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My dudes. I completely caved and drew even more Robbie Rotten, except this time way more cartoony. My poor exhausted son, I just wanna embrace him and tell him it’s gonna be ok.

Also I have even more headcanons about him. You guys already know I headcanon him as being on the autism spectrum and having sensory issues but i also headcanon him as having depression and severe insomnia. That being said it’s totally canon that he has pretty severe sleep issues. “I’ve been awake for 3 days!” (Season 1 ep 7 Hero for a Day) I believe a good amount of his sleeplessness can be attributed to him consuming about half his weight in sugar everyday. He’s always in a perpetual loop of eating too much sugary sweet cake, getting really hyper and having a sugar rush and then shortly after a sugar crash. He uses the sugar crashes to supplement his sleep as best he can as it causes him to feel so crappy he just passes tf out (frequent daytime naps) if he’s lucky. But other times it just makes him even more awake and his depression makes it even worse. So he tries to shift his focus to anything but sleep so he tinkers and builds, invents and sews throughout the night to keep himself occupied. Other times he tries to watch mindless television until he’s mind is a soup of sleep deprived hallucinations and worry. His stimming becomes more frequent and severe the more tired he gets, so he has to use his hands, give him a tool and he goes to work. Give him a problem it’s his only focus. During a lot of these sleepless bouts the townspeople won’t see Robbie for days.

(I’m the worst. It’s 3:30 am and this is what I’m doing with my time.)

ok honestly???? im all for lance being the black paladin because like:

• in episode ONE, it was addressed that the red paladin was impulsive and while agile & strong, too hot-headed

• in the ep where lance and keith were teamed up to fight the galra to save the balmerans, its keith who wants to storm in, guns blazing without a thought to how it would affect the balmera. lance stopped him and came up with a plan that would deal the least amount of damage to the planet, and ultimately saved both their asses.

• lance almost immediately noticed that pidge wasn’t with rover, and that “rover” was a bomb

• l a n c e w a s p r e p a r e d t o d i e t o s a v e c o r a n

• lance formed an immediate bond with his lion??? when they’re supposed to be hard to handle????????

• he’s also a great pilot, but a lot of the time that gets overlooked due to his goofy nature while flying

• he has the confidence of a leader, but is also humble and willing to die for his team

overall, lance is under appreciated and, in my opinion, more suited to lead voltron than keith.

feel free to add more!

feelin-good-in-the-inc  asked:

I've been awake for more than 33 hours and I can't sleep after seeing Requiem... I can't stop hearing Mikey's voice and seeing his face when he says "Papa..." and I can't fall asleep...

This show…..this show fucking… is the best cartoon i have ever seen in ages.

Just that finale, those emotions… 

I mean, look at these faces.

Showing so many emotions, and actually hearing these boys, cry, legit sob, this just out does every finale we ever had. And you know what, I hope that season 5 finale, everything can end, happy. For once. These poor kids deserve it.

Seeing as the turtles are now ORPHANS. Yep. They are. and supposedly Leo is supposed to be the eldest and the father of his brothers… HES ONLY SIXTEEN! That cuts deeper than any blade Shredder pitches.

Props to Casey and April though. They tried. Whats strange is, this right here is my favorite scene, the whole emotional stuff that people are crying over, is my definite favorite scene. but yes, his “papa” is haunting, and better then what he said in the Korean version. No language can take place of the English!

Who’s excited and will stay awake all night because of RTTE season 4?
I definitely would do!But as I don’t have Netflix I’ll have to wait longer ;0;
It’s pain in my everything but I’ll try to survive..

Have fun watching the episodes and have a great day!!

P.S.: Color palette was “stolen” from @leffie-draws-fanart 🙈

  • me: school's back on soon I should slowly try to adapt my sleeping schedule and go to bed a little bit earlier today
  • also me: it is now 5:09AM. I am very much awake and ready to scream about Season 4 of Sherlock. Johnlock is coming and I am awaiting it. Preach the words of tjlc
Day 20: Let It Snow

@carryon-countdown I am living vicariously through their winter domesticity because it has not snowed where I live since I was 6


This would be Simon’s first proper winter. In the orphanages he was in prior to Watford, he spent his winters worrying about not starving or freezing, and in Watford, they were spent worrying about a war that a child should not have to be a soldier in. He had never had a winter where he was able to be carefree, to bundle up and drink cocoa, to catch snowflakes on his tongue.

He had said it wasn’t a big deal, that he’d seen the snow, that he’d had nice winters, but I knew better by this point.

I was always awake later than him, so when the first snow of the season began at half one, I was tugging him out of bed and putting a coat on him before it even had time to begin collecting on the ground.

Simon, being absolutely helpless for minutes after waking up, stumbled blindly behind me and grumbled under his breath. I nearly dragged him down the stairs and out of the building, and when he saw the snow falling around us, he blinked his still glazed over eyes and turned to me, a small smile at the corners of his lips.

“First snow?” he asked, his voice still rough from sleep.

I nodded and laced our fingers together, watching it catching in his hair or falling onto his shoulders. He looked around the empty street, his eyes waking up and filling with a childlike wonder.

“I told you I was going to make sure your first real winter was perfect, and it isn’t winter unless you see the first snow. I’m only doing what I said I would,” I reminded him.

“You’re absolutely insane, and I love you,” he beamed, and my heart stopped for a moment, as it did every time he said he loved me.

After months of him saying it almost daily, I should be used to it, but I suppose years of convincing myself it could never happen made sure every single time felt like the first. Instead of saying anything, I raised out hands up and pressed a kiss to the back of his hand.

“What was that for?” he asked, wrinkling his nose.

“I’m trying to be romantic Simon, don’t ruin it with stupid questions,” I told him, no bite behind the words.

“I think calling me stupid may ruin it just a bit,” he said, shaking his head.

“Shut up and watch the snow,” I scolded, turning my face away from him.

He laughed quietly and pressed a kiss to my cheek, squeezed my hand softly, and then looked up to the sky.

I just need Alfred to interact with his states


otp meme ♡ 1/3 heartbreaking scenes

 inmates (season 4, episode 10) →  glenn awakes in the prison and finds maggie’s picture