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concept: keith doesn’t know how to play video games so lance teaches him by sitting behind him and wrapping his arms around him to hold the controller and help guide his fingers, but keith is no longer paying attention to the game, but paying more attention on keeping his blush hidden

Guys we all know who is truly piloting Blue while Lance is in Red

It’s Kaltenecker I mean Blue would only let someone so dear to her son pilot her in his absence 

Masterlist (avengerofyourheart)

Marvel Reader inserts listed by character, currently Bucky, Steve, Tony, Sam, Scott, and Thor. A huge thank you to @beccaanne814-blog for the gorgeous character banners! 

Accidents Happen Series (reader x Bucky):

Summary: Reader is accident prone, comes from a sheltered background, and has been with the Avengers almost a year when Steve finds Bucky and brings him to the Avengers Tower (post CATWS, pre CACW). Bucky takes an interest in the reader’s quirkiness. (mostly fluff)

Accidents Happen Series Masterlist (FINISHED)

In the Arms of Justice (Bucky Drabble Series):

Summary: Reader is a witness to a crime, tying her to the investigation as well as the police involved. She never would have guessed how that one night would continue to change her life years later. (drama, angst, fluff)

In the Arms of Justice Masterlist (FINISHED)

Leave This Town (Mechanic!Bucky AU Series):

Summary: Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.

Leave This Town Series Masterlist (FINISHED)

The Lucky One (Movie Challenge Bucky fic):

Summary: As a single mom with a jerk of an ex-husband, you’re doing your best to run the family business all on your own when your mother hires a mysterious man with a troubled past to help out. He just might be what you need in your life, but will his secrets bring you together or tear you apart? (Events occur shortly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

The Lucky One Series Masterlist (in progress)

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in a parallel universe isaks locker doesnt immediately swing open when even hits it


even needs to hit it again and again but it STILL WONT OPEN

so they stand there together and struggle with that damn locker with exceeding frustration 

and even panics the fuck out because he just wanted to be Extra™ and Cool™ (”hey isak look i opened your locker with ONE HIT do you see these muscles im strong and muscular and also i love you pls date me”) BUT HE FAILED AND HE IS SO EMBARASSED AND ANGRY AT HIMSELF BECAUSE WHY IS HE LIKE THIS

Wake to Autumn (Bucky x reader Drabble)

Characters: reader x Bucky

Summary: You awake to the change of the seasons in the middle of the night, leading to a sweet surprise from your amazing boyfriend. 

Prompt: “crisp air”

Warnings: None! Total fluff. 

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: This is for @promarvelfangirl ‘s 2k Follower’s writing challenge! Congratulations, my dear! I’m slowly coming back to writing after my hiatus. My life has not slowed down one bit, in fact it’s worse than ever but I’m glad I was able to finish this challenge. I have one more coming up soon as well. Hope you needed a bit of fluff! I know I do. Let me know your thoughts, I’ve missed you guys. <3


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Despite the thick blanket wrapped around you and the warm arm casually draped over your waist, you were awakened from a cozy slumber and rudely brought into consciousness. Possibly because you were absolutely freezing.

Pulling knees up toward your chest hoping to conserve your core heat, you realized the problem. Yep. It was that time of year. It was finally wear-socks-to-bed weather. Your bare feet under the covers were like icicles, requiring more warmth than the blanket alone could provide. However, it also meant that your favorite season was approaching.  

Sleepy smile stretching across your face, you carefully slipped out of bed and grabbed a spare comforter to wrap around yourself. You curled up in the large over-stuffed chair in the corner of the room and cracked the window a few inches so you could peak outside. The cool breeze made you gasp, feeling the crisp air fill your lungs as the smell of Autumn overwhelmed you.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I request a long distance relationship au for guanlin? Thank you so much! I love your blog btw <3

Originally posted by euiwoong

thanks for requesting!! and thank you!! 

also this gif is so cute wTF IM OFFENDED 

- lots of skype or facetime calls

- you two mainly facetime at night or anytime during the day if you two were free

- his face lights up at the sight of you like?? he misses you a lot and even if he can’t be with you at the moment, he’s thankful that you guys are able to facetime

- he wouldn’t stop smiling the moment he saw you on screen?? like imagine his gummy smile jfnkdsnfds he’s just so happy to see you after a long day

- loves listening to you talk about your day because he finds it comforting.

- make sures to eat when he’s talking to you even if you’re not there to take care of him, he wants you to know he’s eating well and taking care of himself

- when you ask him about his day, he likes to go in a lot of detail about it

- even though it would seem tiring to him to talk about his day in full detail, he wants you to experience it too, even if its by his words and talking on screen

- likes reenact stuff about his day that he finds funny because he likes to hear your laugh, especially if it’s because of him

- and you just!! love him so much!! like look at him, he’s living his dream and suddenly the ache in your heart is forgotten as you watch him talk rapidly about his day

- sometimes, there would be pauses in conversation where the two of you are so quiet and guanlin just

- ‘’i love you and i just really miss you’’

- and the cheery mood fades into something bittersweet because?? what can you do honestly

- and you miss him too, of course, but you can’t hold him back from his dream

- you would tell him that you love him too and for a moment, it’s just a warm silence and you two admiring each other

- until daehwi barges in that it’s his turn to shower LMFAO

- and guanlin is like ‘’r u kidding me’’ and he would pout at the thought of hanging up

- and you’re like ‘’you are so cute stopfmdjnfds’’ but would tell him to shower and to call you before bed if he wasn’t tired

- and if he did, you two would usually talk until one of you fell asleep or hung up

- dating guanlin in a ldr would include him sending you a bunch of pics during the day

- ‘’look at daehwi faceplanting the floor after trying to dance to whatta man’’

- ‘’seonho somehow found his way to the dorm and just went to see minhyun im offended’’

- ‘’our manager took us out to eat korean bbq today!! i wish you were here to eat it with me…’’

- even if you two are miles apart, he still finds a way to include you in his life

- and in return you do the same, because how could you not??

- but if you guys can bear through it, you two will meet soon hopefully!! <33

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