusion. Please don’t panic. I need your help.


Hannictober Drabble - Day 17 Prompt: Haunted House

There was something entirely other living in number 12 Clifton Row.

Will hadn’t fully understood when the estate agent, a young woman who blushed every time Will had made eye contact, had stuttered out something about ‘unexplained incidents’ and wouldn’t say anymore about the matter. Will didn’t push it, distracted by the house’s seclusion from the neighbours and the space it afforded.

The rice had been too good to be true, when he later thought about it.

It was the feeling of the place, it’s watchfulness, a resonance that made Will feel vulnerable and keep glancing over his shoulder when he did the dishes, expecting to see someone or something standing there. He double and triple checks the windows and doors.

There were times at night, when Will laid in bed between awake and dreaming, when he felt someone in his room. The bed dipping under their weight, fingers in his hair and breath upon his cheek.

Overactive imagination, Will had murmured to himself when he had jolted awake and there was no one there.

The longer he lived there, the more sure Will was that he wasn’t alone.

Doors slammed in the middle of the night, shadows thickened and writhed in the corners of the old house. Sometimes if Will concentrated hard enough, he could swear that there was a dark figure in the corner of his eyesight, but when he turned, no one was there.

It was watching him. Always watching.

After four months of this, Will had had enough. After hearing the radio turn on of its own accord, Will slammed his bag down on the kitchen table and snarled, “Who the hell are you?”

“Hannibal,” came the reply, before the lights turned off and plunged the house into darkness.

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32  → “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

It’s After.

After Jocelyn woke up, after Jace went with Valentine, after he freed Camille, after he betrayed the clan.


After he betrayed Raphael.

Because that’s what he did. He’d even seen in it in his mentor’s eyes. When his mouth formed the words: “Simon betrayed us.” His eyes said: “Simon betrayed me.”

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i think the entirety of s2ep11 might have been elliot’s dream. he tells us he’s lucid dreaming at the beginning and then the angela scene starts, which is suspiciously similar to elliot’s dream in s1ep4 when he’s going through morphine withdrawal. there’s the mention of the key, the giant dead fish (like angela eating the giant qwerty in elliot’s season 1 dream), a creepy younger version of someone (in elliot’s dream it was young darlene), and the neighborhood angela was brought to kinda looks like the neighborhood of the alderson’s house (that turned into the 404 sign) in elliot’s dream. there’s also the old red phone on the desk like the old red phone in elliot’s “mom’s house,” another creation of his mind. and when the angela scene ends it fades to black and elliot wakes up, making it seem like that was his dream. but he continues whispering “mind awake, body asleep” making me think he didn’t actually wake up, but just woke up within his lucid dream. after decoding the message, when he’s following mr robot he passes someone who looks like terry colby, who’s on house arrest, but it would make sense for him to be in elliot’s dream. and then there’s the scene with tyrell, which is obviously bizarre. he’s talking in a strange voice, which could be because elliot has only met him a handful of times so his brain can’t accurately recreate his voice. and he’s wearing a suit (when there’s no reason for him to be) because elliot has only ever seen him in a suit so that’s what he’s wearing in his dream. also all the songs in this episode are from back to the future, and that’s elliot’s favorite movie so it would make sense for it to be background music in his dream. i think maybe what happened in the three days following the hack will be revealed to elliot in his dream, and maybe the scenes in the next episode are still elliot’s dream, or maybe his dream gave him the answers to lead him to the real tyrell. i’m not sure about this theory and can definitely see the “tyrell is an alter” theory being true too, but i think this is a possibility.